Research Topics Ideas of Operating Systems

List Operating Systems Research Topics Areas.

  1. An Overview of Microkernel Based Operating Systems
  2. Inter-hours rolling scheduling of behind-the-meter storage operating systems using electricity price forecasting based on deep convolutional neural network
  3. Building data centers using Network Attached Storage (NAS) and Microprocessor Operating Systems
  4. So ware and Hardware Requirements and Trade-Offs in Operating Systems for Wearables: A Tool to Improve Devices’…
  5. Block-3 Advanced Topics in Operating Systems
  6. Operating Systems Design and Implementation (OSDI’96) Seattle, Washington, October 28-31, 1996
  7. Experiences with Process Management in Multiprocessor Operating Systems
  8. Block-1 Introduction to Operating Systems and Process Management
  9. A Study on the Portability of IoT Operating Systems
  10. A study on UAV operating system security and future research challenges
  11. Formal Verification of a Hybrid IoT Operating System Model
  12. Department of Computer Sciences 4 Distributed Systems and Operating Systems
  13. A survey of operating system support for persistent memory
  15. Building a Kernel Image of RTEMS on Host Operating System
  16. An optimized framework to adopt computer laboratory administrations for operating system and application installations
  17. Operating System Development Based on Open Source Software in Online Learning Systems
  18. The design of embedded Operating System for vehicle Internet of Things
  19. Becoming an operating system: Disability, difference, and the ethics of communication in the United States
  20. The Aurora Operating System
  21. Formal Verification of a Hybrid IoT Operating System Model
  22. Department of Computer Sciences 4 Distributed Systems and Operating Systems
  23. A survey of operating system support for persistent memory
  25. Building a Kernel Image of RTEMS on Host Operating System
  26. An optimized framework to adopt computer laboratory administrations for operating system and application installations
  27. Operating System Development Based on Open Source Software in Online Learning Systems
  28. The design of embedded Operating System for vehicle Internet of Things
  29. Becoming an operating system: Disability, difference, and the ethics of communication in the United States
  30. The Aurora Operating System
  31. Operating within Systems of Oppression
  32. Organizations Operating in Real Time (Real-Time Enterprise) and the Role of IT as a Tool Supporting Their Management Systems
  33. Reliability Analysis of Networked Control Systems with the Consideration of Operating Frequency
  34. Embedded Linux Operating System Network Accelerated Operation Method Based on ARM Processor
  35. A methodology for detection and classification of power quality disturbances using a real-time operating system in the context of home energy management systems
  36. Operating Systems Support and Network Optimization View of Internet of Things
  37. Developing and Operating Artificial Intelligence Models in Trustworthy Autonomous Systems
  38. Developing a smart operating system for fairly distribution of irrigation water, based on social, economic, and environmental considerations
  39. An Improvement Operating System: A Case for a Digital Infrastructure for Continuous Improvement
  42. Internet of Things in Healthcare: A Survey of Telemedicine Systems Used for Elderly People
  43. Preliminary Investigation on Systems for the Preventive Diagnosis of Faults on Agricultural Operating Machines
  44. Robust control based on linear matrix inequalities criterion of single phase distributed electrical energy systems operating in islanded and grid-connected modes
  45. Experience with Building Distributed Systems on top of the Mach Microkernel
  46. Enforcing situation-aware access control to build malware-resilient file systems
  47. Vehicle operating state anomaly detection and results virtual reality interpretation
  48. Particle design of the metastable form of clopidogrel hydrogen sulfate by building spherulitic growth operating spaces in binary solvent systems
  49. Human–Machine Interface Design for Monitoring Safety Risks Associated with Operating Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems in Urban Areas. Aerospace 2021, 8, 71
  50. A Robot Operating System Framework for Secure UAV Communications
  51. Geotechnical Monitoring of Pipeline Systems Operating Under Conditions of Permafrost (Yakutia)
  52. Optimizing operating rules for multi-reservoir hydropower generation systems: An adaptive hybrid differential evolution algorithm
  53. Prevention of surgical site infection under different ventilation systems in operating room environment
  54. Corundum: Statically-Enforced Persistent Memory Safety
  55. Artificial ecosystem-based optimiser to electrically characterise PV generating systems under various operating conditions reinforced by experimental validations
  56. I/O Redirection and Cron
  57. A Load Adaptive Cascade PI Controller for Buck Converters Operating in Wide Load Range in Cathodic Protection Systems
  58. … Analysis of Vehicle Operating Cost (VOC) and the Preparation of Public Transport Information Systems Based on Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in Kupang …
  59. Efficiency and Sensitivity Analysis of Cavern-Based CAES Systems During off-Design Operating Conditions
  60. Broadband Microstrip Antenna for 5G Wireless Systems Operating at 28 GHz
  61. A-D4. 2 Control of DHC networks and Reduction of the operating temperatures in DH systems
  62. Calculation of operating modes of the traction power network system and the capacity of the 27.5 kV railway line section systems for batch train schedules
  64. Coupling Impact Between a Radial Antenna and Guided Modes on Twisted-Pair Systems Operating in Millimeter-Wave
  65. A Flexible and Pattern Reconfigurable Antenna with Small Dimensions and Simple Layout for Wireless Communication Systems Operating over 1.65–2.51 GHz
  66. Vessel monitoring systems as a tool for mapping fishing effort for a small inshore fishery operating within a marine protected area
  67. Sizing Optimization of Pneumatic Actuation Systems Through Operating Point Analysis
  68. Rethinking software runtimes for disaggregated memory
  69. Operating-system design and its implications for victims of family violence: the comparative threat of smart phone spyware for Android versus iPhone users
  70. Fast, flexible, and comprehensive bug detection for persistent memory programs
  71. PMEM-spec: persistent memory speculation (strict persistency can trump relaxed persistency)
  72. Machine learning techniques for computer-based decision systems in the operating theatre: application to analgesia delivery
  73. Sage: Leveraging ML To Diagnose Unpredictable Performance in Cloud Microservices
  74. Conceptual Framework for Designing, Planning, and Operating Smart Platforms as Societal Foundations: A System-Optimization Standpoint and a Spiral-up Systems …
  75. Quest for Control: Managing Software Development in Networked Operating Environments
  76. A novel approach for the design of low-power pipelined synchronous systems operating in double–edge of the clock
  77. A Planning Method for Partially Grid-Connected Bus Rapid Transit Systems Operating with In-Motion Charging Batteries
  78. Sorption-Based Thermal Energy Storage: Material Development and Effects of Operating Conditions
  79. Gamma: leveraging Gustavson’s algorithm to accelerate sparse matrix multiplication
  80. Architectural Features for OS
  81. Physically-based comments to the operating stability for pulse control
  82. Nightcore: efficient and scalable serverless computing for latency-sensitive, interactive microservices
  83. Assessing the Impact of Operating Conditions on the Energy and Exergy Efficiency for Multi-Effect Vacuum Membrane Distillation Systems
  84. Securing Robots: An Integrated Approach for Security Challenges adn Monitoring for the Robotic Operating System
  85. PPPLib: An open-source software for precise point positioning using GPS, BeiDou, Galileo, GLONASS, and QZSS with multi-frequency observations
  86. A computational tool for guiding retrofit projects of industrial heat recovery systems subject to variation in operating conditions
  87. Latency Overhead of ROS2 for Modular Time-Critical Systems
  88. A Novel Approach to Communicate with Video Game Character using Cascade Classifiers
  89. Assessment of Different File Systems for Working Time Based on Glide Path, Operating Kinetics, and the Fracture Resistance
  90. IOT-based Line of Control Monitoring System
  91. Implementation of Cloud Monitoring System Based on Open Source Monitoring Solution
  92. Automatically detecting and fixing concurrency bugs in go software systems
  94. Machine-OlF-Action: A unified framework for developing and interpreting machine-learning models for chemosensory research
  95. Balancing the Service Benefits and Mainline Delay Disbenefits of Operating Shorter Freight Trains
  96. Soil Analysis Technique: NPK Detection using IOT
  97. Contribution margin per hour of operating room to reallocate unutilized operating room time: a cost-effectiveness analysis
  98. Quaternion, octonion to dodecanion manifold: Stereographic projections from infinity lead to a self-operating mathematical universe
  99. Clobber-NVM: log less, re-execute more
  100. Reliability of water fittings in operating conditions
  101. Electrochemical Disinfection in Water and Wastewater Treatment: Identifying Impacts of Water Quality and Operating Conditions on Performance
  102. A novel, economic operating light for dermatosurgical procedures
  103. Integrated Operating Room: A Systematic Mapping Review
  104. LifeStream: a high-performance stream processing engine for periodic streams
  105. A Novel Method to Enhance Sustainable Systems Security in Cloud Computing Based on the Combination of Encryption and Data Mining
  106. On the principle of privacy by design and its limits: Technology, ethics and the rule of law
  107. A Comparison Analysis of Mobile Forensic Investigation Framework
  108. Getting Ready
  109. RecSSD: near data processing for solid state drive based recommendation inference
  110. Automated DNA Extraction Monitoring System Based on MTConnect Technology
  111. EXTENDED ABSTRACT Remote Procedure Call Implementations Of Micro-kernel Virtual
  112. Amanuensis: Information provenance for health-data systems
  113. Judging a type by its pointer: optimizing GPU virtual functions
  114. Common Vulnerabilities Exposed in VPN–A Survey
  115. FaasCache: keeping serverless computing alive with greedy-dual caching
  116. The effect of operating conditions on density stratification in a batch jig II: The influence on stratification kinetics
  117. Improving Website by Analysis of Web Server Logs Using Web Mining Tools
  118. A dream of an ultimate OS
  119. Multilevel Identification and Classification Analysis of Tor on Mobile and PC Platforms
  120. PacketMill: toward per-Core 100-Gbps networking
  121. … -efficiency, air-stable manganese–iron oxide nanoparticle-pigmented solar selective absorber coatings toward concentrating solar power systems operating at 750° C
  122. Design and Implementation of Spacecraft Telecommand Quickly Generation System Based on LUA Script
  123. Access to surgical care as an efficiency issue: using lean management in French and Australian operating theatres
  124. Unsupervised transfer learning for anomaly detection: Application to complementary operating condition transfer
  125. Concept of Virtualization Linked to Energy Storage and Green Computing: A Case Study
  127. Directory Commands and Text Editors
  128. How Linux works: What every superuser should know
  129. PMFuzz: test case generation for persistent memory programs
  130. An Embedded Systems Remote Course
  131. Design and Implementation of VxWorks System Vulnerability Mining Framework Based on Dynamic Symbol Execution
  132. Augmented cognition in the operating room
  133. MuhRec, an open source tool for CT reconstruction
  134. Human Performance Operating Picture for Shepherding a Swarm of Autonomous Vehicles
  135. VSync: push-button verification and optimization for synchronization primitives on weak memory models
  136. Optimization of Railway Operating in terms of Distribution System Voltage Drop
  137. NATting with IP Filter
  138. Ensuring Distribution Network Integrity Using Dynamic Operating Limits for Prosumers
  139. Alternative operating modes to reduce the load shedding in the power system of El Hierro Island
  140. High-power portable terahertz laser systems
  141. A Fuzzy Evaluation Decision Model for the Ratio Operating Performance Index
  142. PTEMagnet: fine-grained physical memory reservation for faster page walks in public clouds
  143. Analysis of Powertrain Efficiency of a Multi-Mode Hybrid Electric Vehicle Based on Operating Modes
  144. E ectiveness of Early Replies in Client-Server Systems
  145. Quantify: An open-source framework for operating quantum computers in the NISQ era
  146. Mobile Application Security Using Static and Dynamic Analysis
  147. Efficiently Building, Maintaining and Deploying Complex Multidisciplinary Physics Models in Heterogeneous Environments
  148. Operating an HPC/HTC Cluster with Fully Containerized Jobs Using HTCondor, Singularity, CephFS and CVMFS
  149. Orchestrated trios: compiling for efficient communication in Quantum programs with 3-Qubit gates
  150. Industrial process control systems
  151. Scalable FSM parallelization via path fusion and higher-order speculation
  152. Sinan: ML-based and QoS-aware resource management for cloud microservices
  153. Statistical robustness of Markov chain Monte Carlo accelerators
  154. The Accuracy and Precision of Measurement: Tools for Validating Reaction Time Stimuli
  155. Design and Analysis of 2D Extended Reed–Solomon Code for OCDMA
  156. Comprehensive evaluation of flat plate and parabolic dish solar collectors’ performance using different operating fluids and MWCNT nanofluid in different …
  157. Rhythmic pixel regions: multi-resolution visual sensing system towards high-precision visual computing at low power
  159. In COM We Trust: Feasibility of USB-Based Event Marking
  160. Laminar Airflow Decreases Microbial Air Contamination Compared with Turbulent Ventilated Operating Theatres During Live Total Joint Arthroplasty–A Nationwide …
  161. Information and Communication Infrastructures in Modern Wide-Area Systems
  162. Strategic Enhancement of Operating Efficiency and Reliability of Process Steam Boilers System in Industry
  163. Coupling Effect of Air Flow Rate and Operating Conditions on the Performance of Electric Vehicle R744 Air Conditioning System
  164. Occupational Health and Safety in Operating Rooms
  165. Diagnostic operating characteristics of PROMIS scales in screening for depression
  166. Differentiable Programming
  167. Flow battery operating in hybrid energy storage system
  168. Distributing Ruby Code and Libraries
  169. Switches for HIRE: resource scheduling for data center in-network computing
  170. Efficient Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Systems
  171. The effects of a physical activity intervention based on a fatness and fitness smartphone app for University students
  172. Quantification of the Impact of Factors Affecting the Technical Performance of Operating Room Personnel: Expert Judgment Approach
  173. Prediction of Operating Temperature of Electronic Components on Printed Circuit Boards
  174. Pelatihan Efisiensi Sumber Daya Sistem Operasi Windows pada Masa Pandemi Covid 19
  175. Hengill, SW-Iceland: Operating a fractured reservoir for geothermal production and carbon storage
  176. Impacts of simultaneous operating faults on cooling performance of a high efficiency residential heat pump
  177. Determination of the price for a hydro resource with consideration of operating conditions of hydropower plants using complex criteria of profit maxmization.
  178. The Impact of Information Technology on Business Transformation in the Operating Telecommunications Companies in Jordan
  179. Multi-stage heat-pipe heat exchanger for improving energy efficiency of the HVAC system in a hospital operating room
  180. Convergence innovation in the digital age and in the COVID-19 pandemic crisis
  181. BayesPerf: minimizing performance monitoring errors using Bayesian statistics
  182. Keynote Address: The design of TEX and mEtaFoNt: A retrospective
  183. A compiler infrastructure for accelerator generators
  184. Power control strategy of an integrated PV system for active power reserve under dynamic operating conditions
  185. Quantifying the design-space tradeoffs in autonomous drones
  186. Performance Evaluation of Mach Applications using the JEWEL Measurement System
  187. The impact of heat loads on the performance of the unidirectional airflow ventilation system in an operating room
  188. Intelligent Cyber Defense in 5G Augmented Aviation Cybersecurity Framework
  189. Thermal model to quantify the impact of sub-bandgap reflectance on operating temperature of fielded PV modules
  190. A Review on Vibration-Based Fault Diagnosis Techniques for Wind Turbine Gearboxes Operating Under Nonstationary Conditions
  192. Operating reserve quantification using prediction intervals of wind power: an integrated probabilistic forecasting and decision methodology
  193. Optimal Energy Management Framework for Truck-Mounted Mobile Charging Stations Considering Power Distribution System Operating Conditions
  194. Fundamental principles of concentrating solar power systems
  195. Experimental study on heat release characteristics of thermochemical heat storage considering various operating parameters
  196. NOREBA: a compiler-informed non-speculative out-of-order commit processor
  197. Perioperative Medical and Surgical Coronavirus Disease 2019 Issues: Keeping Surgeons, Operating Room Teams, and Patients Safe
  198. Information Construction and Prospect of EAST Collaborative Experimental Platform
  199. Thermophilic biodigestion of fermented sugarcane molasses in high-rate structured-bed reactors: Alkalinization strategies define the operating limits
  200. Finding Software Bugs in Embedded Devices
  201. Formalizing Partitioning in Integrated Modular Avionics
  202. Towards understanding the impact of operating voltage on the stability of adiponitrile-based electrical double-layer capacitors
  203. Secure Transactions Management Using Blockchain as a Service Software for the Internet of Things
  204. Elektrikli Araç Sarj Ünitesi için OCCP ile Yazilim Uygulamasi
  205. Parametric analysis and optimization of a latent heat thermal energy storage system for concentrated solar power plants under realistic operating conditions
  206. Jamais vu: thwarting microarchitectural replay attacks
  207. Analytical study of optimum operating conditions in semi-batch closed-circuit reverse osmosis (CCRO)
  208. Polarization-controlled multifunctional coding metasurface operating in transmission-reflection modes
  209. Dijkstra monads forever: termination-sensitive specifications for interaction trees
  210. A method to estimate battery SOH indicators based on vehicle operating data only
  211. Formal Verification Applied to Spacecraft Attitude Control
  212. SEEDS: Simulation and Emulation Environment for Deeply Distributed Systems
  213. Incremental CFG patching for binary rewriting
  214. Analysis of different operating strategies of thermal energy storage with radiant cooling system
  215. More Commands
  216. An extra-wide temperature all-solid-state lithium-metal battery operating from- 73? to 120?
  217. Fast File Transfers from IoT Devices by Using Multiple Interfaces
  218. MERCI: efficient embedding reduction on commodity hardware via sub-query memoization
  219. Multi-Fidelity Digital Twins: a Means for Better Cyber-Physical Systems Testing?
  220. Demystifying the challenges and benefits of analyzing user-reported logs in bug reports
  221. Language-parametric compiler validation with application to LLVM
  222. Corporate Budget Governance Through The Operating Managers Commitment: What Is The Problem?
  223. A Survey on Cloud Computing Security Issues, Attacks and Countermeasures
  224. DiAG: a dataflow-inspired architecture for general-purpose processors
  225. Life Cycle Cost Analyses of Air-Conditioning Systems in Non-Residential Buildings in Egypt
  226. … ternary liquid mixtures of water, dimethyl sulfoxide and acetonitrile as “tri-solvent-in-salt” electrolytes for high-performance supercapacitors operating at-70° C
  227. A novel energy management method based on Deep Q Network algorithm for low operating cost of an integrated hybrid system
  228. Detecting anomalies in microservices with execution trace comparison
  229. Discrete Flux Weakening Controller Design for Future Aircraft Electric Starter/Generator System Operating in High-Speed Range
  231. Reduce Cyber Security Vulnerabilities: IaaS and Data
  232. Where Does the Hype End, and Where Does the Innovation of Blockchain Technology Begin?
  233. Measuring the technological pedagogical content knowledge (TPACK) of in-service teachers of computer science who teach algorithms and programming in upper …
  234. Analysis and Design of Lossy Capacitive Over-Neutralization Technique for Amplifiers Operating Near fMAX
  235. Measurement of anesthetic pollution in veterinary operating rooms for small animals: Isoflurane pollution in a university veterinary hospital
  236. Defensive approximation: securing CNNs using approximate computing
  237. About the Modelling of Effects caused by Fast Switching Semiconductors operating Low Voltage Electrical Machines
  238. Robust Computing for Machine Learning-Based Systems
  239. Entropy-Based Approach in Selection Exact String-Matching Algorithms
  240. Bismuth doped fibre amplifier operating in E-and S-optical bands
  241. Central tower concentrating solar power systems
  242. An approach to optimize performance of CM3A cooperative WBAN operating in UWB
  243. Thermodynamic analysis of the optimal operating conditions for a two-stage CO2 refrigeration unit in warm climates with and without ejector
  244. Influence of Geometric and Operating Parameters on the Heat Transfer Enhancement of Synthetic Jet
  245. Mobile-Aware Deep Learning Algorithms for Malaria Parasites and White Blood Cells Localization in Thick Blood Smears
  246. Development of Algorithms for Identifying Parameters of the Maritime Vessel Motion Model in Operating Conditions with Elements of Intellectual Analysis
  247. Metamaterial Impedance Matching Network for Ambient RF-Energy Harvesting Operating at 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz
  248. Analysis of Possible Reductions of Rejects in Battery Cell Production during Switch-On and Operating Processes
  249. The Right Use Leads to Success
  250. Numerical investigation on the wave interferences of submerged bodies operating near the free surface
  251. Research on Screening Method of Operating Risk Points for Power System Pre-Dispatch
  252. Conceptual design and operating modes comparison of parallel, series and hydro-mechanical hydraulic hybrid power train with hydraulic hybrid auxiliary system
  253. ThingsMigrate: Platform-independent migration of stateful JavaScript Internet of Things applications
  254. [BOOK][B] In the plex: How Google thinks, works, and shapes our lives
  255. Analyzing the costs of developing and operating an integrated health-system specialty pharmacy: The case of a centralized insurance navigation process for specialty …
  256. WearMask: Fast In-browser Face Mask Detection with Serverless Edge Computing for COVID-19
  257. … computed tomography classification of cervical ossification of the posterior longitudinal ligament: selecting the optimal operating procedure and enhancing …
  258. Toward An Algebra of Synchronization
  259. Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Operating Mode Classification Using Deep Residual Learning Feature Extraction
  260. Mergers in the digital economy
  262. Virtual Private Networks, Authentication, and Wireless Security
  263. An artificial neural network methodology for damage detection: Demonstration on an operating wind turbine blade
  264. Design and Analysis of Electrohydraulic Systems for Underwater Systems Utilizing Fluidic Artificial Muscle Actuators
  265. Controlling the Operating Modes of a Hinged Wind Turbine
  266. System Optimization for Economic and Sustainable Production and Utilization of Compressed Air (A Case Study in Asbestos Sheet Manufacturing Plant)
  268. Sage: Using Unsupervised Learning for Scalable Performance Debugging in Microservices
  269. Shell Scripting
  270. Ethereum smart contract security research: survey and future research opportunities
  271. Efficient perioperative time-management methods for operating theatres: a systematic review showing how to reduce overall patient waiting times for elective …
  272. Measurements of Structure Gauge Limits on German Railways
  273. Upgrading strategies for the digital economy
  274. Reliability of SSDs in Enterprise Storage Systems: A Large-Scale Field Study
  275. Time-optimal Qubit mapping
  276. Operating experience feedback from French research reactors
  277. Suitability evaluation on laminar airflow and mixing airflow distribution strategies in operating rooms: A case study at St. Olavs Hospital
  278. A comprehensive framework for operating science-based fisheries management: A checklist for using the best available science
  279. Systematic Method for the Energy-Saving Potential Calculation of Air-Conditioning Systems via Data Mining. Part I: Methodology
  280. Introduction to Raspberry Pi
  281. [BOOK][B] Encyclopedia of management
  282. Vehicle Routing and Scheduling of Flex-Route Transit under a Dynamic Operating Environment
  283. Determining the effect of change in the gas injection timing on the performance indicators of the diesel engine operating in the diesel-gas cycle
  284. Experiences in operating a 100 kW rooftop PV plant in an educational institution in India
  285. Technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution as a Driver of Advancing in Digital Operations Management
  286. ProteomeExpert: a docker image based web-server for exploring, modeling, visualizing, and mining quantitative proteomic data sets
  287. Information support for crop production automation in Russia and Belarus
  288. Phantom: Heterogeneous Process Migration in Java
  289. A cloud platform for atomic pair distribution function analysis: PDFitc
  290. Effect of dedicated mechanical subcooler size and gas cooler pressure control on transcritical CO2 booster systems
  291. Effects of operating parameters on salinity accumulation in a bioelectrochemically-assisted osmotic membrane bioreactor
  292. A Model Predictive Control for the Dynamical Forecast of Operating Reserves in Frequency Regulation Services
  293. The Clustal Omega Multiple Alignment Package
  294. Smartcard Integration to Kerberos
  295. Numerical analysis of secondary airflow in a rotating cavity of a gas-turbine at high operating points with vortex reducer implementation
  296. Determination of Ocular Artifacts in the Clinical EEG Software by a Peripheral Device. Electronics 2021, 10, 108
  297. A photo-induced spin crossover based molecular switch and spin filter operating at room temperature
  298. Empowering Surgeons, Anesthesiologists, and Obstetricians to Incorporate Environmental Sustainability in the Operating Room
  299. Financial Instability, Climate Change and the “Digital Colonization” of Europe: Some Unconventional Proposals
  300. COVID-19 Pandemic and Debates on the Design of Operating Theatre Ventilation Systems in Healthcare Facilities
  301. DeepImageJ: A user-friendly environment to run deep learning models in ImageJ
  302. Di-BOSS: Research, Development & Deployment of the World’s First Digital Building Operating System
  303. Mean Operating Temperature (MOT) of Commercial Roof Assembly and Its Impact on the Energy Performance
  304. Transitioning trainees from the operating room to the COVID-19 intensive care unit in New York–Correspondence
  305. Atomic Mutable Data in a Distributed Hash Table
  306. A Si MOSFET based High-Power Wireless EV Charger with Wide ZVS Operating Range
  307. Hardening Deep Neural Networks in Condition Monitoring Systems against Adversarial Example Attacks
  308. Micromachining porous silicon Fabry–Pérot filters operating in the long wavelength infrared range
  309. Reconstruction of operating loads in wind turbines with inertial measurement units
  310. Direct internal methane reforming in biogas fuelled solid oxide fuel cell; the influence of operating parameters
  311. Security in Mobile Environments
  312. Performability Considerations for Next-Generation Manufacturing Systems
  313. Design of graphical fuzzy sets editor
  314. Improving ecological safety of agricultural off-road machines operating of sloped ground
  316. Safety on site–Operating a test facility for a flight stage
  317. Metadata Management Algorithm Based on Improved LSM Tree
  318. Re-designing the Blood Transfusion Procedure in Operating Theatres: Aligning Work-as-Imagined and Work-as-Done
  319. A comparative study of the Linda model with other alternative models of parallel programming
  320. The speed of adjustment in net operating working capital: an international study
  321. Operating characteristics of four-coil magnetic resonant coupling wireless power transfer under different resonant states
  322. Cybersecurity in ports and maritime industry: Reasons for raising awareness on this issue.
  323. A set of operating system mechanisms to support multi-media applications
  324. Hive: Fault containment for shared-memory multiprocessors
  325. TVDc: Managing security in the trusted virtual datacenter
  326. A Methodology for the Study of Operating Systems
  327. Improving IPC by kernel design
  328. The case for higher-level power management
  329. Energy is just another resource: Energy accounting and energy pricing in the Nemesis OS
  330. Processes in KaffeOS: Isolation, resource management, and sharing in Java
  331. Automatic reasoning and help about human errors in using an operating system
  332. OS support for general-purpose routers
  333. The fable of the keys
  334. The impact of full disk encryption on digital forensics
  335. Extensible file systems in Spring
  336. raxmlGUI: a graphical front-end for RAxML
  337. A non-work-conserving operating system scheduler for SMT processors
  338. Helios: heterogeneous multiprocessing with satellite kernels
  339. EROS: a fast capability system
  340. MiThOS-a real-time micro-kernel threads operating system
  341. A PC-based real-time parallel simulator of electric systems and drives
  342. Design of a catheter operating system with active supporting arm for vascular interventional surgery
  343. Ownership is theft: Experiences building an embedded OS in Rust
  344. virtio: towards a de-facto standard for virtual I/O devices
  345. An architecture for support of network operating system services
  346. The Linux implementation of a log-structured file system
  347. Scheduler activations: Effective kernel support for the user-level management of parallelism
  348. The real-time specification for Java
  349. Recursive restartability: Turning the reboot sledgehammer into a scalpel
  350. Architectural and operating system support for orthogonal persistence
  351. Quality assurance: Importance of systems and standard operating procedures
  352. The impact of free and open source licensing on operating system software markets
  353. Virtualpower: coordinated power management in virtualized enterprise systems
  354. The impact of project licence and operating system on the effectiveness of the defect-fixing process in open source software projects
  355. CS161: Operating Systems
  356. Operating system support for multimedia systems
  357. The rise and fall of the operating system
  358. StarOS, a multiprocessor operating system for the support of task forces
  359. Opal: a single address space system for 64-bit architecture address space
  360. An open operating system for a single-user machine
  361. Problems in supporting data base transactions in an operating system transaction manager
  362. Hand-held computer operating system program for collection of resident experience data
  363. Broom: Sweeping out garbage collection from big data systems
  364. Automatic management of operating-system resources
  365. Using a single address space operating system for distributed computing and high performance
  366. Structuring operating system aspects: using AOP to improve OS structure modularity
  367. A nonstop kernel
  368. The Caernarvon secure embedded operating system
  369. On interrupt-transparent synchronization in an embedded object-oriented operating system
  370. Protocol service decomposition for high-performance networking
  371. Methodology for planning and operating energy-efficient production systems
  372. Operating rules for multireservoir systems
  373. Forensics examination of volatile system data using virtual introspection
  374. Numerical identification of linear dynamic systems from normal operating records
  375. HIC: an operating system for hierarchies of servo loops
  376. ReVirt: Enabling intrusion analysis through virtual-machine logging and replay
  377. Operating system support for high-speed networking.
  378. Security for extensible systems
  379. Impact of embedded systems evolution on RTOS use and design
  380. Beyond address spaces-flexibility, performance, protection, and resource management in the type-safe JX operating system
  381. GENESIS: an efficient, transparent and easy to use cluster operating system
  382. Labels and event processes in the Asbestos operating system
  383. Persistent protected modules and persistent processes as the basis for a more secure operating system
  384. Cassandra: a decentralized structured storage system
  385. The DUNIX distributed operating system
  386. Feather-trace: A lightweight event tracing toolkit
  387. Balancing power consumption in multiprocessor systems
  388. CoMon: a mostly-scalable monitoring system for PlanetLab
  389. Protecting commodity operating system kernels from vulnerable device drivers
  390. AutoBash: Improving configuration management with operating system causality analysis
  391. Capriccio: scalable threads for internet services
  392. Highly parallel computing
  393. SUPERFLIP–a computer program for the solution of crystal structures by charge flipping in arbitrary dimensions
  394. The Chubby lock service for loosely-coupled distributed systems
  395. LithOS: a ARINC-653 guest operating for XtratuM
  396. Osprey: Operating system for predictable clouds
  397. An object-oriented nano-kernel for operating system hardware support
  398. The x-Kernel: An open operating system design
  399. Integral sliding mode in systems operating under uncertainty conditions
  400. publCIF: software for editing, validating and formatting crystallographic information files
  401. A unified security model for data base and operating systems
  402. Generating samples under a Wright–Fisher neutral model of genetic variation
  403. Gray failure: The achilles’ heel of cloud-scale systems
  404. Machine-independent virtual memory management for paged uniprocessor and multiprocessor architectures
  405. A structured approach to teaching operating systems principles using a high level concurrent programming language
  406. Safety Evaluation on Real Time Operating Systems for Safety-Critical Systems
  407. A survey of multiprocessor operating system kernels
  408. A study on UAV operating system security and future research challenges
  409. Operating system extensions for dynamic real-time applications
  410. Argos: an emulator for fingerprinting zero-day attacks for advertised honeypots with automatic signature generation
  411. Real-time identification of optimal operating points in photovoltaic power systems
  412. Operating system verification—an overview
  413. Supporting time-sensitive applications on a commodity OS
  414. Energy-efficient soft real-time CPU scheduling for mobile multimedia systems
  415. Operating system support for the Desk Area Network
  416. Improving operating system fingerprinting using machine learning techniques
  417. Baget real-time operating system family (features, comparison, and future development)
  418. Unification of active and passive objects in an object-oriented operating system
  419. Crystal structure refinement with SHELXL
  420. Transfer Semantics in an Operating System Consultant: The Formalization of Actions Involving Object Transfer.
  421. HermitCore: a unikernel for extreme scale computing
  422. Scheduling in a general purpose operating system
  423. Process migration in DEMOS/MP
  424. Nomad: a scalable operating system for clusters of uni-and multiprocessors
  425. Proxies, application interfaces, and distributed systems
  426. Modeling interdependent network systems for identifying cascade-safe operating margins
  427. Reducing processor power consumption by improving processor time management in a single-user operating system
  428. Restraints on Innovation
  429. Authentication in distributed systems: A bibliography
  430. Operating system principles
  431. Adaptive domain environment for operating systems
  432. Configuration coverage in the analysis of large-scale system software
  433. A quantitative analysis of aspects in the eCos kernel
  434. Protection
  435. Visualization of graphic information in general-purpose operating systems
  436. Are virtual-machine monitors microkernels done right?
  437. The case for application-specific benchmarking
  438. Diagnosis of continuous valued systems in transient operating regions
  439. Time series forecast modeling of vulnerabilities in the android operating system using ARIMA and deep learning methods
  440. Formal techniques for the modelling and validation of a co-operating UAV team that uses Dubins set for path planning
  441. Authentication in the Taos operating system
  442. Semantic file systems
  443. The problem of nested monitor calls
  444. The UNIX operating system: a model for software design
  445. First-class user-level threads
  446. Improving integer security for systems with {KINT}
  447. The JX Operating System.
  448. Teaching Operating Systems-Programming Assignments Approach

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