Probabilistic algorithms Research Topics Ideas

List of Probabilistic algorithms Research Topics Areas.

  1. Engineering a Fast Probabilistic Isomorphism Test*
  2. Open-world probabilistic databases: Semantics, algorithms, complexity
  3. Probabilistic Inference for Structural Health Monitoring: New Modes of Learning from Data
  4. Probabilistic water demand forecasting using quantile regression algorithms
  5. Reinforcement Learning with Algorithms from Probabilistic Structure Estimation
  6. Explaining Black-Box Algorithms Using Probabilistic Contrastive Counterfactuals
  7. Application of probabilistic assessment for optimal prediction in active noise control algorithms
  8. Randomized algorithms for probabilistic analysis of parametric uncertainties with unmanned helicopters
  9. Probabilistic Models and Randomised Algorithms
  10. Fully polarimetric synthetic aperture radar data classification using probabilistic and non-probabilistic kernel methods
  11. A modified hybrid algorithm based on black hole and differential evolution algorithms to search for the critical probabilistic slip surface of slopes
  12. PSA: A Family of Probabilistic Surrogate-Assisted Algorithms for Single-Objective Optimization
  13. Development of a new methodology for estimating the amount of PPV in surface mines based on prediction and probabilistic models (GEP-MC)
  14. Probabilistic Predictions with Federated Learning
  15. Bayesian Analysis, Multilinear Regression and Modern Machine Learning Algorithms Applied for Soil Probabilistic Characterization
  16. Temporal Probabilistic Rules and Policy Computation Algorithms
  17. Juice: A julia package for logic and probabilistic circuits
  18. Hybrid probabilistic inference with logical and algebraic constraints: a survey
  19. Development of a Probabilistic Multi-Class Model Selection Algorithm for High-Dimensional and Complex Data
  20. Statistical properties of sketching algorithms
  21. HePPCAT: Probabilistic PCA for Data with Heteroscedastic Noise
  22. Relatively complete verification of probabilistic programs: an expressive language for expectation-based reasoning
  23. Avoidance Critical Probabilistic Roadmaps for Motion Planning in Dynamic Environments
  24. Multi-marginal optimal transport and probabilistic graphical models
  25. Just-in-time learning based probabilistic gradient boosting tree for valve failure prognostics
  26. Probabilistic Connectionless Multipath Routing Algorithm for Reliability and Stability Evaluation
  27. Paradoxes of probabilistic programming: and how to condition on events of measure zero with infinitesimal probabilities
  28. Probabilistic model based path planning
  29. Interactive Multi-Model Independent Joint Probabilistic Data Association Filtering Algorithm
  30. Selective Probabilistic Classifier Based on Hypothesis Testing
  31. Dynamic maintenance of low-stretch probabilistic tree embeddings with applications
  32. Probabilistic teleportation of a quantum dot spin qubit
  33. Contribution Overview to the Evaluation and Development of SpareParts Management Models: Meta-Heuristic and Probabilistic Methods
  34. A Probabilistic State Space Model for Joint Inference from Differential Equations and Data
  35. A critical review of algorithms in HRM: Definition, theory, and practice
  36. A pre-expectation calculus for probabilistic sensitivity
  37. Robust parameter estimation of a PEMFC via optimization based on probabilistic model building
  38. Green supplier selection based on CODAS method in probabilistic uncertain linguistic environment
  39. Deep Learning in Science: Theory, Algorithms, and Applications
  40. Multi-Target Detection and Tracking (MTDT) Algorithm Based on Probabilistic Model for Smart Cities
  41. The effect of weather data on probabilistic electricity load forecasts
  42. Epistemological Limitations on Probabilistic Evidence Theory
  43. LINDA-BN: An interpretable probabilistic approach for demystifying black-box predictive models
  44. Ensemble-based clustering of large probabilistic graphs using neighborhood and distance metric learning
  45. A Hybrid Probabilistic Multiobjective Evolutionary Algorithm for Commercial Recommendation Systems
  46. Probabilistic divergence of a template-based modelling methodology from the ideal protocol
  47. A probabilistic approach to the leader problem in random graphs
  48. Dynamic Inference in Probabilistic Graphical Models
  49. Large-scale calibration of conceptual rainfall-runoff models for two-stage probabilistic hydrological post-processing
  50. Probabilistic Loss and its Online Characterization for Simplified Decision Making Under Uncertainty
  51. Understanding the origin of information-seeking exploration in probabilistic objectives for control
  52. A probabilistic algorithm for aggregating vastly undersampled large Markov chains
  53. Bayesian Interactive Search Algorithm: A New Probabilistic Swarm Intelligence Tested on Mathematical and Structural Optimization Problems
  54. Using Machine Learning to Generate Storm-Scale Probabilistic Guidance of Severe Weather Hazards in the Warn-on-Forecast System
  55. A probabilistic Bayesian inference model to investigate injury severity in automobile crashes
  56. A Termination Criterion for Probabilistic Point Clouds Registration
  57. Indicator Probabilistic Acceleration Velocity Obstacles for Dynamic Collision Avoidance in Uncertain Environments
  58. Probabilistic stabilizability certificates for a class of black-box linear systems
  59. Sentence Similarity Calculation Based on Probabilistic Tolerance Rough Sets
  60. Probabilistic Optimization of Incorporating Security Ciphers and Encryption of Data Storage in Cloud
  61. A Tabu Search algorithm for the Probabilistic Orienteering Problem
  62. Learning Hierarchical Probabilistic Logic Programs
  63. Modeling of onboard systems operation of small satellites based on general logical-probabilistic method
  64. Applying a Probabilistic Network Method to Solve Business-Related Few-Shot Classification Problems
  65. From Bayesian Networks to Probabilistic Relational Models: Bridging the Gap
  66. PhD: Enhanced probabilistic tools to improve verification and validation of space control systems
  67. Parallel computation of probabilistic skyline queries using MapReduce
  68. SaMW: a probabilistic meta-heuristic algorithm for job scheduling in heterogeneous distributed systems powered by microservices
  69. Optimizing wind farms layouts for maximum energy production using probabilistic inference: Benchmarking reveals superior computational efficiency and scalability
  70. A Bayesian Belief Network-based probabilistic mechanism to determine patient no-show risk categories
  71. Efficient Probabilistic Truss Indexing on Uncertain Graphs
  72. Probabilistic model predictive safety certification for learning-based control
  73. Probabilistic Model Using Bayes Theorem Research Paper Recommender System
  74. Probabilistic precipitation nowcast for flash flooding purposes across Australia: verification of a new version of Short-Term Ensemble Prediction System (STEPS)
  75. Probabilistic Framework with Bayesian Optimization for Predicting Typhoon-Induced Dynamic Responses of a Long-Span Bridge
  76. Netter: Probabilistic, Stateful Network Models
  77. Dynamic Cost Ant Colony Algorithm to Optimize Query for Distributed Database Based on Quantum-Inspired Approach
  78. A structural theorem for local algorithms with applications to coding, testing, and privacy
  79. A Probabilistic Interpretation of Self-Paced Learning with Applications to Reinforcement Learning
  80. Probabilistic (k, l)-Context-Sensitive Grammar Inference with Gibbs Sampling Applied to Chord Sequences.
  81. Polynomial modular product verification and its implications
  83. Jaya Algorithm and Applications: A Comprehensive Review
  84. Model Checking Probabilistic Recursive Programs
  85. Verification of randomized consensus algorithms under round-rigid adversaries
  86. Dynamic Cost Ant Colony Algorithm to Optimize Query for Distributed Database Based on Quantum-Inspired Approach. Symmetry 2021, 13, 70
  87. Semi-automatic liver segmentation based on probabilistic models and anatomical constraints
  88. Image Semantic Segmentation Use Multiple-Threshold Probabilistic R-CNN with Feature Fusion. Symmetry 2021, 13, 207
  89. Entrack: Probabilistic spherical regression with entropy regularization for fiber tractography
  90. Probabilistic Approach for the Fatigue Strength Prediction of Polymers
  91. Anomaly Detection for Injection Molding Machines Using Probabilistic Deep Learning
  92. Conditional Prior Probabilistic Generative Model With Similarity Measurement for ISAR Imaging
  93. Kernel Probabilistic K-Means Clustering
  94. Classification of Metastatic and Non-Metastatic Thoracic Lymph Nodes in Lung Cancer Patients Based on Dielectric Properties Using Adaptive Probabilistic …
  95. Determinization and ambiguity of classical and probabilistic Büchi automata.
  96. Assessment of Fault Detection Performance and Computation Algorithms
  97. A Multi-level Refinement Approach for Structural Synthesis of Optimal Probabilistic Models
  98. The Polish Practice of Probabilistic Approach in Power System Development Planning
  99. Supersingular -invariants and the Class Number of
  100. A Probabilistic Approach to Address Data Uncertainty in Regionalization
  101. VOWEL: A local online learning rule for recurrent networks of probabilistic spiking winner-take-all circuits
  102. Limits of Probabilistic Safety Guarantees when Considering Human Uncertainty
  103. A probabilistic risk approach for the collision detection of multi-ships under spatiotemporal movement uncertainty
  104. Merging statewide data in a public/university collaboration to address opioid use disorder and overdose
  105. Bayesian strategies: probabilistic programs as generalised graphical models
  106. A comparative study of metaheuristic algorithms for reliability-based design optimization problems
  107. From probabilistic back analyses to probabilistic run-out predictions of landslides: A case study of Heifangtai terrace, Gansu Province, China
  108. Probabilistic Rule Learning Systems: A Survey
  109. Matrix factorization based Bayesian network embedding for efficient probabilistic inferences
  110. Improved Joint Probabilistic Data Association Multi-target Tracking Algorithm Based on Camera-Radar Fusion
  111. Probabilistic Type Inference by Optimizing Logical and Natural Constraints?
  112. Probabilistic analysis on Macaulay matrices over finite fields and complexity of constructing Gröbner bases
  113. Combining hidden Markov models with probabilistic Bayes networks to conduct business forecasting and risk simulation
  114. Degenerate Gaussian factors for probabilistic inference
  115. Probabilistic modeling and inference for sequential space-varying blur identification
  116. Newsgroup Topic Extraction using Probabilistic Inverse Cluster Frequency Term-Cluster Weighting and Growing Neural Gas Clustering.
  117. A Reduction Theorem for Randomized Distributed Algorithms Under Weak Adversaries
  118. PEVRM: Probabilistic Evolution Based Version Recommendation Model for Mobile Applications
  119. Secure medical image transmission using modified leading diagonal sorting with probabilistic visual cryptography
  120. Probabilistic knowledge-based characterization of conceptual geological models
  121. Modern Probabilistic Methods With Applications
  122. An Additive Consistency and Consensus Approach for Group Decision Making With Probabilistic Hesitant Fuzzy Linguistic Preference Relations and Its Application in …
  123. Counterfactual E ect, the Halting Problem, and the Busy Beaver Function
  124. Randomized linear algebra for model reduction—part II: minimal residual methods and dictionary-based approximation
  125. Optimal sensor placement for contamination detection: A multi-objective and probabilistic approach
  126. Generating Functions for Probabilistic Programs
  127. Probabilistic Adaptive Control for Robust Behavior Imitation
  128. A Probabilistic Assessment of the COVID-19 Lockdown on Air Quality in the UK
  129. Deterministic and probabilistic deep learning models for inverse design of broadband acoustic cloak
  130. Defining and measuring probabilistic ego networks
  131. Probabilistic inductive constraint logic
  132. Probabilistic Plan Legibility with Off-the-shelf Planners
  133. Efficient attribute-based signatures for unbounded arithmetic branching programs
  134. A Probabilistic Theory of Abductive Reasoning.
  135. Probabilistic Control Argumentation Frameworks
  136. Probabilistic distribution learning algorithm based transmit antenna selection and precoding for millimeter wave massive MIMO systems
  137. Evaluation of Drought Events in Various Climatic Conditions using Data-Driven Models and A Reliability-Based Probabilistic Model
  138. A Refined Probabilistic Error Bound for Sums
  139. OPNN: Optimized Probabilistic Neural Network based Automatic Detection of Maize Plant Disease Detection
  140. Probabilistic Shared Risk Link Groups Modeling Correlated Resource Failures Caused by Disasters
  141. Proving Properties of the Itai Rodeh Leader Election Protocol for Any Number of Processes
  142. Hybrid probabilistic method to model measurement failures in the accuracy assessment of state estimator in smart grids
  143. Integrated Joint Probabilistic Data Association and Interactive Multiple Model Filter
  144. Beating the probabilistic lower bound on perfect hashing
  145. On-manifold Probabilistic ICP: Application to Underwater Karst Exploration
  146. Decision Questions for Probabilistic Automata on Small Alphabets
  147. Probabilistic power flow calculation based on importance-Hammersley sampling with Eigen-decomposition
  148. Efficient and stochastic mouse action switching during probabilistic decision making
  149. Tackling Instance-Dependent Label Noise via a Universal Probabilistic Model
  150. Uncertainty handling in structural damage detection via non-probabilistic meta-models and interval mathematics, a data-analytics approach
  151. When are emptiness and containment decidable for probabilistic automata?
  152. Probabilistic SHM under varying loads via the integration of Gaussian Process Regression and physics-based guided-wave propagation models
  153. Lung Cancer Classification Using Radial Basis Function Based Neural Network Probabilistic
  154. Rice Grain Quality Determination Using Probabilistic Neural Networks
  155. Quantum speedup in adaptive boosting of binary classification
  156. A probabilistic risk-based decision framework for structural health monitoring
  157. Multi-Cell, Multi-Channel URLLC with Probabilistic Per-Packet Real-Time Guarantee
  158. Reliable closed-loop supply chain design problem under facility-type-dependent probabilistic disruptions
  159. A Very Short-Term Probabilistic Prediction Interval Forecaster for Reducing Load Uncertainty Level in Smart Grids
  160. Shallow Neural Networks to Deep Neural Networks for Probabilistic Wind Forecasting
  161. PCFGs Can Do Better: Inducing Probabilistic Context-Free Grammars with Many Symbols
  162. Synthesizing safe policies under probabilistic constraints with reinforcement learning and Bayesian model checking
  163. A branch-and-price algorithm for the vehicle routing problem with stochastic demands and probabilistic duration constraints
  164. Error-free affine, unitary, and probabilistic OBDDs
  165. Stochastic rounding and its probabilistic backward error analysis
  166. A Probabilistic Approach for Contact Stability and Contact Safety Analysis of Robotic Intracardiac Catheter
  168. Acceleration of a procedure to generate fractal curves of a given dimension through the probabilistic analysis o…
  169. Learning Probabilistic Networks
  170. predPhogly-Site: Predicting phosphoglycerylation sites by incorporating probabilistic sequence-coupling information into PseAAC and addressing data …
  171. Joint probabilistic modeling of single-cell multi-omic data with totalVI
  172. Automatic Classification of Healthy Subjects and Patients With Essential Vocal Tremor Using Probabilistic Source-Filter Model Based Noise Robust Pitch Estimation
  173. Probabilistic Deep Learning Approach to Automate the Interpretation of Multi-phase Diffraction Spectra
  174. DNA sequence reconstruction based on innovated hybridization technique of probabilistic cellular automata and particle swarm optimization
  175. Probabilistic optimal power flow in islanded microgrids with load, wind and solar uncertainties including intermittent generation spatial correlation
  176. Collaborative Probabilistic Semantic Mapping Using CNN
  177. Probabilistic Sufficient Explanations
  178. A reliability-based sieve technique: A novel multistage probabilistic methodology for the damage assessment of structures
  179. A novel discrete bat algorithm for heterogeneous redundancy allocation of multi-state systems subject to probabilistic common-cause failure
  180. A real-time explainable traffic collision inference framework based on probabilistic graph theory
  181. Probabilistic fatigue life prediction for adhesively bonded joints via surrogate model
  182. Improved denoising diffusion probabilistic models
  183. Efficient probabilistic inversion using the rejection sampler—exemplified on airborne EM data
  184. Integral reduction with Kira 2.0 and finite field methods
  185. Optimal sequential decision making with probabilistic digital twins
  186. Probabilistic reasoning system for social influence analysis in online social networks
  187. Simplifying dependent reductions in the polyhedral model
  188. Unbalanced probabilistic linguistic decision-making method for multi-attribute group decision-making problems with heterogeneous relationships and incomplete …
  189. Women’s e-commerce clothing sentiment analysis by probabilistic model LDA using R-SPARK
  190. Configuring Systems Based on Petri Nets, Logic-Probabilistic, and Simulation Models
  191. Physics-aware, probabilistic model order reduction with guaranteed stability
  192. Day ahead dynamic available transfer capability evaluation incorporating probabilistic transmission capacity margins in presence of wind generators
  193. Probabilistic harmonization and annotation of single-cell transcriptomics data with deep generative models
  194. Easy Steps in Probabilistic Dynamic Modelling in FDP
  195. Bayesian Updates to Probabilistic Aircraft Models in Generalized Polynomial Chaos Form from Measured Data
  196. Probabilistic Reasoning and Markov Chains as Means to Improve Performance of Tuning Decisions under Uncertainty
  197. A gradient based optimization procedure for finding axle weights in probabilistic bridge weigh-in-motion method
  198. Probabilistic tracking control of dissipated Hamiltonian systems excited by Gaussian white noises
  199. Probabilistic reconstruction of truncated particle trajectories on a closed surface
  200. Probabilistic Estimation of Threat Intrusion in Embedded Systems for Runtime Detection
  201. Autonomous UAV Exploration of Dynamic Environments Via Incremental Sampling and Probabilistic Roadmap
  202. NETPLIER: Probabilistic Network Protocol Reverse Engineering from Message Traces
  203. A Recovery Algorithm and Pooling Designs for One-Stage Noisy Group Testing under the Probabilistic Framework
  204. Group decision making based on the modified probability calculation method and DEA cross-efficiency with probabilistic hesitant fuzzy preference relations
  205. A Comparative Study on the Efficiency of Reliability Methods for the Probabilistic Analysis of Local Scour at a Bridge Pier in Clay-Sand-Mixed Sediments
  206. Probability distribution-based processing model of probabilistic linguistic term set and its application in automatic environment evaluation
  207. Voting-based probabilistic consensuses and their applications in distributed ledgers
  208. Probabilistic convergence analysis of the stochastic particle swarm optimization model without the stagnation assumption
  209. Probabilistic and Fuzzy Models for Risk Analysis of Processing and Manufacturing System
  210. Randomized algorithms for the low multilinear rank approximations of tensors
  211. Bayesian probabilistic propagation of imprecise probabilities with large epistemic uncertainty
  212. Uncertainty Matters: Bayesian Probabilistic Forecasting for Residential Smart Meter Prediction, Segmentation, and Behavioral Measurement and Verification …
  213. Failure risk analysis of pipelines using data-driven machine learning algorithms
  214. Probabilistic Model-Based Malaria Disease Recognition System
  215. Probabilistic sequential matrix factorization
  216. Password similarity using probabilistic data structures
  217. Probabilistic Solar Power Forecasting Based on Bivariate Conditional Solar Irradiation Distributions
  218. Probabilistic failure analysis, performance assessment, and sensitivity analysis of corroded reinforced concrete structures
  219. Probabilistic and Risk-Informed Life Extension Assessment of Wind Turbine Structural Components
  220. Abstract spatial-temporal reasoning via probabilistic abduction and execution
  221. Probabilistic estimation of spinning reserves in smart grids with Bayesian-driven reserve allocation adjustment algorithm
  222. Development of probabilistic assessment framework for pedestrian wind environment using Bayesian technique
  223. Probabilistic Performance Bounds for Randomized Sensor Selection in Kalman Filtering
  224. Probabilistic forecast reconciliation under the Gaussian framework
  225. Segmentation and genome annotation algorithms
  226. Supervised and semi-supervised deep probabilistic models for indoor positioning problems
  227. A Probabilistic Ensemble Prediction Method for PV Power in the Nonstationary Period
  228. Uncertainty Matters: Bayesian Probabilistic Forecasting for Residential Smart Meter Prediction, Segmentation, and Behavioral Measurement and Verification
  229. Verification of Probabilistic Fracture Mechanics Analysis Code for Reactor Pressure Vessel
  230. Bayesian inversion for imprecise probabilistic models using a novel entropy-based uncertainty quantification metric
  231. A POI recommendation approach integrating social spatio-temporal information into probabilistic matrix factorization
  232. Multi-Attribute Decision-Making Method Based Distance and COPRAS Method with Probabilistic Hesitant Fuzzy Environment
  233. Probabilistic motion planning among moving obstacles following typical motion patterns
  234. Probabilistic user modelling methods for improving human-in-the-loop machine learning for prediction
  235. The Causal Probabilistic Relationship Between Economic Development and Democracy: Evidence from Bayesian Networks Analysis
  236. Probabilistic Cellular Automata for Granular Media in Video Games
  237. Probabilistic analysis of trust based decision making in hostile environments
  238. Chance constrained sets approximation: A probabilistic scaling approach–EXTENDED VERSION
  239. Compositional abstraction-based synthesis of general MDPs via approximate probabilistic relations
  240. Seven paradoxes of business process management in a hyper-connected world
  241. Analysis of Forward Model, Data Type, and Prior Information in Probabilistic Inversion of Crosshole GPR Data
  242. Probabilistic model for pitting of copper canisters
  243. Sample efficient learning of image-based diagnostic classifiers via probabilistic labels
  244. Hierarchical Sampler for Probabilistic Programs via Separation of Control and Data
  245. Group-Oriented Paper Recommendation With Probabilistic Matrix Factorization and Evidential Reasoning in Scientific Social Network
  246. Probabilistic skeletons endow brain-like neural
  247. Intelligent Brushing Monitoring Using a Smart Toothbrush with Recurrent Probabilistic Neural Network
  248. Preprint list
  249. Natural Language Understanding
  250. Discrepancy bounds for a class of negatively dependent random points including Latin hypercube samples
  251. Algorithms as a Basis of Modern Applied Mathematics
  252. MetaplasticNet: Architecture with Probabilistic Metaplastic Synapses for Continual Learning
  253. A multi-repeat mapping based probabilistic shaping coding method applied to data center optical networks
  254. SIGACT News Online Algorithms Column 36: 2020 in review
  255. Factor Analysis, Probabilistic Principal Component Analysis, Variational Inference, and Variational Autoencoder: Tutorial and Survey
  256. Generating Fake Documents using Probabilistic Logic Graphs
  257. Pro-ML IDeAS: A Probabilistic Framework for Explicit Inverse Design using Invertible Neural Network
  258. A novel order evaluation model with nested probabilistic-numerical linguistic information applied to traditional order grabbing mode
  259. Multi-layered Discriminative Restricted Boltzmann Machine with Untrained Probabilistic Layer
  260. Probabilistic Localization of Insect-Scale Drones on Floating-Gate Inverter Arrays
  261. Probabilistic Learning on Manifolds (PLoM) with Partition
  262. Probabilistic seismic performance evaluation of composite frames with concrete-filled steel tube columns and buckling-restrained braces
  263. A Probabilistic Compute Fabric Based on Coupled Ring Oscillators for Solving Combinatorial Optimization Problems
  264. Vienna University of Technology, Austria Introduction. Display of natural phenomena is still a significant problem for interactive rendering systems and virtual …
  265. Probabilistic deep neural network based signal processing for Brillouin gain and phase spectrums of vector BOTDA system
  266. Experimental analyses on 2-hop-based and 3-hop-based link prediction algorithms
  267. Two dependent probabilistic chip-collecting games
  268. Determinantal point processes in randomized numerical linear algebra
  269. An algorithm to generate correlated input-parameters to be used in probabilistic sensitivity analyses
  270. A New Hybrid Possibilistic-Probabilistic Decision-Making Scheme for Classification
  271. Seismic investigation of the northern part of Pakistan using the statistical and neural network algorithms
  272. Stochaskell: A common platform for probabilistic programming research and applications
  273. Probabilistic Dynamic Input Output Automata
  274. Map simulation of dogs’ behaviour using population density of probabilistic model
  275. Probabilistic analysis of shear strength of intact rock in triaxial compression: a case study of Jinping II project
  276. Adaptive Control for Energy Exchange with Probabilistic Interval Predictors in Isolated Microgrids
  277. Probabilistic residential load forecasting based on micrometeorological data and customer consumption pattern
  278. Probabilistic models of biological enzymatic polymerization
  279. Review of Deterministic and Probabilistic Wind Power Forecasting: Models, Methods, and Future Research
  280. Potential of a probabilistic framework for target prediction from surrogate respiratory motion during lung radiotherapy
  281. Remodelling State-Space Prediction With Deep Neural Networks for Probabilistic Load Forecasting
  282. Motifs in Biological Networks
  283. Strong Learning of Probabilistic Tree Adjoining Grammars
  284. Logical matrix factorization towards topological structure and stability of probabilistic Boolean networks
  285. Tensor random projection for low memory dimension reduction
  287. Applications of Autonomous Driving That You Should Know
  288. Ground truthing from multi-rater labeling with three-way decision and possibility theory
  289. Olympus: a benchmarking framework for noisy optimization and experiment planning
  290. Probabilistic stability analysis of geo-structures in anisotropic clayey soils with spatial variability
  291. Assessing risks of biases in cognitive decision support systems
  292. A probabilistic reliability-centred maintenance approach for electrical distribution networks
  293. Non-local spatially varying finite mixture models for image segmentation
  294. Adaptive Control for Energy Exchange with Probabilistic Interval Predictors in Isolated Microgrids. Energies 2021, 14, 375
  295. Probabilistic Forecasting of the 500 hPa Geopotential Height over the Northern Hemisphere Using TIGGE Multi-model Ensemble Forecasts
  296. Multi-view spectral clustering for uncertain objects
  297. Application of statistical probabilistic methods in landslide susceptibility assessment in Kurseong and its surrounding area of Darjeeling Himalayan, India: RS-GIS …
  298. Improving picking performance at a large retailer warehouse by combining probabilistic simulation, optimization, and discrete-event simulation
  299. Big data algorithms and applications in intelligent transportation system: A review and bibliometric analysis
  300. Probabilistic identification of surface recession patterns in heritage buildings based on digital photogrammetry
  301. A novel probabilistic linguistic decision-making method with consistency improvement algorithm and DEA cross-efficiency
  302. A Hybrid Probabilistic Ensemble based Extreme Gradient Boosting Approach For Breast Cancer Diagnosis
  303. Addressing disasters in smart cities through UAVs path planning and 5G communications: A systematic review
  304. Online Edge Coloring Algorithms via the Nibble Method
  305. A probabilistic estimation approach for the failure forecast method using Bayesian inference
  306. Probabilistic seismic hazard map analysis for Aceh Tenggara district and microzonation for Kutacane city
  307. Enhancements on the Efficacy of Firefighting Robots Through Team Allocation and Path-Planning
  308. Improved active learning probabilistic approach for the computation of failure probability
  309. Fpc-bi: Fast probabilistic consensus within byzantine infrastructures
  310. Probabilistic and Systematic Coverage of Consecutive Test-Method Pairs for Detecting Order-Dependent Flaky Tests.
  311. Group Testing with a Graph Infection Spread Model
  312. Deep neural networks algorithms for stochastic control problems on finite horizon: convergence analysis
  313. Probabilistic and Distance-Aware Clustering Approach to Decrease the Effect of Hot Spot in WSN
  314. Additive Ensemble Neural Network with Constrained Weighted Quantile Loss for Probabilistic Electric-Load Forecasting
  315. Prediction of petrophysical parameters using probabilistic neural network technique
  316. UAV Trajectory Planning With Probabilistic Geo-Fence via Iterative Chance-Constrained Optimization
  317. Metaheuristics Applied to Blood Image Analysis
  318. Probabilistic shaping and forward error correction scheme employing uneven segmentation mapping for data center optical communication
  319. Application of Probabilistic Fracture Mechanics to Reactor Pressure Vessel Using PASCAL4 Code
  320. Noisy intermediate-scale quantum (NISQ) algorithms
  321. A Probabilistic Model for Predicting Shot Success in Football
  322. Probabilistic Forecasting Based Joint Detection and Imputation of Clustered Bad Data in Residential Electricity Loads
  323. The foveal avascular zone area in healthy eyes measured by ocular coherence tomography angiography using a full spectrum probabilistic algorithm
  324. Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Analysis of Vadodara Region
  325. Two-year prevalence rates of mental health and substance use disorder diagnoses among repeat arrestees
  326. Probabilistic Modelling of Note Events in the Transcription of Monophonic Melodies Master of Science Thesis
  327. Probabilistic Model of Transition between Categories of Glucose Profiles in Patients with Type 1 Diabetes Using a Compositional Data Analysis Approach
  328. Deterministic and probabilistic interval prediction for wind farm based on VMD and weighted LS-SVM
  329. Feature Selection for Clustering
  330. Reservoir facies design and modeling using probabilistic rock-physics templates
  331. Hyperspectral remote sensing image classification based on tighter random projection with minimal intra-class variance algorithm
  332. Scalable representation learning and retrieval for display advertising
  333. Archiving Strategies for Evolutionary Multi-objective Optimization Algorithms
  334. Benchmarking Simulation-Based Inference
  335. Probabilistic-based expressions in behavioral multi-attribute decision making considering pre-evaluation
  336. Detecting changes in dynamical structures in synchronous neural oscillations using probabilistic inference
  337. Implementation of PPP-GNSS measurement technology in the probabilistic SHM of bridge structures
  338. Toward the probabilistic forecasting of cyclone-induced marine flooding by overtopping at Reunion Island aided by a time-varying random-forest classification …
  339. Enhanced performance Gaussian process regression for probabilistic short-term solar output forecast
  340. Relaxed locally correctable codes in computationally bounded channels
  341. Transformation of satellite breakup distribution for probabilistic orbital collision hazard analysis
  342. Topic Modeling in Russia: Current Approaches and Issues in Methodology
  343. Regularized Quantile Regression Averaging for probabilistic electricity price forecasting
  344. Time-variant probabilistic assessment of corrosion initiation of marine concrete structures considering maximum phenomenon
  345. Segmenting geochemical records using hierarchical probabilistic models
  346. Predictive Modelling for Concrete Failure at Anchorages Using Machine Learning Techniques
  347. A semantics for Hybrid Probabilistic Logic programs with function symbols
  348. SoK: Computer-aided cryptography
  349. A Bayesian probabilistic approach for damage identification in plate structures using responses at vibration nodes
  350. Sizing and Sitting of DERs in Active Distribution Networks Incorporating Load Prevailing Uncertainties Using Probabilistic Approaches
  351. Probabilistic Inverse Kinematics for Human Posture Prediction during Physical Human-Robot Interaction
  352. On subversion-resistant snarks
  353. Probabilistic transmission models incorporating sequencing data for healthcare-associated Clostridioides difficile outperform heuristic rules and identify strain …
  354. A Lightweight SDN Fingerprint Attack Defense Mechanism Based on Probabilistic Scrambling and Controller Dynamic Scheduling Strategies
  355. Probabilistic Optimization of Networked Multi-Carrier Microgrids to Enhance Resilience Leveraging Demand Response Programs
  356. State of charge estimation of lithium-ion battery for electric vehicles using machine learning algorithms

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