HEC ETC TEST for lecturer Computer Science [Past Papers]

HEC ETC TEST for lecturer Computer Science for lecturer post in the University of Mianwali in Pakistan held on 8th October 2022. If you are applying for some other university test and have HEC Test, then these questions will help you to understand the paper’s nature. Let’s see some MCQs covered in a past paper held on 8th october 2022.

  1. C/C++ is a what kind of language?

(A). Low level (B) High level …..2 more options

2. which operator takes only integer operands?

+, %, /, *

3. The procedure of changing one-bit pattern into another by bitwise function is called? 

Biting, Chopping, Masking, Pruning

4. Let y be an array, operations can’t perform except.___?

++y, y+1, y++, y*2

5. what is the function of recursion?

Easier debugging, increase code size, logical clarity, and reduced execution time.
6. what will be the result of 2*3+1-3*2?

7. FSM can recognize what kind of languages?

8. In a relational database, which normal form is considered adequate for normal relational database design? 

2NF, 3NF, Boyce NF, 4NF


Research Methodology Questions

The process of data gathering about a website data search is called?

More MCQs are covered from these topics;

  1. Research design
  2. Qualitative and quantitive research

Paper paten in October 2022

100 MCQs
Verbal Reasoning 15
Analytical Reasoning 10
Research Methods 10
Programming Fundamentals 04
Object Oriented Paradigm 03
Discrete Structures 03
Data Structures and Algorithms 06
Digital Logic and Computer Organization 04
Operating Systems 04
Database Systems 04
Software Engineering & Development 03
Computer Communication and Networks 04
Computer Architecture & Assembly Language 05
Theory of Automata and Formal Languages 06
Analysis of Algorithms 06
Artificial Intelligence 05
System Programming 04
Numerical Computing 04