Research Topics Micro actuators and Sensors

Research Topics Micro actuators and Sensors

Research Area/ Research Interest: Micro actuators and Sensors in Electrical Engineering

Research Paper Topics for: Masters and PhD Thesis and publication

  1. Micro mechatronics and micro actuators
  2. Studies of micro actuators in Japan
  3. Micro actuators and their applications
  4. Stimulus-responsive gels: Promising materials for the construction of micro actuators and sensors
  5. Microactuators and micromachines
  6. Future of actuators and microsystems
  7. Magnetic micro-actuators and systems (MAGMAS)
  8. Special issue on integrated sensors, microactuators, and microsystems (MEMS)
  9. Modelization and characterization of asymmetrical thermal micro-actuators
  10. Nanofiber-reinforced soft fluidic micro-actuators
  11. Characterisation of PZT thin film micro-actuators using a silicon micro-force sensor
  12. PCB-integrated metallic thermal micro-actuators
  13. Levitating micro-actuators: a review
  14. Technology and application of electro-depositable photo resists to create uniform coatings needed for complex 3D micro actuators and sensors
  15. MEMS actuators and sensors: observations on their performance and selection for purpose
  16. Micro structures and micro actuators for implementing sub-millimeter robots
  17. Flexible pneumatic micro-actuators: analysis and production
  18. Wireless bimorph micro-actuators by pulsed laser heating
  19. Optimal design of micro-actuators based on SMA wires
  20. Dynamic characteristics of shaped micro-actuators solved using the differential quadrature method
  21. A new basic technology for magnetic micro-actuators
  22. Novel magnetic micro-actuators and systems (MAGMAS) using permanent magnets
  23. Micro-actuators for high density disk drives
  24. Single crystal silicon micro-actuators
  25. New materials for micro-scale sensors and actuators: An engineering review
  26. Working equations for piezoelectric actuators and sensors
  27. Microactuators and their technologies
  28. Microactuators for microrobots: a critical survey
  29. Model of the attachment/detachment cycle of electrostatic micro actuators
  30. Towards fully polymeric electroactive micro actuators with conductive polymer electrodes
  31. Static/dynamic trade-off performance of PZT thick film micro-actuators
  32. Simulation and experiment investigation on structural design and reinforcement of pyrotechnical sliding micro-actuators
  33. Thermally excited silicon microactuators
  34. Flexible temperature sensor integrated with soft pneumatic microactuators for functional microfingers
  35. Microfabrication of PPy microactuators and other conjugated polymer devices
  36. Laminated piezopolymer plates for torsion and bending sensors and actuators
  37. Position control of parallel-plate microactuators for probe-based data storage
  38. Dynamic modelling for thermal micro-actuators using thermal networks
  39. Pneumatic and hydraulic microactuators: a review
  40. Polypyrrole micro actuators
  41. Microactuators: electrical, magnetic, thermal, optical, mechanical, chemical and smart structures
  42. Analytical closed-form solutions for size-dependent static pull-in behavior in electrostatic micro-actuators via Fredholm integral equation
  43. Surface micromachining for microsensors and microactuators
  44. Design considerations for micromachined electric actuators
  45. Adomian decomposition method used for solving nonlinear pull-in behavior in electrostatic micro-actuators
  46. Bent-beam electro-thermal actuators for high force applications
  47. CAD challenges for microsensors, microactuators, and microsystems
  48. Microfabricated actuators and their application to optics
  49. Modeling and optimal design of piezoelectric cantilever microactuators
  50. Large-strain, piezoelectric, in-plane micro-actuator
  51. A highly aromatic and sulfonated ionomer for high elastic modulus ionic polymer membrane micro-actuators
  52. Photostrictive actuators
  53. Process for in-plane and out-of-plane single-crystal-silicon thermal microactuators
  54. Fabrication of silicon-based shape memory alloy micro-actuators
  55. Capacitive long-range position sensor for microactuators
  56. Study on flexible large-area Poly (vinylidene fluoride)-based piezoelectric films prepared by extrusion-casting process for sensors and microactuators
  57. Conducting polymer microactuators operating in air
  58. Thin film shape memory alloy microactuators
  59. A Composite Hysteresis Model in Self-Sensing Feedback Control of Fully Integrated Microactuators
  60. Demonstration and characterization of PZT thin-film sensors and actuators for meso-and micro-structures
  61. Microactuators toward microvalves for responsive controlled drug delivery
  62. Piezoelectric MEMS sensors: state-of-the-art and perspectives
  63. Carbon nanotube-reinforced composites as structural materials for microactuators in microelectromechanical systems
  64. Electrostriction of polymer films for microactuators
  65. Photopatterning of thermally sensitive hydrogels useful for microactuators
  66. Reliability evaluation of piezoelectric micro-actuators with application in hard disk drives
  67. Aspects of fabrication and characterization of electro-thermal micro-actuators
  68. Corrugated PVDF bimorphs as tactile sensors and micro-actuators–A research note
  69. Magnetic shape memory microactuators
  70. Micro-electromechanical systems: Motion control of micro-actuators
  71. … (3, 4‐ethylenedioxythiophene): Poly (styrene sulfonate)/Polyethylene Oxide Electrodes with Improved Electrical and Electrochemical Properties for Soft Microactuators …
  72. Electrostatically driven linear micro-actuators: FE analysis and fabrication
  73. Attachment/detachment electrostatic micro actuators for pan-tilt drive of a micro CCD camera
  74. Micro-actuators for control of delta wing with sharp leading edge
  75. Electrically conducting ultrananocrystalline diamond for the development of a next generation of micro-actuators
  76. Material and performance characterization of Z-shaped nickel electrothermal micro-actuators
  77. Adaptive control of electrostatic microactuators with bidirectional drive
  78. A two-beam method for extending the working range of electrostatic parallel-plate micro-actuators
  79. Micro actuators on the basis of thin SMA foils
  80. Strain energy density of VO2-based microactuators
  81. Spiral type magnetic micro actuators for medical applications
  82. High Performance Micro Actuators for Tactile Displays
  83. Shape memory microactuators
  84. Integrating conjugated polymer microactuators with CMOS sensing circuitry for studying living cells
  85. Precision Sensors, actuators and systems
  86. High stroke and high deflection bulk-PZT diaphragm and cantilever micro actuators and effect of pre-stress on device performance
  87. Review of electrothermal actuators and applications
  88. Ferroelectric thin films for micro-sensors and actuators: a review
  89. Magnetic microactuators based on polymer magnets
  90. Adhesive wafer bonding of micro-actuators with SU-8 photoresist
  91. Interaction mechanics between embedded micro-actuators and the surrounding host in smart structures
  92. Optimized gradient-free PZT thin films for micro-actuators
  93. Scale effects and thermal considerations for micro-actuators
  94. Arrays of EAP micro-actuators for single-cell stretching applications
  95. Control experiments on two SMA based micro-actuators
  96. Current drive methods to extend the range of travel of electrostatic microactuators beyond the voltage pull-in point
  97. Patterning and electrical interfacing of individually controllable conducting polymer microactuators
  98. Estimation of the mechanical stiffness constant of MEMS-based parallel-plate micro-actuators
  99. Analysis and optimization of loaded cantilever beam microactuators
  100. Micro-actuators: When artificial muscles made of nematic liquid crystal elastomers meet soft lithography
  101. The case for magnetically driven microactuators
  102. Thermo-mechanical and photo-luminescence properties of micro-actuators made of liquid crystal elastomers with cyano-oligo (p-phenylene vinylene) crosslinking …
  103. Finite element modeling of piezoelectric sensors and actuators
  104. Shape memory alloy micro-actuators for medical applications
  105. Graphene-based bimorph microactuators
  106. Ferroelectric thin films in micro-electromechanical systems applications
  107. Microfabricating conjugated polymer actuators
  108. Microactuators based on ion implanted dielectric electroactive polymer (EAP) membranes
  109. Demonstrating kHz frequency actuation for conducting polymer microactuators
  110. Actuators for micropositioners and nanopositioners
  111. Theoretical and experimental analysis of pneumatic balloon microactuators
  112. A review of the hybrid techniques for the fabrication of hard magnetic microactuators based on bonded magnetic powders
  113. Microfabrication techniques for integrated sensors and microsystems
  114. Surface-micromachined free-space fiber optic switches with integrated microactuators for optical fiber communication systems
  115. Fabrication and control of miniature McKibben actuators
  116. Modeling and bonding-free fabrication of flexible fluidic microactuators with a bending motion
  117. Photocontrol of fluid slugs in liquid crystal polymer microactuators
  118. Transfer bonding technology for batch fabrication of SMA microactuators
  119. Microactuators for aligning optical fibers
  120. Effect of electrolyte storage layer on performance of PPy-PVDF-PPy microactuators
  121. Manufacture of micro-sensors and actuators for flow control
  122. Modeling and design of variable-geometry electrostatic microactuators
  123. New opportunities for microactuators
  124. Characterization and modeling of PPy bilayer microactuators: Part 1. Curvature
  125. … techniques and applications design methods,(2) Fabrication techniques,(3) manufacturing methods,(4) Sensors and actuators,(5) Medical applications and …
  126. Fluidic self-assembly of micromirrors onto microactuators using capillary forces
  127. Electromagnetic linear actuators with inductive position sensing
  128. Development of a flexible microfluidic system integrating magnetic micro-actuators for trapping biological species
  129. Compliant thermal microactuators
  130. Bent-beam electrothermal actuators-Part I: Single beam and cascaded devices
  131. Fatigue analysis of U‐shaped flexural electro‐thermal micro‐actuators
  132. 3D printing microactuators for soft microrobots
  133. Linear thermomechanical microactuators
  134. Ferromagnetic shape memory microactuators
  135. Applications of silicon microactuators based on bimorph structures
  136. Scaling laws of microactuators and potential applications of electroactive polymers in MEMS
  137. Electroplated soft magnetic materials for microsensors and microactuators
  138. Fabrication and operation of polyimide bimorph actuators for a ciliary motion system
  139. Next generation actuators leading breakthroughs
  140. Array-driven ultrasonic microactuators
  141. Saved to My library
  142. Frequency-controlled wireless shape-memory-alloy microactuators integrated using an electroplating bonding process
  143. A survey of micro-actuator technologies for future spacecraft missions
  144. A conveyance system using air flow based on the concept of distributed micro motion systems
  145. Design and implementation of electrostatic micro-actuators in ultrasonic frequency on a flexible substrate, PEN (polyethylene naphthalate)
  146. Flash evaporation of TiNi shape memory thin film for microactuators
  147. A flexible electro-rheological microvalve (FERV) based on SU-8 cantilever structures and its application to microactuators
  148. SU8 etch mask for patterning PDMS and its application to flexible fluidic microactuators
  149. Thermal microactuators for surface-micromachining processes
  150. Effects of residual stresses on lead–zirconate–titanate (PZT) thin-film membrane microactuators
  151. Thermo-mechanical characterization of optical thin films filters deposited onto shape memory alloy micro-actuators
  152. A simple approach to characterizing the driving force of polysilicon laterally driven thermal microactuators
  153. Low temperature crystallised Ti-rich NiTi shape memory alloy films for microactuators
  154. Vertical comb array microactuators
  155. A review on MEMS based micro displacement amplification mechanisms
  156. The use of sputtered ZnO piezoelectric thin films as broad-band microactuators
  157. Design and pressure analysis for bulk-micromachined electrothermal hydraulic microactuators using a PCM
  158. Multi-Physics Equivalent Circuit Model for MEMS Sensors and Actuators
  159. Modeling and design of novel photo-thermo-mechanical microactuators
  160. Photothermal properties of shape memory polymer micro‐actuators for treating stroke
  161. Stimulus-sensitive hydrogels and their applications in chemical (micro) analysis
  162. A simple approach to characterizing the driving force of polysilicon laterally driven thermal microactuators
  163. Low temperature crystallised Ti-rich NiTi shape memory alloy films for microactuators
  164. Vertical comb array microactuators
  165. A review on MEMS based micro displacement amplification mechanisms
  166. The use of sputtered ZnO piezoelectric thin films as broad-band microactuators
  167. Design and pressure analysis for bulk-micromachined electrothermal hydraulic microactuators using a PCM
  168. Multi-Physics Equivalent Circuit Model for MEMS Sensors and Actuators
  169. Modeling and design of novel photo-thermo-mechanical microactuators
  170. Photothermal properties of shape memory polymer micro‐actuators for treating stroke
  171. Stimulus-sensitive hydrogels and their applications in chemical (micro) analysis
  172. Simulation, measurement, and asymmetric buckling of thermal microactuators
  173. Design, fabrication and testing of piezoelectric polymer PVDF microactuators
  174. Analytical and finite element model pull-in study of rigid and deformable electrostatic microactuators
  175. Long-travel electrothermally driven resonant cantilever microactuators
  176. Fully batch fabricated magnetic microactuators using a two layer LIGA process
  177. Micro/miniature shape memory alloy actuator
  178. A two-dimensional probability model for evaluating reliability of piezoelectric micro-actuators
  179. Micro ICPF actuators for aqueous sensing and manipulation
  180. Multi-pole magnetization of NdFeB magnets for magnetic micro-actuators and its characterization with a magnetic field mapping device
  181. Single-crystal silicon actuator arrays for micro manipulation tasks
  182. Micro/nano-mechanical sensors and actuators based on SOI-MEMS technology
  183. Materials selection in mechanical design for microsensors and microactuators
  184. Displacement amplification of piezoelectric microactuators with a micromachined leverage unit
  185. Macro-modeling for polysilicon cascaded bent beam electrothermal microactuators
  186. Design, fabrication and characterization of electrostatic micro actuators for microfluidic platforms
  187. Pushing the limits for microactuators based on electroactive polymers
  188. Linear microactuators based on the shape memory effect
  189. CMOS electrothermal microactuators
  190. Evaluation of energy dissipation mechanisms in vibrational microactuators
  191. Analysis of tip deflection and force of a bimetallic cantilever microactuator
  192. Design of multiphysics actuators using topology optimization–Part I: One-material structures
  193. Phase change materials in microactuators: basics, applications and perspectives
  194. Recent progress in micromachining and applications to microactuators
  195. Soft, flexible micromanipulators comprising polypyrrole trilayer microactuators
  196. An energy-based design criterion for magnetic microactuators
  197. Silicon-microactuators: Activation mechanisms and scaling problems
  198. Folding assembly of micro-actuators
  199. Residual stress-loaded titanium–nickel shape-memory alloy thin-film micro-actuators
  200. Introduction to sensors and actuators
  201. Dynamic modelling and analysis of V-and Z-shaped electrothermal microactuators
  202. Damping characteristics of beam-shaped micro-oscillators
  203. Microfluidic-integrated laser-controlled microactuators with on-chip microscopy imaging functionality
  204. MEMS microgripper actuators and sensors: The state-of-the-art survey
  205. Electromagnetic microactuators with multiple degrees of freedom
  206. Pyrotechnic actuator: a new generation of Si integrated actuator
  207. Advanced Materials and Technologies for Micro/Nano-Devices, Sensors and Actuators
  208. Photostrictive actuators-New perspective
  209. Sensors and actuators on non-planar substrates
  210. In situ electrostatic microactuators for measuring the Young’s modulus of CMOS thin films
  211. An earthworm-like micro robot using shape memory alloy actuator
  212. Potential applications of electroactive polymer sensors and actuators in MEMS technologies
  213. Modelling considerations for electrostatic forces in electrostatic microactuators
  214. Solution of nonlinear pull-in behavior in electrostatic micro-actuators by using He’s homotopy perturbation method
  215. Microelectromechanical systems based on ferroelectric thin films
  216. Mechanical stimulation of epithelial cells using polypyrrole microactuators
  217. Polymer MEMS actuators for underwater micromanipulation
  218. Electroactive polymer actuators and devices
  219. Materials development for thin film actuators
  220. Thermal cycle modeling of electrothermal microactuators
  221. Application of MEMS technology in automotive sensors and actuators
  222. Arrays of thermal microactuators coupled to micro-optical components
  223. Thermal analysis for bulk-micromachined electrothermal hydraulic microactuators using a phase change material
  224. Direct laser writing of four-dimensional structural color microactuators using a photonic photoresist
  225. Finite element analysis of laminated composite structures containing distributed piezoelectric actuators and sensors
  226. Enhancing displacement of lead–zirconate–titanate (PZT) thin-film membrane microactuators via a dual electrode design
  227. Microactuators with moving magnets for linear, torsional or multiaxial motion
  228. Bi-directional electrothermal electromagnetic actuators
  229. Design of very small electromagnetic and electrostatic micro actuators
  230. A novel method of manufacturing three-dimensional ionic polymer–metal composites (IPMCs) biomimetic sensors, actuators and artificial muscles
  231. Piezoelectric actuators 2006


  1. Analysis of the dynamics in microactuators using high-speed cine photomicrography
  2. Smart materials, precision sensors/actuators, smart structures, and structronic systems
  3. Critical review of current trends in shape memory alloy actuators for intelligent robots
  4. Hydrogel-Based Microactuators with Remote-Controlled Locomotion and Fast Pb2+-Response for Micromanipulation
  5. Silicon micromachining for microsensors and microactuators
  6. Microsensors and microactuators using ferroelectric thin films
  7. Anti-biofouling implantable catheter using thin-film magnetic microactuators
  8. Microrobots for micrometer-size objects in aqueous media: potential tools for single-cell manipulation
  9. A fabrication technology for epitaxial Ni-Mn-Ga microactuators
  10. Lateral in-plane displacement microactuators with combined thermal and electrostatic drive
  11. Characteristic modes of electrostatic comb-drive XY microactuators
  12. Thermal bubble powered microactuators
  13. Development of a shape-memory-alloy micromanipulator based on integrated bimorph microactuators
  14. Local analysis of co-dimension-one and co-dimension-two grazing bifurcations in impact microactuators
  15. Mechanical properties identification and design optimization of nitinol shape memory alloy microactuators
  16. Solid-phase conductive fuels for chemical microactuators
  17. Design and characterization of in-plane piezoelectric microactuators
  18. A decade of MEMS and its future
  19. Piezoelectric properties and poling effect of thick films prepared for microactuators by aerosol deposition
  20. Micro actuators by making use of jet flows due to electro-conjugate fluid
  21. Dynamic characteristics of a hydraulic amplification mechanism for large displacement actuators systems
  22. Fabrication and test of a micro electromagnetic actuator
  23. Microactuators using R-phase transformation of sputter-deposited Ti-47.3 Ni shape memory alloy thin films
  24. The preparation of piezoceramic–polymer thick films and their application as micromechanical actuators
  25. Dynamic Braille display utilizing phase-change microactuators
  26. Optical nano and micro actuator technology
  27. MEMS reconfigurable Vee antenna
  28. Displacement sensing of a micro-electro-thermal actuator using a monolithically integrated thermal sensor
  29. Introduction to micromechanisms and microactuators
  30. Smart materials-based actuators at the micro/nano-scale
  31. CMOS/BiCMOS self assembling and electrothermal microactuators for tunable capacitors, gapclosing structures and latch mechanisms
  32. Thin film zinc oxide microsensors and microactuators.
  33. Integrated cell-based sensors and cell clinics utilizing conjugated polymer actuators
  34. Parallel-coupled micro-macro actuators
  35. Multiple depth, single crystal silicon microactuators for large displacement fabricated by deep reactive ion etching
  36. Piezoelectric microactuators in polymer-composite technology
  37. Batch-fabricated ferromagnetic microactuators with silicon flexures
  38. Sensorless manipulation using massively parallel microfabricated actuator arrays
  39. Analysis of out-of-plane thermal microactuators
  40. Computing the pull-in voltage of fixed–fixed micro-actuators by artificial neural network
  41. A piezoelectric micro-actuator with a three-dimensional structure and its micro-fabrication
  42. Size-dependent electro-thermo-mechanical analysis of multilayer cantilever microactuators by Joule heating using the modified couple stress theory
  43. Thin film shape memory alloys and microactuators
  44. Shape memory alloy microactuators
  45. Electromagnetic linear actuators with inductive position sensing for micro relay, micro valve and precision positioning applications
  46. Mechanical programming of soft actuators by varying fiber angle
  47. Design, fabrication, and control of MEMS-based actuator arrays for air-flow distributed micromanipulation
  48. Temperature control in thermal microactuators with applications to in-situ nanomechanical testing
  49. Fabrication of piezoelectric thick-film bimorph micro-actuators from bulk ceramics using batch-scale methods
  50. Development of stimulus-sensitive hydrogels suitable for actuators and sensors in microanalytical devices
  51. Conducting polymer electromechanical actuators
  52. Superparamagnetic photosensitive polymer nanocomposite for microactuators
  53. A lobster-sniffing-inspired method for micro-objects manipulation using electrostatic micro-actuators
  54. A hysteresis-compensated self-sensing scheme for vanadium dioxide-coated microactuators
  55. Leading-edge Vortices Control on a Delta Wing by Micromachined Sensors and Actuators
  56. Micro bellow actuators
  57. Superparamagnetic twist‐type actuators with shape‐independent magnetic properties and surface functionalization for advanced biomedical applications
  58. Microactuators fabricated by the LIGA process
  59. A comparison model of V-and Z-shaped electrothermal microactuators
  60. E-beam evaporated polysilicon for lead zirconate titanate-based micro-actuators
  61. Submicron-sized actuators based on enhanced shape memory composite material fabricated by FIB-CVD
  62. Optimal energy density piezoelectric bending actuators
  63. Microactuators of free-standing TiNiCu films
  64. The potentiality of composite elastic magnets as novel materials for sensors and actuators
  65. Gas-lubricated microbearings for microactuators
  66. Implementing resonant enhanced pulsed micro-actuators for the control of supersonic impinging jets
  67. Fabrication of a peristaltic micro pump with novel cascaded actuators
  68. Closed-form modelling and design analysis of V-and Z-shaped electrothermal microactuators
  69. Magnetically modified soft micro actuators for oocyte manipulation
  70. Modeling and design of microjet actuators


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