Which of the following is not a female reproductive organ?

QUESTION: Which of the following is not a female reproductive organ?

A  Ovary

B  Uterus

C Vas deferens

D  Fallopian tube


ANSWER:     Vas deferens


Reproductive Organ              Male   Female
Gonads ·        Testes ·        Ovaries
Main Function ·        Produce sperm and sex hormones (e.g., testosterone) ·        Produce eggs (ova) and sex hormones  estrogen and progesterone
Ducts ·        Epididymis

·        Vas Deferens

·        Urethra

·        Fallopian Tubes

·        Uterus

·        Vagina

Function of Ducts ·        Transport and store sperm,

·        Allow passage of sperm during ejaculation

·        Transport eggs from ovaries to uterus

·        Provide pathway for menstrual flow facilitate childbirth

External Genitalia ·        Penis

·        Scrotum

·        Clitoris

·        Labia

·        Vaginal Opening

Function of External Genitalia ·        Deliver sperm into female reproductive tract ·        Sexual arousal

·        Protection of vaginal opening

Fertilization Site ·        Fallopian tubes ·        Fallopian tubes
Site of Implantation ·        Uterus ·        Uterus
Pregnancy Support ·        N/A ·        Uterus provides nourishment and protection to developing embryo/fetus
Menstrual Cycle ·        N/A ·        Regular shedding of uterine lining (menstruation) which is preparation for potential pregnancy
Secondary Sexual Characteristics ·        Deeper voice

·        Facial/body hair growth

·        Increased muscle mass

·        Breast development

·        Wider hips

·        Body fat redistribution