Research Topics complementary interests in circuts and system for sensing

Research Area/ Research Interest: complementary interests in circuits and system for sensing  in Electrical Engineering

Research Paper Topics for: Masters and PhD Thesis and publication

  1. Flexible High‐Resolution Triboelectric Sensor Array Based on Patterned Laser‐Induced Graphene for Self‐Powered Real‐Time Tactile Sensing
  2. A Mixed-Signal Chip-Based Configurable Coherent Photoacoustic-Radar Sensing Platform for In Vivo Temperature Monitoring and Vital Signs Detection
  3. Assembled molecular beacon-based self-propelled DNA machine for enzyme-free and distinctly amplified nucleic acid detection
  4. Scalable High-Speed Hybrid Complementary Integrated Circuits based on Solution-Processed Organic and Inorganic Transistors
  5. CERBERUS: Autonomous Legged and Aerial Robotic Exploration in the Tunnel and Urban Circuits of the DARPA Subterranean Challenge
  6. Ultrahigh-Sensitivity Microwave Microfluidic Sensors Based on Modified Complementary Electric-LC and Split-Ring Resonator Structures
  7. Complementary Photo‐Synapses Based on Light‐Stimulated Porphyrin‐Coated Silicon Nanowires Field‐Effect Transistors (LPSNFET)
  8. Computational Methods for the Design of Recombinase Logic Circuits
  9. … real-time non-contact multi-variable water-alcohol-sugar concentration analysis during fermentation process using microwave split-ring resonator based sensor
  10. A CRISPR-Cas autocatalysis-driven feedback amplification network for supersensitive DNA diagnostics
  11. Unsupervised transfer learning for anomaly detection: Application to complementary operating condition transfer
  12. ECFFNet: effective and consistent feature fusion network for RGB-T salient object detection
  13. Integrated complementary inverters and ring oscillators based on vertical-channel dual-base organic thin-film transistors
  14. A Digital-Analog Hybrid System-on-Chip for Capacitive Sensor Measurement and Control
  15. Monolithic integration of a smart temperature sensor on a modular silicon-based organ-on-a-chip device
  16. Semantic attention and scale complementary network for instance segmentation in remote sensing images
  17. Substrate integrated waveguide‐based complementary split‐ring resonator and its arrays for compact dual‐wideband bandpass filter design
  18. Engineered bacteria to report gut function: technologies and implementation
  19. CCAFNet: Crossflow and cross-scale adaptive fusion network for detecting salient objects in RGB-D images
  20. Dual recognition element-controlled logic DNA circuit for COVID-19 detection based on exonuclease III and DNAzyme
  21. A 0.5 V 110 nW Sensor for Temperature Monitoring of Perishable Foods.
  22. An enzyme-free DNA circuit-assisted MoS2 nanosheet enhanced fluorescence assay for label-free DNA detection
  23. High‐precision dielectric sensor system based on balanced CSRR‐SIW resonators
  24. Integrated amplifier with complementary organic electrochemical transistors for high-sensitivity ion detection and real-time monitoring
  25. Compact Tri-Band Microstrip Patch Antenna Using Complementary Split Ring Resonator Structure.
  26. Frequency controlled intelligent standalone RF sensor system for dispersive material testing
  27. Investigation of PVT-Aware STT-MRAM Sensing Circuits for Low-VDD Scenario
  28. Single‐Material OECT‐Based Flexible Complementary Circuits Featuring Polyaniline in Both Conducting Channels
  29. A passive perspiration biofuel cell: high energy return on investment
  30. Silicene Quantum Capacitance Dependent Frequency Readout to a Label-Free Detection of DNA Hybridization—A Simulation Analysis
  31. 60–700 K CTAT and PTAT Temperature Sensors with 4H-SiC Schottky Diodes
  32. Characterization of Dielectric Substrates Using Dual Band Microwave Sensor
  33. Multi-Function Microelectromechanical Systems Implementation with an ASIC Compatible CMOS 0.18 μm Process
  34. Multi‐Mode Reconfigurable DNA‐Based Chemical Reaction Circuits for Soft Matter Computing and Control
  36. BPF-Based Thermal Sensor Circuit for On-Chip Testing of RF Circuits
  37. Gallium nitride-based complementary logic integrated circuits
  38. Cyclic voltammetry readout circuitry for DNA biosensor application
  39. Flex Printed Circuit Board Implemented Graphene-Based DNA Sensor for Detection of SARS-CoV-2
  40. Printed circuit board defect detection using deep learning via a skip-connected convolutional autoencoder
  41. A Software-Defined Always-On System With 57-75-nW Wake-Up Function Using Asynchronous Clock-Free Pipelined Event-Driven Architecture and Time-Shielding …
  42. Neural network training with stochastic hardware models and software abstractions
  43. Surface Potential-Controlled Oscillation in FET-Based Biosensors
  44. Defect Detection in Transparent Printed Electronics Using Learning-Based Optical Inspection
  45. A 4kV/120A SiC Solid-State DC Circuit Breaker Powered by a Load-independent IPT System
  46. Complementary Photoplethysmogram Synthesis From Electrocardiogram Using Generative Adversarial Network
  47. Manufacturing and Testing of Radio Frequency MEMS Switches Using the Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor Process
  48. Dynamic Ambient RF Energy Density Measurements of Montreal for Battery-Free IoT Sensor Network Planning
  49. An ultra-efficient recycling folded cascode OTA based on GAA-CNTFET technology for MEMS/NEMS capacitive readout applications
  50. Discriminative unimodal feature selection and fusion for RGB-D salient object detection
  51. Physical Attack Protection Techniques for IC Chip Level Hardware Security
  52. The use of magnetostrictive intelligent sensors for fault tolerant control of induction motors with energy harvesting principle
  53. Local reaction fields on a CMOS sensor array utilizing a magneto-Archimedes levitation–based magnetic particle-arrangement method
  54. Full-Range CSRR-Based Angular Displacement Sensing With Multiport Interferometric Platform
  55. Sensitivity, Noise and Resolution in a BEOL-Modified Foundry-Made ISFET with Miniaturized Reference Electrode for Wearable Point-of-Care Applications
  56. Monolithic optical microlithography of high-density elastic circuits
  57. Organic Electrochemical Transistors in Bioelectronic Circuits
  58. A 2.53 NEF 8-bit 10 kS/s 0.5 μm CMOS Neural Recording Read-Out Circuit with High Linearity for Neuromodulation Implants
  59. Intracellular detection and communication of a wireless chip in cell
  60. A Compact Component for Multi-Band Rejection and Frequency Coding in the Plasmonic Circuit at Microwave Frequencies
  61. An amplifying DNA circuit coupled with Mg2+-dependent DNAzyme for bisphenol A detection in milk samples
  62. Power-Oriented Monitoring of Clock Signals in FPGA Systems for Critical Application
  63. Simultaneous Acquisition of Ultrasound and Gamma Signals with a Single-Channel Readout
  64. High performance bandpass filters using printed circuit board packaging technique
  65. Programmable, Multiplexed DNA Circuits Supporting Clinically Relevant, Electrochemical Antibody Detection
  66. Highly durable organic photodetector for complementary metal oxide semiconductor image sensors
  67. Transparent soft actuators/sensors and camouflage skins for imperceptible soft robotics
  68. EF-net: A novel enhancement and fusion network for RGB-D saliency detection
  69. Characterizing a standard cell library for large scale design of memristive based signal processing
  70. An ISFET Microarray Sensor System for Detecting the DNA Base Pairing
  71. … Filter-Free Three-Layer-Stacked Image Sensor Using Blue/Green-Selective Organic Photoconductive Films with Thin-Film Transistor Circuits on CMOS Image Sensors
  72. Open Circuit Switch Fault Detection in Flying Capacitor and Cascaded H-Bridge Multilevel Converters
  73. Switched-Biasing Techniques for CMOS Voltage-Controlled Oscillator
  74. Power and area‐efficient static current mode logic frequency divider in 180‐nm complementary metal‐oxide‐semiconductor technology
  75. Ultra Low-Power Low-Pass Filter Design for Wearable Biomedical Applications
  76. An 8.72 µW Low-Noise and Wide Bandwidth FEE Design for High-Throughput Pixel-Strip (PS) Sensors
  77. Low bandwidth chipless RFID tag using complementary split ring resonator
  78. Writing-only In-MRAM Computing Paradigm for Ultra-low Power Applications
  79. A Venus-flytrap-based actuator
  80. Analysis and Modeling of Wideband Common-Mode Absorption With Lossy Complementary Split-Ring Resonator Chain in Resistor-Free Differential Microstrip Lines
  81. CEGFNet: common extraction and gate fusion network for scene parsing of remote sensing images
  82. Display Light Panel and Rolling Shutter Image Sensor based Optical Camera Communication (OCC) Using Frame-Averaging Background Removal and Neural …
  83. Process voltage temperature analysis of MOS based balanced pseudo-resistors for biomedical analog circuit applications
  84. How can wake-up radio reduce lora downlink latency for energy harvesting sensor nodes?
  85. Ultrasensitive electrochemical biosensor for attomolar level detection of let 7a based on toehold mediated strand displacement reaction circuits and molecular beacon …
  86. Flexible, Segmented Tubular Design with Embedded Complementary Split-Ring Resonators for Tissue Identification
  87. In situ learning using intrinsic memristor variability via Markov chain Monte Carlo sampling
  88. Design of multi-information fusion based intelligent electrical fire detection system for green buildings
  89. Sensors Data Analysis in Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) Systems to Foresee Failures with an Undetermined Origin
  90. Multi-sensor edge computing architecture for identification of failures short-circuits in wind turbine generators
  91. 53 NEF 8-bit 10 kS/s 0.5 µm CMOS Neural Recording Read-Out Circuit with High Linearity for Neuromodulation Implants. Electronics 2021, 10, 590
  92. An electronic neuromorphic system for real-time detection of high frequency oscillations (HFO) in intracranial EEG
  93. Detection of Multiple Breast Cancer ESR1 Mutations on an ISFET Based Lab-on-Chip Platform
  94. A Novel Ultrasonic TOF Ranging System Using AlN Based PMUTs
  95. Assessment of Shoulder Range of Motion Using a Wearable Inertial Sensor Network
  96. A guide to the design of synthetic gene networks in mammalian cells
  97. Hybridized wearable patch as a multi-parameter and multi-functional human-machine interface
  98. A Multiscale Communications System Based on Engineered Bacteria
  99. Uninterruptible DC-powered boost differential inverter with a Sensor-less Changeover system
  100. A power amplifier with bandwidth expansion and linearity enhancement in 130 nm complementary metal‐oxide‐semiconductor process
  101. Reference Power Supply Connection Scheme for Low-Power CMOS Image Sensors Based on Incremental Sigma-Delta Converters
  102. Demonstration of programmable ternary graphene field-effect transistor using ferroelectric polymer doping
  103. DNA polymerase/NEase-assisted signal amplification coupled with silver nanoclusters for simultaneous detection of multiple microRNAs and molecular logic …
  104. An 18.8–33.9 GHz, 2.26 mW Current-Reuse Injection-Locked Frequency Divider for Radar Sensor Applications
  105. Multimodal Digital X‐ray Scanners with Synchronous Mapping of Tactile Pressure Distributions using Perovskites
  106. Triply Complementary Priors for Image Restoration
  107. Detection of driving actions on steering wheel using triboelectric nanogenerator via machine learning
  108. HARP: Hierarchical Attention Oriented Region-Based Processing for High-Performance Computation in Vision Sensor
  109. Ultrasensitive On-Field Luminescence Detection Using a Low-Cost Silicon Photomultiplier Device
  110. Programmable protein circuit design
  111. Image Similarity based Data Reduction Technique in Wireless Video Sensor Networks for Smart Agriculture
  112. Unified Information Fusion Network for Multi-Modal RGB-D and RGB-T Salient Object Detection
  113. Biosupramolecular systems: integrating cues into responses
  114. Millimetre-wave metamaterial-based sensor for characterisation of cooking oils
  115. IRFR-Net: Interactive recursive feature-reshaping network for detecting salient objects in RGB-D images
  116. A 13-Bit, 12-ps Resolution Vernier Time-to-Digital Converter Based on Dual Delay-Rings for SPAD Image Sensor
  117. Novel multiplex capacitive sensor based on molecularly imprinted polymers: A promising tool for tracing specific amphetamine synthesis markers in sewage water
  118. A flexible ultrasensitive optoelectronic sensor array for neuromorphic vision systems
  • V-0.18 µm CMOS Tunable Low Pass Filters with 73 dB DR for On-Chip Sensing Acquisition Systems
  1. A Soft-Error-Tolerant SAR ADC with Dual-Capacitor Sample-and-Hold Control for Sensor Systems
  2. Development of a Device for On-Die Double-Pulse Testing and Measurement of Dynamic On-Resistance of GaN HEMTs
  3. Near-zero computing using NCFET for IoT applications
  4. Electronics for Sensors
  5. Wearable Sensors‐Enabled Human–Machine Interaction Systems: From Design to Application
  6. Boolean logic gate based on DNA strand displacement for biosensing: current and emerging strategies
  7. Robust molybdenum diselenide ambipolar transistors with fluoropolymer interfacial layer and their application to complementary inverter circuits
  8. An Energy-Efficient UWB Transmitter with Wireless Injection Locking for RF Energy-Harvesting Sensors
  9. A cryogenic CMOS chip for generating control signals for multiple qubits
  10. Highly sensitive active pixel image sensor array driven by large-area bilayer MoS2 transistor circuitry
  11. Passive resonant sensors: trends and future prospects
  12. Broadband high‐gain slot grid array antenna for millimeter wave applications
  13. Fully-Integrated Ultra-Wideband Radar System for Medical Imaging
  14. Application of a sub–0.1-mm3 implantable mote for in vivo real-time wireless temperature sensing
  15. Complementary Driving between 2D Heterostructures and Surface Functionalization for Surpassing Binary Logic Devices
  16. Advances in multiplexed techniques for the detection and quantification of microRNAs
  17. AMPNet: Average-and Max-Pool Networks for Salient Object Detection
  18. A chip-less and battery-less subharmonic tag for wireless sensing with parametrically enhanced sensitivity and dynamic range
  19. A Digital Improvement—Trimming a Digital Temperature Sensor with EEPROM Reprogrammable Fuses
  20. 2D materials–based homogeneous transistor-memory architecture for neuromorphic hardware
  21. μBrain: An Event-Driven and Fully Synthesizable Architecture for Spiking Neural Networks
  22. Design patterns for engineering genetic stability
  23. Magnetic nanoparticle-based amplification of microRNA detection in body fluids for early disease diagnosis
  24. Design of a highly reliable nonvolatile flip-flop incorporating a common-mode write error detection capability
  25. Deep cross-modal representation learning and distillation for illumination-invariant pedestrian detection
  26. Study on Compressed Sensing of Action Potential
  27. Single-Frequency Amplitude-Modulation Sensor for Dielectric Characterization of Solids and Microfluidics
  28. Self‐Powered Gyroscope Angle Sensor Based on Resistive Matching Effect of Triboelectric Nanogenerator
  29. Stretchable transistors and functional circuits for human-integrated electronics
  30. Temperature and Light Modulated Open‐Circuit Voltage in Nonfullerene Organic Solar Cells with Different Effective Bandgaps
  31. Hexachromatic bioinspired camera for image-guided cancer surgery
  32. Robust robotic localization using visible light positioning and inertial fusion
  33. Sharpness recognition based on synergy between bio-inspired nociceptors and tactile mechanoreceptors
  34. Noncontact planar microwave sensor for liquid interface detection by a pixelated CSRR‐loaded microstrip line
  35. Hybrid nanogenerator-based self-powered double-authentication microsystem for smart identification
  36. An Image Encryption Algorithm Based on a New Memristor Chaotic System and DNA Variation
  37. A self-sustainable wearable multi-modular E-textile bioenergy microgrid system
  38. Adaptive extreme edge computing for wearable devices
  39. Neural recording and stimulation using wireless networks of microimplants
  40. A Battery Management System with EIS Monitoring of Life Expectancy for Lead–Acid Batteries
  41. A single-inductor thermoelectric and photovoltaic hybrid harvesting interface with time-multiplexed technology and accurate zero current detector
  42. Multimaterial bioprinting—minus the printer: Synthetic bacterial patterning with UV-responsive genetic circuits
  43. Visual saliency detection by integrating spatial position prior of object with background cues
  44. Characterization of Acinetobacter baumannii Filamentous Cells by Re-Scan Confocal Microscopy and Complementary Fluorometric Approaches
  45. Cell-free biosensors: synthetic biology without borders
  46. Bipolar and Complementary Resistive Switching Characteristics and Neuromorphic System Simulation in a Pt/ZnO/TiN Synaptic Device
  47. A High Conversion Gain Envelope Detector with Wide Input Range for Simultaneous Wireless Information and Power Transfer System
  48. Spatial Location in Integrated Circuits through Infrared Microscopy
  49. Spoof localized surface plasmons for sensing applications
  50. Harsh environment–tolerant and robust triboelectric nanogenerators for mechanical-energy harvesting, sensing, and energy storage in a smart home
  51. Comparison of Sneo-Based Neural Spike Detection Algorithms for Implantable Multi-Transistor Array Biosensors
  52. Synthetic Circuit-Driven Expression of Heterologous Enzymes for Disease Detection
  53. Torque Measurement Technology by Using a Magnetostrictive Ring and Multiple Magnets
  54. An Area and Power Efficient Stochastic Number Generator for Bayesian Sensor Fusion Circuits
  55. A Cascaded DNA Circuit in Bead Arrays for Quantitative Single-Cell MicroRNA Analysis
  56. HFNet: Hierarchical feedback network with multilevel atrous spatial pyramid pooling for RGB-D saliency detection
  57. Energy-aware system design for autonomous wireless sensor nodes: A comprehensive review
  58. A High-Resolution Reflective Microwave Planar Sensor for Sensing of Vanadium Electrolyte
  59. Programming Cell-Free Biosensors with DNA Strand Displacement Circuits
  60. Human Body-Related Disease Diagnosis Systems Using CMOS Image Sensors: A Systematic Review
  61. Design criteria of solid-state circuit breaker for low-voltage microgrids
  62. A 2.4 GHz receiver with a current-reused inductor-less noise-canceling balun LNA in 40 nm CMOS
  63. Deep Multi-view Representation Learning for Video Anomaly Detection Using Spatiotemporal Autoencoders
  64. A review of recent advances in fractional-order sensing and filtering techniques
  65. A hairpin probe-mediated DNA circuit for the detection of the mecA gene of Staphylococcus aureus based on exonuclease III and DNAzyme-mediated signal …
  66. A miniaturized apparatus based on a smartphone for microsecond-resolved luminescence lifetime imaging
  67. A system in package based on a piezoelectric micromachined ultrasonic transducer matrix for ranging applications
  68. Optically induced static power in combinational logic: Vulnerabilities and countermeasures
  69. Cavity-enhanced microwave readout of a solid-state spin sensor
  70. Redesign of ultrasensitive and robust RecA gene circuit to sense DNA damage
  71. Digitally Controlled Oscillator with High Timing Resolution and Low Complexity for Clock Generation
  72. Neuromorphic extreme learning machines with bimodal memristive synapses
  73. Energy-efficient Mott activation neuron for full-hardware implementation of neural networks
  74. Exploration of logic gates and multiplexer using doping-free bipolar junction transistor
  75. Instantaneous Self-Powered Sensing System Based on Planar-Structured Rotary Triboelectric Nanogenerator
  76. Engineering Logical Inflammation Sensing and Secreting Circuit for Gut Modulation
  77. A 64​ dBΩ, 25​ Gb/s GFET based transimpedance amplifier with UWB resonator for optical radar detection in medical applications
  78. A Power Dissipation Monitoring Circuit for Intrusion Detection and Botnet Prevention on IoT Devices
  79. Quantum engineering with hybrid magnonics systems and materials
  • V-0.18 µm CMOS Tunable Low Pass Filters with 73 dB DR for On-Chip Sensing Acquisition Systems. Electronics 2021, 10, 563
  1. A cryo-CMOS chip that integrates silicon quantum dots and multiplexed dispersive readout electronics
  2. In situ monitoring of gating approach on mesoporous silica nanoparticles thin-film generated by the EASA method for electrochemical detection of insulin
  3. Organic thin-film transistor amplifiers
  4. Technology evolution from self-powered sensors to AIoT enabled smart homes
  5. Enzyme-free signal amplified Au nanoparticle fluorescence detection of thrombin via target-triggered catalytic hairpin assembly
  6. Light Absorption Measurement with a CMOS Biochip for Quantitative Immunoassay Based Point-of-Care Applications
  7. Ten-Bit 0.909-MHz 8-Channel Dual-Mode Successive Approximation ADC for a BLDC Motor Drive
  8. A 32x 32-Pixel Flash LiDAR Sensor With Noise Filtering for High-Background Noise Applications
  9. Reversible assembly/disassembly of DNA frames and applications in logic design, ratiometric sensing and bioimaging
  10. A Capacitive 3-Axis MEMS Accelerometer for Medipost: A Portable System Dedicated to Monitoring Imbalance Disorders
  11. Programmable DNA Circuits for Flexible and Robust Exciton–Plasmon Interaction-Based Photoelectrochemical Biosensing
  12. Image Pre-Processing Method of Machine Learning for Edge Detection with Image Signal Processor Enhancement
  13. Adaptive On-Time Control Buck Converter with a Novel Virtual Inductor Current Circuit
  14. Fast and Robust Position and Attitude Estimation Method Based on MARG Sensors
  15. Complementary Cooperative SOC/Capacity Estimator Based on the Discrete Variational Derivative Combined with the DEKF for Electric Power Applications
  16. An organic transistor with light intensity-dependent active photoadaptation
  17. High‐Throughput Dielectrophoretic Trapping and Detection of DNA Origami
  18. Quantum interfaces to the nanoscale
  19. Ultrarobust wireless interrogation for sensors and transducers: a non-Hermitian telemetry technique
  20. Single-photon avalanche diode detectors based on group IV materials
  21. Recent progress of flexible image sensors for biomedical applications
  22. VVC in-loop filters
  23. New challenges in point of care electrochemical detection of clinical biomarkers
  24. Stretchable and Soft Organic–Ionic Devices for Body‐Integrated Electronic Systems
  25. Minimally Invasive Online Water Monitor
  26. Deep binocular fixation prediction using a hierarchical multimodal fusion network
  27. High‐Density Electronic Integration for Wearable Sensing
  28. Vibroacoustical Performance Analysis of a Rigid Device Casing with Piezoelectric Shunt Damping
  29. A Modified SIW Re-entrant Microfluidic Microwave Sensor for Characterizing Complex Permittivity of Liquids
  30. Optical domain despreading method of optical time-domain reflectometer using spread spectrum technology
  31. Multi-dimensional feature fusion and stacking ensemble mechanism for network intrusion detection
  32. Complementary frequency electromagnetic gyroscope
  33. Resistance elicited by sub-lethal concentrations of ampicillin is partially mediated by quorum sensing in Pseudomonas aeruginosa
  34. An autonomous bioluminescent bacterial biosensor module for outdoor sensor networks, and its application for the detection of buried explosives
  35. A Trusted Design Platform for Trojan Detection in FPGA Bitstreams Using Partial Reconfiguration
  36. Siamese network for RGB-D salient object detection and beyond
  37. CRISPR-Mediated Strand Displacement Logic Circuits with Toehold-Free DNA
  38. Magnetic field measurement based on a fiber laser oscillation circuit merged with a polarization-maintaining fiber Sagnac interference structure
  39. Equivalent Impedance Models for Electrochemical Nanosensor-Based Integrated System Design
  40. Design Integration Method of Vibration Sensor and Sensing Circuit with Zero-power Charge Transfer for Millimeter-sized Wireless Sensor Nodes
  41. Microwave planar resonant solutions for glucose concentration sensing: A systematic review
  42. Review of Recent Microwave Planar Resonator-Based Sensors: Techniques of Complex Permittivity Extraction, Applications, Open Challenges and Future Research …
  43. The future of memristors: materials engineering and neural networks
  44. Terahertz Based Machine Learning Approach to Integrated Circuit Assurance
  45. 14-Bit Fully Differential SAR ADC with PGA Used in Readout Circuit of CMOS Image Sensor
  46. Optimal metrology with variational quantum circuits on trapped ions
  47. CRISPR/Cas13-Based Approaches for Ultrasensitive and Specific Detection of microRNAs
  48. The development of an implantable deep brain stimulation device with simultaneous chronic electrophysiological recording and stimulation in humans
  49. Self-filtering image dehazing with self-supporting module
  50. Radio-Frequency Biosensors for Real-Time and Continuous Glucose Detection
  51. Three-Dimensional Arterial Pulse Signal Acquisition in Time Domain Using Flexible Pressure-Sensor Dense Arrays
  52. Programming gene expression in multicellular organisms for physiology modulation through engineered bacteria
  53. Recent Progress of Quantum Dot‐Based Photonic Devices and Systems: A Comprehensive Review of Materials, Devices, and Applications
  54. Textile-integrated metamaterials for near-field multibody area networks
  55. Transistors and logic circuits based on metal nanoparticles and ionic gradients
  56. Learning Deep RGBT Representations for Robust Person Re-identification
  57. Sub-thermionic, ultra-high-gain organic transistors and circuits
  58. Dynamically occluded samples via adversarial learning for person re-identification in sensor networks
  59. Skinless porous films generated by supercritical CO2 foaming for high-performance complementary shaped triboelectric nanogenerators and self-powered sensors
  60. Face Recognition on a Smart Image Sensor Using Local Gradients
  61. A Portable Wireless Urine Detection System with Power-Efficient Electrochemical Readout ASIC and ABTS-CNT Biosensor for UACR Detection
  62. Underwater Source Localization Using an Artificial Lateral Line System with Pressure and Flow Velocity Sensor Fusion
  63. Wearable materials with embedded synthetic biology sensors for biomolecule detection
  64. Rapid, simple, low-cost smartphone-based fluorescence detection of Escherichia coli
  65. A complementary automation control for Internet of Things-based smart home assistance for elder adults
  66. Low-temperature co-fired ceramic-based thermoelectric generator with cylindrical grooves for harvesting waste heat from power circuits
  67. Electronic Device and Data Processing Method for Soil Resistivity Analysis
  68. System-level finite element analysis of piezoelectric energy harvesters with rectified interface circuits and experimental validation
  69. Millimeter-wave dual-mode and dual-band switchable Gilbert up-conversion mixer in 65-nm CMOS process
  70. Visual sensing technologies in robotic welding: Recent research developments and future interests


  1. Adaptive denoising algorithm using peak statistics-based thresholding and novel adaptive complementary ensemble empirical mode decomposition
  2. Real time detection of 3-nitrotyrosine using smartphone-based electrochemiluminescence
  3. Design and Demonstration of Micro-Electromechanical Resonator-Based Multipliers
  4. Noninvasive Glucose Sensing in Aqueous Solutions Using an Active Split-Ring Resonator
  5. A natively flexible 32-bit Arm microprocessor
  6. Wearable and Wireless Distributed Multi-site FES Prototype for Selective Stimulation and Fatigue Reduction: A Case Study
  7. A CRISPR-based and Post-amplification Coupled SARS-CoV-2 Detection with a Portable Evanescent Wave Biosensor
  8. Topology identification in distribution system via machine learning algorithms
  9. Orthogonal control of mean and variability of endogenous genes in a human cell line
  10. Continuous Prediction of Lower-Limb Kinematics From Multi-Modal Biomedical Signals
  11. Photonic sensor systems for the identification of hydrocarbons and crude oils in stat+ ic and flow conditions
  12. Quantifying neurotransmitter secretion at single-vesicle resolution using high-density complementary metal–oxide–semiconductor electrode array
  13. Progressively Complementary Network for Fisheye Image Rectification Using Appearance Flow
  14. Review of Wearable Sensor-Based Health Monitoring Glove Devices for Rheumatoid Arthritis
  15. Dictionary learning and shift-invariant sparse coding denoising for controlled-source electromagnetic data combined with complementary ensemble empirical mode …
  16. Bi-DAINet: Bi-Directional Discard-Accept-Integrate Network for salient object detection
  17. Bidirectional CMOS-MEMS Airflow Sensor with sub-mW Power Consumption and High Sensitivity
  18. Halide perovskite memristors as flexible and reconfigurable physical unclonable functions
  19. Design Topologies of a CMOS Charge Pump Circuit for Low Power Applications
  20. Array-based digital sun-sensor design for CubeSat application


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