Research topics in Renewable Energy

Research area interest: Renewable Energy

  1. Renewable energy for whom? A global systematic review of the environmental justice implications of renewable energy technologies
  2. The evolution of renewable energy and its impact on carbon reduction in China
  3. Determinants of carbon emissions in Argentina: The roles of renewable energy consumption and globalization
  4. Can regional trade integration facilitate renewable energy transition to ensure energy sustainability in South Asia?
  5. Effects of Covid-19 outbreak on environment and renewable energy sector
  6. Renewable energy and economic growth: new insight from country risks
  7. Different investment dynamics in energy transition towards a 100% renewable energy system
  8. Comparative assessment of renewable energy-based hydrogen production methods
  9. The effect of renewable and non-renewable energy consumption on economic growth: Non-parametric evidence
  10. Multi-aspect renewable energy forecasting
  11. Impacts of innovation on renewable energy technology cost reductions
  12. Do renewable energy consumption and financial development matter for environmental sustainability? New global evidence
  13. The implications of renewable and non-renewable energy generating in Sub-Saharan Africa: The role of economic policy uncertainties
  14. Decomposing scale and technique effects of financial development and foreign direct investment on renewable energy consumption
  15. Does renewable energy modulate the negative effect of environmental issues on the socio-economic welfare?
  16. Assessing the impact of transition from nonrenewable to renewable energy consumption on economic growth-environmental nexus from developing Asian economies
  17. Does financial inclusion, renewable and non-renewable energy utilization accelerate ecological footprints and economic growth? Fresh evidence from 15 highest …
  18. Climate change impacts on renewable energy supply
  19. Trends in renewable energy production employing biomass-based biochar
  20. Portfolio planning of renewable energy with energy storage technologies for different applications from electricity grid
  21. Full energy sector transition towards 100% renewable energy supply: Integrating power, heat, transport and industry sectors including desalination
  22. A critical review on environmental impacts of renewable energy systems and mitigation strategies: Wind, hydro, biomass and geothermal
  23. The different types of renewable energy finance: A Bibliometric analysis
  24. Renewable energy, technological innovation and the environment: A novel dynamic auto-regressive distributive lag simulation
  25. The effects of regional trade integration and renewable energy transition on environmental quality: Evidence from South Asian neighbors
  26. Renewable energy and biological conservation in a changing world
  27. Do economic development and human capital decrease non-renewable energy consumption? Evidence for OECD countries
  28. Exploring the nexus between agriculture and greenhouse gas emissions in BIMSTEC region: The role of renewable energy and human capital as moderators
  29. The geopolitical risk effect on the US renewable energy deployment
  30. Mitigating energy production-based carbon dioxide emissions in Argentina: the roles of renewable energy and economic globalization
  31. The cost of debt of renewable and non-renewable energy firms
  32. Assessment of the public acceptance and utilization of renewable energy in Pakistan
  33. How will renewable energy development goals affect energy poverty in Guatemala?
  34. A review on Africa energy supply through renewable energy production: Nigeria, Cameroon, Ghana and South Africa as a case study
  35. Fundamentals of renewable energy processes
  36. Do public-private partnerships in energy and renewable energy consumption matter for consumption-based carbon dioxide emissions in India?
  37. Estimating the macroeconomic determinants of total, renewable, and non-renewable energy demands in Bangladesh: the role of technological innovations
  38. Impact of renewable energy consumption, globalization, and technological innovation on environmental degradation in Japan: application of wavelet tools
  39. Implementing a just renewable energy transition: Policy advice for transposing the new European rules for renewable energy communities
  40. Developing a perspective on the use of renewable energy in Iran
  41. India’s renewable energy: new insights from multi-regional input output and structural decomposition analysis
  42. A green hydrogen economy for a renewable energy society
  43. Assessing the environmental sustainability corridor: Linking natural resources, renewable energy, human capital, and ecological footprint in BRICS.
  44. Analyzing the effect of natural gas, nuclear energy and renewable energy on GDP and carbon emissions: A multi-variate panel data analysis
  45. Does renewable energy consumption reduce ecological footprint? Evidence from eight developing countries of Asia
  46. Hydrogen-based systems for integration of renewable energy in power systems: Achievements and perspectives
  47. The challenges of engaging island communities: Lessons on renewable energy from a review of 17 case studies
  48. Status of renewable energy in the GCC region and future opportunities
  49. Using green finance to counteract the adverse effects of COVID-19 pandemic on renewable energy investment-The case of offshore wind power in China
  50. Nexus between willingness to pay for renewable energy sources: Evidence from Turkey
  51. Hybrid Renewable Energy Resources Management for Optimal Energy Operation in Nano-Grid
  52. Distortions of National Policies to Renewable Energy Cooperation Mechanisms
  53. Optimal Configuration and Sizing of Seaport Microgrids including Renewable Energy and Cold Ironing—The Port of Aalborg Case Study
  54. Public policies to promote renewable energy technologies: Learning from Indian experiences
  55. Fractional order frequency proportional-integral-derivative control of microgrid consisting of renewable energy sources based on multi-objective grasshopper …
  56. The impacts of household social benefits, public expenditure on labour markets, and household financial assets on the renewable energy sector
  57. Electrify Italy: the role of renewable energy
  58. National Renewable Energy Laboratory
  59. The relationship between renewable energy and retail electricity prices: Panel evidence from OECD countries
  60. Economic Assessment of Renewable Energy Projects
  61. Renewable Energy System Protection and Coordination
  62. Applications of Nature-Inspired Computing in Renewable Energy Systems
  63. How do trade liberalization and human capital affect renewable energy consumption? Evidence from the panel threshold model
  64. Titanium Dioxide Nanomaterials for Renewable Energy Applications
  65. Optimizing of the installed capacity of hybrid renewable energy with a modified MPPT model.
  66. Design and performance analysis of off-grid hybrid renewable energy systems
  67. Efficient Renewable Energy Systems
  68. Sustainability and renewable energy education: children of the next generation
  69. Does renewable electricity supply match with energy demand?–A spatio-temporal analysis for the German case
  70. Design and Evaluation of Microgrids Based on Renewable Energy Technologies with a Perspective of Sustainable Development
  71. Measurement and Analysis of Power Losses in Sintered Cores for Power Electronic Devices in Renewable Energy Systems
  72. Renewable energy sources as a solution for energy security risk: Empirical evidence from OECD countries
  73. Modeling of Risk Aversion Linked to Renewable Energy Policy and Decision-Maker Behavior
  74. North Macedonian crisis spurs move to renewable energy
  75. Power electronics technologies for renewable energy sources
  76. Design and optimal energy management of community microgrids with flexible renewable energy sources
  77. A new model for the use of renewable electricity to reduce carbon dioxide emissions
  78. Exploring the use of renewable resources for processing of deep-sea minerals
  79. Support Vector Machine Based Forecasting for Renewable Energy Systems
  80. Optimal Economic Incentive for Renewable Energy in Composite Expansion Planning



  1. Overview of Bidirectional DC–DC Converters Topologies for Electric Vehicle and Renewable Energy System
  2. Efficient and Secure Storage for Renewable Energy Resource Data Using Parquet for Data Analytics
  3. Fractional-Order PI-Lead Controller Design of DC–DC Power Converter for Renewable Energy Applications
  4. How does feed-in tariff and renewable portfolio standard evolve synergistically? An integrated approach of tripartite evolutionary game and system dynamics
  5. High Gain Converter with Switched Coupled Inductors for Renewable Energy Systems
  6. Renewable Energy Education in the United Arab Emirates
  7. Entropy and Exergy in Renewable Energy
  8. A Study on Policies for Sustainable Investment on Renewable Energy at the Post-FIT Era
  9. Role of energy efficiency for sustainable energy for all: exploring synergies with renewable energy and energy access
  10. Investigating the role of globalization, and energy consumption for environmental externalities: empirical evidence from developed and developing economies
  11. Rocky politics will slow Tunisia’s renewable progress
  12. Solar and wind energy potential assessment at provincial level in Nepal: Geospatial and economic analysis
  13. Impact of Renewable Energy Sources on Indian Electricity Grid
  14. Analytic assessment of renewable potential in Northeast India and impact of their exploitation on environment and economy
  15. Inertia-weight local-search-based TLBO algorithm for energy management in isolated micro-grids with renewable resources
  16. Comparative Analysis of Various Types of Control Techniques for Wind Energy Conversion System
  17. An evaluation of the consumer-funded renewable obligation scheme in the UK for wind power generation
  18. Proposal and evaluation of two innovative combined gas turbine and ejector refrigeration cycles fueled by biogas: Thermodynamic and optimization analysis
  19. Energy Management in a Smart Grid Including Demand Response Programs Considering Internet of Things
  20. Clean energy consumption, economic growth, and environmental sustainability: What is the role of economic policy uncertainty?
  21. Optimal sizing and deployment of gravity energy storage system in hybrid PV-Wind power plant
  22. High-resolution large-scale onshore wind energy assessments: A review of potential definitions, methodologies and future research needs
  23. Onion-ring-like g-C3N4 modified with Bi3TaO7 quantum dots: A novel 0D/3D S-scheme heterojunction for enhanced photocatalytic hydrogen production under visible …
  24. Accelerating the energy transition to achieve carbon neutrality
  25. Energy transition process and community engagement on geographic islands: The case of Culatra Island (Ria Formosa, Portugal)
  26. ‘Clean’hydrogen?–Comparing the emissions and costs of fossil fuel versus renewable electricity based hydrogen
  27. Techno-economic analysis of two-tank and packed-bed rock thermal energy storages for foil-based concentrating solar collector driven cogeneration plants
  28. Morphing blades for tidal turbines: A theoretical study
  29. Green tax as a path to greener economy: A game theory approach on energy and final goods in Iran
  30. A Paradigm Shift of Energy Sources: Critical Review on Competitive Dynamics of Solar PV Industry in Indonesia


  1. Solar wind, hybrid renewable energy systems
  2. Prioritization of solar electricity and hydrogen co-production stations considering PV losses and different types of solar trackers: A TOPSIS approach
  3. Densifying lignocellulosic biomass with sulfuric acid provides a durable feedstock with high digestibility and high fermentability for cellulosic ethanol production
  4. Extreme management strategy and thermodynamic analysis of high temperature H2O/CO2 co-electrolysis for energy conversion
  5. Are coupled renewable-battery power plants more valuable than independently sited installations?
  6. High-resolution data shows China’s wind and solar energy resources are enough to support a 2050 decarbonized electricity system
  7. Waste-to-energy forecasting and real-time optimization: An anomaly-aware approach
  8. Continuous and flexible Renewable-Power-to-Methane via liquid CO2 energy storage: Revisiting the techno-economic potential
  9. Optimal battery capacity of grid-connected PV-battery systems considering battery degradation
  10. Evaluating the suitability of Sentinel-1 SAR data for offshore wind resource assessment around Cyprus
  11. Cu–Mn–O nano-particle/nano-sheet spinel-type materials as catalysts in methanol steam reforming (MSR) and preferential oxidation (PROX) reaction for purified …
  12. Energy consumption of the wood size reduction processes with employment of a low-power machines with various cutting mechanisms
  13. Energy-based fuzzy supervisory non integer control for performance improvement of PMSG-Based marine energy system under swell effect and parameter …
  14. Field-scale experimental and numerical analysis of a downhole coaxial heat exchanger for geothermal energy production
  15. Assessment of the driving factors of CO2 mitigation costs of household biogas systems in China: A LMDI decomposition with cost analysis model
  16. Is small always beautiful? Analyzing the efficiency effects of size heterogeneity in renewable electricity auctions
  17. Development of a solar nano-grid for meeting the electricity supply shortage in developing countries (Nigeria as a case study)
  18. Econometric estimation of the impact of oil prices and economic growth on the diffusion of renewable electricity in Algeria: using VECM model
  19. Numerical modelling and dynamic response analysis of a 10 MW semi-submersible floating offshore wind turbine subjected to ship collision loads
  20. Wave energy flux in the Caribbean Sea: Trends and variability
  21. Multi objective optimization of HCCI combustion fuelled with fusel oil and n-heptane blends
  22. Upscaling scenarios for ocean thermal energy conversion with technological learning in Indonesia and their global relevance
  23. GreenPacker: renewable-and fragmentation-aware VM placement for geographically distributed green data centers
  24. Numerical investigation of a small scale sloped solar chimney power plant
  25. Prospection of catole coconut (Syagrus cearensis) as a new bioenergy feedstock: insights from physicochemical characterization, pyrolysis kinetics, and …
  26. Positive energy districts: Mainstreaming energy transition in urban areas
  27. Cost-optimal wave-powered persistent oceanographic observation
  28. Multi-criteria prioritization of the renewable power plants in Australia using the fuzzy logic in decision-making method (FMCDM)
  29. Design-eligibility study of solar thermal helically coiled heat exchanging system with annular dimples by irreversibility concept
  30. Simultaneous short-term significant wave height and energy flux prediction using zonal multi-task evolutionary artificial neural networks
  31. Optimization of blade high-pressure edge to reduce pressure fluctuations in pump-turbine hump region
  32. Oxy-fuel and air atmosphere combustions of Chinese medicine residues: Performances, mechanisms, flue gas emission, and ash properties
  33. The role of environmental technology for energy demand and energy efficiency: Evidence from OECD countries
  34. A geospatial analysis approach for the operational assessment of solar ORC systems. Case study: Performance evaluation of a two-stage solar ORC engine in Greece
  35. Net zero electricity systems in global economies by life cycle assessment (LCA) considering ecosystem, health, monetization, and soil CO2 sequestration impacts
  36. Time-series aggregation for the optimization of energy systems: Goals, challenges, approaches, and opportunities
  37. Technical potential of floating photovoltaic systems on artificial water bodies in Brazil
  38. Simulation of heat loss in Cu2ZnSn4SxSe4− x thin film solar cells: A coupled optical-electrical-thermal modeling
  39. A one-pot route to tunable sugar-derived sulfonated carbon catalysts for sustainable production of biodiesel by fatty acid esterification
  40. A multi-rotor medium-voltage wind turbine system and its control strategy
  41. Large-eddy simulation and Co-Design strategy for a drag-type vertical axis hydrokinetic turbine in open channel flows
  42. Energy efficiency and sustainable development goals (SDGs)
  43. Receiver with light-trapping nanostructured coating: A possible way to achieve high-efficiency solar thermal conversion for the next-generation concentrating solar …
  44. Assessment of organosolv, hydrothermal, and combined organosolv and hydrothermal with enzymatic pretreatment to increase the production of biogas from Napier …
  45. Renewable diesel as fossil fuel substitution in Malaysia: A review
  46. Pengembangan trainer instalasi penerangan listrik berbasis renewable energy tenaga surya pada matapelajaran Instalasi Penerangan Listrik kelas XI Teknik …
  47. Realization and Implementation of Peak Energy Management
  48. Clean energy from salinity gradients using pressure retarded osmosis and reverse electrodialysis: A review
  49. Multiperiod stochastic programming for biomass supply chain design under spatiotemporal variability of feedstock supply
  50. Combined effects of composite thermal energy storage and magnetic field to enhance productivity in solar desalination
  51. Waste cooking oil transesterification by sulfonated polyphenylsulfone catalytic membrane: Characterization and biodiesel production yield
  52. Optimal configuration and economic analysis of PRO-retrofitted industrial networks for sustainable energy production and material recovery considering uncertainties …
  53. Biofuel and biotech: a sustainable energy solution
  54. Conceptual design of solar/geothermal hybrid system focusing on technical, economic and environmental parameters
  55. Using incomplete complex modes for model updating of monopiled offshore wind turbines
  56. Performance evaluation of natural and forced convection indirect type solar dryers during drying ivy gourd: An experimental study
  57. Job creation during a climate compliant global energy transition across the power, heat, transport, and desalination sectors by 2050
  58. Stochastic optimal scheduling of demand response-enabled microgrids with renewable generations: An analytical-heuristic approach
  59. Derivation of operating rule curves for cascade hydropower reservoirs considering the spot market: A case study of the China’s Qing River cascade-reservoir system
  60. Stability Improvement of Renewable Source Integrated Hybrid System Using SVC Controller and ALO Technique
  61. Performance analysis of photovoltaic module with reflector: Optimizing orientation with different tilt scenarios
  62. Two-stage anaerobic digestion with direct electric stimulation of methanogenesis: The effect of a physical barrier to retain biomass on the surface of a carbon cloth …
  63. Mesoporous SrTiO3 perovskite as a heterogeneous catalyst for biodiesel production: Experimental and DFT studies
  64. Mapping the photovoltaic potential of the roads including the effect of traffic
  65. Organic photovoltaic modules integrated inside and outside a polytunnel roof
  66. Control of a boundary layer over a wind turbine blade using distributed passive roughness
  67. An Efficient Energy Utilization of Biomass Energy-Based System for Renewable Hydrogen Production and Storage
  68. Realizing the Transactive Energy Future with Local Energy Market: an Overview
  69. The power generation expansion planning in Brazil: Considering the impact of greenhouse gas emissions in an Investment Decision Model
  70. A resilient drop-in biofuel supply chain integrated with existing petroleum infrastructure: Toward more sustainable transport fuel solutions
  71. Empirical greenhouse gas assessment for flexible bioenergy in interaction with the German power sector
  72. Economics of electric energy storage. The case of Western Balkans
  73. Grid integrated non-renewable based hybrid systems: Control strategies, optimization, and modeling
  74. Global assessment of historical, current and forecast ocean energy infrastructure: Implications for marine space planning, sustainable design and end-of …
  75. Regulating Sustainable Economics: A Legal and Policy Analysis in the Light of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
  76. Effects of free surface on a flapping-foil based ocean current energy extractor
  77. Effects analysis on heat dissipation characteristics of lithium-ion battery thermal management system under the synergism of phase change material and liquid cooling …
  78. Efficient production of 5-ethoxymethylfurfural from 5-hydroxymethylfurfural and carbohydrates over lewis/brønsted hybrid magnetic dendritic fibrous silica core-shell …
  79. Microwave pyrolysis of biomass for low-oxygen bio-oil: Mechanisms of CO2-assisted in-situ deoxygenation
  80. Energy generation from palm oil mill effluent: A life cycle cost-benefit analysis and policy insights
  81. Research on the size optimization of photovoltaic panels and integrated application with Chinese solar greenhouses
  82. Modelling of the Ability of a Mixed Renewable Generation Electricity System with Storage to Meet Consumer Demand
  83. In-situ microaeration of anaerobic digester treating buffalo manure for enhanced biogas yield
  84. Hybrid fossil fuel/renewable systems for polygeneration
  85. Novel use of the enhanced thermal response test in crystalline bedrock
  86. Assessing Hawaii’s Clean Energy Options
  87. Dependence of spectral factor on angle of incidence for monocrystalline silicon based photovoltaic solar panel
  88. PV temperature and performance prediction in free-standing, BIPV and BAPV incorporating the effect of temperature and inclination on the heat transfer coefficients …
  89. The comprehensive performance analysis on a novel high-performance air-purification-sterilization type PV-Trombe wall
  90. Prediction of hydroelectric turbine runner strain signal via cyclostationary decomposition and kriging interpolation
  91. Applying analytic hierarchy process to industrial process design in a Nuclear Renewable Hybrid Energy System
  92. Performance and genetic diversity of pre-commercial sweet sorghum hybrids in Central-Western and Southern Brazil
  93. Performance enhancing and improvement studies in a 600 kW solar photovoltaic (PV) power plant; manual and natural cleaning, rainwater harvesting and the snow …
  94. Role of ZSM5 catalyst and char susceptor on the synthesis of chemicals and hydrocarbons from microwave-assisted in-situ catalytic co-pyrolysis of algae and plastic …
  95. A novel reconfiguration technique for improvement of PV reliability
  96. Ex-post analysis of energy subsidy removal through integrated energy systems modelling
  97. Governing decentral energy systems
  98. Heterogeneous preferences for EVs: Evidence from Iran
  99. Conceptual development and optimization of the main absorption systems configurations
  100. Thermal modelling and experimental evaluation of a novel concentrating photovoltaic thermal collector (CPVT) with parabolic concentrator.

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