what is RESEARCH PROCESS in research methodologoy


Research is a sequential process with properly managed steps. But it is not always true that research requires completion of each step before going to the next. Sometimes research work randomly on these steps.

These steps are discussed below;

  1. Problem Area of research

Selecting the problem area/topic for your research.Mostly it is preferred to get the topic of your own choice.

  1. Preliminary Data Collection for research

Data is collected for research. Data can be collected from different sources. For example if you are working to discover the symptoms of a disease then first of all collect the patient data.

  1. Problem Definition of research

Translate the research issue into a research question.

For example some of the problem definition are discussed below;

  1. Has the new medicine introduced affected the health of patients?
  2. Has the new online advertisement on different websites affected the sale of the products?

What could be the impact of internet on the education of students?

4. Theoretical Framework of research

The researcher has to make different logical interactions and relationship among most of the factors identified earlier.

  1. Generation of Hypotheses during research

Keeping in view the previous work, researcher makes some hypothesis. For example, research observes that people who eat apples have long lives. Now the hypothesis of researcher is

“People who eat apples have long lives”. Now the researcher needs to prove this hypothesis by performing further steps.

  1. Research Design of research

Research design can be of different types discussed below;




Communication analysis

Case study

Focus group discussion.

  1. Data Collection, Data Processing, and Analysis

Data is collected and experiments are performed on data and final concludes to accept or reject the hypothesis. This can be done by analyzing all the facts obtained during experiments.

  1. Testing the Hypotheses; Answering the Research Questions

Experiments were further refined to test the hypothesis that facts supports the hypothesis or not.

  1. Report Writing

Research report is a report for complete discussions of all the steps discussed above.