Robust and Secure System Design Research Topics Ideas

Research Topics Ideas on Robust and Secure System Design

1. Robust and secure sum-rate maximization for multiuser MISO downlink systems with self-sustainable IRS
2. Outage-Constrained Robust and Secure Design for Downlink Rate-Splitting UAV Networks
3. Design of Adaptive-Robust Controller for Multi-State Synchronization of Chaotic Systems with Unknown and Time-Varying Delays and Its Application in Secure …
4. Robust Secure Design for RIS-Aided NOMA Network Against Internal Near-End Eavesdropping
5. Robust Beamforming Design for IRS-aided Secure SWIPT Terahertz Systems with Non-linear EH Model
6. Secure Wireless Communication in RIS-Aided MISO System with Hardware Impairments
7. A robust provable-secure privacy-preserving authentication protocol for Industrial Internet of Things
8. Robust 3D-Trajectory and Time Switching Optimization for Dual-UAV-Enabled Secure Communications
9. Developing a robust multi-attribute decision-making framework to evaluate performance of water system design and planning under climate change
10. Robust secure UAV communications with the aid of reconfigurable intelligent surfaces
11. A robust and secure multi-authority access control system for cloud storage
12. Robust and secure routing protocols for MANET-based internet of things systems—A survey
13. Robust Secure Communication for Health Care IoT system with Statistical Channel Uncertainties
14. Robust Secure Transmit Design with Artificial Noise in the Presence of Multiple Eavesdroppers
15. Robust Design for Integrated Satellite–Terrestrial Internet of Things
16. PlexNet: A fast and robust ECG biometric system for human recognition
17. Towards a Robust and Trustworthy Machine Learning System Development
18. Robust and Secure Cache-aided Private Linear Function Retrieval from Coded Servers
19. Robust Secure Beamforming for Intelligent Reflecting Surface Assisted Full-Duplex MISO Systems
20. Robust and secure video watermarking based on cellular automata and singular value decomposition for copyright protection
21. A new secure arrangement for privacy-preserving data collection
22. Robust Design for UAV-Enabled Multiuser Relaying System with SWIPT
23. Examuntu: A Secure and Portable Linux-Distribution for Summative E-Assessments at Universities
24. A wavelet-based robust adaptive ts fuzzy controller design for synchronization of faulty chaotic gyrostat systems
25. Smart and reconfigurable wireless communications: From IRS modeling to algorithm design
26. Fingerprint and Face-Based Secure Biometric Authentication System Using Optimized Robust Features
27. Mixed-Integer Optimization for Bio-Inspired Robust Power Network Design
28. Model Predictive Control as A Secure Service for Cyber-Physical Systems: A Cloud-Edge Framework
29. IRS-assisted green communication systems: Provable convergence and robust optimization
30. A Secure and Reliable Architecture for User Authentication Through OTP in Mobile Payment System
31. Secure Byzantine-Robust Distributed Learning via Clustering
32. Robust Speed Control for Induction Motor Drives Using STSM Control
33. MandiPass: Secure and Usable User Authentication via Earphone IMU
34. Robust, Private and Secure Cache-aided Scalar Linear Function Retrieval from Coded Servers
35. Distributionally robust fault detection design and assessment for dynamical systems
36. A Secure and Robust PUF-based Key Generation with Wiretap Polar Coset Codes
37. Robust Hybrid Precoding Design for Securing Millimeter Wave IoT Networks Under Secrecy Outage Constraint
38. Secure backscatter‐enabled NOMA system design in 6G era
39. Robust beamforming for IRS-assisted wireless communications under channel uncertainty
40. Robust Human Face Authentication Leveraging Acoustic Sensing on Smartphones
41. Advancing urban energy system planning and modeling approaches: Gaps and solutions in perspective
42. A Secure Digital Text Watermarking Algorithm for Portable Document Format
43. Robust beamforming for multi-user MISO full-duplex SWIPT system under non-linear energy harvesting model
44. Privacy preserving and data transpiration in multiple cloud using secure and robust data access management algorithm
45. Optimal Robust LPV Control Design for Novel Covid-19 Disease
46. Analysis and challenges of robust E-exams performance under COVID-19
47. DL-FHMC: Deep Learning-based Fine-grained Hierarchical Learning Approach for Robust Malware Classification
48. Improved Architectures for Secure Intra-process Isolation
49. Secure beamforming design in MIMO NOMA networks for Internet of Things with perfect and imperfect CSI
50. Robust adaptive estimation and tracking control for perturbed cyber-physical systems against denial of service
52. Energy Efficiency Maximization with Optimal Beamforming in Secure MISO CRNs with SWIPT
53. Robust adaptive control for a class of nonlinear switched systems using state-dependent switching
54. Dual secure robust watermarking scheme based on hybrid optimization algorithm for image security
55. On the design of lightweight and secure mutual authentication system for global roaming in resource-limited mobility networks
56. Rate splitting multiple access in C-RAN: A scalable and robust design
57. Design and Comparative Performance of a Robust Lung Auscultation System for Noisy Clinical Settings
58. A robust decision-support method based on optimization and simulation for wildfire resilience in highly renewable power systems
59. Robust Key Generation With Hardware Mismatch for Secure MIMO Communications
60. Robust and Lightweight Control System for IoT Networks: Enabling IoT for the Developing World
61. A real-time experimental QKD platform for quantum-secure telecom infrastructures
62. Implementing Secure Reporting of Sexual Misconduct-Revisiting WhoToo
63. Study on robust aerial docking mechanism with deep learning based drogue detection and docking
64. Robust Transmission Design for IRS Aided Distributed MISO with Imperfect Cascaded CSIT
65. Design of a secure file storage and access protocol for cloud-enabled Internet of Things environment
66. A robust and lightweight secure access scheme for cloud based E-healthcare services
67. An Uplink Secure CB-NOMA with SIC Receiver for Wireless Applications
68. Robust cryptosystem using a new hyperchaotic oscillator with stricking dynamic properties
69. Smart grid architecture model for control, optimization and data analytics of future power networks with more renewable energy
70. Design and Validation of Low-Power Secure and Dependable Elliptic Curve Cryptosystem
71. A robust zeroing neural network for solving dynamic nonlinear equations and its application to kinematic control of mobile manipulator
72. Robust Secure Energy Efficiency Optimization in SWIPT-aided Heterogeneous Networks with A Non-linear Energy Harvesting Model
73. A Robust Encrypted Nanocommunication in QCA Circuit
74. Secure E-Voting System Using Visual Cryptography & Block Chain Ledger
75. Secure-user sign-in authentication for IoT-based eHealth systems
76. Design of adaptive optimal robust control for two-flexible-link manipulators in the presence of matched uncertainties
77. An Automated Management System for Student e-Services
78. Output Tracking Performance of Active Exoskeleton Robot Using Sliding Mode Control
79. Robust Dynamic Actuator Failure Compensation Control of Nonlinear Systems via Cooperative Interaction Design
80. Outage Constrained Robust Secure Beamforming in Cognitive Satellite-Aerial Networks
81. A new chaotic complex map for robust video watermarking
82. An efficient and provably secure authentication scheme based on elliptic curve signature using a smart card
83. Robust Hierarchical Hovering Control of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles via Variable Ballast System
84. A secure and lightweight authentication scheme for next generation IoT infrastructure
85. A secure localization scheme based on trust assessment for WSNs using blockchain technology
86. Robust Beamforming Design and Time Allocation for IRS-assisted Wireless Powered Communication Networks
87. Joint Beamforming and Phase Shifts Design in Double Intelligent Reflect Surface Aided Secrecy MISO Channel
88. Secure patient authentication framework in the healthcare system using wireless medical sensor networks
89. Secure, robust and imperceptible image watermarking scheme based on sharp frequency localized contourlet transform
90. Secure MIMO D2D communication based on a lightweight and robust PLS cipher scheme
91. Robust Deception Scheme for Secure Interference Exploitation under PSK Modulations
92. Drone Secure Communication Protocol for Future Sensitive Applications in Military Zone
93. Onlinehd: Robust, efficient, and single-pass online learning using hyperdimensional system
94. hOCBS: A privacy-preserving blockchain framework for healthcare data leveraging an on-chain and off-chain system design
95. Intelligent Reflecting Surface-Aided Secure Broadcasting in Millimeter Wave Symbiotic Radio Networks
96. Robust android malware detection system against adversarial attacks using q-learning
97. A semi-Markovian jumping system approach to secure DPC of nonlinear networked unmanned marine vehicle systems with DoS attack
98. Design of a model-free adaptive sliding mode control to synchronize chaotic fractional-order systems with input saturation: An application in secure communications
99. Aware-wi: A jamming-aware reconfigurable wireless interconnection using adversarial learning for multichip systems
100. Performance and design of robust platoons under different communication technologies
101. Robust beamforming design for intelligent reflecting surface aided cognitive radio systems with imperfect cascaded CSI
102. Machine-to-machine communication for device identification and classification in secure telerobotics surgery
103. Robust and provable secure three-factor mutual authentication scheme using a smart card
104. Dynamic analysis and robust control of a chaotic system with hidden attractor
105. On blockchain-enhanced secure data storage and sharing in vehicular edge computing networks
106. LKM-AMI: A Lightweight Key Management Scheme for Secure two Way Communications between Smart Meters and HAN Devices of AMI System in Smart Grid
107. Compressed Sensing-Speech Coding Scheme for Mobile Communications
108. PUF-RAKE: A PUF-based Robust and Lightweight Authentication and Key Establishment Protocol
109. Towards Sparse Federated Analytics: Location Heatmaps under Distributed Differential Privacy with Secure Aggregation
110. A survey of cooperative jamming-based secure transmission for energy-limited systems
111. Assuring the Optimum Security Level for Network, Physical and Cloud Infrastructure
112. NIST-certified secure key generation via deep learning of physical unclonable functions in silica aerogels
113. Using Formal Methods to Build and Validate Reliable and Secure Smart Systems via TLA+
114. Secure Transmission for Intelligent Reflecting Surface-Aided Communication System
115. Joint Transmit and Reflective Beamformer Design for Secure Estimation in IRS-Aided WSNs
116. A Robust and Fast Image Encryption Scheme Based on a Mixing Technique
117. Synchronization of Chaotic System Using a Brain-Imitated Neural Network Controller and Its Applications for Secure Communications
118. Artificial neural network with Taguchi method for robust classification model to improve classification accuracy of breast cancer
119. A lightweight authentication scheme for telecare medical information system
120. On the variable-order fractional memristor oscillator: Data security applications and synchronization using a type-2 fuzzy disturbance observer-based robust control
121. Nano security: From nano-electronics to secure systems
122. Robust network design for sustainable-resilient reverse logistics network using big data: A case study of end-of-life vehicles
123. Application of semantic speech recognition in designing of robust adaptive model for DFIG wind energy conversion system
124. Joint trajectory and power allocation design for secure artificial noise aided UAV communications
125. Design of a hybrid model for construction of digital chaos and local synchronization
126. Robust Image Authentication Using Optimized Haralick Features Based on Genetic Algorithm
127. Dynamics and Robust Control of a New Realizable Chaotic Nonlinear Model
128. Resource Efficiency Optimization for Robust Beamforming in Multi-beam Satellite Communications
129. A Biometric System Design using Finger Knuckle Biological Trait
130. Under-display ultrasonic fingerprint recognition with finger vessel imaging
131. Robust Lightweight Privacy-Preserving and Session Scheme Interrogation for Fog Computing Systems
132. Two-Stage Pipelining Implementation of the Secure Hash Algorithm SHA-3 on Virtex-5 and Virtex-6 FPGAs
133. Robust emergency relief supply planning for foreseen disasters under evacuation-side uncertainty
134. A Secure Lightweight Hardware-Assisted Charging Coordination Authentication Framework for Trusted Smart Grid Energy Storage Units
135. Design and development of E-Library system: COVID-19 pandemic challenges
136. Efficient and robust data availability solution for hybrid PLC/RF systems
137. L2 Gain Secure Control of Cyber-physical Systems under Fast Time-varying Cyber Attacks
138. Blockchain-Enabled and Data-Driven Smart Healthcare Solution for Secure and Privacy-Preserving Data Access
139. Robust control for incremental quadratic constrained nonlinear time-delay systems subject to actuator saturation
140. Secure Energy-efficient Resource Allocation in Mobile Edge Computing Based on Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access
141. Real-time Energy Management for PV–battery–wind based microgrid using on-line sequential Kernel Based Robust Random Vector Functional Link Network
142. Securing NOMA networks by exploiting intelligent reflecting surface
143. ID-PPA: Robust Identity-Based Privacy-Preserving Authentication Scheme for a Vehicular Ad-Hoc Network
144. A mutual security authentication method for RFID-PUF circuit based on deep learning
145. Power outages, climate events and renewable energy: Reviewing energy storage policy and regulatory options for Australia
146. Dynamic Behavior Analysis and Robust Synchronization of a Novel Fractional-Order Chaotic System with Multiwing Attractors
147. Food subsidy distribution system through Blockchain technology: a value focused thinking approach for prototype development
148. A Comprehensive Analysis on Secure Communication Protocols in Vehicular Ad-Hoc Network
149. A survey on attack detection, estimation and control of industrial cyber–physical systems
150. A comprehensive review of distribution generation integrated DC microgrid protection: issues, strategies, and future direction
151. Exploring the intellectual cores of the blockchain–Internet of Things (BIoT)
152. IRS-Assisted Secure UAV Transmission via Joint Trajectory and Beamforming Design
153. Design of secure session key using unique addressing and identification scheme for smart home Internet of Things network
154. BCALS: Blockchain‐based secure log management system for cloud computing
155. A secure data parallel processing based embedded system for internet of things computer vision using field programmable gate array devices
156. New system design for the cultivation of extractive species at exposed sites-Part 2: Experimental modelling in waves and currents
157. Automation platform independent multi-agent system for robust networks of production resources in industry 4.0
158. A novel double-image encryption algorithm based on Rossler hyperchaotic system and compressive sensing
159. Finite time chaos synchronization in time-delay channel and its application to satellite image encryption in OFDM communication systems
160. Secure Remote Access IPSEC Virtual Private Network to University Network System
161. Robust and auditable distributed data storage with scalability in edge computing
162. Review of Secure Distributed Range-Free Hop-Based Localization Algorithms in the Wireless Sensor Networks
163. SAFELearn: secure aggregation for private federated learning
164. A blockchain-based healthcare platform for secure personalised data sharing
165. Gigahertz measurement-device-independent quantum key distribution using directly modulated lasers
166. DTRNG: Low Cost and Robust True Random Number Generator Using DRAM Weak Write Scheme
167. An Approach Towards Usability Parameter for Graphical Based Authentication System
168. New system design for the cultivation of extractive species at exposed sites-Part 1: System design, deployment and first response to high-energy …
169. Security and Privacy in Cloud-Based E-Health System. Symmetry 2021, 13, 742
170. Ethical Design of Conversational Agents: Towards Principles for a Value-Sensitive Design
171. A DWT-SVD based robust digital watermarking for medical image security
172. Lightweight authentication protocol for e-health clouds in IoT-based applications through 5G technology
173. The multi-demeanor fusion based robust intrusion detection system for anomaly and misuse detection in computer networks
174. TAURUM P2T: Advanced Secure CAN-FD Architecture for Road Vehicle
175. Data hiding in encryption–compression domain
176. Design of Frequency-Adaptive Flux Observer in PMSM Drives Robust to Discretization Error
177. A survey on security and privacy of federated learning
178. Future Robust Networks: Current Scenario and Beyond for 6G
179. Cybersecurity framework of hybrid watermarking and selective encryption for secure HEVC communication
180. Secure Medical Image Encryption for Remote Virtual Doctor System Based on H-Iot Applications Over 5g Network: a Comparison Study
181. iDDAF: An Intelligent Deceptive Data Acquisition Framework for Secure Cyber-Physical Systems
182. A Formal Approach to Secure the Segmentation and Configuration of Dynamic Networks
183. Tracking Software with Hologram Technology to Secure Goods
184. A new algorithm for digital image encryption based on chaos theory
185. A novel finite rings based algebraic scheme of evolving secure S-boxes for images encryption
186. Intelligent reflecting surface-assisted secrecy wireless communication with imperfect CSI
187. How to Develop ECC-Based Low Cost RFID Tags Robust Against Side-Channel Attacks
188. Development of Optimal Parameter Estimation Methodologies Applied to a 3DOF Autonomous Surface Vessel
189. Exploiting deep learning for secure transmission in an underlay cognitive radio network
190. A Distributed framework for detecting DDoS attacks in smart contract‐based Blockchain‐IoT Systems by leveraging Fog computing
191. Secure Wirelessly Powered Networks at the Physical Layer: Challenges, Countermeasures, and Road Ahead
192. Security Analysis of a Robust Lightweight Algorithm for Securing Data in Internet of Things Networks
193. Enhanced Secure SWIPT in Heterogeneous Network via Intelligent Reflecting Surface
194. FastZIP: faster and more secure zero-interaction pairing
195. Rate-Splitting Multiple Access for Downlink Multiuser MIMO: Precoder Optimization and PHY-Layer Design
196. Secure User Authentication Leveraging Keystroke Dynamics via Wi-Fi Sensing
197. Advanced monitoring and control system for virtual power plants for enabling customer engagement and market participation
198. Robust Reversible Watermarking in Encrypted Image with Secure Multi-party based on Lightweight Cryptography
199. Multi-UUV object detection, localization and tracking with secure, full-duplex communication networks
200. Work-in-Progress: Enabling Secure Boot for Real-Time Restart-Based Cyber-Physical Systems
201. Hybrid data encryption model integrating multi-objective adaptive genetic algorithm for secure medical data communication over cloud-based healthcare systems
202. A Novel Edge Security Gateway for End-to-End Protection in Industrial Internet of Things
203. Secure data exchange in Industrial Internet of Things
204. On the Design of Mutual Authentication and Key Agreement Protocol in Internet of Vehicles-Enabled Intelligent Transportation System
205. Statistical assessment of hybrid blockchain for SME sector
206. Observers for rectangular descriptor systems with output nonlinearities: application to secure communications and microcontroller implementation
207. Highly Reliable PUFs for Embedded Systems, Protected Against Tampering
208. A secure encryption scheme using a Composite Logistic Sine Map (CLSM) and SHA-256
209. Intelligent reflecting surface enabled secure cooperative transmission for satellite-terrestrial integrated networks
210. Design of Anomaly-Based Intrusion Detection System Using Fog Computing for IoT Network
211. Sustainable microgrid design considering blockchain technology for real-time price-based demand response programs
212. Smart Boarding System with e-Passports for Secure and Independent Interoperability
213. Onboard disease prediction and rehabilitation monitoring on secure edge-cloud integrated privacy preserving healthcare system
214. Blockchain Applications in Healthcare
215. Research trends on CAPTCHA: A systematic literature.
216. Intelligent and secure edge-enabled computing model for sustainable cities using green internet of things
217. Low-Cost Side-Channel Secure Standard 6T-SRAM-Based Memory With a 1% Area and Less Than 5% Latency and Power Overheads
218. Toward Robust Detection of Puppet Attacks via Characterizing Fingertip-touch Behaviors
219. Deep Learning-Assisted Wireless-Powered Secure Communications With Imperfect Channel State Information
220. Physical-Layer Security Improvement with Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces for 6G Wireless Communication Systems


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