Zoology Multiple Choice Questions

1. Scapula is the bone of _________:
A. Pectoral girdle
B. Vertebral column
C. Skull
D. Pelvic girdle

2. What is the study of growing old is called?
A. Generology
B. Geneology
C. Gynaecology
D. Gerontology

3. In vertebrates, all the digestive are formed by:
A. Mesoderm only
B. Ectoderm only
C. Endoderm only
D. None of these

4. _________ is the study of the interaction of antibodies and antigens in the blood:
A. Hematology
B. Serology
C. Cryobiology
D. Angiology

5. ________ has ammonia as a chief excretory product in it:
A. Fish
B. Mammals
C. Turtles
D. Reptiles

6. What is the study of nests of birds is called?
A. Ichnology
B. Myrmecology
C. Craniology
D. Nidology

7. When does life originate?
A. Cenozoic era
B. Proterozoic era
C. Pre-cambrian period
D. Mesozoic era

8. What is the term for science for the genetical improvement of the human race?
A. Genetics
B. Genecology
C. Euthenics
D. Eugenics

9. Pancreas secrete ________:
A. Only hormones
B. Only enzymes
C. Pepsin
D. None of these

10. What is the study of the liver is known as?
A. Hepatology
B. Hematology
C. Herpetology
D. Horology

11. Louis Pasture is famous for which theory?
A. Germplasm theory
B. The germ theory of disease
C. Cell theory
D. Mutation theory

12. What is science for the study of human beings?
A. Aphidology
B. Anthropopathy
C. Anthroposophy
D. Anthropology


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