Research Topics Ideas of Bio-Sensing

Research Area: Bio-Sensing

  1. Plasmonic nanostructures for nano-scale bio-sensing
  2. Silicon nano-membrane based photonic crystal microcavities for high sensitivity bio-sensing
  3. The optimal aspect ratio of gold nanorods for plasmonic bio-sensing
  4. Carbon based materials for electronic bio-sensing
  5. Recent developments on ZnO films for acoustic wave based bio-sensing and microfluidic applications: a review
  6. Nanoparticles for the development of improved (bio) sensing systems
  7. Bio-sensing of organophosphorus pesticides: A review
  8. Electrochromism: An emerging and promising approach in (bio) sensing technology
  9. Nano/microvehicles for efficient delivery and (bio) sensing at the cellular level
  10. Bio-Sensing Systems and Bio-Feedback Systems for Interactive Media Arts.
  11. Chitosan: an undisputed bio-fabrication material for tissue engineering and bio-sensing applications
  12. Antifouling (bio) materials for electrochemical (bio) sensing
  13. Current and emerging challenges of field effect transistor based bio-sensing
  14. Janus particles for (bio) sensing
  15. Functional polymers structures for (Bio) sensing application—A review
  16. Recent progress in bio-sensing techniques with encapsulated enzymes
  17. Nano-bio-sensing
  18. A wearable multi-modal bio-sensing system towards real-world applications
  19. Bio-sensing applications of cerium oxide nanoparticles: advantages and disadvantages
  20. Cardiovascular disease detection using bio-sensing techniques


  1. Phytochemicals toward Green (Bio) sensing
  2. Bio-sensing textile based patch with integrated optical detection system for sweat monitoring
  3. Modern creatinine (Bio) sensing: Challenges of point-of-care platforms
  4. MicroParticle photophysics illuminates viral bio-sensing
  5. Development of biological metal–organic frameworks designed for biomedical applications: from bio-sensing/bio-imaging to disease treatment
  6. Bio-sensing technologies in aquaculture: how remote monitoring can bring us closer to our farm animals
  7. A review on electronic bio-sensing approaches based on non-antibody recognition elements
  8. Trends in electrochemical impedance spectroscopy involving nanocomposite transducers: Characterization, architecture surface and bio-sensing
  9. Investigating user needs for bio-sensing and affective wearables
  10. Utilizing deep learning towards multi-modal bio-sensing and vision-based affective computing


  1. Chitin nanofiber paper toward optical (bio) sensing applications
  2. Light assisted antibody immobilization for bio-sensing
  3. Real-time and label-free bio-sensing of molecular interactions by surface plasmon resonance: a laboratory medicine perspective
  4. Bio (sensing) devices based on ferrocene–functionalized graphene and carbon nanotubes
  5. Microneedle based electrochemical (Bio) Sensing: Towards decentralized and continuous health status monitoring
  6. Applications of advanced materials in bio-sensing in live cells: Methods and applications
  7. Plasmonic nano-arrays for ultrasensitive bio-sensing
  8. The synthesis of metal nanoclusters and their applications in bio-sensing and imaging
  9. Challenges in the electrochemical (bio) sensing of nonelectroactive food and environmental contaminants
  10. Sensitive and selective chem/bio sensing based on surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS)
  11. Single-walled carbon nanotubes as optical probes for bio-sensing and imaging
  12. Optical bio (sensing) using nitrogen doped graphene quantum dots: Recent advances and future challenges
  13. Screen-printed electrodes: Promising paper and wearable transducers for (bio) sensing
  14. Graphene assisted terahertz metamaterials for sensitive bio-sensing
  15. ZnO based SAW and FBAR devices for bio-sensing applications
  16. Continuously frequency-tuneable plasmonic structures for terahertz bio-sensing and spectroscopy
  17. DNA nanotechnology as a tool to develop molecular tension probes for bio-sensing and bio-imaging applications: An up-to-date review
  18. Chemical and bio sensing using graphene-enhanced Raman spectroscopy
  19. Integrating carbon nanomaterials with metals for bio-sensing applications
  20. Green synthesized Ag nanoparticles for bio-sensing and Photocatalytic applications



  1. Comparative study of the electrochemical behavior and analytical applications of (bio) sensing platforms based on the use of multi-walled carbon nanotubes …
  2. Transition metal oxides in electrochemical and bio sensing: A state-of-art review
  3. Nanosilicon-based composites for (Bio) sensing applications: Current status, advantages, and perspectives
  4. Design and validation of a 150 MHz HFFQCM sensor for bio-sensing applications
  5. Localized surface plasmon resonance (LSPR) of polyelectrolyte-functionalized gold-nanoparticles for bio-sensing
  6. Si photomultipliers for bio-sensing applications
  7. Electrochemical sensing and bio-sensing of bisphenol A and detection of its damage to DNA: A comprehensive review
  8. New insight on bio-sensing by nano-fabricated memristors
  9. A photonic nano-Bragg grating device integrated with microfluidic channels for bio-sensing applications
  10. Functionalized upconversion nanoparticles: New strategy towards FRET-based luminescence bio-sensing
  11. Analysis, control and augmentation of microcantilever deflections in bio-sensing systems
  12. Design of one dimensional defect based photonic crystal by composited superconducting material for bio sensing applications
  13. A compact all-silicon temperature insensitive filter for WDM and bio-sensing applications
  14. Poly (amidoamine)(PAMAM): An emerging material for electrochemical bio (sensing) applications
  15. Graphene and graphene oxide for bio-sensing: General properties and the effects of graphene ripples
  16. Magneto-Optical properties of noble-metal nanostructures: functional nanomaterials for bio sensing
  17. New trends in plasmonic (bio) sensing
  18. Hierarchical 0D-2D bio-composite film based on enzyme-loaded polymeric nanoparticles decorating graphene nanosheets as a high-performance bio-sensing …
  19. Magnetic Janus particles for static and dynamic (bio) sensing
  20. CoBi: bio-sensing building mechanical system controls for sustainably enhancing individual thermal comfort


  1. Surface engineering of nanoparticles in suspension for particle based bio-sensing
  2. Electrochemical and bio-sensing platform based on a novel 3D Cu nano-flowers/layered MoS2 composite
  3. Bio-sensing of cadmium (II) ions using Staphylococcus aureus
  4. Heterogeneous integration of bio-sensing system-on-chip and printed electronics
  5. Controlled covalent functionalization of a graphene-channel of a field effect transistor as an ideal platform for (bio) sensing applications
  6. Continuous heart rate monitoring for automatic detection of atrial fibrillation with novel bio-sensing technology
  7. Perspectives on 2D-borophene flatland for smart bio-sensing
  8. Development of a multiparametric (bio) sensing platform for continuous monitoring of stress metabolites
  9. Luminescent nanoprobes for thermal bio-sensing: Towards controlled photo-thermal therapies
  10. Synthesis of polyethylene glycol (PEG) assisted tungsten oxide (WO3) nanoparticles for l-dopa bio-sensing applications
  11. Overview of chem-bio sensing
  12. Structural and sensing characteristics of Gd2Ti2O7, Er2TiO5 and Lu2Ti2O7 sensing membrane electrolyte–insulator–semiconductor for bio-sensing applications
  13. UV-LEDs for the disinfection and bio-sensing applications
  14. Light-driven nanomotors and micromotors: envisioning new analytical possibilities for bio-sensing
  15. Decoration of porous silicon with gold nanoparticles via layer-by-layer nanoassembly for interferometric and hybrid photonic/plasmonic (bio) sensing
  16. Bio-sensing of metal ions by a novel 3D-printable smartphone spectrometer
  17. Real-time monitoring of biotinylated molecules detection dynamics in nanoporous anodic alumina for bio-sensing
  18. Mechanism of adsorption of single and double stranded DNA on gold and silver nanoparticles: investigating some important parameters in bio-sensing applications
  19. Micro-patterned plasma polymer films for bio-sensing
  20. Three-dimensional focusing of red blood cells in microchannel flows for bio-sensing applications


  1. Cross-slot nano-antenna with graphene coat for bio-sensing application
  2. Whole-cell biochips for bio-sensing: integration of live cells and inanimate surfaces
  3. Bio-sensing with butterfly wings: naturally occurring nano-structures for SERS-based malaria parasite detection
  4. Strategies of luminescent gold nanoclusters for chemo-/bio-sensing
  5. Enhanced transverse magneto-optical Kerr effect in magnetoplasmonic crystals for the design of highly sensitive plasmonic (bio) sensing platforms
  6. … tunable functionalization of carbon nanotube electrodes with ferrocene by covalent coupling and π-stacking interactions and their relevance to glucose bio-sensing
  7. Nanomaterial-based electrochemical (bio)-sensing: One step ahead in diagnostic and monitoring of metabolic rare diseases
  8. Optical bio-sensing devices based on etched fiber Bragg gratings coated with carbon nanotubes and graphene oxide along with a specific dendrimer
  9. Bio-sensing for emotional characterization without word labels
  10. Ray-optic analysis of the (bio) sensing ability of ring-cladding hollow waveguides


  1. Silver nanoparticles–universal multifunctional nanoparticles for bio sensing, imaging for diagnostics and targeted drug delivery for therapeutic applications
  2. Electrochemical cocaine (bio) sensing. From solid electrodes to soft junctions
  3. Synthesis and characterization of PEDOT derivative with carboxyl group and its chemo/bio sensing application as nanocomposite, immobilized biological and …
  4. A plasmonic nanostructure fabricated by electron beam lithography as a sensitive and highly homogeneous SERS substrate for bio-sensing applications
  5. New tools of Electrochemistry at the service of (bio) sensing: From rational designs to electrocatalytic mechanisms
  6. Controlled synthesis of double-shelled CeO 2 hollow spheres and enzyme-free electrochemical bio-sensing properties for uric acid
  7. Prussian Blue (bio) sensing device for distance-based measurements
  8. A CMOS contact imager for cell detection in bio-sensing applications
  9. Novel nanofluidic cells based on nanowires and nanotubes for advanced chemical and bio-sensing applications
  10. Fano resonance for UI nano-array independent to the polarization providing bio-sensing applications


  1. Numerical analysis of a miniaturized design of a Fabry–Perot resonator based on silicon strip and slot waveguides for bio-sensing applications
  2. … oxide reinforced core–shell structured [email protected] Cu2O with tunable hierarchical morphologies and their morphology–dependent electrocatalytic properties for bio-sensing …
  3. Design, fabrication and characterisation of silica-titania thin film coated over coupled long period fibre gratings: Towards bio-sensing applications
  4. The development of an autonomous self-powered bio-sensing actuator
  5. Stress monitoring using multimodal bio-sensing headset
  6. Fano resonances in a photonic crystal covered with a perforated gold film and its application to bio-sensing
  7. Experimental demonstration of a novel bio sensing platform via plasmonic band gap formation in gold nano patch arrays
  8. (Bio) sensing using nanoparticle arrays: on the effect of analyte transport on sensitivity
  9. Cylindrical optical resonators: fundamental properties and bio-sensing characteristics
  10. Fast analytical modelling of an SOI micro-ring resonator for bio-sensing application


  1. Hierarchical cage-frame type nanostructure of CeO2 for bio sensing applications: from glucose to protein detection
  2. An improved non-crosslinking gold nanoprobe-NASBA based on 16S rRNA for rapid discriminative bio-sensing of major salmonellosis pathogens
  3. Data,(bio) sensing, and (other-) worldly stories from the cycle routes of London
  4. Genotyping and bio-sensing chemosensory proteins in insects
  5. Functionalization of silver nanowire surfaces with copper oxide for surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopic bio-sensing
  6. Spectroscopic ellipsometry study of gold nanostructures for LSPR bio-sensing applications
  7. Interactive multimedia performance with bio-sensing and bio-feedback
  8. Dynamic bio-sensing process design in mobile wellness information system for smart healthcare
  9. Chem/bio sensing with non-classical light and integrated photonics
  10. Synthesis of poly (acrylamide)-based hydrogel for bio-sensing of hepatitis B core antigen
  11. Capillarity-driven (self-powered) one-dimensional photonic crystals for refractometry and (bio) sensing applications
  12. Separable detecting of Escherichia coli O157H: H7 by a giant magneto-resistance-based bio-sensing system
  13. A versatile QCM matrix system for online and high-throughput bio-sensing
  14. Electrochemical (bio) sensing of clinical markers using quantum dots
  15. Attention monitoring and hazard assessment with bio-sensing and vision: Empirical analysis utilizing CNNs on the kitti dataset
  16. Fabrication and pH-Sensitivity Analysis of MOS-HEMT Dimensional Variants for Bio-Sensing Applications
  17. Hollow plasmonic high Q-factor absorber for bio-sensing in mid-infrared application
  18. Carbon-paste nanocomposites as unconventional gate electrodes for electrolyte-gated organic field-effect transistors: electrical modulation and bio-sensing
  19. Bio-sensing textiles-wearable chemical biosensors for health monitoring
  20. Toward Quantitative Bio-sensing with Nitrogen–Vacancy Center in Diamond





  1. Molecular-scale bio-sensing using armchair graphene
  2. Boron-doped diamond nano/microelectrodes for bio-sensing and in vitro measurements
  3. Redox-active conducting polymers incorporating ferrocenes. Preparation, characterization and bio-sensing properties of ferrocenylpropyl and-butyl polypyrroles
  4. … nanoparticles are renewable and functional platforms for the concanavalin a oriented immobilization of glucose oxidase–peroxidase in cascade bio-sensing
  5. DNA probe functionalization on different morphologies of ZnO/Au nanowire for bio-sensing applications
  6. Perspective on remote photonic bio-sensing and diagnosis
  7. Electrochemically tunable surface-plasmon-enhanced diffraction gratings and their (bio-) sensing applications
  8. Copper metal–organic polyhedra nanorods with high intrinsic peroxidase-like activity at physiological pH for bio-sensing
  9. Selenide and telluride glasses for mid-infrared bio-sensing
  10. In situ plasmonic generation in functional ionic-gold-nanogel scaffold for rapid quantitative bio-sensing
  11. Ultrathin films of functionalised single-walled carbon nanotubes: a potential bio-sensing platform
  12. Strong coupling between Tamm and surface plasmons for advanced optical bio-sensing
  13. New tellurium based glasses for use in bio-sensing applications
  14. Functionalization of poly-SNS-anchored carboxylic acid with Lys and PAMAM: surface modifications for biomolecule immobilization/stabilization and bio-sensing …
  15. A bio-sensing platform utilizing a conjugated polymer, carbon nanotubes and PAMAM combination
  16. Janus Micromotors Coated with 2D Nanomaterials as Dynamic Interfaces for (Bio)-Sensing
  17. Advances in electrochemical (bio) sensing targeting epigenetic modifications of nucleic acids
  18. Surface plasmon resonance-based protein bio-sensing using a Kretschmann configured double prism arrangement
  19. Optical and bio-sensing characteristics of ZnO nanotubes grown by hydrothermal method
  20. Catalase immobilized on a functionalized multi-walled carbon nanotubes–gold nanocomposite as a highly sensitive bio-sensing system for detection of hydrogen



  1. Polydopamine-modified nanocrystalline diamond thin films as a platform for bio-sensing applications
  2. Multi-modal smart bio-sensing SoC platform with> 80dB SNR 35µA PPG RX chain
  3. Bio-sensing by Mach–Zehnder interferometer comprising doubly-corrugated spoofed surface plasmon polariton (DC-SSPP) waveguide
  4. Au nanoparticles decoration of silica nanowires for improved optical bio-sensing
  5. Sensitive optical bio-sensing of p-type WSe2 hybridized with fluorescent dye attached DNA by doping and de-doping effects
  6. Synthesis of gold-coated magnetic conglomerate nanoparticles with a fast magnetic response for bio-sensing
  7. Beamforming optical antenna arrays for nano-bio sensing and actuation applications
  8. Janus particles and motors: unrivaled devices for mastering (bio) sensing
  9. Smart-cuff: A wearable bio-sensing platform with activity-sensitive information quality assessment for monitoring ankle edema
  10. ions enhanced fluorescence of Ag2S QDs with tunable emission in the NIR-Ⅱ window: Facile one pot synthesis and their application in NIR-Ⅱ fluorescent bio-sensing


  1. High-quality multispectral bio-sensing with asymmetric all-dielectric meta-materials
  2. Five day attachment ECG electrodes for longitudinal bio-sensing using conformal tattoo substrates
  3. Optical slot waveguide with grating-loaded cladding of silicon and titanium dioxide for label-free bio-sensing
  4. … -binding zirconium-based metal-organic framework composites prepared by two conjunction approaches with enhanced bio-sensing for detecting isocarbophos
  5. Design a portable bio-sensing system for glucose measurement
  6. Processing of nanomaterials in Layer-by-Layer films: Potential applications in (bio) sensing and energy storage
  7. Plasmonic bio-sensing for the Fenna-Matthews-Olson complex
  8. The re-mediating effects of bio-sensing in the context of parental touch practices
  9. Poly (o-aminophenol) prepared by Cu (II) catalyzed air oxidation and its use as a bio-sensing architecture


  1. Layered double hydroxides nanomaterials in biomedicine and (bio) sensing design
  2. Adaptive RF power control for wireless implantable bio-sensing network to monitor untethered laboratory animal real-time biological signals
  3. Copper nanocluster composites for analytical (bio)-sensing and imaging: a review
  4. A system-on-chip and paper-based inkjet printed electrodes for a hybrid wearable bio-sensing system
  5. Bio-sensing on a chip with compact discs and nanofibers
  6. The influence of geometry and other fundamental challenges for bio-sensing with field effect transistors
  7. Comparative performance evaluation of mono-metallic and bi-metallic plasmonic sensors using WS2 and graphene with optical bio-sensing application
  8. Drain current characterization of dielectric modulated split gate TFET for bio-sensing application
  9. … integrated supply-sensing sensor with a supply-insensitive temperature sensor and an inductive-coupling transmitter for a self-powered bio-sensing system using a …
  10. Nanomechanical bio-sensing for fast and reliable detection of viability and susceptibility of microorganisms


  1. Microfluidic synthesis of quantum dots and their applications in bio-sensing and bio-imaging\

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