Male Female Connectors and Serial Vs Parallel Ports

Male Female Connectors and Serial Vs Parallel Ports


A port is a point of attachment or interfaces used to connect the different input-output devices with a computer-like keyboard, printer, mouse and scanner, etc. Different type of ports has different speed. The speed of the ports is measured in kilobit per second. Ports have a different type of connectors. The connectors join a cable with different devices. One end of the cable is attached to the connector and mother is connected with the peripheral devices.

Connector Types

There are two types o connecters

Female connector

It has matching holes to accept the pins on a male connector like l wall of the outlet.

Male connector

It  has one or more exposed pain like the end of an electrical cord;

Types of Ports

There are two types of ports.

  1. Serial Port
  2. parallel port
  3. Universal Serial Bus Port

Serial port

A type of interface that transfers only one bit at a time is called serial port. It is mostly used to connect those devices that do not require high speed like keyboard, mouse, etc. These ports also called communication port. The data transfer speed of the serial port is 115 kilometers per second. The serial ports were early port put on a computer. The serial port uses 25 pin connectors for their serial port. The newest computer serial port feature only 9 pins.

Parallel ports

A type of interface a point of attachment that sends many bits at a time is called parallel port. It is usually used to connected devices that require high speed of transfer data, for example, printer and Scanner, etc. The parallel port is also known as a line port. The speed of the parallel port is 12 megabits per second.

Universal Serial Bus Port

Universal serial bus port is fast becoming the most common port on a computer today. It is used to connect devices like a mouse, printer, keyboard, and scanner, etc. Many computer has 1 or 2 2 USB ports. USB port used to connect 127 different Peripheral devices with a single USB port. Multiple devices attach to a USB port through Daisy Chain. It means that the first device is attached to the USB port of the computer second USB device connected to the first USB device and third USB device connected to the second USB device and so on. in the USB port instead of Daisy Chain, we can use a hub is called USB hub. USB hub plugged into the USB port on the system unit. This type of USB hub is used to connect the different types of devices.

Special Purpose Ports

There are some special types of ports are as follows

1394 port

This port is known as a firewire port. It is used to connect different types of devices that need fast data transmission speed, like a digital video camera.VCR, color printer and scanner, etc. It is used to connect 63 devices together. These type of ports has two different types of shapes.

These are 4 pin and 6 pin types. The transfer rate of the firewire port is 400 megabits per second. The new type of firewire 800 transfer data at 800 megabits per second. It has fast speed and available nowadays but it can only connect with some Mac computers.

MIDI port

It stands for musical instrument digital interface. MIDI port is basically used to connect the System Unit with some musical instruments for example piano keyboard. The system used this for the recording of sound.  When the sound is recorded the CPU after the process it. The data transferred between the computer and MIDI  devices at the rate of 31.5 Kbps.


SCSI stands for a small computer system interface. it is a special high-speed parallel road to attach the SCS peripheral devices like a disk driver, printer it is it can connect of 15 devices using  Daisy Chain.

IrDA port

It stands for the infrared data Association. it is also known as fast interfered (FIR). This port is used to transfer data between two devices using the infrared light waves. the transfer rate of this code is 4 megabit per second. It is also used to send the information from the notebook computer to a wireless printer. It is only useful for a short distance.

Bluetooth port

Bluetooth uses the radio waves for the transmission of data between the two devices. It covers a distance of 30 feet. Bluetooth enabled devices to communicate with each other within a short distance. Bluetooth also used to connect a cell phone like a mobile phone to a computer wirelessly. Many laptops include the Bluetooth chip to transfer data wirelessly and another device with Bluetooth chip. The maximum transfer rate of the new type of BlueTooth has a transfer rate of 2.0 megabits per second.

Ethernet port

The Ethernet port is used to connect a computer to a local network or cable modem. Ethernet offered a transfer rate of 10 megabits per second. The fast Ethernet has a transfer rate of 100 megabits per second.