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Software Risk Management Solved MCQs with Answer

Software Risk Management Solved MCQs with Answer

1. _____is the associated with the Product Risk.

A. Test object
B. non-availability of the test environment
C. Negative consequences
D. Control of test item
E. None of these

answer A

2. one of the following factors affect the probable consequences?

A. Risk timing
B. Contingency planning
C. Risk avoidance
D. Risk monitoring
E. None of these

answer A

3.______is the Risk management most important jobs.

A. Project manager
B. Production team
C. Investor
D. Client
E. None of these

Answer: A

4. one of the following is Risk management responsibility?

A. Project team
B. Investor
C. Developer
D. Customer
E. None of these

answer A

5. one of the following ways to deal with a Risk?

a. Transfer
b. Ignore
c. Mitigate
d. Contingency
e. All of these

answer E

6. _____model is used to Project risk factor.

A. Prototyping model
B. Waterfall model
C. Spiral model
D. None of these

answer C

7. ______strategies means that the impact of the risk will be reduced.

A. Contingency plans
B. Avoidance strategies
C. Minimization strategies
D. All of these

Answer: C

8. RE indicates_____.

A. Risk exposure
B. Related expense
C. Risk expense
D. Risk evaluation
E. None of these

answer A

9. one of the following is Risk?

A. The negative consequence that must occur
B. The negative consequence that will occur
C. The negative consequence that could occur
D. The negative consequence that shall occur
E. None of these

answer C

10. _____ Risk is the really want Building an excellent product or system.

A. Business
B. Schedule
C. Technical
D. Performance
E. None of these

answer A

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