Power Systems Research Topics Ideas for MS/PhD

List of Power Systems Research Topics Ideas for MS/PhD Thesis

1. Introduction and literature review of power system challenges and issues
2. Power system inertia estimation: Review of methods and the impacts of converter-interfaced generations
3. Artificial intelligence models in power system analysis
4. Power system protection
5. Technical barriers for harnessing the green hydrogen: A power system perspective
6. Evolutionary game analysis on behavior strategies of multiple stakeholders in maritime shore power system
7. Optimal analysis of a hybrid renewable power system for a remote island
8. Evaluation and optimization of off-grid and on-grid photovoltaic power system for typical household electrification
9. Comprehensive performance evaluation and demands’ sensitivity analysis of different optimum sizing strategies for a combined cooling, heating, and power system
10. Comprehensive weight method based on game theory for identify critical transmission lines in power system

11. Integrated standalone hybrid solar PV, fuel cell and diesel generator power system for battery or super capacitor storage systems in Khor fakkan, United Arab Emirates
12. Power system stability in the transition to a low carbon grid: A techno-economic perspective on challenges and opportunities
13. Multi-objective jellyfish search optimizer for efficient power system operation based on multi-dimensional OPF framework
14. Power system hybrid dynamic economic emission dispatch with wind energy based on improved sailfish algorithm
15. Voltage stability analysis of power system
16. Coordinated automatic generation control of interconnected power system with imitation guided exploration multi-agent deep reinforcement learning
17. Load frequency control based on the bees algorithm for the great britain power system
18. Multi-level interactive unit commitment of regional power system
19. Maiden application of fuzzy-2DOFTID controller in unified voltage-frequency control of power system
20. Network‐constrained rail transportation and power system scheduling with mobile battery energy storage under a multi‐objective two‐stage stochastic programming

21. Fuel-cell sharing for a distributed hybrid power system
22. A sustainable energy distribution configuration for microgrids integrated to the national grid using back-to-back converters in a renewable power system
23. An optimization-based strategy for solving optimal power flow problems in a power system integrated with stochastic solar and wind power energy
24. Impact of fossil-free decentralized heating on northern European renewable energy deployment and the power system
25. Investigation and damping of electromechanical oscillations for grid integrated micro grid by a novel coordinated governor-fractional power system stabilizer
26. Improving the Accuracy of the State Estimation Algorithm in the Power System Based on the Location of PMUs and Voltage Angle Relationships
27. The near-optimal feasible space of a renewable power system model
28. Multi-objective optimization of a combined cooling, heating, and power system with subcooled compressed air energy storage considering off-design characteristics
29. Near-Optimal PI Controllers of STATCOM for Efficient Hybrid Renewable Power System
30. ‘Cooperative game’inspired approach for multi-area power system security management taking advantage of grid flexibilities

31. Exergo-economic assessment and sensitivity analysis of a solar-driven combined cooling, heating and power system with organic Rankine cycle and absorption heat …
32. Equilibrium optimizer‐tuned cascade fractional‐order 3DOF‐PID controller in load frequency control of power system having renewable energy resource integrated
33. Analytical model of power system hardening planning for long-term risk reduction
34. An Optimal Control of Integrated Hybrid Power System with FACTS Devices Using Student Psychology‐Based Optimization Algorithm
35. Robust delay-dependent load frequency control of wind power system based on a novel reconstructed model
36. Power system harmonics
37. Increasing Turkey’s power system flexibility for grid integration of 50% renewable energy share
38. Preliminary propulsion and power system design of a tandem-wing long-range eVTOL aircraft
39. Efficient creation of datasets for data-driven power system applications
40. MVO algorithm based LFC design of a six-area hybrid diverse power system integrating IPFC and RFB

41. Optimal performance of a combined heat-power system with a proton exchange membrane fuel cell using a developed marine predators algorithm
42. A modified moth flame optimisation technique tuned adaptive fuzzy logic PID controller for frequency regulation of an autonomous power system
43. A techno-economic viability analysis of the two-axis tracking grid-connected photovoltaic power system for 25 selected coastal mediterranean cities
44. Decentralized data-enabled predictive control for power system oscillation damping
45. Optimal Design of Biomass Combined Heat and Power System Using Fuzzy Multi-Objective Optimisation: Considering System Flexibility, Reliability, and Cost
46. Design Methodology and Parametric Design Study of the On-Board Electrical Power System for Hybrid Electric Aircraft Propulsion
47. A novel sine augmented scaled sine cosine algorithm for frequency control issues of a hybrid distributed two-area power system
48. Sunflower optimization based fractional order fuzzy PID controller for frequency regulation of solar-wind integrated power system with hydrogen aqua equalizer-fuel …
49. Optimal scheduling for power system peak load regulation considering short-time startup and shutdown operations of thermal power unit
50. Voltage and frequency control of wind–diesel power system through adaptive sliding mode control of superconducting magnetic energy storage

51. Impedance-Based Stability Analysis Methods for DC Distribution Power System With Multivoltage Levels
52. Uncertainty Evaluation Algorithm in Power System Dynamic Analysis with Correlated Renewable Energy Sources
53. Which ship-integrated power system enterprises are more competitive from the perspective of patent?
54. Deep Feedback Learning Based Predictive Control for Power System Undervoltage Load Shedding
55. Conventional and advanced exergy analyses of a vehicular proton exchange membrane fuel cell power system
56. Advanced teaching method for learning power system operation based on load flow simulations
57. A novel application of ALO-based fractional order fuzzy PID controller for AGC of power system with diverse sources of generation
58. A review of the smart grid concept for electrical power system
59. Dynamic power–frequency control in a hybrid wind-PV plant interlinked with AC power system
60. Application of SVC and STATCOM for wind integrated power system

61. Mass optimization of the radiation shadow shield for space nuclear power system
62. Power system operation with power electronic inverter–dominated microgrids
63. Comparative study of four MPPT for a wind power system
64. An empirical approach to frequency droop characterization from utility‐scale photovoltaic plants operation in a power system
65. Bio‐inspired hybrid BFOA‐PSO algorithm‐based reactive power controller in a standalone wind‐diesel power system
66. A Small Hybrid Power System of Photovoltaic Cell and Sodium Borohydride Hydrolysis-Based Fuel Cell
67. A hybrid MFO‐GHNN tuned self‐adaptive FOPID controller for ALFC of renewable energy integrated hybrid power system
68. Nonlinear Model Predictive Control of an Autonomous Power System Based on Hydrocarbon Reforming and High Temperature Fuel Cell
69. A new congestion cost allocation method in a deregulated power system using weighting of contractual preferences and geographical location of users
70. Optimized Power System Voltage Measurements Considering Power System Harmonic Effects

71. Power System Characteristics
72. Fault Tolerant Control Method of Power System of Tram Based on PLC.
73. Priority Lists for Power System Investments: Locating Phasor Measurement Units
74. The concept of vulnerability and resilience in electric power systems
75. A review of different optimisation techniques for solving single and multi-objective optimisation problem in power system and mostly unit commitment problem
76. Modeling Inverters with Grid Support Functions for Power System Dynamics Studies
77. Performance of wide-area power system stabilizers during major system upsets: investigation and proposal of solutions
78. Review of Proactive Operational Measures for the Distribution Power System Resilience Enhancement Against Hurricane Events.
79. Chaos Elimination in Power System Using Synergetic Control Theory
80. Role of Hydrogen in a Low-Carbon Electric Power System: A Case Study

a. Study of Assessing the Stability of Rwanda’s Power System from Big Data Based on Power Generation
81. A simplified virtual power system lab for distance learning and ABET accredited education systems
82. Review of risk analysis methods for failure scenario in power system under typhoon disasters
83. Preliminary Study on Forced Oscillation of Power System with Quadratic Nonlinearity
84. A novel power system operation simulation method considering multi-state models of coal-fired power unit: a case study of coal-fired power transformation in a certain …
85. Comprehensive Analysis and Visualization Method of Online and Offline Operation Modes of Power System
86. Impact of the Power System Stabilizer on Transient Stability of the Power System
87. Research on Data Intelligent Retrieval Method Oriented to Unified Business Center of Power System
88. Technologies and economics of electric energy storages in power systems: Review and perspective
89. How to Use LDA Model to Analyze Patent Information? Taking Ships Integrated Power System as an Example

90. Satin Bowerbird optimization algorithm for the Application of Optimal power flow of power system with FACTS devices
91. Applications of Big Data and Internet of Things in Power System
92. Power system planning methods and experiences in the energy transition framework
93. Study of Interconnections in Vietnam Power System with Asynchronous Back to Back HVDC Links
94. A Convolution Neural Network Method for Power System Oscillation Type Identification
95. DE-Assisted LFC of Three-Area Six-Source Interconnected Power System with Wind Model and Fuel Cell Under Restructured Environment
96. Optimization for Short-Term Operation of Hybrid Hydro-PV Power System Based on NSGA-II
97. Deep learning for short-term voltage stability assessment of power systems
98. Transient Stability-Based Security State Classification of Power System Networks Using Kohonen’s Neural Network
99. Renewable Energy-Based Load Frequency Stabilization of Interconnected Power Systems Using Quasi-Oppositional Dragonfly Algorithm

100. Nonlinear Model Predictive Control of an Autonomous Power System Based on Hydrocarbon Reforming and High Temperature Fuel Cell. Energies 2021, 14, 1371
101. Primary frequency control techniques for large-scale PV-integrated power systems: A review
102. Optimal Operation of a Power System with Cross-border Electricity Trading Considering Demand Response Program: A Case Study of Afghanistan
103. Combined solar power and storage as cost-competitive and grid-compatible supply for China’s future carbon-neutral electricity system
104. Design Optimization Analysis Based On Demand Side Management of a Stand-alone Hybrid Power System Using Genetic Algorithm for Remote Rural Electrification
105. Enhance Power Quality of Grid Connected Wind and Solar Power System with ANFIS Control Scheme
106. Observer-based event triggering H∞ LFC for multi-area power systems under DoS attacks
107. Diagnosis performance assessment of the secondary protection for a 68‐bus power system
108. Results of a 200 hours lifetime test of a 7 kW Hybrid–Power fuel cell system on electric forklifts
109. Optimization of power-to-heat flexibility for residential buildings in response to day-ahead electricity price

110. Impact of renewable generation on probabilistic dynamic security assessment of a power transmission system
111. Prospects of power generation from the deep fractured geothermal reservoir using a novel vertical well system in the Yangbajing geothermal field, China
112. A residential community-level virtual power plant to balance variable renewable power generation in Sweden
113. Evaluation of hierarchical controls to manage power, energy and daily operation of remote off-grid power systems
114. … Multivalent Diagnoses Developed by a Diagnostic Program with an Artificial Neural Network for Devices in the Electric Hybrid Power Supply System “House on Water”
115. Technical features of the computing and geo-information system for research of prospective interstate power grid expansion
116. Two stage unit commitment considering multiple correlations of wind power forecast errors
117. Blockchain-based securing of data exchange in a power transmission system considering congestion management and social welfare
118. An Optimization Technique for Voltage Regulation in Electrical Power Systems
119. Availability importance measures of components in smart electric power grid systems

120. Electromagnetic Transients on Power Plant Connection Caused by Lightning Event
121. … incorporating battery energy storage system, minimum variable contribution of demand response, and variable load damping coefficient in isolated power …
122. Comparatives Studies in Molten Salt Reactor FUJI-U3 with Various Power
123. Future of electrical aircraft energy power systems: An architecture review
124. Fluid power troubleshooting
125. Cascading Failures Assessment in Renewable Integrated Power Grids Under Multiple Faults Contingencies
126. COVID-19-induced low power demand and market forces starkly reduce CO 2 emissions
127. Technology revolution in the inspection of power transmission lines-A literature review
128. Reactive power control of photovoltaic power generation systems by a wide‐area control system for improving transient stability in power systems
129. Techno-economic and environmental assessment of the coordinated operation of regional grid-connected energy hubs considering high penetration of wind power
130. A hybrid grey wolf optimisation and pattern search algorithm for automatic generation control of multi-area interconnected power systems
131. ICA based Multi Converter Strategy for Improving Power Quality in Multi-Feeder System with Renewable Source Integration
132. A Self Monitoring and Analyzing System for Solar Power Station using IoT and Data Mining Algorithms
133. Analysis of Emergency Operation Modes of Micro Power Systems with Small Hydroelectric Power Plants
134. Improving the voltage quality and power transfer capability of transmission system using facts controller
135. Particle swarm optimization in image processing of power flow learning distribution
136. A Modified Teaching—Learning-Based Optimization for Dynamic Economic Load Dispatch Considering Both Wind Power and Load Demand Uncertainties With …
137. An ensemble model for wide-area measurement-based transient stability assessment in power systems
138. An adaptative control strategy for interfacing converter of hybrid microgrid based on improved virtual synchronous generator
139. Quantum computing based hybrid deep learning for fault diagnosis in electrical power systems

140. Performance enhancement and multi-objective optimization of a double-flash binary geothermal power plant
141. Optimal reactive power dispatch using an improved slime mould algorithm
142. Applications of Metaheuristics in Power Electronics
143. A Dynamic State Estimator Based Tolerance Control Method Against Cyberattack and Erroneous Measured Data for Power Systems
144. Establishment of Low Voltage Ride-Through Curves and Stability Analysis with High Photovoltaic Penetration in Power Systems
145. A systematic review of the costs and impacts of integrating variable renewables into power grids
146. A wind power accommodation capability assessment method for multi-energy microgrids
147. Analyzing the effects of economic development on the transition to cleaner production of China’s energy system under uncertainty
148. Enhancing fault detection function in wind farm‐integrated power network using Teaching Learning‐Based Optimization technique
149. Economic analysis and optimization of a renewable energy based power supply system with different energy storages for a remote island

150. A hybrid SATS algorithm-based optimal power flow for security enhancement using SSSC
151. Prediction-based analysis on power consumption gap under long-term emergency: A case in China under COVID-19
152. Dynamic virtual power plant: A new concept for grid integration of renewable energy sources
153. Energy Storage Investment and Operation in Efficient Electric Power Systems
154. Comprehensive Design of DC Shipboard Power Systems for Pure Electric Propulsion Ship Based on Battery Energy Storage System
155. Physics-informed neural networks for minimising worst-case violations in dc optimal power flow
156. A review on fractional order (FO) controllers’ optimization for load frequency stabilization in power networks
157. Resilience analysis and cascading failure modeling of power systems under extreme temperatures
158. Cascade‐IλDμN controller design for AGC of thermal and hydro‐thermal power systems integrated with renewable energy sources
159. Hospital-oriented quad-generation (HOQG)—A combined cooling, heating, power and gas (CCHPG) system

160. Energy, exergy, economy and environmental (4E) analysis and optimization of single, dual and triple configurations of the power systems: Rankine Cycle/Kalina Cycle …
161. Deriving pack rules for hydro–photovoltaic hybrid power systems considering diminishing marginal benefit of energy
162. Safe Reinforcement Learning for Emergency Load Shedding of Power Systems
163. Electric power systems
164. Solving optimal power flow problem with stochastic wind–solar–small hydro power using barnacles mating optimizer
165. An efficient control strategy of shunt active power filter for asymmetrical load condition using time domain approach
166. Analysis of various options for balancing power systems’ peak load
167. An open-source extendable model and corrective measure assessment of the 2021 texas power outage
168. Optimal supply chains and power sector benefits of green hydrogen
169. Improving the Efficacy of the Nigerian Electric Power Transmission Network Using Static Synchronous Compensator (STACOM)

170. Optimal Placement of PMUs for Kerala and Tamil Nadu State Level Regional Indian Power Grid
171. Sharing hydropower flexibility in interconnected power systems: A case study for the China Southern power grid
172. Full energy sector transition towards 100% renewable energy supply: Integrating power, heat, transport and industry sectors including desalination
173. Multi-objective optimal power flow problems based on slime mould algorithm
174. System simulation and exergetic analysis of solid oxide fuel cell power generation system with cascade configuration
175. The importance of temporal resolution in modeling deep decarbonization of the electric power sector
177. Knowledge implementation and transfer with an adaptive learning network for real-time power management of the plug-in hybrid vehicle
178. Solar power satellites research in China
179. Frequency stabilization of solar thermal-photovoltaic hybrid renewable power generation using energy storage devices

i. Design and Comparison of Auxiliary Resonance controllers for Mitigating Modal Resonance of Power Systems Integrated with Wind Generation
ii. A Computational Intelligence Approach for Power Quality Monitoring
iii. Cascading Failure A nalysis of Cyber Physical Power Systems Considering Routing Strategy
iv. Demand Side Management by PV Integration to Micro-grid Power Distribution System: A Review and Case Study Analysis
v. Use of a hybrid wind—solar—diesel—battery energy system to power buildings in remote areas: a case study
vi. Challenges and opportunities of inertia estimation and forecasting in low-inertia power systems
vii. Generation Scheduling of Hydro-dominated Provincial Power Grid: Problems and Solutions
viii. A review of machine learning applications in IoT-integrated modern power systems
ix. Use of hydrogen as a seasonal energy storage system to manage renewable power deployment in Spain by 2030
x. Assessment of utilization of combined heat and power systems to provide grid flexibility alongside variable renewable energy systems

180. The role of the power sector in net-zero energy systems
181. A new approach to determine maintenance periods of the most critical hydroelectric power plant equipment
182. Application of High‐Performance Computing in Synchrophasor Data Management and Analysis for Power Grids
183. Wide-area monitoring and anomaly analysis based on synchrophasor measurement
184. Marine predators algorithm for load frequency control of modern interconnected power systems including renewable energy sources and energy storage units
185. Comparative study on the thermodynamic and economic performance of novel absorption power cycles driven by the waste heat from a supercritical CO2 cycle
186. Adaptive constraint differential evolution for optimal power flow
187. Optimization of location and size of distributed generations for maximizing their capacity and minimizing power loss of distribution system based on cuckoo search …
188. Solar power-to-gas application to an island energy system
189. Fault Detection in Power Transmission System Using Reverse Biorthogonal Wavelet

190. Line failure localization of power networks part i: Non-cut outages
191. Sunsetting coal power in China
192. Decentralised stochastic disturbance observer-based optimal frequency control method for interconnected power systems with high renewable shares
193. Hydrogen-based systems for integration of renewable energy in power systems: Achievements and perspectives
194. Research on frequency modulation control of photovoltaic power generation system based on VSG
195. Research on Grid Expansion Planning and Reliability Balance under the Fusion of Energy Storage and Wind Power
196. Asynchronous Control for Discrete-Time Hidden Markov Jump Power Systems
197. Nonlinear disturbance observer based adaptive super twisting sliding mode load frequency control for nonlinear interconnected power network
198. A Review of Lithium-Ion Battery Models in Techno-economic Analyses of Power Systems
199. Probabilistic estimation model of power curve to enhance power output forecasting of wind generating resources

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