MCQs of agriculture reources

Let us see the MCQs of agriculture reources.

1.The classification of the type of farming in which crops are grown is:
a) fuchsia type farming
b) tundra type farming
c) arable type farming
d) pastoral type farming

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2.The subsistence which agriculture includes:
a) cultivation of crops
b) raising the animals
c) making the buildings
d) both a and b

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3.The ‘paddy’ word is used for:
a) dry rice
b) wet rice
c) wet wheat
d) dry corn

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4.The countries located in…..raised animals and crops
a) tropical climate zones
b) In monsoon climate
c) In hot desert zone
d) temprary climate zones

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5.The business in which animals are raising and crops are growing is……?
d)All of these

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6.Sericulture means…….?
a) Rearing of bacteria
b) Rearing of Silk worms
c) Both a and b
d) None of these

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7. The botanical name of Gossypium Hirsutism is…….?
a) cotton
b) Maize
c) American Cotton
d) sugarcane

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8. Kharif crops have …….?
a) sugarcane
b) Cotton
c) Both a and b
d) None of above

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9. Highest nutrient concentration makes reason a phenomenon in plant growth is….?
a) Toxicity
b) Deficiency
c) Adequacy
d) All of above

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10. KATJA is cultivar of:
a) Banana
b) Mango
c) Apple
d) orange
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11. Pome fruits have…..?
a) Pear
b) Apple
c) Quince
d) both a,b and c
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12. Zizypus jujuba is the botanical name of…..?
a) Berseem
b) sugarcane
c) Rice
d) None of these
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13. Wheat is found in….?
a) Cereals
b) Fiber
c) both a and b
d) None of these
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14. Plantation of agriculture are practiced in those countries which are found in……?
a) in hot desert zone
b) temperate climate zones
c) tropical climate zones
d) monsoon climate zones
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15.The properties high technology farms have….?
a) technology intensive
b) research and development
c) specialized labor
d) All a,b and c
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16.Small-scale cultivation best example is……?
a) wet rice cultivation in Asia
b) wet sugarcane cultivation in Europe
c) wet wheat cultivation in Africa
d) dry rice cultivation in Australia
Answer a
17. In sexual reproduction, sex nucleus that fuses with another is…….?
(a) Cell
(b) Gamete
(c) cell membrane
(d) All of these
ans b