Research Topics of flutter and computational fluid dynamics

Research Area/ Research Interest: flutter and computational fluid dynamics

Research Paper Topics for: Masters and PhD Thesis and publication

  1. Revisit of the variable stiffness method for aeroelastic computations with/without thermal effects based on computational fluid dynamics
  2. Wing Flutter Analysis Using Computational Fluid-Structure Interaction Dynamics
  3. Flutter-constrained Optimization with the Linearized Frequency-domain Approach
  4. Experimental investigations on post-flutter performance of a bridge deck sectional model using a novel testing device
  5. A Review of Computational Methods and Reduced Order Models for Flutter Prediction in Turbomachinery
  6. On the Dispersion Mechanism of the Flutter Boundary of the AGARD 445.6 Wing
  7. Machine learning strategy for predicting flutter performance of streamlined box girders
  8. Active flutter suppression of wing with morphing flap
  9. Investigating the influence of compressibility on the second mode flutter instability of a clamped–free cylinder in axial flow using fluid–structure interaction simulations …
  10. Adjoint-based Sensitivities of Flutter Predictions based on the Linearized Frequency-domain Approach
  11. Multiscale Mesh Adaptation for Transonic Aeroelastic Flutter Problems
  12. Numerical analysis on modal stability characteristics of 2D panel flutter at low supersonic speeds
  13. Effect of Stiffness on Flutter of Composite Wings with High Aspect Ratio
  14. Flutter speed prediction by using deep learning
  15. Viscous Effects on Panel Flutter in Hypersonic Flows
  16. Nonlinear dynamics and flutter of plate and cavity in response to supersonic wind tunnel start
  17. Resolving Pitching Airfoil Transonic Aerodynamics by Computational Fluid Dynamics Data Modeling
  18. Transonic flutter characteristics of an airfoil with morphing devices
  19. Resolving Pitching Airfoil Transonic Aerodynamics by Computational Fluid Dynamics Data Modeling
  21. Flutter performance of box girders with different wind fairings at large angles of attack
  22. Investigation of propeller stall flutter
  23. Efficient prediction of transonic flutter boundaries for varying Mach number and angle of attack via LSTM network
  24. Three dimensional aeroelastic analyses considering free-play nonlinearity using computational fluid dynamics/computational structural dynamics coupling
  25. Uncertainties Quantification in Flutter Prediction of a Wind Tunnel Model Exhibiting Large Displacements
  26. Direct numerical simulations of flutter instabilities over a vibrating turbine blade cascade
  27. Investigation of a methodology for describing Fan Blade Flutter limitations induced by non-linear friction at blade roots
  28. Strain Response and Aerodynamic Damping of a Swirl Distortion Generator Using Computational Fluid Dynamics
  29. Flutter Boundary Identification Using Time Domain Free Vibration Methods for Bridge Deck Sections
  30. A Novel Nonlinear Aerodynamic Model of Flutter and Buffeting Based on Condensed DOFs Technology
  31. Coupled Newton–Krylov Time-Spectral Solver for Flutter and Limit Cycle Oscillation Prediction
  32. Flutter Analysis of Last Stage Steam Turbine Power Plant Blade Through Transient Blade Row Simulation
  33. Synthesis of an active flutter suppression system in the transonic domain using a computational model
  34. Effects of membrane and flexural stiffnesses on aortic valve dynamics: identifying the mechanics of leaflet flutter in thinner biological tissues
  35. On the performance improvement of a flutter based energy harvester by introducing additional wake field
  36. Torziós csillapító alkalmazása belebegés megszüntetésére: Application of a torsional absorber for flutter suppression
  37. Development of a fully-coupled harmonic balance method and a refined energy method for the computation of flutter-induced Limit Cycle Oscillations of bladed disks …
  38. Efficient Flutter Prediction Using Reduced-Order Modeling
  39. A practical method for predicting post-flutter behavior of a rectangular section
  40. Uncertainties Quantification of CFD-Based Flutter Prediction
  41. Output-based flutter bifurcation forecasting in nonlinear fluid-structural systems with multiple varying parameters
  43. Improved Delayed Detached Eddy Simulation of AGARD Wing Flutter with Fully Coupled Fluid-Structure Interaction
  44. Analysis of Passive Panel Flutter Control using Micro-Ramp
  45. Replacement of Steel Blade by Composite Blade for Flutter Measurements
  46. Dynamic response and stability of a flexible foil with special emphasis on the flutter mechanism via the reduced-order model
  48. Prediction of flutter effects on transient flow structure and aeroelasticity of low-pressure turbine cascade using direct numerical simulations
  49. Higher Order Conceptual Model for Labyrinth Seal Flutter
  50. Features of panel flutter response to shock boundary layer interactions
  51. A Post-Flutter Response Constraint for Gradient-Based Aircraft Design Optimization
  52. The Use of Computational Fluid Dynamics in the Investigation of Stall Onset on Tilt-Rotor Blades
  53. A spatial–temporal analysis approach for flutter predictions using decoupled and fully-coupled methods
  54. Wind-Induced Phenomena in Long-Span Cable-Supported Bridges: A Comparative Review of Wind Tunnel Tests and Computational Fluid Dynamics Modelling
  55. Effect of camber on the flutter characteristics of different selected airfoils
  56. A Flutter Prediction Framework in the Open-Source SU2 Suite
  57. Novel Aeroelastic Approaches for Transonic Flutter and Buffet Clearance of Aerospace Vehicles
  58. Projection Framework for Interfacial Treatment for Computational Fluid Dynamics/Computational Structural Dynamics Simulations
  59. A meshless method for subsonic stall flutter analysis of turbomachinery 3D blade cascade
  60. Transient Flutter Stability Analysis of Structural Mistuned Blisk by Energy Growth Method
  61. Flutter predictions for very flexible wing wind tunnel test
  62. Ground effect on flutter and limit cycle oscillation of airfoil with flap
  63. Nonlinear analysis and bifurcation characteristics of whirl flutter in unmanned aerial systems
  64. Boosting power output of flutter-driven triboelectric nanogenerator by flexible flagpole
  65. Flutter and Limit Cycle Oscillations of Cantilevered Plate in Supersonic Flow
  66. Nonlinear Flutter Analysis of a Bend-Twist coupled Composite Wind Turbine Blade in Time Domain
  67. Aeroelastic investigation of an open 3D steam turbine test case and blade shape optimization with improved flutter behavior
  68. Design, Analyses, and Flutter Testing of the Active Aeroelastic Aircraft Testbed (A3TB) Platform
  69. Acoustic Impact on Fan Flutter Characteristics in Short Aero Engine Intakes
  70. A new automatic, very efficient method for the analysis of flight flutter testing data
  71. Development of an Open-source Flutter Prediction Framework for the Common Research Model Wing
  72. Influence of Barrier Shapes on Flutter Instability of a Streamlined Steel Box Girder
  73. Chaos analysis of a single-bay flutter panel
  74. Tailoring the panel inertial and elastic forces for the flutter and stability characteristics enhancement using copper patches
  75. Feedback-Induced Flutter Oscillations in a Flexible Tail-Like Appendage for Underwater Propulsion
  76. Fluid-Structure interaction framework based on structured RANS solver
  77. Aeroelastic stability and nonlinear flutter analysis of viscoelastic heated panel in shock-dominated flows
  78. A semi-analytical approach for flutter analysis of a high-aspect-ratio wing
  79. Eccentric-wing flutter stabilizer–Effectiveness and costs
  80. Bioprosthetic aortic valve diameter and thickness are directly related to leaflet fluttering: results from a combined experimental and computational modeling …
  81. Flutter Analysis Solution Stabilization for the PK-Method
  82. ROM-Based Uncertainties Quantification of Flutter Speed Prediction of the BSCW Wing
  83. Wing Flutter Suppression under the Influence of Fuel Sloshing in External Tank
  84. Coupled Mode Flutter Analysis of Turbomachinery Blades Using an Adaptation of the p–k Method
  85. A Propeller Blade Design for Experimental Stall Flutter Investigations
  86. An Efficient Aeroelastic Eigenvalue Method for Analyzing Coupled-Mode Flutter in Turbomachinery
  87. Flutter control of a streamlined box girder with active flaps
  88. Flutter control and mitigation of limit cycle oscillations in aircraft wings using distributed vibration absorbers
  89. A modal approach for designing controllers for active flutter suppression
  90. Assessing the Capability of Computational Fluid Dynamics Models in Replicating Wind Tunnel Test Results for the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Bridge
  91. Application of structured robust synthesis for flexible aircraft flutter suppression
  92. Gradient-Enhanced Reliability Analysis of Transonic Aeroelastic Flutter
  93. Aeroelastic analysis and flutter control of wings and panels: A review
  94. Stall flutter suppression of NACA 0012 airfoil based on steady blowing
  95. Research on Variable Swept Wing Mode of Missile Based on Flutter Characteristics
  96. Dynamic Instability Analysis of a Spring-Loaded Pressure Safety Valve Connected to a Pipe by Using Computational Fluid Dynamics Methods
  97. Convolution/Volterra Reduced-Order Modeling for Flutter and LCO Predictions in Highly Nonlinear Systems
  98. Validation of a new fluid—structure interaction framework for non-linear instabilities of 3D aerodynamic configurations
  99. Background/Resonant decomposition of the stochastic torsional flutter response of an aeroelastic oscillator under buffeting loads
  100. The Nonlinear Fluid Modal Method for Efficient Dynamic Aeroelastic Simulation
  101. Characterizing Aerodynamic and Flutter Behavior of Flags in a Free Jet Flow
  102. Composite UHBR Fan for Forced Response and Flutter Investigations
  103. Aeroelastic Simulation of Stall Flutter Undergoing High‎ and Low Amplitude Limit Cycle Oscillations
  104. Stall Flutter
  105. Transonic Correction to Theodorsen’s Theory for Oscillating Airfoil in Pitch and Plunge Toward Flutter
  106. Optimization of bridges with short gap streamlined twin-box decks considering structural, flutter and buffeting performance
  107. On Aerodynamic Models for Flutter Analysis: A Systematic Overview and Comparative Assessment
  108. Nonlinear supersonic flutter analysis of reinforced laminated curved panels
  109. High-Fidelity Computational Fluid Dynamics Modeling and Analysis of a Pressure Vessel-Pipe-Safety Valve System in Gas Service


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