Electrical Network Analysis MCQs Quizlet (Bank of Solved Questions Answers)

Electrical Network Analysis MCQs Quizlet (Bank of Solved Questions Answers)

1.  In ohm’s law when the resistance is increased current voltage will …

a) increase

b) decrease

c) same

d) variate

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2. In which circuits, voltage divider is applied?

a) biased circuits

b) parallel circuit

c) series circuit

d) none of these

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3. Joule’s law states that …

a) P=VI

b) V=PI

c) I=VP

d) none of these

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4. Law of conservation of energy states that…

a) energy can be created

b) energy can be destroyed

c) energy can  neither be  created nor destroyed

d) none of these

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5. Which of the following theorem is used to solve a circuit having various parallel voltage sources?

a) Kelvin law

b) Norton theorem

c) Superposition theorem

d) Millman’s theorem

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6. Delta network is also called as …

a) Pi

b) piyee

c) tee

d) whye

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7. Which device is used for dc-dc conversion?

a) chopper

b) invertor

c) rectifier

d) switch

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8. A thyristor consists of 

a) one pn junction

b) two pn junction

c) three pn junctions

d) four pn jynction

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9.  PUT stands for 

a) Programmable Unijunction Transistor

b) Positive Unijunction Transistor

c) Pi Unijunction Transistor

d) none of these

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10. A DIAC can conducts current in …

a) one direction

b) two direction

c) three direction

d) four direction

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11. Which one is not a thristor?


b) UJT

c) SCS

d) noen of these

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12. An inverter is used to convert Dc into …

a) AC

b) DC

c) Both

d) none of these

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