Research Topics ideas and Areas of communication protocols

Research Topics ideas and Areas of communication protocols

List of Research Topics ideas and Areas of communication protocols.

  1. Improved design debugging architecture using low power serial communication protocols for signal processing applications
  2. Prescribed performance synchronization of complex dynamical networks with event-based communication protocols
  3. MComIoV: Secure and Energy-Efficient Message Communication Protocols for Internet of Vehicles
  4. ADAPTIVE: An Object-Oriented Framework for Flexible and Adaptive Communication Protocols
  5. Recent Communication Protocols in Internet of Things (IoT)
  6. On-demand routing protocols for vehicular cloud computing
  7. Vulnerability analysis and method of selection of communication protocols for information transfer in Internet of Things systems
  8. Real time performance analysis of secure IoT protocols for microgrid communication
  9. New Secure IoT Architectures, Communication Protocols and User Interaction Technologies for Home Automation, Industrial and Smart Environments
  10. Research On IoT Communication Protocols-Bluetooth Mesh
  12. Assessment of communication disorders in children: resources and protocols
  13. An Extensive Survey on IOT Protocols and Applications
  14. Communication Complexity of Private Simultaneous Quantum Messages Protocols
  15. Towards ASM-based automated formal verification of security protocols
  16. Communication-Efficient BFT Protocols Using Small Trusted Hardware to Tolerate Minority Corruption.
  17. Marine Network Protocols and Security Risks
  18. Cross-Layer Protocols for WSNs
  19. Enhanced Secured Communication Optimization in Data Packets Using Proxy Protocols
  20. Introduction to Wired and Wireless IoT Protocols in SBC
  21. High entropy random selection protocols
  22. Evaluation of Soft Computing Techniques and IEC61850 Protocols for the Development of the Internet of Energy Framework
  23. Route-VPlat: Survey and Analysis of Routing Protocols for Communication in Multi-hop Vehicular Platooning
  24. Survey on IoT application layer protocols
  25. A comparative performance study of different low power wireless protocols for event-driven sEMG acquisition system
  26. Bottlenecks in blockchain consensus protocols
  27. Simulation based comparison of routing protocols in wireless multihop ad hoc networks.
  28. A Cross-Layered Theoretical Model of IEEE 1901 Power-Line Communication Networks Considering Retransmission Protocols
  29. Entanglement-assisted quantum communication beating the quantum singleton bound
  30. Analysis of routing protocols for software-defined vehicular ad hoc networks
  31. Experimental quantum communication enhancement by superposing trajectories
  32. Evaluation of Multicast and Unicast Routing Protocols Performance for Group Communication with QoS Constraints in 802.11 Mobile Ad-hoc Networks.
  33. Optimal extension protocols for byzantine broadcast and agreement
  34. Security and Challenges in Voice over Internet Protocols: A Survey
  35. Information and Communication Infrastructures in Modern Wide-Area Systems
  36. Research on MAC Protocols in Cluster-Based Ad Hoc Networks
  37. AI and IoT Capabilities: Standards, Procedures, Applications, and Protocols
  38. Internet of Things Protocols for Heterogeneous Devices and Cloud Services: Layered IoT Architectures
  39. Security protocols analysis including various time parameters [J]
  40. Using Interaction Protocols to Control Vision Systems
  41. A Survey on Architecture and Protocols for Wireless Sensor Networks
  42. Distributed dynamic event-triggered control approach to multi-agent systems via adaptive consensus protocols
  43. Performance Comparison of MQTT and CoAP Protocols in Different Simulation Environments
  44. Quantum Secure Direct Communication with MutualAuthentication using a Single Basis
  45. Assessing the Use of Insecure ICS Protocols via IXP Network Traffic Analysis
  46. VOIP in MANETs Based on the Routing Protocols OLSR and TORA
  47. Demonstration of Interactive Protocols for Classically-Verifiable Quantum Advantage
  48. A Comprehensive Survey on Vehicular Networking for Safe and Efficient Driving in Smart Transportation: A Focus on Systems, Protocols, and Applications
  49. EBF: A Hybrid Verification Tool for Finding Software Vulnerabilities in IoT Cryptographic Protocols
  50. Quantum-channel capacity of distributing orbital-angular-momentum states for underwater optical quantum communication
  51. Graph spanners by sketching in dynamic streams and the simultaneous communication model
  52. A state of art for smart gateways issues and modification
  53. Network traffic identification of several open source secure proxy protocols
  54. A Survey on VANETs Routing Protocols in Urban Scenarios
  55. Performance Comparison of Replication Protocols for Low Demand Files in MANET
  56. Clustering protocols in wireless sensor network: A survey, classification, issues, and future directions
  57. Comparative performance analysis of short-range wireless protocols for wireless personal area network
  58. An Evaluation of Network Access Protocols for Distributed Real-Time Database Systems
  59. Empirical Analysis of Routing Protocols in Opportunistic Network
  60. A Survey on Routing Protocols for Wireless Sensor Networks
  61. Simulating and Analyzing Two Protocols for the Concentration of Entanglement
  62. A Comparative Study of Routing Protocols for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
  63. Secret Key Distribution Protocols Based on Self-Powered Timekeeping Devices
  64. Sustainable and Reliable Information and Communication Technology for Resilient Smart Cities
  65. Innovative multi-layered architecture for heterogeneous automation and monitoring systems: Application case of a photovoltaic smart microgrid
  66. Placing conditional disclosure of secrets in the communication complexity universe
  67. Analyzing The Performance Of On-Demand Routing Protocols Based On Rainfall Intensity In Wi-Fi Networks
  68. A Survey of Routing Protocols for Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks
  69. Implementation of FANET energy efficient AODV routing protocols for flying ad hoc networks [FEEAODV]
  70. OLSAC: Open-Source Library for Swarm Algorithms and Communication
  71. An Efficient Context-Aware Vehicle Incidents Route Service Management for Intelligent Transport System
  72. A Survey of QoS-aware Routing Protocols for the MANET-WSN Convergence Scenarios in IoT Networks
  73. Implementation of a Distributed Home Automation Scheme with Custom Hardware Nodes Using ZigBee and MQTT Protocols
  74. Routing Protocols for IOT Applications based on Distributed Learning
  75. Cryptanalysis of Modular Exponentiation Outsourcing Protocols
  76. Significance of Route Discovery Protocols in Wireless Sensor Networks
  77. Validating Reusable Interaction Protocols
  78. An extensive formal analysis of multi-factor authentication protocols
  79. An embedded platform for developing data protection protocols on smart vehicles.
  80. Towards achieving efficient MAC protocols for WBAN-enabled IoT technology: a review
  81. A Survey on Junction Selection based Routing Protocols for VANETs
  82. Review on Consensus Protocols for Blockchain
  83. IoT-based platform for environment data sharing in smart cities
  84. The Comparative Analysis of Position-Aware and Optimized-Link State Protocols in Crossbreed Mesh Network
  85. The main stages of development of the cryptographic protocols SSL/TLS and IPsec
  86. Green energy harvesting protocols for intelligent wireless communication systems
  87. Optimizing Quality of Service of Clustering Protocols in Large-Scale Wireless Sensor Networks with Mobile Data Collector and Machine Learning
  88. Machine Learning-Based Optimized Hierarchical Routing Protocols for WSN Lifetime: A Review
  89. Distributed Consensus Protocols and Algorithms
  90. Simulation and Analysis of RF Attacks on Wireless SCADA System
  91. Power Saving MAC Protocols for Wireless Body Area Networks (WBANs)
  92. Performance of routing protocols using mobility models in vanet
  93. 6 Performance Evaluation Using Different Routing Protocols in MANETs
  94. Performance Evaluation and Discrimination of AODV and AOMDV VANET Routing Protocols Based on RRSE Technique
  95. Deterministic protocols in the SINR model without knowledge of coordinates
  96. IoT provisioning QoS based on cloud and fog computing
  97. Recursive filtering of networked nonlinear systems: a survey
  98. Security of lightweight mutual authentication protocols
  99. Energy Efficient Multitier Random DEC Routing Protocols for WSN: In Agricultural
  100. Security, fault tolerance, and communication complexity in distributed systems
  101. Communication Intervention Using Digital Technology to Facilitate Informed Choices at Childbirth in the Context of the COVID-19 Pandemic: Protocol for a …
  102. 7 Protocols for Automotive Ethernet
  103. Security trends in Internet of Things: a survey
  104. Performance evaluation of routing protocols in Zigbee network: DSR vs AODV
  105. Outage Performance Analysis for User Cooperative NOMA with Incremental Hybrid Forwarding Protocols
  106. Dynamic event-triggered control of networked stochastic systems with scheduling protocols
  107. Reactive and Proactive Type Protocols for WiMAX Networks with Item Size Variation
  108. Synchronous Message-Passing with Priority
  109. A guide to developing safety protocols for international craniofacial outreach programs during the COVID-19 era
  110. Performance Analysis of Cluster-Based DDoS Defense System with Different Reactive Routing Protocols
  111. Black hole attack detection in vehicular ad-hoc network using secure AODV routing algorithm
  112. Comparative Study of Routing Protocols in Vanets on Realistic Scenario
  113. Lecture notes cryptographic protocols
  114. The Current Protocols in the Management of Hepatic Hydatid Disease
  115. Towards a General Framework for Practical Quantum Network Protocols
  116. Robustness and efficiency of voting consensus protocols within byzantine infrastructures
  117. Lower bounds for off-chain protocols: Exploring the limits of plasma
  118. Security Analysis of Out-of-Band Device Pairing Protocols: A Survey
  119. Novel multi-party quantum key agreement protocols under collective noise
  120. FPGA implementations for data encryption and decryption via concurrent and parallel computation: A review
  121. Differentially Private Distributed Computation via Public-Private Communication Networks
  122. Quality Improvement Project of a Massive Transfusion Protocol (MTP) to Reduce Wastage of Blood Components
  123. ProFuzzBench: A Benchmark for Stateful Protocol Fuzzing
  124. Quantum teleportation with imperfect quantum dots
  125. Tobit Kalman filtering for fractional-order systems with stochastic nonlinearities under Round-Robin protocol
  126. Secure Process Algebra
  127. Protocol stack of WSNs
  128. Energy-Aware System Design for Autonomous Wireless Sensor Nodes: A Comprehensive Review
  129. Starvation avoidance-based dynamic multichannel access for low priority traffics in 802.11 ac communication systems
  130. A Review on 802.11 MAC Protocols Industrial Standards, Architecture Elements for Providing QoS Guarantee, Supporting Emergency Traffic, and Security: Future …
  131. IoT Security, Challenges, and Solutions: A Review
  132. A Review of Routing Protocols for Wireless Body Area NetworNs for Miner Safety
  133. IOT: The Theoretical Fundamentals and Practical Applications
  134. IoT: Security Attacks and Countermeasures
  135. An Open Source Power System Simulator in Python for Efficient Prototyping of WAMPAC Applications
  136. Advance Care Planning Protocols and Hospitalization Rates in Home Health Value-Based Purchasing
  137. Private Trajectory Intersection Testing: Is Garbled Circuit Better than Custom Protocols?
  138. 2020 30th International Telecommunication Networks and Applications Conference (ITNAC) Technical Program Committee Welcome
  139. Twelve Years of the Italian Program to Enhance Relational and Communication Skills (PERCS)
  140. Song recordings and environmental factors affect the response rate of Tropical Screech-Owls to conspecific playback: the importance of carefully designed protocols
  141. Information Systems in the Era of the Internet of Things: A Domain-Specific Modelling Language
  142. Studying human-AI collaboration protocols: the case of the Kasparov’s law in radiological double reading
  143. A model-based approach for formal verification and performance analysis of dynamic load-balancing protocols in cloud environment
  144. Realization of a multinode quantum network of remote solid-state qubits
  145. Performance Evaluation of AODV and AOMDV Routing Protocols Under Collaborative Blackhole and Wormhole Attacks
  146. 2021 NAESB Annual Standards Development Forecast
  147. SPEECH-MAC: Special purpose energy-efficient contention-based hybrid MAC protocol for WSN and Zigbee network
  148. Genomic medicine implementation protocols in the PhenX Toolkit: tools for standardized data collection
  149. Assessing the Potential of LPWAN Communication Technologies for Near Real-Time Leak Detection in Water Distribution Systems
  150. Multipathing Communication in Heterogeneous Ad Hoc Network
  151. BACnet Application Layer over Bluetooth—Implementation and Validation
  152. Modifications in anesthesia techniques and safety protocols at the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic, in a tertiary care center
  153. Design of a web based underwater acoustic communication testbed and simulation platform
  154. Position location for futuristic cellular communications: 5G and beyond
  155. Semi-quantum private comparison protocol with three-particle G-like states
  156. Development of Cislunar Space Integrated Communication Architecture
  157. Secure communication between UAVs using a method based on smart agents in unmanned aerial vehicles
  158. The value of mediated communication
  159. QMA: A Ressource-efficient, Q-Learning-based Multiple Access Scheme for the IIoT
  160. Verifying Protocols with Executable Linear Logic
  161. Analytic solutions of Bloch equations with phase term for two-pulse photon echo by the phase modulation pulses
  162. Legal meta-comments in the think-aloud protocols of legal translators and lawyers: A qualitative analysis
  163. A Survey on Energy Awareness Mechanisms in ACO-Based Routing Protocols for MANETs
  164. Receiving Messages in Their Correct Order: Analyzing Broadcast Protocols in Dynamic Epistemic Logics.
  165. Implementing two Threshold Private Set Intersection Protocols based on Homomorphic Encryption
  166. Diversity, Fairness, and Sustainability in Population Protocols
  167. On the Interactive Capacity of Finite-State Protocols
  168. A new IoT-based smart energy meter for smart grids
  169. Two quantum private query protocols based on Bell states and single photons
  170. Integration of IEEE 802.1 AS-based Time Synchronization in IEEE 802.11 as an Enabler for Novel Industrial Use Cases
  171. Experimental evaluation of control and monitoring protocols for optical SDN networks and equipment [Invited Tutorial]
  172. ESP-NOW and LoRa communication
  173. A class of protocols for multi-party quantum private comparison based on traveling mode
  174. In COM We Trust: Feasibility of USB-Based Event Marking
  175. 5G evolution and beyond
  176. ” Spine Surgery Checklist”: A Step towards Perfection through Protocols.
  177. Convergent communication, sensing and localization in 6G systems: An overview of technologies, opportunities and challenges
  178. Cybersecurity for Automated Vehicles
  179. Nourah Al-Muhann. Safety and Efficacy of applying strict Protocols during Covid 19 Pandemic at Saudi Dialysis Center, Single Center Experience
  180. Design of Smart Socket for Monitoring of IoT-Based Intelligent Smart Energy Management System
  181. Opportunities to improve COVID-19 provider communication resources: A systematic review
  182. Internet of Things (IoT)-Based Wireless Health: Enabling Technologies and Applications
  183. Automated DNA Extraction Monitoring System Based on MTConnect Technology
  184. Architecture and security of SCADA systems: A review
  185. Adapting Uncertainty Reduction Theory for Crisis Communication: Guidelines for Technical Communicators
  186. Evaluating Energy Efficiency and Performance of Social-Based Routing Protocols in Delay-Tolerant Networks
  187. Experimental assessment and model validation of power quality parameters for vehicle-to-grid systems
  188. A virtual GIS room: interfacing spatial information in virtual environments
  189. Risk factors associated with medication ordering errors
  190. Street Lamp Monitoring Using IoT Based on Node-Red
  191. A Review on IOT Technology Stack, Architecture and Its Cloud Applications in Recent Trends
  192. Event-Driven Multiagent Consensus Disturbance Rejection With Input Uncertainties via Adaptive Protocols
  193. Manticore: Efficient Framework for Scalable Secure Multiparty Computation Protocols.
  194. Radial Structure of OAM-Carrying Fundamental X-Waves
  195. Remote health monitoring protocols for IoT-enabled healthcare infrastructure
  196. Energy-Efficient Hybrid Routing Protocol for IoT Communication Systems in 5G and Beyond
  197. Cooperative Discussions for Critical Thinking: Protocols for the Pre-Service Classroom
  198. Cryptanalysis Attacks and Techniques
  199. Entangled photon-pair sources based on three-wave mixing in bulk crystals
  200. Fluoroscopic Angiography Assessment, Protocols, and Interpretation
  201. Design of a Multi-core IP-NDN Gateway for Smart Dust IoT Environments
  202. Bell nonlocality is not sufficient for the security of standard device-independent quantum key distribution protocols
  203. Closed-loop and open-loop authentication protocols for blockchain-based IoT systems
  204. Multi-path concurrent transmission mechanism supporting multiple protocols based on IDP stack
  205. On Elapsed Time Consensus Protocols.
  206. Hybrid satellite-terrestrial communication networks for the maritime Internet of Things: key technologies, opportunities, and challenges
  207. Evaluation of AOMDV Routing Protocol for Optimum Transmitted Power in a Designed Ad-hoc Wireless Sensor Network
  208. Influencers of effective behavior change communication interventions delivered by
  209. Towards Modular Plateforms: PHOENIX-II
  210. The role of research ethics committees after the approval of clinical trial protocols in the EU and the USA: a descriptive content analysis of international and regional …
  211. An Approach Towards IoT-Based Healthcare Management System
  212. Effectiveness of an Electronic Communication Tool on Transitions in Care From the Intensive Care Unit: Protocol for a Cluster-Specific Pre-Post Trial
  213. Discrimination and Bias in State Triage Protocols Towards Populations with Intellectual Disabilities During the COVID-19 Pandemic
  214. Internet of robotic things with digital platforms: Digitization of robotics enterprise
  215. NN-QuPiD Attack: Neural Network-Based Privacy Quantification Model for Private Information Retrieval Protocols
  216. Attitude Consensus Control of a Rigid Body Multi-Vehicle System with Heterogeneous Communication Delays
  217. IoT Based Smart Farming Using Thingspeak and MATLAB
  218. FPGA based Quantum Key Distribution Electronic System for Multipurpose Optical Setup and Protocols
  219. A Comprehensive Study on Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks: Architecture, Security and Privacy Challenges, and Future Trends
  220. Continuous-variable quantum cryptography with discrete alphabets: composable security under collective Gaussian attacks
  221. Redistribution of Dynamic Routing Protocols (ISIS, OSPF, EIGRP), IPvfi Networks, and Their Performance Analysis
  222. Designing Application-Tailored Multicast Protocols
  223. A Lightweight Secure and Energy-Efficient Fog-Based Routing Protocol for Constraint Sensors Network
  224. Soft Computing based Clustering Protocols in IoT for Precision and Smart Agriculture: A Survey
  225. Feasibility Study on Virtual Process Controllers as Basis for Future Industrial Automation Systems
  226. Design of a Real-Time Transmission System for TV-and Radar-Integrated Videos
  227. Light-Weight Key Establishment Mechanism for Secure Communication Between IoT Devices and Cloud
  228. Cloud, Edge and Fog Computing in Healthcare
  229. Lightweight Cryptography Algorithms for Internet of Things enabled Networks: An Overview
  230. Discrete-Time Sliding Mode Protocols for Leader-Following Consensus of Homogeneous Discrete Multi-Agent System with Fixed Graph Topology
  231. Effects of threat and efficacy messages on expected adherence to decontamination protocols in an immersive simulated chemical incident: A randomized controlled …
  232. A Survey and Comparison of Some of the Most Prominent QKD Protocols
  233. A new method for acoustic priority vehicle detection based on a self-powering triboelectric acoustic sensor suitable for low-power wireless sensor networks
  234. Faster and Secured Web Services Communication Using Modified IDEA and Custom-Level Security
  235. Making Synchronous BFT Protocols Secure in the Presence of Mobile Sluggish Faults
  236. Channel Coding Simulation Method of Satellite Communication Data Link Based on Data Analysis
  237. S3L–An API Supporting Secure Communication In Distributed Applications
  238. cloudEMAPS: A Cloud Computing Environment for Electron Microscopy Application Simulations
  239. A Toolset for Modular Design of Distributed Applications
  240. Main Factors Affecting the Readiness and Responsiveness of Healthcare Systems during Epidemic Crises: A Scoping Review on Cases of SARS, MERS, and COVID …
  241. Simulation of a Half-Duplex Protocol in a Meteor Radio Communication System to Estimate Message Delivery Time
  242. Multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children: survey of protocols for early hospital evaluation and management
  244. Big data and IoT-based applications in smart environments: A systematic review
  245. Generic security analysis framework for quantum secure direct communication
  246. Time and Communication Complexity of Leader Election in Anonymous Networks
  247. Evaluation of Topology-Based Routing Protocols for Dissemination of Emergency Messages in Urban Vehicular Traffic Scenarios in India
  248. Handling Heterogeneity in an IoT Infrastructure
  250. Quantum Information
  251. Developing a Transnational Health Record Framework with Level-Specific Interoperability Guidelines Based on a Related Literature Review
  252. Concluding Remarks and Future Scope
  253. GeoFairy2: A Cross-Institution Mobile Gateway to Location-Linked Data for In-Situ Decision Making
  254. A New Approach in Energy Consumption Based on Genetic Algorithm and Fuzzy Logic for WSN
  255. Design of a network with sensor-cloud technology applied to traffic accident prevention
  256. Implementation of a Hierarchical Embedded Cyber Attack Detection system for sUAS Flight Control Systems
  257. A Systematic Scheme to build Distributed Algorithms
  258. Road network layout based multi-hop broadcast protocols for Urban Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks
  259. LoRa-based traffic flow detection for smart-road
  260. Wireless Sensor Network Aided Assembly Line Monitoring According to Expectations of Industry 4.0
  261. Smart Guidance System for Blind with Wireless Voice Playback
  262. Location-based and multipath routing performance analysis for energy consumption in wireless sensor networks
  263. The Tulipp Hardware Platform
  264. The variant d-path Laplacian based consensus protocols for networked harmonic oscillators
  265. Relay-based Communications in WBANs: A Comprehensive Survey
  266. SEEDS: Simulation and Emulation Environment for Deeply Distributed Systems
  267. UAV Adaptive Path-planning and Data Ferrying for Acoustic Event-based Learning and Classification
  268. Response of LV Prasad Eye Institute to COVID-19 outbreak in India: Experience at its tertiary eye care centre and adoption to its Eye Health Pyramid
  269. Unification of Blockchain and Internet of Things (BIoT): requirements, working model, challenges and future directions
  270. Surviving clinical errors in practice
  271. Security of Short-Range Wireless Technologies and an Authentication Protocol for IoT
  272. Nick Feamster
  273. Privacy Preserving String Matching for Cloud Computing
  274. A taxonomy of blockchain consensus protocols: A survey and classification framework
  275. Sonography Intestinal Assessment, Protocols, and Interpretation
  276. Efficient Document Exchange and Error Correcting Codes with Asymmetric Information
  278. An edge-based scheme to support heart rate estimation for different physical exercises
  279. Reversible and Plausibly Deniable Covert Channels in One-Time Passwords Based on Hash Chains
  280. The optimization of data access on clusters and data grids Strategy, aspect, extension of JDL
  281. Background and research challenges for fc for healthcare 4.0
  282. Digitalization and decentralization driving transactive energy Internet: Key technologies and infrastructures
  283. A high-performance IoT solution to reduce frost damages in stone fruits
  284. An Unsupervised Behavioral Modeling and Alerting System Based on Passive Sensing for Elderly Care
  285. Open-Source Federated Learning Frameworks for IoT: A Comparative Review and Analysis
  286. Nesnelerin Interneti (IoT)
  287. Event-triggered nonlinear systems with stochastic dynamics, transmission times, and protocols
  288. Incorporation of Telemedicine in Disaster Management: Beyond the Era of the COVID-19 Pandemic
  289. Qutrit-based semi-quantum key distribution protocol
  290. Large gradients via correlation in random parameterized quantum circuits
  291. Network Services and Protocols for Multimedia Communications
  292. Introduction to Networking with PyQt
  293. Cyber-Physical Systems: a multi-criteria assessment for Internet-of-Things (IoT) systems
  294. Improved MAC Design-based Dynamic Duty Cycle for Vehicular Communications over M2M System
  295. A Systematic Review of the State of Cyber-Security in Water Systems
  296. Quantum protocols at presence of non-abelian superselection rules in the framework of algebraic model
  297. Social, Medical, and Educational Applications of IoT to Assist Visually Impaired People
  298. Transceivers for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Millimeter-Wave Frequency Mixers and Oscillators
  299. Recovery Room Protocols for Nursing in Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs) and Hospital Outpatient Departments (HOPDs)
  300. Space-Time Block Coded Cooperative MIMO Systems
  301. Optimizing communication networks: a layered control architecture
  302. Supporting IoT with rate-splitting multiple access in satellite and aerial integrated networks
  303. The interplay of circular economy with industry 4.0 enabled smart city drivers of healthcare waste disposal
  304. Restraining Packet Sniffing & Security: A Brief Overview
  305. A Key Manipulation Attack on Some Recent Isogeny-Based Key Agreement Protocols
  306. Progress on the demand side management in smart grid and optimization approaches
  307. Advancing accelerated testing protocols for safe and reliable deployment of connected and automated vehicles through iterative deployment in physical and …
  308. Intelligent Transportation Systems and Its Necessity in Various Traffic Conditions in Indian Scenarios
  309. An integrated space-to-ground quantum communication network over 4,600 kilometres
  310. Importance of the Considering Bottleneck Intermediate Node During the Intrusion Detection in MANET
  311. Design and Implementation of Simulation Verification System for Spacecraft Autonomous Mission Planning
  312. A system for characterisation of piezoelectric materials and associated electronics for vibration powered energy harvesting devices
  313. Secured Smart Healthcare System: Blockchain and Bayesian Inference Based Approach
  314. A lightweight remote user authentication scheme for IoT communication using elliptic curve cryptography
  315. Sonography Vascular Peripheral Arterial Assessment, Protocols, And Interpretation
  316. Doppler Extra-Cranial Carotid Assessment, Protocols, And Interpretation
  317. Research on term extraction technology in computer field based on wireless network technology
  318. Discrete Higher-Order Sliding Mode Leader-Following Consensus Protocols for Homogeneous Discrete Multi-Agent System
  319. Mutual Information and Quantum Discord in Quantum State Discrimination with a Fixed Rate of Inconclusive Outcomes
  320. WSN-SES/MB: System Entity Structure and Model Base Framework for Large-Scale Wireless Sensor Networks
  321. Experience with Building Distributed Systems on top of the Mach Microkernel
  322. Role of Metabotropic Glutamate Receptors (mGluRs) in the Regulation of Cellular Calcium Signaling: Theory, Protocols, and Data Analysis
  323. Closed-loop platoon simulation with cooperative intelligent transportation systems based on vehicle-to-X communication
  324. ppsim: A software package for efficiently simulating and visualizing population protocols
  325. Structure and Functioning of Acute Inpatient Psychiatric Units in Spain: Study Design.
  326. MNIST Revisited
  327. Cloud-based mission control of USV fleet: Architecture, implementation and experiments
  328. Corrigendum to: A Study of Wireless Body Area Networks and its Routing Protocols for Healthcare Environment
  329. Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning for Thermalling in Updrafts
  330. Experimental Implementation and Performance Evaluation of an IoT Access Gateway for the Modbus Extension
  331. Cybersecurity of Industrial Cyber-Physical Systems: A Review
  332. Conceptual modeling of an IP phone communication system: A case study
  333. State Machines using VHDL
  334. Modelling safe protocols for reopening schools during the COVID-19 pandemic in France
  335. Smart Cities Pilot Projects: An IoT Perspective
  336. SPD-Safe: Secure Administration of Railway Intelligent Transportation Systems
  337. Tool Support for Co-Simulation-Based Analysis
  338. Selective loss of microvesicles is a major issue of the differential centrifugation isolation protocols
  339. From relay attacks to distance-bounding protocols
  340. Optimization of Micropropagation Protocols in Some Woody Plants Using Meta-topolin
  341. A PLS blockchain for IoT applications: protocols and architecture
  342. Metabarcoding meiofauna biodiversity assessment in four beaches of Northern Colombia: effects of sampling protocols and primer choice
  343. Cyber-Security of Smart Microgrids: A Survey
  344. Reliable Industry 4.0 Based on Machine Learning and IoT for Analyzing, Monitoring, and Securing Smart Meters
  345. Development of quantum interconnects (quics) for next-generation information technologies
  346. Fluoroscopy Lumbar Puncture Assessment, Protocols, and Interpretation
  347. A review: Smart Distribution Grid Management using Agents
  348. When Cybersecurity Meets the Regulatory State: Case-Study Analysis of the Israeli Cybersecurity Regulatory Regime
  349. Health Information Exchange: The Overarching Role of Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE)
  350. LoRaWAN possible attacks, proposed countermeasures and enhanced solution
  351. Setting up a Development Environment
  352. Securing Microservices on Cloud
  353. Core components and strategies for suicide and risk management protocols in mental health research: a scoping review
  354. An Energy-Efficient and Secure Data Inference Framework for Internet of Health Things: A Pilot Study
  355. Equivalence checking of quantum finite-state machines
  356. 1 Razborov’s Set Disjointness Lower Bound
  357. Cloud of Things Assimilation with Cyber Physical System: A Review
  358. Ovarian Dynamics, Plasma Endocrine Profile and Fertility Response Following Synchronization Protocols in Crossbred Cows with Cystic Ovaries.
  359. Internet of Things Enabled Data Acquisition Framework for Smart Building Applications
  360. University Studies
  361. Demand Side Electric Energy Consumption Optimisation in a Smart Household Using Scheduling and Model Predictive Temperature Control
  362. A novel Dual-Blockchained structure for contract-theoretic LoRa-based information systems
  363. Deep Learning-Based Security Behaviour Analysis in IoT Environments: A Survey
  364. Privacy-Oriented Cryptographic Primitives and Protocols for Electronic Voting
  365. Securing Spring WebFlux Applications
  366. Towards cloud-native simulations–lessons learned from the front-line of cloud computing
  367. A Byzantine Sensing Network Based on Majority-Consensus Data Aggregation Mechanism
  368. Communication-Safe Web Programming in TypeScript with Routed Multiparty Session Types
  369. Shipping: a self-organising ecosystem
  370. Future developments in power industry
  372. Constraint-induced movement therapy protocols using the number of repetitions of task practice: a systematic review of feasibility and effects
  373. Automated diagnostics and analytics for buildings
  374. Comparative study of wireless sensors for measuring the energy consumption of human running
  375. WiMesh: Leveraging Mesh Networking For Disaster Communication in Poor Regions of the World
  376. Argument Schemes and Dialogue Protocols: Doug Walton’s legacy in artificial intelligence
  377. Interval Number-Based Safety Reasoning Method for Verification of Decentralized Power Systems in High-Speed Trains
  378. Protocols and Standard for Simulation Co-Simulation–For demanding maritime operations
  379. Unbounded pairs of observers can achieve quantum advantage in random access codes with a single pair of qubits
  380. Enhancing the communication of functional neurological disorder diagnosis: a multidisciplinary education session
  381. Cyber-physical energy systems security: Threat modeling, risk assessment, resources, metrics, and case studies
  382. Variations in CT Utilization, Protocols, and Radiation Doses in COVID-19 Pneumonia: Results from 28 countries in the IAEA study
  383. Impact of CAV Truck Platooning on HCM-6 Capacity and Passenger Car Equivalent Values
  384. Tripartite quantum discord dynamics in qubits driven by the joint influence of distinct classical noises
  385. Fintech: what’s old, what’s new?
  386. Monte Carlo analysis of security protocols: Needham-Schroeder revisited
  387. Universal discriminative quantum neural networks
  388. Security Implementations in IoT Using Digital Signature
  389. Dynamic Time-and Load-Based Preference toward Optimal Appliance Scheduling in a Smart Home
  390. Asymptotic security of discrete-modulation protocols for continuous-variable quantum key distribution
  391. Synchronizing Strongly Connected Partial DFAs
  392. Detection of Tripartite Genuine Entanglement by Two Bipartite Entangled States
  393. Survey on terahertz nanocommunication and networking: A top-down perspective
  394. Session Key Generation and Distribution Using Trusted Third Party and Symmetric Key Cryptography
  395. Critical Infrastructure
  396. College of American Pathologists Cancer Protocols: From Optimizing Cancer Patient Care to Facilitating Interoperable Reporting and Downstream Data Use
  397. Synchronization Strings and Codes for Insertions and Deletions–a Survey
  398. Development of a Hybridized Hands-on Mechatronics Course Designed Around Quadcopter in the Era of Social Distancing
  399. Low-Cost IoT-Based Sensor System: A Case Study on Harsh Environmental Monitoring
  400. Theorizing crisis communication
  401. Internet of Things: Enabling Technologies, Security and Social Implications
  402. Detection of Selfish Nodes Through Reputation Model In Mobile Adhoc Network-MANET
  403. Analysis and Correction of the Attack against the LPN-Problem Based Authentication Protocols. Mathematics 2021, 9, 573
  404. Mental Health Considerations in Football
  405. Potential demand for bus commuting trips in metropolitan corridors through the use of real-time information tools
  406. Intelligent Gateway for Data-Centric Communication in Internet of Things
  407. Error-free affine, unitary, and probabilistic OBDDs
  408. Modern Microscopy with the Web of Things: The OpenFlexure Microscope Software Stack
  409. Soil Medium Electromagnetic Scattering Model for the Study of Wireless Underground Sensor Networks
  410. Detecting anomalies in microservices with execution trace comparison
  411. “I’m smiling back at you”: Exploring the impact of mask wearing on communication in healthcare
  412. Fixed-time consensus tracking for nonlinear stochastically disturbed multi-agent systems via discontinuous protocols
  413. Running Time Analysis of Broadcast Consensus Protocols
  414. Rule-Based Approach for Botnet Behavior Analysis
  415. Multidimensional analytical protocols for the fractionation and analysis of complex polyolefins
  416. Public Response to the Implementation of Health Protocols during the Covid-19 Pandemic
  417. A Lagrangean relaxation approach to lifetime maximization of directional sensor networks
  418. The coevolutionary process of restaurant CSR in the time of mega disruption
  419. Exploiting spontaneous transmissions for broadcasting and leader election in radio networks
  420. Distributed Quantum Computing and Network Control for Accelerated VQE
  421. Consensus and coordination on groups SO(3) and S 3 over constant and state-dependent communication graphs
  422. The role of Internet of Things for adaptive traffic prioritization in wireless body area networks
  423. Evaluation of a revised resuscitation protocol for out-of-hospital cardiac arrest patients due to COVID-19 safety protocols: A single-center retrospective study in …
  424. A taxonomy of various attacks on smart card–based applications and countermeasures
  425. Return to sport for North American professional sport leagues in the context of COVID-19
  426. MQC-MB: Multiphoton Quantum Communication Using Multiple-Beam Concept in Free Space Optical Channel
  427. Countering Malicious Small Unmanned Aerial Systems: Understanding the Problem for Border Security
  428. A message-passing interpretation of adjoint logic
  429. Formal Verification of Secure Forwarding Protocols
  430. Industrial LoRaWAN Network for Danang City: Solution for Long-Range and Low-Power IoT Applications
  431. Recommendations for Developing Clinical Care Protocols During Pandemics: From Theory and Practice
  432. Fuzzy Control-Based Energy-Aware Routing Protocol for Wireless Body Area Networks
  433. Chapter two. john cage’s chance protocols
  434. DOLARS, a Distributed On-Line Activity Recognition System by Means of Heterogeneous Sensors in Real-Life Deployments—A Case Study in the Smart Lab of The …
  435. Protocols for the Miller indexing of Sb2Se3 and a non-x-ray method of orienting its single crystals
  436. 1 Nayak Bound
  437. Influence of intracanal cryotherapy on postendodontic pain and interleukin-6 expression using different irrigation protocols: A randomized clinical trial
  438. Implementation of Rivest Cypher 4 algorithm in Security Assertion Mark-up Language protocols on Single Sign-On services
  439. Future smart connected communities to fight covid-19 outbreak
  440. Cryptocurrencies
  441. Detection and Prevention from DDoS Attack Using Software-Defined Security
  442. Mutual Impact between Clock Gating and High Level Synthesis in Reconfigurable Hardware Accelerators
  443. Encapsulation of Capacitive Micromachined Ultrasonic Transducers (CMUTs) for the Acoustic Communication between Medical Implants
  444. Quality-enabled decentralized IoT architecture with efficient resources utilization
  445. Numerical calculations of the finite key rate for general quantum key distribution protocols
  446. Comparison of pathologist review protocols for cytologic detection of prostatic and urothelial carcinomas in canines: A bi-institutional retrospective study of 298 cases
  447. Digitalization possibilities and the potential of the Digital Twin for steam supply systems
  448. Effectiveness of an Electronic Communication Tool on Transitions in Care From the Intensive Care Unit: Protocol for a Cluster-Specific Pre-Post Trial
  449. Session resumption protocols and efficient forward security for TLS 1.3 0-RTT
  450. Effect of dose of equine chorionic gonadotrophin (eCG) associated with short estrus synchronization protocols on reproductive performance of sheep hair.
  451. Feedback on the Design Processes for the Materialization of Informed Architectures
  452. On the possibility of classical client blind quantum computing
  453. Three-level quantum satellite communication framework and its applications
  454. Enhanced Routing Algorithm Based on Reinforcement Machine Learning—A Case of VoIP Service
  455. Head & Neck Reconstruction During COVID-19 Pandemic: Our Experience & Protocols.
  456. Design and Development of Aquayaan: An IoT based Robotic Boat for Inland Water Surveys
  457. Memory Model and Atomics
  458. MAC Performance Analysis for Reliable Power-Line Communication Networks with ARQ Scheme
  459. Physical Device Compatibility Support for Implementation of IoT Services with Design Once, Provide Anywhere Concept
  460. The Power of Industrial Cybersecurity
  461. SEBAP: a secure and efficient biometric-assisted authentication protocol using ECC for vehicular cloud computing
  462. An Interoperable Architecture for the Internet of COVID-19 Things (IoCT) Using Open Geospatial Standards—Case Study: Workplace Reopening
  463. Digital twin-based smart assembly process design and application framework for complex products and its case study
  464. SWOT Analysis for Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) Reference Model
  465. Wireless sensor applications for building operation and management
  466. Towards a Performance Model for Byzantine Fault Tolerant (Storage) Services
  467. Special issue on “Ubiquitous clouds and communication networks”
  468. Fantastic four: Honest-majority four-party secure computation with malicious security
  469. Learning from morbidity and mortality conferences: focus and sustainability of lessons for patient care
  470. Modernizing Healthcare by Using Blockchain
  471. Feasibility of using a novel automatic cardiac segmentation algorithm in the clinical routine of lung cancer patients
  472. A classification of methods used to personalize participative interventions revealed inadequate reporting in trial protocols
  473. Global data exchange standards: The basis for future smart container digital services
  474. Bargain Game Based Secure Content Delivery in Vehicular Networks
  475. Review of Kernelization: Theory of Parameterized Preprocessing by Fedor V. Fomin, Daniel Lokshtanov, Saket Saurabh, and Meirav Zehavi
  476. Continued Trauma: A Thematic Analysis of the Asylum-Seeking Experience Under the Migrant Protection Protocols
  477. Secure Autonomous Cloud Brained Humanoid Robot Assisting Rescuers in Hazardous Environments
  478. Antifouling Strategies for Sensors Used in Water Monitoring: Review and Future Perspectives
  479. The New Cryptographic Method for Software and Hardware Protection of Communication Channels in Open Environments
  480. Dosimetry and Comparison between Different CT Protocols (Low Dose, Ultralow Dose, and Conventional CT) for Lung Nodules’ Detection in a Phantom
  481. A systematic mapping study on agent mining
  482. Adaptive variable-size virtual clustering for control channel assignment in dynamic access networks: Design and simulations
  483. Usability evaluation of an integrated electronic medication management system implemented in an oncology setting using the unified theory of the acceptance …
  484. A Novel Strategy for Energy Optimal Designs of IoT and WSNs
  485. Quantum Algorithmic Measurement
  486. A Robust Energy Optimization and Data Reduction Scheme for IoT Based Indoor Environments Using Local Processing Framework
  487. An Eigenvector-Centrality Based Consensus Protocol Design for Discrete-Time Multi-agent Systems with Communication Delays
  488. UAV Communication in FANETs with Metaheuristic Techniques
  489. Distribution System Voltage Prediction from Smart Inverters using Decentralized Regression
  490. Development of a MST sensor probe, based on a SP3T switch, for biomedical applications
  491. Delay compensation-based state estimation for time-varying complex networks with incomplete observations and dynamical bias
  492. Principled development of Workplace English Communication Part 2: Expanded evidence-centered design and theory of action frameworks
  493. Indoor Lighting Customization Based on Effective Reflectance Coefficients: A Methodology to Optimize Visual Performance and Decrease Consumption in Educative …
  494. Zero-Knowledge proof, Deniability and Their Applications inBlockchain, E-Voting and Deniable Secret Handshake Protocols
  495. nCoV-BusterBot: Mission Simulation Lab Modules for Supporting a Lab-based Autonomous Systems Class in a Remote Learning Environment
  496. Leveraging Pathology Informatics Concepts to Achieve Discrete Lab Data for Clinical Use and Translational Research
  497. A Multimedia Synchronization Service and Implementation Architecture for Pre-orchestrated Data Communications
  498. Using the Tulipp Platform to Diagnose Cancer
  499. Architecture and Framework Enabling Internet of Vehicles Towards Intelligent Transportation System
  500. Hidden Markov model-based smith predictor for the mitigation of the impact of communication delays in wide-area power systems
  501. Experimental Analysis of Measuring Neighbourhood Change in the Presence of Wormhole in Mobile Wireless Sensor Networks
  502. Studies on the readability and on the detection rate in a Mach–Zehnder interferometer-based implementation for high-rate, long-distance QKD protocols

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