what are variables and concepts in research methodology

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What are variables?

Variable is a some kind of concept that varies from time to time.

How many kinds of concepts?

There are two types of concepts:

  1. Concepts mostly have variation in quantity. e.g;
    • Amount of skills in programming
    • Height of a baby (it will increase)
  2. Concepts those refer to a fixed phenomenon. e.g;
    • Width and height of a building (it will fix)

How concepts can be measured?

Concepts can be measured with the help of variables. Variables can take two or more values and these values varies from time to time.

Give example of variables?

  1. Profit of sale is a variable and profit can have many values. Every day value of profit variable is changed for a shop keeper.
  2. Marital status is a variable and its values varies from time to time. A lady can be single, married or divorced.
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