What is applied research? Research methodology

What is applied research?

Applied research is research that is useful for human beings. Applied research is conducted for solving practical life problems. 

Examples of applied research

How to improve computer speed?

How to makes the search mechanism more efficient?

How to make the robot more intelligent?

Applied research is conducted for a practical issue of a group or individual. The research follows the scientific method and is used in education, medicine, business, social issue, etc. Applied research investigates a particular problem and finds its innovative solution.

Types of applied research

There are three types we see in applied research:

  1. Evaluation research

Evaluation research analyses the current information and finds outcomes or decisions about the topic or problem. This research is often applied in businesses. For example, a businessman conducts evaluation research to know about the demand for the product he is selling.

  1. Action research

This research examines the evidence and evaluates the practical solutions provided during research. This research is also mostly conducted for business to make it progressive.

  1. Research and development

Research and development investigate how to develop new services and products keeping in view the needs and demands of target markets. It collects data about the market and analyzes how to make existing products and services better. It also focuses on how to manufacture new products that can fulfill specific needs and satisfy customers.

Methods of applied research

In applied research, quantitative and qualitative methods are used to collect data or evidence. This data is further tested to reach the research findings. Below are two methods used in applied research:

  1. Interviews

The interview is a face-to-face interaction or discussion on a specific topic and is included in the qualitative method. Although it is a time-consuming activity yet it makes the researcher enable to collect only relevant data which makes the research process easy.

  1. Surveys/questionnaires

Surveys or questionnaires are quantitative methods of gathering data. It outlines specific questions relevant to the subject and is distributed among the participants for their responses about their experiences and knowledge.

Examples of applied research

Below are the examples of applied research:

  • Health (Examples of applied research in health)

To improve the behavior of children who become aggressive.

To cure the obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)

How should we take care of our hygiene?

  • Society (Examples of applied research in Society)

What are the causes of increased road accidents?

How can we develop rural areas?

How can we avoid problems of co-education?

  • Education (Examples of applied research in Education)

How can we make our education system better?

What are the causes of the low literacy rate in rural areas?

How can we minimize the achievement gap among the students belonging to different backgrounds?

  • Technology (Examples of applied research in Technology)

How can we make the election clear and unbiased by using technology?

How do video games impact children’s behavior?

Is today’s learning is easier and more effective with technology?

For example, Coronavirus is the spreading disease in China in the month of January in 2020. The research conducted for the patients of coronavirus in Wuhan(China). The doctors from all over China are trying to prepare a vaccine as a treatment for the benefit of human beings.

Explanatory research Depth Interviews

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