Research Topics smart materials and structures in Electrical Engineering

Research Area/ Research Interest: smart materials and structures in Electrical Engineering

Research Paper Topics for: Masters and PhD Thesis and publication

  1. Computational Analysis of Smart Magneto-Electro-Elastic Materials and Structures: Review and Classification.
  2. Smart materials and their application in robotic hand systems: A state of the art
  3. Intelligent materials and structures
  4. A wind-induced negative damping method to achieve high-energy orbit of a nonlinear vibration energy harvester
  5. Timber moisture detection using wavelet packet decomposition and convolutional neural netwo
  6. Application of smart materials in civil engineering: A review
  7. Smart materials for microrobots
  8. Smart polyimide with recovery stress at the level of high temperature shape memory alloys
  9. Screen-printed flexible negative temperature coefficient temperature sensor based on polyvinyl chloride/carbon black composites
  10. Electrothermal shape memory behavior and recovery force of four-dimensional printed continuous carbon fiber/polylactic acid composite
  11. A Case Study of Combined Application of Smart Materials in a‎ Thermal Energy Harvester with Vibrating Action
  12. A hyperelastic porous media framework for ionic polymer-metal composite actuators and sensors: thermodynamically consistent formulation and …
  13. Bio-inspired soft bistable actuator with dual actuations
  14. Influence of mechanical layout of shape memory alloy damping inerter (SDI) systems for vibration control
  15. Damage detection in large composite stiffened panels based on a novel SHM building block philosophy
  16. Multiphase lattice metamaterials with enhanced mechanical performance
  17. Influence of clay-based additive on sedimentation stability of magnetorheological fluid
  18. Paper and carbon ink enabled low-cost, eco-friendly, flexible, multifunctional pressure and humidity sensors
  19. Equivalent capacitor of polyvinylidene fluoride sensor and its influence on impact load measurement
  20. Actuator placement optimization for guided waves based structural health monitoring using fibre Bragg grating sensors
  21. A novel piezoelectric actuated 2-DOF joint for underwater manipulator: design, simulation, and experimental investigation
  22. Lamb wave based damage detection in metallic plates using multi-headed 1-dimensional convolutional neural network
  23. Effects of installation position of fin-shaped rods on wind-induced vibration and energy harvesting of aeroelastic energy converter
  24. Design of low-frequency broadband flextensional transducers based on combined particle swarm optimization and finite element method
  25. Surface acoustic device for high response NO2 gas sensor using p-phenylenediamine-reduced graphene oxide nanocomposite coated on langasite
  26. Effects of silica on mechanical and rheological properties of EPDM-based magnetorheological elastomers
  27. Fabrication, characterization and analytical modeling of gradient auxetic closed cell foams
  28. Monodisperse semiconducting poly (N-methylaniline) microspheres and their electrorheological response
  29. A wide band nonlinear dual piezoelectric cantilever energy harvester coupled by origami
  30. Soft flexible conductive CNT nanocomposites for ECG monitoring
  31. An SECE array of piezoelectric energy harvesting
  32. A novel mechanical metamaterial with tailorable Poisson’s ratio and thermal expansion based on a chiral torsion unit
  33. Development of a magnetorheological isolator with variable damping and variable stiffness for broadband vibration suppression
  34. Modeling and analysis of bending pneumatic artificial muscle with multi-degree of freedom
  35. Boundary layer state detection using piezoelectric sensors
  36. Active and passive multicycle actuation characteristics of shape memory alloy-based adaptive composite structures
  37. Construction, modeling and experiment of a resonant-type piezoelectric impact motor based on inertial drive mechanism
  38. Effect of base oil lubrication properties on magnetorheological fluids
  39. Analytical and numerical study on the cyclic behavior of buckling-restrained SMA-based self-centering damper
  40. Investigation of surface textured sensing skin for fatigue crack localization and quantification
  41. Microsphere structure application for supercapacitor in situ temperature monitoring
  42. A comprehensive test method for measuring actuation performance of McKibben artificial muscles
  43. Highly stretchable and sensitive strain sensor based on Ti3C2-coated electrospinning TPU film for human motion detection
  44. Reconfigurable laminates enable multifunctional robotic building blocks
  45. Thermal design and analysis of a flexible solar array system based on shape memory polymer composites
  46. Implementation of the surface thickness on additively manufactured parts for estimation of the loading location
  47. Significant improving magnetoelectric sensors performance based on optimized magnetoelectric composites via heat treatment
  48. Multi-modal commutative dynamics in semi-crystalline polymers undergoing multiple shape memory behavior
  49. Electrical modeling of cylindrical dielectric elastomer transducers
  50. A nonlinear M-shaped tri-directional piezoelectric energy harvester
  51. Seismic mitigation performance of periodic foundations with inertial amplification mechanism considering superstructure-foundation interaction
  52. An optimized data fusion strategy for structural damage assessment using electromechanical impedance
  53. A dual-mode tactile hardness sensor for intraoperative tumor detection and tactile imaging in robot-assisted minimally invasive surgery
  54. Control of rejection frequency and density of output spectrum by programming nonuniform two channels with ternary fluidic system
  55. Green nanoarchitectonics with PEDOT: PSS–gelatin composite for moisture-responsive actuator and generator
  56. TMP origami jumping mechanism with nonlinear stiffness
  57. A study of mechanoelectrical transduction behavior in polyvinyl chloride (PVC) gel as smart sensors
  58. Unconventional deformation and sound absorption properties of anisotropic magnetorheological elastomers
  59. Origami-based adjustable sound-absorbing metamaterial
  60. Smart cities built with smart materials
  61. Resistivity-induced coupling between voltage distribution and vibrations in dielectric elastomers
  62. A 3D multidirectional piezoelectric energy harvester using rope-driven mechanism for low frequency and ultralow intensity vibration environment
  63. Optimal tuning of SMA inerter for simultaneous wind induced vibration control of high-rise building and energy harvesting
  64. Active feedforward control of flexural waves in an Acoustic Black Hole terminated beam
  65. An asymmetric magnetic-coupled bending-torsion piezoelectric energy harvester: modeling and experimental investigation
  66. Multi-resonant metamaterials based on self-sensing piezoelectric patches and digital circuits for broadband isolation of elastic wave transmission
  67. Water-responsive tough 1D hydrogel with programmable deformations for actuators and chemical sensors
  68. Development of a novel magnetorheological brake with zigzag magnetic flux path
  69. Multivariable modelling of intelligent flexible mechanical structures using smart materials with FEM, Euler-Bernoulli beam theory, state space & multi-sensor data …
  70. Novel properties of multi-poled piezoelectric network structures
  71. Lamb wave damage severity estimation using ensemble-based machine learning method with separate model network
  72. Modelling of minor hysteresis loop of shape memory alloy wire actuator and its application in self-sensing
  73. Highly stretchable and sensitive strain sensor based on liquid metal composite for wearable sign language communication device
  74. Traveling surface undulation on a Ni-Mn-Ga single crystal element
  75. Influence of vehicle body vibration induced by road excitation on the performance of a vehicle-mounted piezoelectric-electromagnetic hybrid energy harvester
  76. Bolt looseness detection using SH guided wave and wave energy transmission
  77. Smart polymer integrated cork composites for enhanced vibration damping properties
  78. Structural parameter study of dual transducers-type ultrasonic levitation-based transportation system
  79. A two-range tactile sensor integrated in three-layer elastomer based on FBG
  81. Fatigue tests of superelastic NiTi wires: an analysis using factorial design in single cantilever bending
  82. Smart Materials Enabled with Artificial Intelligence for Healthcare Wearables
  83. Extracting piezoresistive response of self-sensing cementitious composites under temperature effect via Bayesian blind source separation
  84. Theoretical investigation and experiment of a disc-shaped triboelectric energy harvester with a magnetic bistable mechanism
  85. Modeling the one-way and two-way shape memory effects of semi-crystalline polymers
  86. Polydopamine–cellulose nanofiber composite for flexible electrode material
  87. Modeling and experimental validation of thin, tightly rolled dielectric elastomer actuators
  88. Origami-based auxetic tunable Helmholtz resonator for noise control
  89. Performance evaluation of self-healable torque transmission mechanism using phase change of low-melting-point-metal and application to robot joints
  90. Cyclic behavior and deformation mechanism of superelastic SMA U-shaped dampers under in-plane and out-of-plane loadings
  91. Experiments and modeling of variable camber guide vane embedded with shape memory alloy plate
  92. An autonomous switch based on a rotating magnet driven by magnetic launchers
  93. Adaptronics-Smart Structures and Materials
  94. Synchronous electric charge and induced current extraction (SECICE): a unified nonlinear technique combining piezoelectric and electromagnetic harvesting
  95. Motor unit buckling in variable recruitment fluidic artificial muscle bundles: implications and mitigations
  96. A 4D printed active compliant hinge for potential space applications using shape memory alloys and polymers
  97. Rational Fabrication of Crystalline Smart Materials for Rapid Detection and Efficient Removal of Ozone
  98. Brillouin-zone characterization of piezoelectric material intrinsic energy-harvesting availability
  99. Stimuli-responsive polydopamine-based smart materials
  • Gas Foil Bearing Technology Enhanced with Smart Materials
  • “Smart” Materials Based on Cellulose Nanoparticles
  • Automation and manufacturing of smart materials in Additive Manufacturing technologies using Internet of Things towards the adoption of Industry 4.0
  • A critical review on multifunctional smart materials ‘nanographene’emerging avenue: nano-imaging and biosensor applications
  • A Smart Controllable SMA-Based Tourniquet
  • Numerical and experimental analysis on the helicopter rotor dynamic load controlled by the actively trailing edge flap
  • Piezoelectric metastructures for simultaneous broadband energy harvesting and vibration suppression of traveling waves
  • Piezoelectric materials for energy harvesting and sensing applications: Roadmap for future smart materials
  • Artificial intelligence-enabled smart mechanical metamaterials: advent and future trends
  • An embeddable spherical smart aggregate for monitoring concrete hydration in very early age based on electromechanical impedance method
  • 3D printing biomimetic materials and structures for biomedical applications
  • Future of additive manufacturing: Overview of 4D and 3D printed smart and advanced materials and their applications
  • Seismic Fragility Curve Development of Frames with BRB’s Equipped with Smart Materials subjected to Mainshock-Aftershock Ground Motion
  • A Lumped Parameter Electro-Mechanical-Fluid Coupling Model for an Oscillating Beam in Fluids
  • Mechanical properties improvement of shape memory polymers by designing the microstructure of multi-phase heterogeneous materials
  • Smart materials-integrated sensor technologies for COVID-19 diagnosis
  • Adaptive Approximation-Based Feedback Linearization Control for a Nonlinear Smart Thin Plate
  • Nano and micro architectured cues as smart materials to mitigate recalcitrant pharmaceutical pollutants from wastewater
  • Dynamic and wave propagation analysis of periodic smart beams coupled with resonant shunt circuits: Passive property modulation
  • Membrane smart metamaterials for unidirectional wave propagation problems
  • Finite element analysis assisted improvement of ionic polymer metal composite efficiency for micropump of 3d bioprinter
  • Stretchable Supercapacitors: From Materials and Structures to Devices
  • Transformation of acoustic energy into electrical energy in a smart window: Model and investigation
  • Behaviour of Smart Steel Column‐Beam Connection Under Blast Loading
  • Role of smart materials and digital twin (DT) for the adoption of electric vehicles in India
  • End-to-end design of a robust attitude control and vibration suppression system for large space smart structures
  • Smart polymers for microscale machines
  • Smart materials in cardiovascular implants: Shape memory alloys and shape memory polymers
  • Behavioral Modeling and Experimental Verification of a Smart Servomotor Used in a Thermal Control Louver of a Satellite Using Dynamic Neural Network
  • Magnetorheological elastomers—An underestimated class of soft actuator materials
  • Machine learning-assisted modeling of composite materials and structures: a review
  • Applications and Metrology at Nanometer Scale 1: Smart Materials, Electromagnetic Waves and Uncertainties
  • Effect of viscoelasticity on the nonlinear dynamic behavior of dielectric elastomer minimum energy structures
  • Smart Photonic sensors for materials and structures assessment
  • Tailoring Structure-Borne Traveling Waves in Targeted Areas of a Two-Dimensional Plate for Particle Motion Applications
  • Multiphysics cross-section analysis of smart beams
  • Lamb wave imaging with actuator network for damage quantification in aluminum plate structures
  • Development and characterization of shape memory polymers for non-invasive biomedical applications
  • Polyurethane as smart biocoatings: Effects of hard segments on phase structures and properties
  • Poly (N-isopropylacrylamide)-based smart hydrogels: Design, properties and applications
  • Mechxels: A Preliminary Exploration of Leveraging Bistability for Text and Image Display
  1. Designing with Smart Materials. Talking Products
  • Materials design by synthetic biology
  • Functionally graded materials beams subjected to bilateral constraints: Structural instability and material topology
  • An analysis of the methods and materials for 4-dimensional printing
  • Effect of Supporting Boundary Conditions on the Generation Characteristics of the Piezoelectric Cylindrical Shell Wind Energy Harvesting Flag
  • Photoluminescence and piezoelectric behaviour of Yb2Sn2O7 pyrochlore based multifunctional smart advanced materials and the influence of Lu3+ and Eu3+
  • Self‐Healing Materials in Robotics
  • Nano‐metal oxide fillers in thermo‐responsive polycaprolactone‐based polymer nanocomposites smart materials: Impact on thermo‐mechanical, and shape memory
  • Towards safe and sustainable innovation in nanotechnology: State-of-play for smart nanomaterials
  • Porosity effect on the nonlinear deflection of functionally graded magneto-electro-elastic smart shells under combined loading
  • Cancelation of acoustic scattering from a smart hybrid ERF/PZT-based double‐wall composite spherical shell structure
  • Theoretical and experimental investigations on modified LQ terminal control scheme of piezo-actuated compliant structures in finite time
  • Hydration-induced reversible deformation of biological materials
  • A microstructural-based approach to model magneto-viscoelastic materials at finite strains
  • A nonlinear dynamic model of magnetorheological elastomers in magnetic fields based on fractional viscoelasticity
  • Electrical Self-Sensing of Pulsed Laser Ablation in Nanofiller-Modified Composites
  • Design of a Lightweight Shape Memory Alloy Stroke-Amplification and Locking System in a Transradial Prosthetic Arm
  • Passive control of instability regions by means of piezoceramic elements
  • Stress analysis of smart composite plate structures
  • Development and testing of an active trailing edge morphing demonstrator for a rotary wing
  • Advances in Industrial Automation and Smart Manufacturing: Select Proceedings of ICAIASM 2019
  • A Novel Flexible Bio-Inspired Pneumatic Valve Adapter for Soft Robotic Vasculature
  • Active Control in Mechanical Engineering: Proceedings of the MV2 Convention on Active Control in Mechanical Engineering, Lyon, France, 22-23 October …
  • Integration of SMA Wires Into the Additive Manufacturing Process Using PBF-LB/M and Long-Term Tests of the Specimens to Validate the Functional Properties
  • Recent progress in the design and fabrication of multifunctional structures based on metamaterials
  • A coupled efficient layerwise finite element model for free vibration analysis of smart piezo-bonded laminated shells featuring delaminations and transducer …
  • Soft Pneumatic Actuators: Modeling, Control, and Application
  • 4D printing of origami structures for minimally invasive surgeries using functional scaffold
  • Thermo‐active Smart Electrospun Nanofibers
  • Hammerstein–Wiener modelling of a magneto-rheological dampers considering the magnetization dynamics
  • Development of Smart Structures for Aircraft Vibration and Noise Control
  • Function Approximation Technique (FAT)-Based Nonlinear Control Strategies for Smart Thin Plates with Cubic Nonlinearities
  • Development of Diketopyrrolopyrrole-Based Smart Inks by Substituting Ionic Pendants and Engineering Molecular Packing Structures
  • Optoelectronic functional fibers: materials, fabrication, and application for smart textiles
  • Characterization and modeling of hard magnetic particle–based magnetorheological elastomers
  • Latest Advances in Development of Smart Phase Change Material for Soft Actuators
  • Bio-inspired metasurface skin to enhance the performance of blue energy harvesting
  • Composite materials with the coating to detect barely visible impact based on the retroreflective film
  • Review of 4D Printing Materials and Reinforced Composites: Behaviors, Applications, and Challenges
  • Pull-out resistance of shape memory alloy nickel-titanium ribbons embedded in silicone matrix for development of flexible composites
  • Energy Harvesting from Vibration of Structures-A Brief Review
  • Bioinspired Smart Materials With Externally-Stimulated Switchable Adhesion
  • Design, manufacturing and applications of auxetic tubular structures: A review
  • Numerical and experimental investigation of FDM fabricated re-entrant auxetic structures of ABS and PLA materials under compressive loading
  • Smart, naturally-derived macromolecules for controlled drug release
  • Towards a new class of stimuli-responsive polymer-based materials–Recent advances and challenges
  • Analysis on enhancing the sensing behavior of ionic polymer metal composite based sensors
  • Effect of Piezoelectric Thickness Ratio on the Deflection of Laminated Hybrid Composite Plates
  • Impact-driven piezoelectric energy harvester using a pendulum structure for low-frequency vibration
  • Numerical and Experimental Investigations of Energy Harvesting From Piezoelectric Inverted Flags
  • Design of a bio-inspired soft robot for break bulk manipulation in transport engineering
  • Personal thermal management by thermally conductive composites: A review
  • 4D Printing of Shape Memory Materials for Textiles: Mechanism, Mathematical Modeling, and Challenges
  • A variational formulation for motion design of adaptive compliant structures
  • Anisotropic magnetorheological elastomers with carbonyl iron particles in natural rubber and acrylonitrile butadiene rubber: A comparative study
  • Synergistic use of piezoelectric and shape memory alloy elements for vibration-based energy harvesting
  • Tunable flexural wave band gaps in a prestressed elastic beam with periodic smart resonators
  • 3D Printing Deformation Estimation Using Artificial Vision Strategies for Smart-Construction
  • An Attempt to Topology Optimize 3D Printed Piezoelectric Composite Sensors for Highest D31 Output
  • Smart covalent organic frameworks: dual channel sensors for acids and bases
  • … for simulation and optimization of three-temperature anisotropic micropolar magneto-thermoviscoelastic problems in porous smart structures using NURBS and …
  • Piezo electric rainfall energy harvester with proactive protection mechanism with Integrated IOT device
  • Research on the Progress of Interdigital Transducer (IDT) for Structural Damage Monitoring
  • Design of Bistable Laminates With Low Aspect Ratio
  • Material Agency and 4D Printing
  • Bioresorbable Polymers: Advanced Materials and 4D Printing for Tissue Engineering
  • A Suction Cup With Tunable Stiffness Based on Shape Memory Alloy
  • Soft Robotic Module Actuated by Silicone-Based Rolled Dielectric Elastomer Actuators-Modeling and Simulation
  • Theoretical investigation on the buckling behavior of smart composite sandwich panels with viscoelastic core and shape memory alloy included skins
  • Single-double chains micromechanical model and experimental verification of MR fluids with MWCNTs/GO composites coated ferromagnetic particles
  • Plastic Receptors Developed by Imprinting Technology as Smart Polymers Imitating Natural Behavior
  • Photoresponsive porous materials
  • Toward smart net zero energy structures: Development of cement-based structural energy material for contact electrification driven energy harvesting and storage
  • Magnetorheological Elastomer-Based Variable Stiffness Flexible Coupling for Vibration Isolation.
  • A review of shape memory polymers and composites: Mechanisms, materials, and applications
  • Wave propagation analysis of a rectangular sandwich composite plate with tunable magneto-rheological fluid core
  • 4D Printing Dual Stimuli-Responsive Bilayer Structure Toward Multiple Shape-Shifting
  • Alginate-Based Smart Materials and Their Application: Recent Advances and Perspectives
  • Hardened properties and durability of large-scale 3D printed cement-based materials
  • Modulation of Zirconia Ferroelectricity via Crystal Orientation of Pt Electrode
  • Experimental study of a piezoelectric cantilever beam under droplet impact
  • Finite Element Simulation of 3d-Printed SMA-SMP Composite Actuators
  • Production and characterization of shape memory polymeric nanocomposite materials
  • Droplet-Based Membranous Soft Materials
  • Active polymeric reducing agent for self-healing asphalt concrete
  • Modeling and parameter identification of rolled dielectric elastomer actuators for soft robots
  • Smart Sustainable Cities: Principles and Future Trends
  • Conceptual Design of a Low-Cost Linear Actuator for Variable Span Wing Application
  • Multifunctional Properties of Shape Memory Materials in Civil Engineering Applications: a State-of-the-Art Review
  • Reflection of plane waves from the surface of a piezothermoelastic fiber-reinforced composite half-space
  • Biaxially Morphing Droplet Shape by an Active Surface
  • Application of super absorbent polymers (SAP) in concrete construction—update of RILEM state-of-the-art report
  • Tribe–charged system search for parameter configuration of nonlinear systems with large search domains
  • Modeling and analysis of an electro-pneumatic braided muscle actuator
  • Large deformation mechanical modeling with bilinear stiffness for Macro-Fiber Composite bimorph based on extending mixing rules
  • Improved flow-induced vibration energy harvester by using magnetic force: An experimental study
  • Flexible nanogenerators for wearable electronic applications based on piezoelectric materials
  • Pneumatically actuated soft gripper with bistable structures
  • Current applications of smart nanotextiles and future trends
  • Surface Shape Control Using a Shape Memory Actuator
  • Vibration control of cantilever beam using poling tuned piezoelectric actuator
  • Soft Robotic Manipulators: Designs, Actuation, Stiffness Tuning, and Sensing
  • Design of functionally cooperating systems and application towards self-propulsive mini-generators
  • Smart fibrous structures produced by electrospinning using the combined effect of PCL/graphene nanoplatelets
  • Incommensurately modulated structures in Pb(Zr1−xSnx)O3 single crystals by x-ray diffraction
  • Additive manufacturing of structural materials
  • Electro-magnetic vibration behavior of smart curved micro-/nanoshells
  • Energy-harvesting concrete for smart and sustainable infrastructures
  • 3D printing microactuators for soft microrobots
  • Novel active magnetorheological knee prosthesis presents low energy consumption during ground walking
  • Nafion-based ionic-polymer-metal composites: Displacement rate analysis by changing electrode properties
  • Experimental investigation on energy absorption of auxetic structures
  • Self-healing polymer nanocomposite materials by Joule effect
  • Contractile Pneumatic Artificial Muscle Generates Extension by Actuating an Integrated Pushrod
  • Optical Fiber-Integrated Smart Structures: Towards Transparent Devices for Healthcare 4.0
  • Metamaterial and Helmholtz coupled resonator for high-density acoustic energy harvesting
  • Monitoring Concrete Curing by Linear and Nonlinear Ultrasonic Methods
  • Reversible and non-reversible motion of NdFeB-particles in magnetorheological elastomers
  • Hysteresis modeling of impact dynamics using artificial neural network
  • Free, forced, and random vibrations of a beam composed of highly contrasting materials
  • Experimental investigation on a flapping beam with smart material actuation for underwater application
  • 4D textiles made by additive manufacturing on pre-stressed textiles—An overview
  • High strength porous PLA gyroid scaffolds manufactured via fused deposition modeling for tissue-engineering applications
  • Materials and technologies in road pavements-an overview
  • Smart Laser‐Writable Micropatterns with Multiscale Photo/Moisture Reconstructible Structure
  • 4D printing: Fundamentals, materials, applications and challenges
  • An effective method for damage assessment based on limited measured locations in skeletal structures
  • Fluid-structure interaction simulations for a temperature-sensitive functionally graded hydrogel-based micro-channel
  • Topology optimization of shape memory polymer structures with programmable morphology
  • Application of super absorbent polymers (SAP) in concrete construction—update of RILEM state-of-the-art report
  • Medical application of biomimetic 4D printing
  • Analytical and experimental study of a clamped-clamped, bistable buckled beam low-frequency PVDF vibration energy harvester
  • Broadening low-frequency bandgaps in locally resonant piezoelectric metamaterials by negative capacitance
  • Emerging, hybrid & smart composites
  • Synthesis and characterization of novel flake-shaped carbonyl iron and water-based magnetorheological fluids using laponite and oleic acid with enhanced …
  • Stacking-induced different performance of mechanochromic luminescence and room-temperature phosphorescence based on two analogous AIEgens synthesized by …
  • Copper (i)–iodide cluster structures as functional and processable platform materials
  • A finite element model to analyze the dynamic characteristics of galloping based piezoelectric energy harvester
  • Constitutive Modeling of multi-stimuli-responsive shape memory polymers with multi-functional capabilities
  • Extrapolation of AR models using cubic splines for damage progression evaluation in composite structures
  • 4D Printing: Enabling Technology for Microrobotics Applications
  • Auxetic Two‐Dimensional Nanostructures from DNA
  • Modeling of a Bingham model of a magnetorheological damper considering stochastic uncertainties in their geometric variables
  • Vibration control of a smart shell reinforced by graphene nanoplatelets under external load: Semi-numerical and finite element modeling
  • An optical red green blue sensor for monitoring the degradation of magnetorheological fluids in flow-recirculating high-torque clutch actuators
  • Analysis of tensile behaviour of hyperelastic auxetic cellular materials with re-entrant hexagonal cells
  • An improved time-varying empirical mode decomposition for structural condition assessment using limited sensors
  • Photosynthesis-assisted remodeling of three-dimensional printed structures
  • Characterization of nonlinear viscoelasticity of magnetorheological grease under large oscillatory shear by using Fourier transform-Chebyshev analysis
  • The Benefits of Smart Nanoparticles in Dental Applications
  • Mechanochromic fluorescent polymers enabled by AIE processes
  • Microbial induced calcium carbonate precipitation study using Bacillus subtilis with application to self-healing concrete preparation and characterization
  • Force control of electro-active polymer actuators using model-free intelligent control
  • … vision and artificial intelligence algorithms to predict and design the mechanical compression response of direct ink write 3D printed foam replacement structures
  • Fracture and electric‐field‐induced crack growth behavior in NBT‐6BT relaxor ferroelectrics
  • Tolerable range of abdomen and waist skin temperature for heating-capable smart garments
  • Electrospun Shape Memory Polymer Micro-/Nanofibers and Tailoring Their Roles for Biomedical Applications


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