Research Topics piezoelectric devices in Electrical Engineering

Research Area/ Research Interest: piezoelectric devices  in Electrical Engineering

Research Paper Topics for: Masters and PhD Thesis and publication

  1. Failure criteria for composite blades with wavy edge in aerospace applications
  2. Characterization of Failure Strain In Fiber Reinforced Composites: Under On-Axis and Off-Axis Loading
  3. Radial Basis Function-Based Probabilistic First-Ply Failure Analyses of Composite Spherical Shells
  4. Fracture Failure Analysis of Fiber Reinforced Polymer Matrix Composites
  5. Review influence of loads upon delamination buckling in composite structures
  6. An integrated computational materials engineering framework to analyze the failure behaviors of carbon fiber reinforced polymer composites for lightweight vehicle …
  7. Evaluation of mechanical and thermal properties of jute and ramie reinforced epoxy-based hybrid composites
  8. Effect of fiber misalignment on mechanical and failure response of kenaf composite under compressive loading
  9. Mechanical behavior of resin pin-reinforced composite sandwich panels under quasi-static indentation and three-point bending loading conditions
  10. Impact resistance and failure mechanism of 3D printed continuous fiber-reinforced cellular composites
  11. Influence of stacking sequence and fiber content on the mechanical properties of natural and synthetic fibers reinforced penta-layered hybrid composites
  12. Impact Studies of Composite Materials
  13. High Temperature Mechanical and Creep Performance of AA7075/TaC/Si3N4/Ti Hybrid Metal Matrix Composites
  14. Composite Material Failure Model Updating Approach Leveraging Nondestructive Evaluation Data
  15. Rationalized improvement of Tsai–Wu failure criterion considering different failure modes of composite materials
  16. Mechanical characterization of additively manufactured fiber-reinforced composites
  17. A fundamental review on composite materials and some of their applications in biomedical engineering
  18. Structural behavior of prefabricated bamboo-lightweight concrete composite beams with perforated steel plate connectors
  19. Predicting failure of cracked aluminum plates with one-sided composite patch
  20. Mechanical behaviour of a green composite from biopolymers reinforced with sisal fibres
  21. In situ mechanical testing of an Al matrix composite to investigate compressive plasticity and failure on multiple length scales
  22. Improving the energy-absorbing properties of hybrid aluminum-composite tubes using nanofillers for crashworthiness applications
  23. Crash analysis of sandwich composite electric microbus
  24. Fracture toughness characterisation of a glass fibre‐reinforced plastic composite
  25. Non-linear response and buckling of imperfect laminated composite plates under in-plane pulse forces
  26. Neural network-based damage identification in composite laminated plates using frequency shifts
  27. Parametric optimization and ranking analysis of hybrid epoxy polymer composites based on mechanical, thermo-mechanical and abrasive wear performance
  28. Experimental and statistical analysis of strength of glass fiber reinforced polymer composite for different fiber architecture
  29. A review on mechanical performance of hybrid natural fiber polymer composites for structural applications
  30. Failure modes of a laminated composite with complaint interlayers
  31. Potential of Honeycomb-Filled Composite Structure in Composite Cross-Arm Component: A Review on Recent Progress and Its Mechanical Properties
  32. Quasi-static and dynamic shear properties of C/C composite pins
  33. An Overview of Self-piercing Riveting Process with Focus on Joint Failures, Corrosion Issues and Optimisation Techniques
  34. Experimental investigations on flexural behaviour of delaminated carbon/epoxy composite using three dimensional digital image correlation
  35. In situ strength analysis of cross‐ply composite laminates containing defects and interleaved woven layer using a computational micromechanics approach
  36. The Effects of Circular Cutout and Hybridization to the Failure Behavior of Graphite Epoxy and Kevlar Epoxy Composite Laminates
  37. Experimental and numerical study on stiffness and damage of glass/epoxy biaxial weft-knitted reinforced composites
  39. Investigation of nano-hybridization effects on low velocity impact behaviors of basalt fiber reinforced composites
  40. Buckling and crushing behavior of foam-core hybrid composite sandwich columns under quasi-static edgewise compression
  41. Fatigue Life Analysis of Glass Fiber Reinforced Epoxy Composite Using Rotating Bending Fatigue Test Machine
  42. Achieving Pseudo‐Ductile Behavior of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites via Interfacial Engineering
  43. Comparative study of mechanical properties of orange peel filled epoxy composites joined by a mechanical fastener
  44. Development of pre-molded internal thread on composite tubes
  45. Mechanical Properties of Flax/Kenaf Hybrid Composites
  46. Mechanical properties and failure mechanisms of 3D-printed PLA scaffolds: A preliminary study
  47. Delamination Fracture Behavior of Unidirectional Carbon Reinforced Composites Applied to Wind Turbine Blades
  48. Study of Mechanical Properties of Coconut Coir Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Composites
  49. Effect of carbon nanotubes reinforcement on mechanical properties of aramid/epoxy hybrid composites
  50. Damage classification of composites based on analysis of lamb wave signals using machine learning
  51. Experimental Investigation on the Fatigue Behavior of Glass Fiber-Reinforced Epoxy Composites Under Rotating Bending Loads
  52. Nondestructive health monitoring techniques for composite materials: A review
  53. Failure analysis and design of grouted fibre-composite repair system for corroded steel pipes
  54. Wood Polymer Composites: Recent Advancements and Applications
  55. Cumulative acoustic emission energy for damage detection in composites reinforced by carbon fibers within low-cycle fatigue regime at various displacement …
  56. Synthesis and electrochemical behaviour of TiC- and B4C-reinforced Al-based metal matrix composite
  57. … for predicting the optimum number of layers of multiwall carbon nanotube for reinforcing iron and molecular dynamics investigation of the failure mechanism of multi …
  58. Mechanical performance of three-dimensional printed sandwich composite with a high-flexible core
  59. The influence of fiber alignment, structure and concentration on mechanical behavior of carbon nanofiber/epoxy composites: Experimental and numerical study
  60. Effect of Defects Part II: Multiscale Effect of Microvoids, Orientation of Rivet Holes on the Damage Propagation, and Ultimate Failure Strength of Composites
  61. Finite element analysis of hybrid 3D orthogonal woven composite subjected to ballistic impact with multi‐scale modeling
  62. The effect of hybridization on microstructure and thermo-mechanical properties of composites reinforced with different weaves of glass and carbon fabrics
  63. Mechanical, morphological, and tribological behavior of Eulaliopsis binata fiber epoxy composites
  64. The effect of boron carbide additive on the low‐velocity impact properties of low‐density foam core composite sandwich structures
  65. On the elastic limit stresses and failure of rotating variable thickness fiber reinforced composite disk
  66. Numerical simulations of carbon/epoxy laminated composites under various loading rates, comparing extended finite element method and cohesive zone modeling
  67. Influence of sodium hydroxide (NaOH) treatment on mechanical properties and morphological behaviour of Phoenix sp. fiber/epoxy composites
  68. Axial and lateral buckling analysis of kevlar/epoxy fiber‐reinforced composite laminates incorporating silica nanoparticles
  69. Numerical and experimental investigation of out-of-plane fiber waviness on the mechanical properties of composite materials
  70. Investigation on cutting of thin carbon fiber-reinforced polymer composite plate using sandwich electrode-assisted wire electrical-discharge machining
  71. Energy Storage Structural Composites with Integrated Lithium‐Ion Batteries: A Review
  72. A Review of Nanofiller Coating on FRP Composites
  73. Effect of Fiber Orientation on Mechanical and Tribological Properties of Banana-Reinforced Composites
  74. Influence of tool traverse speed on microstructure and mechanical properties of CuNi/B4C surface composites
  75. Machining and Machinability of Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites
  76. Drop-weight impact testing for the study of energy absorption in automobile crash boxes made of composite material
  77. The mechanical testing and performance analysis of polymer-fibre composites prepared through the additive manufacturing
  78. Effect of glass, carbon, and kevlar fibers on mechanical properties for polymeric composite tubes produced by a unidirectional winding method
  79. Fibre Reinforced Polymer Composites
  80. Potential of natural fiber reinforced polymer composites in sandwich structures: A review on its mechanical properties
  81. Evaluation of mechanical properties of coconut shell particle/vinyl ester composite based on the untreated and treated conditions
  82. Mechanical properties of an additive manufactured CF-PLA/ABS hybrid composite sheet
  83. Tribological Applications of Composite Materials
  84. Influence of etching mode and composite resin type on bond strength to dentin using universal adhesive system
  85. Effect of halloysite nanotubes on morphology and mechanical properties of alkali treated pineapple fiber reinforced epoxy composites
  86. Mechanical properties of glass/carbon inter-ply hybrid polymer composites at different in-situ temperatures
  87. Biocomposite Materials: Design and Mechanical Properties Characterization
  88. Investigating the fatigue and mechanical behaviour of 3D printed woven and nonwoven continuous carbon fibre reinforced polymer (CFRP) composites
  89. A review on composite patch repairs and the most important parameters affecting its efficiency and durability
  90. Review on glass fiber reinforced polymer composites
  91. Experimental investigation on bearing behavior and failure mechanism of double-lap thin-ply composite bolted joints
  92. Silicone composites cured under a high electric field: An electromechanical experimental study
  93. Multiscale Analysis of Damage Progression in Reinforced Textile Composite
  94. Damage Analysis of Composite CFRP Tubes Using Acoustic Emission Monitoring and Pattern Recognition Approach
  95. Mechanical characterization of a woven multi-layered hyperelastic composite laminate under uniaxial loading
  96. Machining responses of high-strength carbon/epoxy composites using diamond-coated brad spur drills
  97. Stress Mechanics of Reinforced Polyester Composites
  98. A Review on Aircraft Spectra Simplification Techniques for Composite Structures
  99. Theoretical and experimental study on the continuum damage mechanical (CDM) behavior of RTPs under axial tension
  • The Effect of Copper Particles Size on Hardness, Wear Resistance and Friction Coefficient of Fiberglass-Carbon Particles-Copper Particles Reinforced Composite
  • Modelling the interfacial damage of carbon fiber reinforced polymer composite laminate under the low-velocity impact loading
  • Perspectives for use of composite and polymer materials in aircraft construction
  • Stability and failure of compressed thin‐walled composite columns using experimental tests and advanced numerical damage models
  • Sensitivity Analysis of Fracture Behavior in Carbon-Epoxy Composite at Different Displacement Rates under Mode I tensile Loading by Regression Analysis
  • Experimental study on mechanical properties and failure behaviour of the pre-cracked coal-rock combination
  • Micromechanical finite element analysis of effect of multilayer interphase on crack propagation in SiC/SiC composites
  • A review of phase-field models, fundamentals and their applications to composite laminates
  • Physical and Mechanical Properties of Polypropylene Fibre-Reinforced Cement–Glass Composite
  • Aluminium metal matrix composites and effect of reinforcements–A Review
  • Biobased Composites: Processing, Characterization, Properties, and Applications
  • Study on Fracture of Fiber-Reinforced Polymeric Composites Using Spiral Notch Torsion Test
  • Low‐velocity impact resistance and acoustic emission evaluation on mechanical failure of carbon fiber weft‐knitting‐reinforced composites
  • Advances, limitations and prospects of nondestructive testing and evaluation of thick composites and sandwich structures: A state-of-the-art review
  • Evaluating the effect of variable fiber content on mechanical properties of additively manufactured continuous carbon fiber composites
  • … M. Conwaya, Cody Kunkab, Benjamin C. Whiteb, Garrett J. Patakya, Brad L. Boyceb aDepartment of Mechanical Engineering, Clemson University, Clemson …
  • Numerical‐experimental structural instability analysis of composite tubes considering manufacturing parameters and imperfections
  • Numerical simulation of solid particle erosion for glass fiber reinforced epoxy composites
  • Mechanical and energy characteristics of coal–rock composite sample with different height ratios: a numerical study based on particle flow code
  • Abrasive wear behaviour of orange peel (biowaste) particulate reinforced polymer composites
  • Compressive fatigue behavior and failure evolution of additive fiber-reinforced cemented tailings composites
  • On the in-situ on-line structural health monitoring of composites using screen-printed sensors
  • Mechanical characterization of graphene nanoplatelets-reinforced Mg-3Sn alloy synthesized by powder metallurgy
  • Mechanical behavior of sisal and banana fiber reinforced hybrid epoxy composites
  • Impact of alkali treatment and fiber length on mechanical properties of new agro waste Lagenaria Siceraria fiber reinforced epoxy composites
  • The Interfacial Shear Strength of Carbon Nanotube Sheet Modified Carbon Fiber Composites
  • Improving delamination resistance of carbon fiber reinforced polymeric composite by interface engineering using carbonaceous nanofillers through electrophoretic …
  • Clamping force integrated computer aided tolerancing in composite assembly
  • Fatigue behaviour of FDM-3D printed polymers, polymeric composites and architected cellular materials
  • Progressive failure analysis of CFRP composite laminates under uniaxial tension using a discrete element method
  • Effect of Al2O3 nanofillers in basalt/epoxy composites: Mechanical and tribological properties
  • Evaluation of Single-Lap and Block Shear Test Methods in Adhesively Bonded Composite Joints
  • Three-dimensional finite element analysis on the flexural behavior of composite beams under linear displacement
  • Mechanical and vibrational characteristics of MacPherson strut composite bearing units based on short carbon fiber/polyamide 66
  • Analysis of the Adhesive Damage for Different Patch Shapes in Bonded Composite Repair of Corroded Aluminum Plate Under Thermo-Mechanical Loading
  • A review on environment friendly and lightweight Magnesium-Based metal matrix composites and alloys
  • Review of hydraulic seal failures due to effect of medium to high temperature
  • Delamination and Manufacturing Defects in Natural Fiber-Reinforced Hybrid Composite: A Review
  • Interfacial Bonding Mechanism and Mechanical Performance of Continuous Fiber Reinforced Composites in Additive Manufacturing
  • Mechanical Properties of GFRPs Exposed to Tensile, Compression and Tensile—Tensile Cyclic Tests
  • Development of magnesium-based hybrid metal matrix composite through in situ micro, nano reinforcements
  • Investigation on the effect of fiber reinforcement style on shear properties of polypropylene composites Elyaf takviye biçiminin polipropilen kompozitlerin kayma …
  • Study on the mechanical performances of carbon fiber/epoxy composite material subjected to dynamical compression and high temperature loads
  • Rupture by impact-induced fatigue of a copper foil strip embedded in a multifunctional composite material
  • Improvements in mechanical properties of aluminium alloy-titanium di boride and boron carbide hybrid composite produced through friction stir processing route
  • Mechanical properties and damage characteristics of coal-rock combination with different dip angles
  • Microstructure, Mechanical Behavior and Tensile Fractography of 90-Micron-Sized Titanium Carbide Particles Reinforced Al2219 Alloy Die Cast Metal Composites
  • Modelling resistance welding of thermoplastic composites with a nanocomposite heating element
  • Experimental analysis of sandwich composite beams under three-point bending with an emphasis on the layering effects of foam core
  • Mechanical behavior and failure of glass/carbon fiber hybrid composites: Multiscale computational predictions validated by experiments
  • Influence of coir fiber geometry on mechanical properties of SiC filled epoxy composites
  • Mechanical, interfacial and thermal properties of silica aerogel-infused flax/epoxy composites
  • Damage and Failure in Composite Structures
  • On-site monitoring of bearing failure in composite bolted joints using built-in eddy current sensing film
  • Bamboo Fiber Reinforced Composites
  • Design ductile and work-hardenable composites with all brittle constituents
  • Laser powder bed fusion of WC-reinforced Hastelloy-X composite: microstructure and mechanical properties
  • Mechanical strength characterization of plastic fiber reinforced cement concrete composites
  • Representative Cell Analysis for Damage-Based Failure Model of Polymer Hexagonal Honeycomb Structure under the Out-of-Plane Loadings
  • Failure prediction of a new sandwich panels based on flax fibres reinforced epoxy bio-composites
  • Spark plasma sintering of B4C and B4C-TiB2 composites: Deformation and failure mechanisms under quasistatic and dynamic loading
  • Effect of Milling Parameter and Fiber Pull-Out on Machinability Kenaf Fiber Reinforced Plastic Composite Materials
  • Mechanical characteristics, constitutive models and fracture behaviors of short basalt fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites under varying strain rates
  • Green composite using agricultural waste reinforcement
  • Effect of fiber content and their hybridization on bending and torsional strength of hybrid epoxy composites reinforced with carbon and sugar palm fibers
  • Monitoring Damage in Nonoxide Composites at High Temperatures Using Carbon-Containing CVD SiC Monofilament Fibers as Embedded Electrical Resistance …
  • Influence of argon plasma treatment on carbon fibre reinforced high performance thermoplastic composite
  • Experimental investigation on mechanical properties of Epoxy/graphene/fish scale and fermented spinach hybrid bio composite by hand lay-up technique
  • Influence of SAC and eggshell addition in the physical, mechanical and thermal behaviour of Cr reinforced aluminium based composite
  • Investigation of dynamic, mechanical, and thermal properties of Calotropis procera particle-reinforced PLA biocomposites
  • The Effect of Different Environmental Condition on Flexural Strength and Fatigue Behavior of E-Glass/Epoxy Composites
  • Computational and experimental investigation on mechanical behavior of zirconia toughened alumina and nickel powder reinforced EN31 based composite material
  • Crashworthiness of Aluminum-Composite Hybrid Tubes
  • Fatigue Life Improvement of Cracked Aluminum 6061-T6 Plates Repaired by Composite Patches
  • State-of-the-Art Review on the Progressive Failure Characteristics of Geomaterials in Peridynamic Theory
  • Tribological and Thermo-Mechanical Performance of Chemically Modified Musa Acuminata/Corchorus Capsularis Reinforced Hybrid Composites
  • Mechanical benchmarking of additively manufactured continuous and short carbon fiber reinforced nylon
  • Influence of natural filler on mechanical properties of hemp/kevlar hybrid green composite and analysis of change in material behavior using acoustic emission
  • Failure Mechanism and Energy Absorption of Foam Filled Hybrid Aluminum-Glass/Epoxy Tubes under Three-Point Bending
  • Interference-fit joining of Cu-SS composite tubes by electromagnetic crimping for different surface profiles
  • Effect of SiC particle size and weight% on mechanical properties of AA7075 SiC composite
  • Simulation and experimental study of mechanical and fracture behavior of 2.5 D woven C‐fiber/aluminum composites under warp directional tension loading
  • Mechanical characterization of graphene nanoplatelets-reinforced Mg-3Sn alloy synthesized by powder metallurgy
  • Direct Rolling of TiCp/Ti‐6Al‐4V Composite for Improved Microstructure, Mechanical Properties and High Temperature Oxidation Resistance
  • A machine learning model for predicting the ballistic impact resistance of unidirectional fiber-reinforced composite plate
  • Tuning the mechanical properties of nanoglass-metallic glass composites with brick and mortar designs
  • Interference-fit joining of Cu-SS composite tubes by electromagnetic crimping for different surface profiles
  • Investigation on the effect of fiber reinforcement style on shear properties of polypropylene composites Elyaf takviye biçiminin polipropilen kompozitlerin kayma …
  • Influence of SAC and eggshell addition in the physical, mechanical and thermal behaviour of Cr reinforced aluminium based composite
  • Failure prediction of laminated composites
  • Theoretical prediction for effective properties and progressive failure of textile composites: a generalized multi-scale approach
  • Time-varying structural reliability assessment method: Application to fiber reinforced composites under repeated impact loading
  • Damage failure analysis of Z-pins reinforced composite adhesively bonded single-lap joint
  • Thermo-mechanical simulation of ultrahigh temperature ceramic composites as alternative materials for gas turbine stator blades
  • Multi-phase field modeling for various fracture mechanisms in composites
  • Introduction to Plastics Engineering
  • Failure prediction of irregular arranged multi-bolt composite repair based on finite fracture mechanics model
  • Effect of silica nanoparticles on physical, mechanical, and wear properties of natural fiber reinforced polymer composites
  • Enhanced impact-resistance of aeronautical quasi-isotropic composite plates through diffused water molecules in epoxy
  • Quasi-static mechanical properties of novel generalized Resch-pattern composite foldcores
  • Physical and Mechanical Properties of New Lightweight Ambient-Cured EPS Geopolymer Composites
  • Graphene/nanorubber reinforced electrically conductive epoxy composites with enhanced toughness
  • Effect of SiC particle size and weight% on mechanical properties of AA7075 SiC composite
  • Composite Materials for Armour Application
  • Influence of cork microparticles on the fracture type in single lap joints
  • Experimental Analysis of Perimeter Shear Strength of Composite Sandwich Structures
  • Investigations on Mechanical and Sliding Wear Performance of AA7075˗ SiC/Marble Dust/Graphite Hybrid Alloy Composites Using Hybrid ENTROPY-VIKOR Method
  • Effects of Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles on the Mechanical Strength of Epoxy Hybrid Composite Materials Reinforced with Unidirectional Carbon and Glass Fibers.
  • A machine learning model for predicting the ballistic impact resistance of unidirectional fiber-reinforced composite plate
  • Seawater Aged Basalt/Epoxy Composites: Improved Bearing Performance with Halloysite Nanotube Reinforcement
  • Mechanical characterization of glass and jute fiber-based hybrid composites fabricated through compression molding technique
  • An experimental investigation of flexural and inter laminar shear stress on hybrid polymer based composites (E glass fibre–Kevlar fibre with Epoxy resin 5052) for …
  • Abrasive Water Jet Machining Studies on AlSi7+63%SiC Hybrid Composite
  • Experimental Investigation of Energy Absorption of Aluminum/Composite Hybrid Tube Produced by Tape Winding Method under Quasi-Static Load.
  • Fatigue damage growth and fatigue life of unidirectional composites
  • A review of the recent research on the experimental tests of functionally graded sandwich panels
  • An Experimental Study on the Mechanical Mounting between GFRP Door Impact Beam and Steel Brackets
  • Wear and thermal behavior of basalt fiber reinforced rice husk/polyvinyl chloride composites
  • Simulation of Bridge Deck Made-Up of Fibre Reinforced Polymer Composites Reinforced with ZrO2
  • Techniques for Modelling and Optimizing the Mechanical Properties of Natural Fiber Composites: A Review
  • Free vibration analysis of composite structures using semi-analytical finite strip method
  • Effect of manufacturing on the transverse response of polymer matrix composites
  • Mechanical behavior of RC and ECC/RC composite frames under reversed cyclic loading
  • Role of calcium carbonate on hardness and fracture toughness of carbon fiber reinforced epoxy composites
  • Modeling Fracture in Straight Fiber and Tow-Steered Fiber Laminated Composites—A Phase Field Approach
  • Minimising tool wear by optimisation (ANOVA) of cutting parameters in machining of 7075Al Alloy SiC particle composite
  • Improving cryogenic mechanical properties of carbon fiber reinforced composites based on epoxy resin toughened by hydroxyl-terminated polyurethane
  • Durability and failure modes of concrete beams strengthened with polyurethane or epoxy CFRP
  • Effect of locking mode on mechanical properties and failure behavior of CFRP/Al electromagnetic riveted joint
  • Simulation and experimental study of mechanical and fracture behavior of 2.5 D woven C‐fiber/aluminum composites under warp directional tension loading
  • Critical Load Prediction in Notched E/Glass–Epoxy-Laminated Composites Using the Virtual Isotropic Material Concept Combined with the Average Strain Energy …
  • Research progress on ballistic response of advanced composite for ballistic protection
  • Mechanical performance analysis of U-shaped steel-concrete composite deep coupling beam
  • Mechanical Behavior of Raavi and Pineapple Fiber-reinforced Hybrid Polyester Composites
  • Unmaking: Enabling and Celebrating the Creative Material of Failure, Destruction, Decay, and Deformation
  • Mechanical and thermal insulation properties of surface-modified Agave Americana/carbon fibre hybrid reinforced epoxy composites
  • Investigation of mechanical and physical properties of big sheep horn as an alternative biomaterial for structural applications
  • Prediction of strength and modulus of discontinuous carbon fiber composites considering stochastic microstructure
  • Flexural characteristics and impact rupture stress investigations of sustainable green olive leaves bio-composite materials
  • Comprehensive study on tool wear during machining of fiber-reinforced polymeric composites
  • Nanoparticles enhanced interfaces of Glass fiber laminate aluminum reinforced epoxy (GLARE) fiber metal laminates
  • Multi-scale numerical simulation of impact failure for cylindrical CFRP
  • Hybrid reinforced aluminum matrix composites fabricated by selective laser melting
  • Experimental Investigation on the Mechanical Properties of a Sandwich Structure Made of Flax/Glass Hybrid Composite Facesheet and Honeycomb Core
  • Loading rate effect of the interfacial tensile failure behavior in carbon fiber–epoxy composites toughened with ZnO nanowires
  • Fire performance of continuous steel-concrete composite bridge girders
  • Preparation and mechanical characteristics of fine‐woven cloth and punctured felt preform Cf/C‐SiC‐ZrC composite
  • A re-investigation of mechanical properties of aluminium-based surface composites prepared by friction stir processing
  • The rate-dependent mechanical behavior of CNT-reinforced aluminum matrix composites under tensile loading
  • A novel strategy for comparative numerical analysis of the response of buried composite and steel pipes subjected to realistic loading scenarios: FEA in cooperation …
  • Assessment of moisture barrier, mechanical, and thermal property of base/nanophased carbon-epoxy composites in seawater
  • High-speed raindrop impingement damage of composites based on single waterjet impact tests
  • Investigation of steel wire mesh reinforcement method for 3D concrete printing
  • Comparative study of physical, mechanical and tribological properties of Al2024 alloy and SiC-TiB2 composites
  • Developing a hybrid Al–SiC-graphite functionally graded composite material for optimum composition and mechanical properties
  • Damage mechanisms in glass/epoxy composites subjected to simultaneous humidity and freeze-thaw cycles
  • Effect of age on the failure properties of human meniscus: High-speed strain mapping of tissue tears
  • Mechanical, low velocity impact, fatigue and tribology behaviour of Silane grafted aramid fibre and Nano-silica toughened epoxy composite
  • Characterization of natural–Synthetic fiber reinforced epoxy based composite–Hybridization of kenaf fiber and kevlar fiber
  • Multiscale analysis and process parameters optimization of residual stress/strain of 3D woven composite
  • Research of the damage accumulation and destruction processes of perforated composite plates
  • Recent progress on mechanical behaviors of nacre and its bio-inspired composites
  • Interface engineering of graphene/copper matrix composites decorated with tungsten carbide for enhanced physico-mechanical properties
  • Mechanical Response of Polymer Epoxy/BMI Composites with Graphene and a Boron Nitride Monolayer from First Principles
  • An investigation on mechanical properties in randomly oriented short natural fiber reinforced composites
  • Ballistic impact behaviour of glass/epoxy composite laminates embedded with shape memory alloy (SMA) wires
  • Time Dependent Behaviour of PMMA-Toughened Siliconized SiC Strengthened Glass-Epoxy Composite
  • A data-driven approach to full-field damage and failure pattern prediction in microstructure-dependent composites using deep learning
  • Mechanical behavior of biaxial non-crimp glass fiber reinforced polymer composite
  • Slurry jet erosion wear of particulate polymer composites and metal coating
  • Calcium phosphate cement reinforced with poly (vinyl alcohol) fibers: An experimental and numerical failure analysis
  • Innovative sandwich-like composite biopanels–towards a new building biomaterials concept for structural applications in nonconventional building systems
  • Mechanical Engineering, Materials Science and Civil Engineering V
  • Effect of padding on flexural response of sandwich composites
  • Wear performance and mechanical properties of MWCNT/HDPE nanocomposites for gearing applications
  • A Critical Review on the Structural Health Monitoring Methods of the Composite Wind Turbine Blades
  • Tensile Behaviour of Jute and Bamboo Fiber Reinforced Polymer Matrix Hybrid Composites
  • A comprehensive review on material selection for polymer matrix composites subjected to impact load
  • Influence of pineapple leaf particulate on mechanical, thermal and biodegradation characteristics of pineapple leaf fiber reinforced polymer composite
  • Effects of cutting temperature and process optimization in drilling of GFRP composites
  • Review of current trends for metal-based sandwich panel: Failure mechanisms and their contribution factors
  • Worn surface morphological characterization of NaOH-treated chopped abaca fiber reinforced epoxy composites
  • Challenges for and pathways toward Li-metal-based all-solid-state batteries
  • Design and analysis of FRP composite bolted joints for space structures
  • Enhanced mechanical properties of CNTs/Mg biomimetic laminated composites
  • Flexural and Inter-Laminar Shear Strength of Glass/Carbon Fabric Reinforced Composite
  • Using ultra-thin interlaminar carbon nanotube sheets to enhance the mechanical and electrical properties of carbon fiber reinforced polymer composites
  • Influence of reinforcement architecture on static and dynamic mechanical properties of flax/epoxy composites for structural applications
  • Degradation of hybrid aramid/glass/epoxy composites hydrothermally aged in distilled water
  • Improved mechanical performance of three-dimensional woven glass/epoxy spacer composites with carbon nanotubes
  • Effect of multiwalled carbon nanotubes on improvement of fracture toughness of spark-plasma-sintered yttria-stabilized zirconia nanocomposites
  • Comparative investigation on fracture of suspension high voltage composite insulators: A review—Part I: Fracture morphology characteristics
  • Failure mechanism and tensile constitutive model of the unidirectional-laminated Cf/SiC-Al composites
  • On failure mechanisms in CFRP/Al adhesive joints after hygrothermal aging degradation following by mechanical tests
  • The influence of epoxy adhesive toughness on the strength of hybrid laminate adhesive joints
  • Effect of sintering mechanisms on mechanical properties of AA7075/B4C composite fabricated by powder metallurgy techniques
  • Manufacturing of Al-Li-Si3N4 metal matrix composite for weight reduction
  • Free‐edge delamination in composite laminates under tensile loading: An analytical closed‐form approach


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