Plant Kingdom MCQs

1.Which of the following is a freshwater green alga that is rich in protein?

(A). Ulothrix

(B). Chlorella

(C). Chlamydomonas

(D). Spirogyra

MCQ Answer: B

2. After the stage of fertilization, the zygote of a seed plant becomes…?

(A). Fruit

(B). Embryo

(C). Seed

(D). Ovule

MCQ Answer: B

3. A pine seed has tissue and cotyledons from which of the following?

(A). Male gametophyte

(B). Female gametophyte

(C). Megasporangium

(D). pollen grain

MCQ Answer:  B

4. A prokaryotic autotrophic nitrogen-fixing symbiont is found in which of the following?

(A). Pisum

(B). Alnus

(C). Cycas

(D). Cicer

MCQ Answer:  C

5. Algae having oil as standby food fit to which of the following?

(A). Xanthophyceae

(B). Rhodophyceae

(C). Chlorophyceae

(D). Phaeophyceae

MCQ Answer:  A

6. Antheridia and Archegonia are sex organs of which of the following?

(A). Moss

(B). Mucor

(C). Spirogyra

(D). Puccinia

MCQ Answer: A

7. Archegoniophore is found in which of the following?

(A). Funaria

(B). Marchantia

(C). Chara

(D). Adiantum

MCQ Answer: B

8. Archegonium is absent in which of the following?

(A). Thallophyta

(B). Pteridophyta

(C). Bryophyta

(D). Gymnosperms

MCQ Answer:  A

9. Chlorenchyma develops in which of the following?

(A). Mycelium of a green mold such as Aspergillus

(B). Cytoplasm of Chlorella

(C). Capsule of a moss

(D). Pollen tube of Pinus

MCQ Answer:  C

10. What is the shape of the Chloroplast of the Chlamydomonas?

(A). Collar-shaped

(B). Cup-shaped

(C). Stellate-shaped

(D). Spiral

MCQ Answer: B

11. What is the shape of Chloroplast of Ulothrix?

(A). Ribbon shaped and spirally coiled

(B). Laminate

(C). Stellate

(D). Girdle shaped

MCQ Answer: D

12. Which of the following plant groups needs both land and water to complete their life cycle?

(A). Tracheophyta

(B). Pteridophyta

(C). Thallophyta

(D). Bryophyta

MCQ Answer:  D

13. Which of the following is a plant that has seeds but no flowers and fruits?

(A). Bryophytes

(B). Gymnosperms

(C). Mosses

(D). Pteridophytes

MCQ Answer:  B

14. Which of the following are the most primitive vascular plants?

(A). Mosses

(B). Cycads

(C). Kelps

(D). Ferns

MCQ Answer:  D

15. Which of the following are the plants that possess spores and embryo but lack of seeds  and vascular tissues?

(A). Rhodophyta

(B). Bryophyta

(C). Pteridophyta

(D). Phaeophyta

MCQ Answer:  B

16. Which of the following is not an exception in angiosperms?

(A). Double fertilization

(B). Secondary growth

(C). Presence of vessels

(D). Autotrophic nutrition

MCQ Answer:  A

17. How Pteridophytes is differ from mosses?

(A). Independent gametophyte

(B). Dependent gametophyte

(C). Flagellate antherozoids

(D). Independent and dominant sporophyte

MCQ Answer:  D

18. Angiosperms are the dominant flora due to which reason?

(A). Domestication by man

(B). Power of adapting in diverse habitats

(C). Self-pollination property

(D). Property of producing a large number of seeds

MCQ Answer:  B

19. When we Compare the gametophytes with the bryophytes,  the gametophytes of vascular plants tend to be

(A). Smaller and to have smaller sexual organs

(B). Smaller but to have larger sexual organs

(C). Larger but to have smaller sexual organs

(D). Larger and to have larger sexual organs

MCQ Answer: A

20. Corn and beans are often cited as representative examples of which of the following?

(A). Ferns and mosses

(B). Cycads and conifers

(C). Monocots and dicots

(D). Whisk ferns and horsetails

MCQ Answer:  C

21. Fern gametophyte is nutritionally

(A). Chemoautotroph

(B). Parasite

(C). Sporophyte

(D). Photoautotroph

MCQ Answer: D

22. What is the Sexual reproduction concerning the fusion of two cells in the Chlamydomonas?

(A).  isogamy

(B).  homogamy

(C).  somatogamy

(D).  hologamy.

MCQ Answer: D

23. In P/rtHs/Cyccw/gymnosperms, the endosperm is which of the following?

(A).  triploid

(B).  haploid

(C).  diploid

(D).  tetraploid.

MCQ Answer: B

24. Evolutionary significant character of Selaginella is which of the following?

(A).  heterosporous nature

(B).  rhizophore

(C).  strobili

(D).  ligule.

MCQ Answer: A

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