Animal and Plant Physiology MCQ’s

1: Transpiration is…

(a) dry environment

(b) high atmospheric humidity

(c) good soil moisture

(d) high wind velocity

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2: Wooden doors are difficult to open or close during rainy season due to…

a) Osmosis

b) Diffusion

c) Plasmolysis

d) Imbibition

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3: Which of the following is caused by cooling of plants?

a) Assimilation

b) Transpiration

c) Guttation

d) Photorespiration

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4: Water absorption takes place through ——–

a) Taproot

b) Root hairs

c) Lateral roots

d) Root cap

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5: Anti-transpirant is…

a) AUG

b) IAA

c) PMA

d) PAN

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6: Little leaf disease deficiency is…

a) Manganese

b) Nitrogen

c) Zinc

d) Molybdenum

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7: Bacteroid is…

a) A bacteria-like substance

b) living bacteria

c) living bacteria but cannot divide

d) dead bacteria

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8: Which of the following is very important for photolysis of water?

a) Fe

b) Zn

c) Mn

d) Mg

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9: Photosynthesis is the process of…

a) Reductive, endergonic and catabolic

b) Reductive, exergonic and catabolic

c) Reductive, exergonic and anabolic

d) Reductive, endergonic and anabolic

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10: ——- is the precursor of cytokinins…

a) cytidine

b) thymine

c) adenine

d) guanine

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11: Which of the following are not true about polyamines?

a) spermidine

b) lysine

c) spermine

d) putrescine

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12: Traumatic acid is…

a) wound hormone

b) growth hormone

c) stress hormone

d) flowering hormone

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