Research Topics Ideas of Micro Electromechanical System(MEMS)

Research Area: Micro Electromechanical System(MEMS)

  1. A fast estimation of the frequency property of the microelectromechanical system oscillator
  2. A Variational Principle for a Nonlinear Oscillator Arising in the‎ Microelectromechanical System
  3. A fractal micro-electromechanical system and its pull-in stability
  4. Nonlinear dynamics of resonant microelectromechanical system (mems): a review
  5. Bulk calibration method of micro-electromechanical system (MEMS) microphones
  6. Li-He’s modified homotopy perturbation method for doubly-clamped electrically actuated microbeams-based microelectromechanical system
  7. Application of the energy balance method to a nonlinear oscillator arising in the microelectromechanical system (MEMS)
  8. Fractal pull-in stability theory for microelectromechanical systems
  9. Review on pressure sensors: a perspective from mechanical to micro-electro-mechanical systems
  10. In vivo endoscopic optical coherence tomography by use of a rotational microelectromechanical system probe
  11. Review of flexible microelectromechanical system sensors and devices
  12. Silicon photonic microelectromechanical phase shifters for scalable programmable photonics
  13. Topological microelectromechanical systems
  14. Integrating Resonator to Enhance Magnetometer Microelectromechanical System Implementation with ASIC Compatible CMOS 0.18 μm Process
  15. A high-sensitivity MEMS gravimeter without a vacuum chamber
  16. Tailorable infrared emission of microelectromechanical system-based thermal emitters with NiO films for gas sensing
  17. Soft‐Chemistry‐Assisted On‐Chip Integration of Nanostructured α‐Quartz Microelectromechanical System
  18. Design, simulation and analysis of micro electro‐mechanical system microneedle for micropump in drug delivery systems
  19. Microelectromechanical System Measurement of Platelet Contraction: Direct Interrogation of Myosin Light Chain Phosphorylation
  20. Study on the integration of vibration/pressure/magnetic field sensor based on nanofiber film and micro-electro-mechanical system technology
  21. Investigation of Various Commonly Associated Imperfections in Radiofrequency Micro-Electro-Mechanical System Devices and its Empirical Modeling
  22. A fast boundary-finite element approach for estimating anchor losses in Micro-Electro-Mechanical System resonators
  23. An integrated micro electro mechanical system–based silicon wet etching process and nano carbon materials used for improving micro direct methanol fuel cells …
  24. Micro-electromechanical system based optimized steering angle estimation mechanism for customized self-driving vehicles
  25. Improved Si-Si Waferbonding as a Step Toward Lighter, More Accurate Microelectromechanical System (MEMS) Gyroscopic Sensors
  26. Influence of the Different Design of Inertial Mass Suspensions on the Properties of a Microelectromechanical System (MEMS) Sensitive Element
  27. Design and Demonstration of Micro-Electromechanical Resonator-Based Multipliers
  28. Quartz‐Based Cantilevers: Soft‐Chemistry‐Assisted On‐Chip Integration of Nanostructured α‐Quartz Microelectromechanical System (Adv. Mater. Technol. 3/2021)
  29. Asymptotic properties of quenching for the quasilinear electrostatic micro-electro-mechanical system
  30. Optimal calibration plan for inertial measurement unit based on microelectromechanical system
  31. Multi-Function Microelectromechanical Systems Implementation with an ASIC Compatible CMOS 0.18 μm Process
  32. Using Different Approximations of Averaging Method in Theory of Micro Electromechanical Systems (MEMS)
  33. Innovative and Robust Application of Automation for Unit Level Traceability on Dual Die configuration of Micro Electromechanical System Products
  34. Design and characterization of an aluminum nitride-Based MEMS hydrophone with biologically honeycomb architecture
  35. Micro-Opto-Electro-Mechanical System Accelerometer Based on Coarse-Fine Processing of Fabry–Perot Interferometer Signals
  36. Optical microelectromechanical systems technologies for spectrally adaptive sensing and imaging
  37. Micro-electromechanical-system-tuned resonant filters spanning the 8–12 µm band
  38. A review on RF micro-electro-mechanical-systems (MEMS) switch for radio frequency applications
  39. MEMS Directional Acoustic Sensors
  40. A deep learned fuzzy control for inertial sensing: Micro electro mechanical systems
  41. Evaluation of a Micro-Electro Mechanical Systems Spectral Sensor for Soil Properties Estimation. Land 2021, 10, 63
  42. Nonsingular terminal sliding mode control for micro-electro-mechanical gyroscope based on disturbance observer: Linear matrix inequality approach
  43. Micro-electromechanical systems technology to improve the performance of various industries: a study
  44. Micro-electromechanical systems-based technologies for leak detection and localization in water supply networks: a bibliometric and systematic review
  45. Nonparametric identification of a micro-electromechanical resonator
  46. A Temperature-Stable and Low Impedance Piezoelectric MEMS Resonator for Drop-in Replacement of Quartz Crystals
  47. Beam power scale-up in micro-electromechanical systems based multi-beam ion accelerators
  48. A study on improved methods in Micro-electromechanical systems technology
  49. A new type-3 fuzzy predictive controller for MEMS gyroscopes
  50. Fractal N/MEMS: from pull-in instability to pull-in stability
  51. A Tunable-Gain Transimpedance Amplifier for CMOS-MEMS Resonators Characterization. Micromachines 2021, 12, 82
  52. Contact-Free MEMS Devices for Reliable and Low-Power Logic Operations
  53. Analysis of Frequency Drift of Silicon MEMS Resonator with Temperature
  54. Gas chromatography based on micro electro mechanical systems (MEMS) for in situ molecular analysis of planetary environments
  55. 10 MHz Length-Extension Mode Quartz MEMS Resonator For Frequency and Time Applications
  56. MEMS-INS Based Indoor Pedestrian Localization Using Three-Dimensional Map Matching Algorithm
  57. Dynamic piezoelectric MEMS-based optical metasurfaces
  58. GaAs-based microelectromechanical terahertz bolometers fabricated on high-resistivity Si substrates using wafer bonding technique
  59. Development of A Z-Axis Out of Plane MEMS Accelerometer
  60. Controllable multichannel acousto-optic modulator and frequency synthesizer enabled by nonlinear MEMS resonator
  61. A Tunable-Gain Transimpedance Amplifier for CMOS-MEMS Resonators Characterization. Micromachines 2021, 12, 82
  62. Contact-Free MEMS Devices for Reliable and Low-Power Logic Operations
  63. Analysis of Frequency Drift of Silicon MEMS Resonator with Temperature
  64. Gas chromatography based on micro electro mechanical systems (MEMS) for in situ molecular analysis of planetary environments
  65. 10 MHz Length-Extension Mode Quartz MEMS Resonator For Frequency and Time Applications
  66. MEMS-INS Based Indoor Pedestrian Localization Using Three-Dimensional Map Matching Algorithm
  67. Dynamic piezoelectric MEMS-based optical metasurfaces
  68. GaAs-based microelectromechanical terahertz bolometers fabricated on high-resistivity Si substrates using wafer bonding technique
  69. Development of A Z-Axis Out of Plane MEMS Accelerometer
  70. Controllable multichannel acousto-optic modulator and frequency synthesizer enabled by nonlinear MEMS resonator
  71. Functionality Evaluation of Micro Electro Mechanical Systems Sensor for Varied Selective Functionalization Thickness to Determine Creatinine Concentration
  72. Development of an Electrostatic Comb-Driven MEMS Scanning Mirror for Two-Dimensional Raster Scanning
  73. Fast-response MEMS xylene gas sensor based on CuO/WO3 hierarchical structure
  74. Photonic crystal MEMS emitter for chemical gas sensing
  75. Manufacturing and Testing of Radio Frequency MEMS Switches Using the Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor Process
  76. Application of the MEMS Accelerometer as the Position Sensor in Linear Electrohydraulic Drive
  77. Evaluation of a Micro-Electro Mechanical Systems Spectral Sensor for Soil Properties Estimation
  78. Evaluation of Microelectromechanical System Gyroscope and Accelerometer in the Object Orientation System Using Complementary Filter
  79. Nonvolatile bistable memory and Ising machine based on Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems
  80. Neurodynamic approximation-based quantized control with improved transient performances for microelectromechanical system gyroscopes: Theory
  81. Review on challenges in MEMS technology
  82. A MEMS Optical Phased Array Based on Pitch Tunable Silicon Micromirrors for LiDAR Scanners
  83. Deformation Behavior of Various Interconnection Structures Using Fine Pitch Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS) Vertical Probe
  84. Integration of Gold Nanoparticle–Carbon Nanotube Composite for Enhanced Contact Lifetime of Microelectromechanical Switches with Very Low Contact Resistance
  85. Review on advances in microcrystalline, nanocrystalline and ultrananocrystalline diamond films-based micro/nano-electromechanical systems technologies
  86. Analysis of dynamic pull-in voltage and response time for a micro-electro-mechanical oscillator made of power-law materials
  87. Editorial for the Special Issue on Biosensors and MEMS-Based Diagnostic Applications
  88. Design and simulation of capacitive MEMS switch for Ka band application
  89. Analysis of Distortion Based on 2D MEMS Micromirror Scanning Projection System
  90. Influence of electron transport media on the performance of MEMS-based microbial fuel cell
  91. Ultra-compact micro-electro-mechanical laser beam scanner for augmented reality applications
  92. X-Band Miniature Filters Using Lithium Niobate Acoustic Resonators and Bandwidth Widening Technique
  93. MEMS based Geophones and Seismometers
  94. Weak Radio-Frequency Signal Detection Based on Piezo-Opto-Electro-Mechanical System: Architecture Design and Sensitivity Prediction
  95. Theoretical Modeling of Piezoelectric Cantilever MEMS Loudspeakers
  96. MEMS based geophones and seismometers
  97. Fuzzy wavelet neural control with improved prescribed performance for MEMS gyroscope subject to input quantization
  98. Analysis of a Casimir-driven parametric amplifier with resilience to Casimir pull-in for MEMS single-point magnetic gradiometry
  99. Power Handling Capability Enhanced RF MEMS Switch Using Modified-Width Cantilevers Structure
  100. A New Scheme to Enhance/Decrease Sensitivity of a Mems Resonator Using Parametric Modulation
  102. Demonstration of tantalum as a structural material for MEMS thermal actuators
  103. Sacrificial layer optimization for RF MEMS switches
  104. A Transfer Learning Based Unmanned Aerial Vehicle MEMS Inertial Sensors Fault Diagnosis Method
  105. A Study of Correction to the Point Cloud Distortion Based on MEMS LiDAR System
  106. Nanopositioning control of an electrostatic MEMS actuator: adaptive terminal sliding mode control approach
  107. 国際会議報告: The 34th International Conference on Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (IEEE MEMS 2021)
  108. Design of Miniaturized Single Bit MEMS Phase Shifter using MEMS Switches
  109. Coupled electromechanical and electromagnetic simulation of radio frequency microelectromechanical-systems (RF-MEMS) based on compact models approach
  110. Microfabrication and nanotechnology in manufacturing system–An overview
  111. Relationship between Thermal Stability and Structure of MEMS Cantilevers Embedded in an Elastomer
  112. Yaw/Heading optimization by drift elimination on MEMS gyroscope
  113. The Librator: A new dynamical regime for nonlinear microelectromechanical devices
  114. Theoretical and experimental analysis of surface roughness and adhesion forces of MEMS surfaces using a novel method for making a compound sputtering target
  115. Migration of adhesive material in electrostatically actuated MEMS switch
  116. Sensitive and Low-Power Metal Oxide Gas Sensors with a Low-Cost Microelectromechanical Heater
  117. Obtaining high SPL piezoelectric MEMS speaker via a rigid-flexible vibration coupling mechanism
  118. Design and fabrication of an absolute pressure MEMS capacitance vacuum sensor based on silicon bonding technology
  119. History of Bio-microelectromechanical Systems (BioMEMS)
  120. Modelling and calculating the stiffness of a cross-shaped element of a microelectromechanical gyroscope-accelerometer
  121. Experimental Evidence of Mechanical Frequency Comb in a Quad-Mass Mems Structure
  122. A Bionic MEMS Electronic Stethoscope With Double-Sided Diaphragm Packaging
  123. A Mems Accelerometer with an Auto-Tuning System Based on an Electrostatic Anti-Spring
  124. Real-time variable field-of-view scanning of LiDAR by controlling the drive voltage of MEMS micromirror
  125. Physical Modelling and Identification of Nonlinear Effects in Microelectromechanical Systems
  126. On the Many Applications of Nanometer-Thin Pure Boron Layers in IC and Microelectromechanical Systems Technology
  127. Low-Noise High-Precision Readout Circuits for Capacitive MEMS Accelerometer
  128. Technology evolution from micro-scale energy harvesters to nanogenerators
  129. Progress in semiconductor diamond photodetectors and MEMS sensors
  130. A novel MEMS-RIMU self-calibration method based on gravity vector observation
  131. Intraocular MEMS Capacitive Pressure Sensor
  132. A Wide Range Frequency Coherent Modulation Control Based on Modal Coupling Effect in MEMS Resonators
  133. A high-resolution resonant torque sensor based on MEMS quartz resonator
  134. Ultra-Compact Fourier Transform Near-Infrared MEMS Spectral Sensor for Smart Industry and IoT
  135. Optimization of Thick Photoresist for Uniform Thickness in RF MEMS Applications
  136. A MEMS Nanopositioner With Integrated Tip for Scanning Tunneling Microscopy
  137. Low-voltage and high-reliability RF MEMS switch with combined electrothermal and electrostatic actuation
  138. Micromechanical vibro-impact resonator-enabled sensing applications
  139. Performance Enhancement of Piezoelectric MEMS Energy Harvester Using Split Proof Mass for Powering Ultralow Power Wireless Sensor Nodes
  140. A New Technique on Vibration Optimization of Industrial Inclinometer for MEMS Accelerometer Without Sensor Fusion
  141. MEMS, NEMS, AEMS, and Quantum Films for the Next Generation of Computing and Information Technology
  142. A Real-Time Circuit Phase Delay Correction System for MEMS Vibratory Gyroscopes
  143. MEMS Controlled Contactless Steering and Locking System For E-Vehicles
  144. Advanced MEMS Technology for Terahertz Frequencies
  145. Design and Fabrication of a MEMS Electromagnetic Swing-Type Actuator for Optical Switch
  146. A MEMS Voice Coil Motor with a 3D Solenoid Coil
  147. Application of differential evolution to multi-objective tuning of vibration spectrum analyzers based on microelectromechanical systems
  148. Adaptive Kalman filter for MEMS IMU data fusion using enhanced covariance scaling
  149. Design of various Coplanar Waveguide RF MEMS Phase Shifters
  150. Attempt of estimating flow characteristics from wall heat fluxes measured using a three-point micro-electro-mechanical systems sensor
  151. Ka‐band distributed microelectromechanical systems transmission line phase shifter using metal air metal switch
  152. High-throughput bend-strengths of ultra-small polysilicon MEMS components
  153. High-Performance On-Chip Hot-Pressed NdFeB Hard Magnets for MEMS Applications
  154. Design and Experimental Assessment of Low-Noise Piezoelectric Microelectromechanical Systems Vibration Sensors
  155. Coupled D33 Mode-Based High Performing Bio-Inspired Piezoelectric MEMS Directional Microphone
  156. Impact of support material deformation in MEMS bulk micromachined diaphragm pressure sensors
  157. Regulation of nanocrystals structure for high-performance magnetic triboelectric nanogenerator
  158. Influence of fabrication tolerances on performance characteristics of a MEMS gyroscope
  159. A Tunable-Gain Transimpedance Amplifier for CMOS-MEMS Resonators Characterization
  160. Perspectives on C-MEMS and C-NEMS biotech applications
  161. Silicon nanostructure-based photonic MEMS sensor for biosensing application
  162. A Novel Multifunctional electronic calibration kit integrated by MEMS SPDT switches
  163. Impact of Die Attach Sample Preparation on Its Measured Mechanical Properties for MEMS Sensor Applications
  164. Optimized actuation of resonant MEMS mirror for laser beam scanning application
  165. Si-based MEMS resonant sensor: A review from microfabrication perspective
  166. Convex Synthesis of SNI Controllers Based on Frequency-Domain Data: MEMS Nanopositioner Example
  167. Autonomous shock sensing using bi-stable triboelectric generators and MEMS electrostatic levitation actuators
  168. Laser Soldering Properties of MEMS Probe for Semiconductor Water Testing
  169. A simple frequency formulation for the tangent oscillator
  170. Micro Gas Chromatographic Columns with Metal-Organic Frameworks as Stationary Phase
  171. Spray-coated electret materials with enhanced stability in a harsh environment for an MEMS energy harvesting device
  172. Path tracking control of electromechanical micro-positioner by considering control effort of the system
  173. Dosimetry with gafchromic films based on a new micro-opto-electro-mechanical system
  174. Temperature stable rare earth magnetic powder Sm-Fe-N based micro magnets with remanence enhanced by easy axis alignment and its application in MEMS …
  175. Research and calculation of dynamic characteristics of a microelectromechanical device
  176. High-Consistency Optical Fiber Fabry–Perot Pressure Sensor Based on Silicon MEMS Technology for High Temperature Environment
  177. Reducing Dynamism in DRAM With Bistable MEMS Switch as Sleep Transistor
  178. TEM sample preparation using micro-manipulator for in-situ MEMS experiment
  179. Design and analysis of a MEMS pressure sensor with a bossed membrane and ancillary bi-functional frog arm structure for low pressure measurement
  180. Compact and low power silicon photonic components based on MEMS
  181. Guest Editorial Advanced Sensing and Sensor Fusion for Intelligent Transportation Systems
  182. Autonomous 3D Indoor Localization Based on Crowdsourced Wi-Fi Fingerprinting And MEMS Sensors
  183. Dynamic MEMS-based optical metasurfaces
  184. MEMS Magnetometer Using Magnetic Flux Concentrators and Permanent Magnets
  185. Optimized vertical RF-MEMS switch design with a small actuation voltage
  186. Estimation of the vehicle speed using cross-correlation algorithms and mems wireless sensors
  187. Sputtered Platinum (Pt) Electrode Development for Lead Zirconate Titanate (PZT) Piezoelectric Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS) Devices
  188. Dynamic Thermal Characterization of MEMS Electrothermal Actuators in Air
  189. … -Sacker boundaries and appearance of quasi-periodicity in nonlinear oscillators: application to 1: 2 internal resonance and frequency combs in MEMS
  190. Design and Analysis of Thin Micro-Mechanical Suspended Dielectric RF-MEMS Switch for 5G and IoT Applications
  191. Improved anchor design for flat MEMS structure by suppressing deformation due to buried-oxide stress on silicon-on-insulator wafer
  192. Novel design of electrostatic micro cantilever for enhanced travel range
  193. Frequency–amplitude response of superharmonic resonance of second order of electrostatically actuated MEMS cantilever resonators
  194. Nonlinear analysis of electrostatic micro-electro-mechanical systems resonators subject to delayed proportional–derivative controller
  195. Research on DOA Estimation Based on Acoustic Energy Flux Detection Using a Single MEMS Vector Hydrophone
  196. Design Approach for Reducing Cross-Axis Sensitivity in a Single-Drive Multi-Axis MEMS Gyroscope
  197. Recent advances in the development of the Texas Instruments phase-only microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) spatial light modulator
  198. Design of Piezoelectric MEMS Bulk Acoustic Wave Mode-Matched Gyroscopes Based on Support Transducer
  199. Scanning laser vibrometry of the dynamic rundown and out-of-plane vibration for MEMS
  200. Neural-Network-Based Constrained Output-Feedback Control for MEMS Gyroscopes Considering Scarce Transmission Bandwidth
  201. A Novel Fabrication Method for a Capacitive MEMS Accelerometer Based on Glass–Silicon Composite Wafers. Micromachines 2021, 12, 102
  202. Cmos-Mems SC0.12AL0.88N-Based Pyroelectric Infared Detector with CO2 Gas Sensing
  203. 5 Microelectromechanical Systems
  204. Silicon MEMS inertial sensors evolution over a quarter century
  205. Performance enhancement of consumer-grade mems sensors through geometrical redundancy
  206. A novel adaptive Kalman filter for Euler-angle-based MEMS IMU/magnetometer attitude estimation
  207. << MEMS-Based PVA/PPy/MIP Polymeric-Nanofiber Sensor Fabricated by LIFT-OFF Process for Detection 2, 4-Dinitrotoluene Vapor
  208. Micromachined Subterahertz Waveguide-Integrated Phase Shifter Utilizing Supermode Propagation
  209. Terahertz MEMS metadevices
  210. Design and optimization of high-performance through hole based MEMS energy harvester using PiezoMUMPs

Presentation Topics: Micro Electromechanical System(MEMS)

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