Difference between Discovery and Invention

What is the difference between discovery and invention?

Discovery Invention
Discovery can be a result of research to find the existing things but you are the first one to discover those things.


The magnet already existed but suddenly a scientist discovered that magnet can be used in storage devices.

The invention is a result of research to find new things that are not existing before but you are the first one to invent those things.


the invention of the cell phones, laptops, Email, DOS, Windows, fiber optic cable, routers, gateway, bridges, etc.

Mostly, Discovery is the process of exploration of the things existing here and there.


The magnet already existed but scientists explore “how a magnet can be used in the storage device?”.

Mostly, The invention is the result of experimentation.


After the invention of the PC, Many experiments were conducted to transform it into a smaller and enough shape called laptops. Finally, after millions of experiments, laptops are transformed into cell phones.

In most cases, Discoveries are natural occurrences and are usually present until discovered by somebody.


The magnet already existed in the mountains but magnetism was first discovered by a shepherd named Magnes.

Inventions are man-made occurrences of objects and inventions exist due to the hard work and research of scientists.


The first computer “windows” was invented by Bill Gates (Microsoft founder).

A scientist cannot patent the Discovery.


Magnes cant patent his discovery of magnets in mountains.

A scientist can patent his invention.


Magnetic storage devices are patent. For example, you can see the demo of the patent document.

In most cases, scientists or some common person Discover things accidentally.


The magnet already existed in the mountains and a shepherd named Magnes was not struggling of discovering the magnet but accidentally noticed that his shoes were sticking to the mountains.

In most cases, scientific Inventions are the results of regular research and study by scientists.


Regular research was conducted to utilize magnets in magnetic storage devices.

Examples of discovery and inventions

Silicon was discovered by Jöns Jacob Berzelius, a Swedish chemist, but Italian physicist Federico Faggin invent the processor by using silicon chips.

Magnet was discovered by a Shephard “Magnes” but later scientists invent storages devices with magnets

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