Web Security and forensics Multiple choice questions

Web Security and forensics Multiple choice questions

  1. If a DNS server accepts and uses the wrong details from a host that has no authority giving that information, then this technique is called …?
    a) DNS hijacking
    b) DNS lookup
    c) DNS spoofing
    d)All of the above
    e)a and b     f)None of the above 
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  2. block cypher used by PGP to encrypts data…
    a) international data encryption algorithm
    b) internet data encryption algorithm
    c) private data encryption algorithm
    d) All of the above
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  3. Pretty good privacy PGP(Pretty Good Privacy) is used in…
    a) browser security
    b) email security
    c) FTP security
    d) none of the mentioned
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  4. The extensible authentication protocol is an authentication framework used in…
    a) wired local area network
    b) wireless networks
    c) wired personal area network
    d) all of the above
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  5. What is used to carry traffic of one protocol over
    the network that does not support that protocol directly…
    a) Tunnelling
    b) Trafficking
    c) Transferring 
    d) Switching
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  6.  In which Mode the authentication header is inserted
    immediately after the IP header…
    a) Tunnel
    b) Transport
    c) Authentication
    d) Both A and B
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  7. Which of the following is an extension of an enterprise private intranet across a public Network that creates a secure private connection…
    a) VNP
    b) VSPN
    c) VSN
    d) VPN
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  8. What term is considered as a basis for most robust authentication schemes…
    d)Refine information
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  9. A method that uses two independent pieces/processes of information to identify a user is known as…
    a)Authentication through encryption
    b)Password-method authentication
    c)Two-method authentication
    d)Two-factor authentication
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  10.  Where the security enforcement is needed firstly…
    c)Assigning Roles
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  11. Which database allows a system administrator to associate a function with a relation…
    a)Virtual database
    b)Private database
    c)Custom database
    d)Virtual Private Database(VPD)
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  12.  Applications create queries dynamically, can be considered as a risk source of …
    a)Active attacks
    b)Passive attacks
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