Dynamic Networks Research Topics ideas

Dynamic Networks Research Topics ideas

I am sharing with you some of the research topics regarding Dynamic Networks  that you can choose for your research proposal for the thesis work of MS, or Ph.D. Degree.


  1. Discovering Dense Correlated Subgraphs in Dynamic Networks
  2. Human life histories as dynamic networks: using Network Analysis to conceptualize and analyze life history data
  3. Integrative Learning for Population of Dynamic Networks with Covariates
  4. Computational GeometryComputational Geometry Influential performance of nodes identified by relative entropy in dynamic networks
  5. Dynamic Precision Analog Computing for Neural Networks
  6. Recurrence quantification analysis of dynamic brain networks
  7. Input-Dynamic Distributed Algorithms for Communication Networks
  8. LIME: Low-Cost Incremental Learning for Dynamic Heterogeneous Information Networks
  9. Dynamic embedding projection-gated convolutional neural networks for text classification
  10. Dynamic offloading for multiuser muti-CAP MEC networks: A deep reinforcement learning approach
  11. Computational GeometryComputational Geometry Abnormal meta-state activation of dynamic brain networks across the Alzheimer spectrum
  12. Radflow: A recurrent, aggregated, and decomposable model for networks of time series
  13. Constructing and analysing time-aggregated networks: The role of bootstrapping, permutation and simulation
  14. Multi-competitive viruses over time-varying networks with mutations and human awareness
  15. A dynamic algorithm based on cohesive entropy for influence maximization in social networks
  16. Dynamic ambient HetNet for hybrid data communication and transmission in IoT networks
  17. Opinion leaders’ detection in dynamic social networks
  18. Long-Term Behavior of Dynamic Equilibria in Fluid Queuing Networks
  19. Heritability of Functional Connectivity in Resting State: Assessment of the Dynamic Mean, Dynamic Variance, and Static Connectivity across Networks
  20. Symmetry breaking in the prisoner’s dilemma on two-layer dynamic multiplex networks
  21. Decreased dynamism of overlapping brain sub-networks in Major Depressive Disorder
  22. Multiobjective optimization of the dynamic aperture using surrogate models based on artificial neural networks
  23. Dynamic development of landslide susceptibility based on slope unit and deep neural networks
  24. Modeling return and volatility spillover networks of global new energy companies
  25. Dynamic optimal transport on networks
  26. Coordinated operation of reconfigurable networks with dynamic line rating for optimal utilization of renewable generation
  27. NHCDRA: a non-uniform hierarchical clustering with dynamic route adjustment for mobile sink based heterogeneous wireless sensor networks
  28. Dynamic Transmit Profile Selection in Dense Wireless Networks
  29. A competent ad-hoc sensor routing protocol for energy efficiency in mobile wireless sensor networks
  30. A review on generative Boltzmann networks applied to dynamic systems
  31. Analyzing power and dynamic traffic flows in coupled power and transportation networks
  32. Secure access of resources in software-defined networks using dynamic access control list
  33. Dynamic representations of sparse distributed networks: A locality-sensitive approach
  34. Computational GeometryComputational Geometry Identification of patterns in cosmic-ray arrival directions using dynamic graph convolutional neural networks
  35. A Forecasting Approach to Improve Control and Management for 5G Networks
  36. Two-phase Dynamic Routing for Micro and Macro-level Equivariance in Multi-Column Capsule Networks
  37. Master–slave synchronization of neural networks via event-triggered dynamic controller
  38. Synthetic gene networks recapitulate dynamic signal decoding and differential gene expression
  39. Computational GeometryComputational Geometry A Dynamic Variance-Based Triggering Scheme for Distributed Cooperative State Estimation over Wireless Sensor Networks
  40. Learning Dynamic Bayesian Networks structure based on a new hybrid K2-Bat learning algorithm
  41. Understanding innovation diffusion and adoption strategies in megaproject networks through a fuzzy system dynamic model
  42. Motifs in Biological Networks
  43. Influence of precaution and dynamic post-indemnity based insurance policy on controlling the propagation of epidemic security risks in networks
  44. Computational GeometryComputational Geometry DRL-assisted Dynamic Reconfiguration of Multicast Sessions in Elastic Optical Networks
  45. Coherence Scaling of Noisy Second-Order Scale-Free Consensus Networks
  46. A Survey on Embedding Dynamic Graphs
  47. MASA: An efficient framework for anomaly detection in multi-attributed networks
  48. Global dynamic analysis of periodic solution for discrete-time inertial neural networks with delays Computational Geometry
  49. Networks, creativity, and time: staying creative through brokerage and network rejuvenation
  50. Dynamic event-triggered H8 state estimation for delayed complex networks with randomly occurring nonlinearities
  51. Dynamic analysis of fractional-order quaternion-valued fuzzy memristive neural networks: Vector ordering approach
  52. Adaptive variable-size virtual clustering for control channel assignment in dynamic access networks: Design and simulations
  53. Link prediction based on node weighting in complex networks
  54. Dynamic Bayesian Networks to Assess Anthropogenic and Climatic Drivers of Saltwater Intrusion: A Decision Support Tool Toward Improved Management
  55. Protein interaction networks: centrality, modularity, dynamics, and applications
  56. Positive opinion maximization in signed social networks
  57. Control and Optimization of Air Traffic Networks
  58. Deep learning-based hybrid dynamic biased track (DL-HDBT) routing for under water acoustic sensor networks
  59. A modified energy detection based dynamic spectrum sharing technique and its real time implementation on wireless platform for cognitive radio networks
  60. Dynamic Polymer Networks: A new avenue towards sustainable and advanced soft machines
  61. Computational GeometryComputational Geometry The developmental process of peer support networks: the role of friendship
  62. 3-D Dynamic UAV Base Station Location Problem
  63. Disrupted dynamic functional network connectivity among cognitive control networks in the progression of Alzheimer’s disease
  64. Modeling Ensembles of Nonlinear Dynamic Systems in Ultrawideband Active Wireless Direct Chaotic Networks
  65. Computational GeometryComputational Geometry Towards multi-modal causability with graph neural networks enabling information fusion for explainable ai
  66. Computational GeometryComputational Geometry A topological perspective on distributed network algorithms
  67. Consensus in Networks Prone to Link Failures
  68. Exploration of dynamic tori by multiple agents
  69. Dynamic Optimization of SVR Control Parameters for Improving Tap Operation Efficiency of Voltage Control in Distribution Networks
  70. Spectrum Aware Dynamic Slots Computation in Wireless Cognitive Radio Sensor Networks
  71. Energy Trading Possibilities in the Modern Multi-Carrier Energy Networks
  72. Computational GeometryComputational Geometry Effect of Coronavirus Worldwide through Misusing of Wireless Sensor Networks
  73. Hybrid Model for Stress Detection in Social Media by Using Dynamic Factor Graph Model and Convolutional Neural Networks
  74. Metal Ion-Driven Constitutional Adaptation in Dynamic Covalent C= C/C= N Organo-Metathesis
  75. Modeling and analysis of social networks based on Petri net theory
  76. Computational GeometryComputational Geometry Efficient Online Algorithms for Dynamic Shared Path Protection in WDM Optical Networks ?
  77. How Many Vertices Does a Random Walk Miss in a Network with Moderately Increasing the Number of Vertices?
  78. Centrality informed embedding of networks for temporal feature extraction
  79. Computational GeometryComputational Geometry Signal diffusion along connectome gradients and inter-hub routing differentially contribute to dynamic human brain function
  80. Computational GeometryComputational Geometry Identifying pre-outbreak signals of hand, foot and mouth disease based on landscape dynamic network marker
  81. Energy Trading Possibilities in the Modern Multi-Carrier Energy Networks
  82. Networks in economics and finance in Networks and beyond: A half century retrospective
  83. Computational GeometryComputational Geometry GrADyS: Exploring movement awareness for efficient routing in Ground-and-Air Dynamic Sensor Networks
  84. Events as platforms, networks, and communities
  85. The evolution of data gathering static and mobility models in underwater wireless sensor networks: A survey
  86. Staying connected under fire: Effects of individual roles and organizational specialization on the robustness of emergency-phase communication networks
  87. Deep residual U-net convolution neural networks with autoregressive strategy for fluid flow predictions in large-scale geosystems
  88. Anomaly detection by discovering bipartite structure on complex networks
  89. DS-GCNs: Connectome Classification using Dynamic Spectral Graph Convolution Networks with Assistant Task Training
  90. How Many Vertices Does a Random Walk Miss in a Network with Moderately Increasing the Number of Vertices?
  91. MutualRec: Joint friend and item recommendations with mutualistic attentional graph neural networks
  92. Hybrid Model for Stress Detection in Social Media by Using Dynamic Factor Graph Model and Convolutional Neural Networks
  93. An efficient intrusion detection system for cognitive radio networks with improved fuzzy logic based spectrum utilization
  94. SSDBA: the stretch shrink distance based algorithm for link prediction in social networks
  95. DeepEmLAN: Deep embedding learning for attributed networks
  96. Application of noma in 6g networks: Future vision and research opportunities for next generation multiple access
  97. Applications of Artificial Intelligence Techniques for Cognitive Networks
  98. Computational GeometryComputational Geometry Efficient Online Algorithms for Dynamic Shared Path Protection in WDM Optical Networks ?
  99. Trade-offs with telemetry-derived contact networks for infectious disease studies in wildlife
  100. Ant colony nest networks adapt to resource disruption
  101. Metal Ion-Driven Constitutional Adaptation in Dynamic Covalent C= C/C= N Organo-Metathesis
  102. Event-triggered state estimation for Markovian jumping neural networks: On mode-dependent delays and uncertain transition probabilitiesDTDR–ALSTM: Extracting dynamic time-delays to reconstruct multivariate data for improving attention-based LSTM industrial time series prediction models
  103. Oxytocin modulates the intrinsic dynamics between attention-related large-scale networks
  104. Adaptive topological coevolution of interdependent networks: Scientific collaboration-citation networks as an example
  105. Quantifying and predicting ecological and human health risks for binary heavy metal pollution accidents at the watershed scale using Bayesian Networks
  106. Dynamical attitude configuration with wearable wireless body sensor networks through beetle antennae search strategy
  107. Dynamic spatio-temporal patterns of metapopulation occupancy in patchy habitats
  108. QoS Sensible Coalition-Based Radio Resource Management Scheme for 4G Mobile Networks
  109. Federated learning in vehicular networks: opportunities and solutions
  110. Computational GeometryComputational Geometry Digital proximity tracing on empirical contact networks for pandemic control
  111. Restoring cultivated agrobiodiversity: The political ecology of knowledge networks between local peasant seed groups in France
  112. Computational GeometryComputational Geometry The bridging role of Hong Kong for Chinese firms’ integrating into global financial networks
  113. Behavior prediction based on interest characteristic and user communication in opportunistic social networks
  114. Computational GeometryComputational Geometry Animal social networks: Towards an integrative framework embedding social interactions, space and time
  115. Graph Neural Networks in TensorFlow and Keras with Spektral [Application Notes]
  116. Population-Based Parameter Identification for Dynamical Models of Biological Networks with an Application to Saccharomyces cerevisiae
  117. The PyInteraph Workflow for the Study of Interaction Networks From Protein Structural Ensembles
  118. A theory of pattern formation for reaction–diffusion systems on temporal networks
  119. Influence maximization on social networks: a study
  120. Users’ mobility enhances information diffusion in online social networks
  121. Computational GeometryComputational Geometry Early warning of infectious disease outbreaks on cattle-transport networks
  122. Computational GeometryComputational Geometry Micro dynamics and macro stability in inventor networks
  123. Applying overlay networks to the smart grid and energy collectives
  124. On Computing Pareto Optimal Paths in Weighted Time-Dependent Networks
  125. Failing forward: Stability of transparent electrodes based on metal nanowire networks
  126. Myosin-driven actin-microtubule networks exhibit self-organized contractile dynamics
  127. EEDCHS-PSO: Energy-Efficient Dynamic Cluster Head Selection with Differential Evolution and Particle Swarm Optimization for Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNS)
  128. RLC Networks Equations and Analysis Methods
  129. Renets: Statically-optimal demand-aware networks
  130. Computational GeometryComputational Geometry Identifying pre-outbreak signals of hand, foot and mouth disease based on landscape dynamic network marker
  131. Deleting edges to restrict the size of an epidemic in temporal networks
  132. Dynamic relations between oil and stock markets: Volatility spillovers, networks and causality
  133. Computational GeometryComputational Geometry When are efficient conventions selected in networks?
  134. Application of deep learning methods in biological networks
  135. Evaluating Belief System Networks as a Theory of Political Belief System Dynamics
  136. Computational GeometryComputational Geometry Linking bank clients using graph neural networks powered by rich transactional data
  137. Nonnegative periodicity on high-order proportional delayed cellular neural networks involving operator Computational Geometry
  138. Population-Based Parameter Identification for Dynamical Models of Biological Networks with an Application to Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Processes 2021, 9, 98
  139. Computational GeometryComputational Geometry Weighted pseudo almost periodicity of multi-proportional delayed shunting inhibitory cellular neural networks with D operator
  140. Computational GeometryComputational Geometry Human histone interaction networks: an old concept, new trends
  141. Starvation avoidance-based dynamic multichannel access for low priority traffics in 802.11 ac communication systems
  142. A new irregular cellular learning automata-based evolutionary computation for time series link prediction in social networks
  143. Computational GeometryComputational Geometry Signal diffusion along connectome gradients and inter-hub routing differentially contribute to dynamic human brain function
  144. Computational GeometryComputational Geometry Systemic stress test model for shared portfolio networks
  145. Large scale “speedtest” experimentation in Mobile Broadband Networks
  146. HITS centrality based on inter-layer similarity for multilayer temporal networks
  147. A survey on emerging issues in interconnection networks
  148. Mechanical characterization and modeling stress relaxation behavior of acrylic–polyurethane-based graft-interpenetrating polymer networks
  149. Integrated demand response for congestion alleviation in coupled power and transportation networks
  150. Low Latency Scheduling Algorithms for Full-Duplex V2X Networks
  151. Computational GeometryComputational Geometry A survey of community detection methods in multilayer networks
  152. Impulsive quasi-containment control in heterogeneous multiplex networks
  153. Ant Colony Optimization-based distributed multilayer routing and restoration in IP/MPLS over optical networks
  154. A comprehensive survey on 6g networks: Applications, core services, enabling technologies, and future challenges
  155. On Modeling and Performability Evaluation of Time Varying Communication Networks
  156. Prescribed-time cluster synchronization of uncertain complex dynamical networks with switching via pinning control
  157. Learning frame similarity using Siamese networks for audio-to-score alignment
  158. Passenger Mobility Prediction via Representation Learning for Dynamic Directed and Weighted Graph
  159. Predicting the fmri signal fluctuation with recurrent neural networks trained on vascular network dynamics
  160. Computational GeometryComputational Geometry On the basic reproduction number in semi-Markov switching networks
  161. Generalization-Based Acquisition of Training Data for Motor Primitive Learning by Neural Networks
  162. Percolation on complex networks: Theory and application
  163. Dynamic Federated Learning-Based Economic Framework for Internet-of-Vehicles
  164. Computational GeometryComputational Geometry The actin networks of chytrid fungi reveal evolutionary loss of cytoskeletal complexity in the fungal kingdom
  165. Asymptotic Stability of Boolean Networks with Multiple Missing Data
  166. Designing temporal networks that synchronize under resource constraints
  167. Secure Data Transmission in Mobile Networks Using Modified S-ACK Mechanism
  168. Intelligent secure mobile edge computing for beyond 5G wireless networks
  169. Nature-inspired algorithms for Wireless Sensor Networks: A comprehensive survey
  170. Computational GeometryComputational Geometry Predictive Trajectory-Based Mobile Data Gathering Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks
  171. Computational GeometryComputational Geometry Top-n personalized recommendation with graph neural networks in MOOCs
  172. An overview of deep reinforcement learning for spectrum sensing in cognitive radio networks
  173. On the origins of randomization-based feedforward neural networks
  174. Computational GeometryComputational Geometry The Integration of Rotary MEMS INS and GNSS with Artificial Neural Networks
  175. Computational GeometryComputational Geometry A Robust Self-Organizing Tree-Based Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks
  176. Near optimum random routing of uniformly load balanced nodes in wireless sensor networks using connectivity matrix
  177. Leveraging Machine-Learning for D2D Communications in 5G/Beyond 5G Networks
  178. Deep learning for privacy preservation in autonomous moving platforms enhanced 5G heterogeneous networks
  179. A novel fast and fair asynchronous channel hopping rendezvous scheme in cognitive radio networks for internet of things
  180. Computational GeometryComputational Geometry Energy-Spectral Efficiency Optimization in Wireless Underground Sensor Networks Using Salp Swarm Algorithm
  181. Effective route scheme of multicast probing to locate high-loss links in OpenFlow networks
  182. Football Worlds: Business and networks during COVID-19
  183. Learning N: M Fine-grained Structured Sparse Neural Networks From Scratch
  184. Secure synchronization of stochastic complex networks subject to deception attack with nonidentical nodes and internal disturbance
  185. Community Detection in Complex Networks Using Link Strength-Based Hybrid Genetic Algorithm
  186. Investigations on scheduling algorithms in LTE-advanced networks with carrier aggregation
  187. The ties that belong: Tie formation in preservice teacher identification networks
  188. GRNdb: decoding the gene regulatory networks in diverse human and mouse conditions
  189. Dynamic model with super spreaders and lurker users for preferential information propagation analysis
  190. Neural network cognitive engine for autonomous and distributed underlay dynamic spectrum access
  191. Stability of gated recurrent unit neural networks: Convex combination formulation approach
  192. Dynamic Federated Learning-Based Economic Framework for Internet-of-Vehicles
  193. Effects of synthetic data applied to artificial neural networks for fatigue life prediction in nodular cast iron
  194. An asynchronous distributed gradient algorithm for economic dispatch over stochastic networks
  195. A classification of community detection methods in social networks: a survey
  196. Computational GeometryComputational Geometry STS-02-5 Direct Comparison of Radial Basis Functions and Artificial Neural Networks for the Dynamic Metamodelling in Multidisciplinary Optimization …
  197. An Efficient Clustering Technique for Wireless Body Area Networks Based on Dragonfly Optimization
  198. Computational GeometryComputational Geometry Neural networks with motivation
  199. Traffic signal optimisation in disrupted networks, to improve resilience and sustainability
  200. Computational GeometryComputational Geometry Overcoming Catastrophic Forgetting in Graph Neural Networks with Experience Replay

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