Presentation Topics of Analog and Digital Communication

Presentation Topic: Analog and Digital Communication

1. An efficient subcarrier arrangement for airborne OFDM communication using parametric loudspeaker
2. Collaborative and Open Education by Interdisciplinary Women’s Networks: FemTechNet and Feminist Pedagogies in Digital Education
3. About using analog computers in today’s largest computational challenges
4. Approaches to Building a Chaotic Communication System
5. Chaotic Communication System with Symmetry-Based Modulation
6. High Performance Digital to Analog Converter Using CMOS 45nm Technology
7. Selected Experiments with an Arduino Board to Teach Analog-to-Digital Conversion
8. Re-thinking analog integrated circuits in digital terms: A new design concept for the IoT era
9. 2D-OPC Subarray Structure for Efficient Hybrid Beamforming over Sparse mmWave Channels
11. Training Dynamical Binary Neural Networks with Equilibrium Propagation
12. Modeling and delay performance analysis of wireless regional area networks under incumbent coexistence and self‐coexistence with multichannel operations
13. Rank Constrained Precoding for the Downlink of mmWave Massive MIMO Hybrid Systems
14. Portable obstructive sleep apnea detection and mobile monitoring
15. Raised Cosine Pulse Shaping for Pre-equalized Optical Wireless Links
16. A New Fractional-Order Chaotic System with Its Analysis, Synchronization, and Circuit Realization for Secure Communication Applications
17. Deliberative architecture for smart sensors in the filtering operation of a water purification plant
18. A Long-Distance Communication Architecture for Medical Devices Based on LoRaWAN Protocol
19. The Application of Modbus TCP in Universal Testing Machine
20. FPGA Design for Implementation of Analog Output Board with Eight Voltage Output Channels
21. Information and Measurement System
22. Analysis of functional parts and technological software of the control device for a two-phase synchronous electric motor
23. Performance Analysis of Selective Mapping in Underwater Acoustic Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing Communication System
24. Smart Kitchen Model Using Nuvotun Development Board
25. Real-Valued Spreading Sequences for PSSS Based High-Speed Wireless Systems
26. An integrated 2-bit all optical analog to digital converter based on photonic crystal semiconductor optical amplifier
27. Design of novel hybrid CPDM-CO-OFDM FSO communication system and its performance analysis under diverse weather conditions
28. Performance analysis in automatic modulation classification based on deep learning
29. The complete digital workflow in interdisciplinary dentistry
30. Data Hiding in Digital Image for Efficient Information Safety Based on Residue Number System
31. Embedded Digital Control with Microcontrollers: Implementation with C and Python
32. xxii List of Abbreviations
33. Hardware Implementation of Amplitude Shift Keying and Quadrature Amplitude Modulators Using FPGA
34. Tunable electro-optic analog-to-digital converter using graphene nanoshells in photonic crystal ring resonators
35. A New Light-to-Frequency Analog Front-End Circuit for Optical Sensing in Biomedical Applications
36. Digital Capitalism: Logic of Capitalism Practice in the Context of Communication Technology in Industry 4.0
37. Introduction to Single-Carrier Digital Modulation Systems
38. Development of High Yield Farming using IoT based UAV
39. Research on Digital Signal Processing of Wireless Anti-Jamming Data Link Node Based on FPGA
40. Single‐Molecule Conductance of a π‐Hybridized Tripodal Anchor while Maintaining Electronic Communication
41. Design a Wireless Covert Channel Based on Dither Analog Chaotic Code
42. IJERT-Power Efficient 4-bit Flash ADC using Cadence Virtuoso
43. Superconducting nanowires for single-photon detection and cryoelectronics
44. Hybrid beamforming design for wideband mmwave full-duplex systems
45. A Data Transmission System for Sewage Treatment in Oil Refinery Based on LoRa
47. The complete digital workflow in interdisciplinary dentistry
48. Underutilization of epilepsy surgery: Part II: Strategies to overcome barriers
49. Design of a hybrid model for construction of digital chaos and local synchronization

Research Area: Analog and Digital Communication

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