Research Topics of Fluid thermal system [Ideas for PhD MS Thesis Papers]

Research area interest and ideas: Fluid thermal system


  1. An updated review of the performance of nanofluid-based photovoltaic thermal systems from energy, exergy, economic, and environmental (4E) approaches
  2. Design Analyses of Fluid-Thermal Systems using Excel
  3. Abilities of porous materials for energy saving in advanced thermal systems
  4. Nanofluids: Physical phenomena, applications in thermal systems and the environment effects-a critical review
  5. Alternative storage options for solar thermal systems
  6. Effect of nanoparticle shape on the performance of thermal systems utilizing nanofluids: A critical review
  7. A hierarchical and categorized algorithm for efficient and robust simulation of thermal systems based on the heat current method
  8. A review on container geometry and orientations of phase change materials for solar thermal systems
  9. A review of photovoltaic thermal systems: Achievements and applications
  10. Air-based hybrid Photovoltaic/Thermal systems: A review
  11. Electrical and thermal performances of photovoltaic/thermal systems with magnetic nanofluids: A review
  12. Entropy generation of turbulent Cu–water nanofluid flows inside thermal systems equipped with transverse-cut twisted turbulators
  13. Exergoeconomic analysis of photovoltaic thermal systems based on phase change materials and natural zeolites for thermal management
  14. Influence of glass cover on the characteristics of PV/trombe wall with BI-fluid cooling
  15. Heat transfer augmentation in a tube with conical wire coils using a mixture of ethylene glycol/water as a fluid
  16. Thermal analysis of a binary base fluid in pool boiling system of glycol–water alumina nano-suspension
  17. Applying homotopy perturbation method to provide an analytical solution for Newtonian fluid flow on a porous flat plate
  18. Computational fluid dynamics analysis and optimisation of polymerase chain reaction thermal flow systems
  19. Intra-uterine particle–fluid motion through a compliant asymmetric tapered channel with heat transfer
  20. Toward a highly efficient photovoltaic thermal module: Energy and exergy analysis
  21. Thermal properties of aqueous silver nanoparticle dispersion
  22. A review of state of the art thermal diodes and their potential applications
  23. … estimation of the parameters for the CHON-Me-systems as operating fluid simulants for new processes of powder thermal spraying and spheroidizing
  24. Thermal management of building-integrated photovoltaic/thermal systems: A comprehensive review
  25. Theoretical exploration of thermal transportation with Lorentz force for fourth-grade fluid model obeying peristaltic mechanism
  26. Investigation of the effects of base fluid type of the nanofluid on heat pipe performance
  27. In-situ Thermal Transport Measurement of Flowing Fluid using Modulated Photothermal Radiometry
  28. A Two-Stage Design Framework for Optimal Spatial Packaging of Fluid-Thermal Systems
  29. Electrical and thermal performances of bi-fluid PV/Thermal collectors
  30. Extremum seeking‐based observer design for reduced order models of coupled thermal and fluid systems
  31. Coupled Computation Fluid Dynamics Models for Air Flow and Thermal Analysis of Marine Engine Room
  32. Distributed parameter modeling of fluid transmission lines
  33. Parabolic trough photovoltaic/thermal hybrid system: Thermal modeling and parametric analysis
  34. Investigation on the thermal performances of [Na (TX-7)] SCN/NH3 absorption systems based on physical properties measurement of the working fluid
  35. Investigation of the thermal and energetic behavior and optimization towards smart fluid systems in machine tools
  36. Performance mapping of packed-bed thermal energy storage systems for concentrating solar-powered plants using supercritical carbon dioxide
  37. Economic analysis of hybrid Photovoltaic Thermal Configurations: A comparative study
  38. Concentration gradients of turbulent flows of viscous fluid in a multi-chambered reactor: Application of solar energy system in oil industry
  39. Theoretical energy and exergy analysis of a combined cooling, heating and power system assisted by a low concentrated photovoltaic recuperator
  40. Organic luminescent down-shifting liquid beam splitters for hybrid photovoltaic-thermal (PVT) applications
  41. Numerical study on thermal enhancement in hyperbolic tangent fluid with dust and hybrid nanoparticles
  42. Recent progress on flat plate solar collectors and photovoltaic systems in the presence of nanofluid: a review
  43. Energy performance improvement of a new hybrid PV/T Bi-fluid system using active cooling and self-cleaning: Experimental study
  44. Assessments of thermal performance of hybrid and mono nanofluid U-tube solar collector system
  45. Rate capability and Ragone plots for phase change thermal energy storage
  46. Ohmic heating effects and entropy generation for nanofluidic system of Ree-Eyring fluid: Intelligent computing paradigm
  47. Body-fitted topology optimization of 2D and 3D fluid-to-fluid heat exchangers
  48. Potentials of boiling heat transfer in advanced thermal energy systems
  49. Comparison and evaluation of solar photovoltaic thermal system with hybrid collector: An experimental study
  50. Multiparticle nanofluid optimization for spectral-splitting energy harvesting
  51. Analytical modelling of a photovoltaics-thermal technology combined with thermal and electrical storage systems
  52. A coupled optical-thermal-fluid-mechanical analysis of parabolic trough solar receivers using supercritical CO2 as heat transfer fluid
  53. Optimization of the thermal performance of nano-encapsulated phase change material slurry in double pipe heat exchanger: Design of experiments using response …
  54. Analysis of entropy generation and biomechanical investigation of MHD Jeffery fluid through a vertical non-uniform channel
  55. Thermodynamic analysis on the feasibility of a liquid energy storage system using CO2-based mixture as the working fluid
  56. Analysis of thermocline thermal energy storage systems with generic initial condition algebraic model
  57. Hybrid photovoltaic-thermal systems utilizing liquid-gas phase change material
  58. Performance Evaluation of a Photovoltaic Thermal (PVT) system using nanofluids
  59. Enhanced thermal and fluid flow performance of cross flow tube bank with perforated splitter plate
  60. Climate assessment of greenhouse equipped with south-oriented PV roofs: An experimental and computational fluid dynamics study
  61. Empirical investigation of a photovoltaic-thermal system with phase change materials and aluminum shavings porous media
  62. Comprehensive review of the recent advances in PV/T system with loop-pipe configuration and nanofluid
  63. Comprehensive investigation of reduced graphene oxide (rGO) in the base fluid: thermal analysis and ANN modeling
  64. Solar thermal energy technologies and its applications for process heating and power generation–A review
  65. Flexible phase change materials with enhanced tensile strength, thermal conductivity and photo-thermal performance
  66. 1D PDE Model for Thermal Dynamics in Fluid-Cooled Battery Packs: Numerical Methods and Sensor Placement
  67. Numerical Study on the Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer Characteristics of Al2O3-Water Nanofluids in Microchannels of Different Aspect Ratio
  68. Numerical Analysis of Thermal, Fluid, and Electrical Performance of a Photovoltaic Thermal Collector at New Micro-Channels Geometry
  69. Thermography of ferromagnetic Walter’s-B fluid through varying thermal stratification
  70. Controlling the melting and solidification points temperature of PCMs on the performance and economic return of the water-cooled photovoltaic thermal system
  71. Parametric Estimation of Wall Temperature in a Parabolic Trough Solar Collector Using Supercritical CO2 as Heat Transfer Fluid for Process Heat Production
  72. Experimental investigation of the usability of the rifled serpentine tube to improve energy and exergy performances of a nanofluid-based photovoltaic/thermal system
  73. A machine learning approach to the prediction of transport and thermodynamic processes in multiphysics systems-heat transfer in a hybrid nanofluid flow in porous …
  74. Classification of thermal ageing impact of ester fluid‐impregnated pressboard material adopting LIBS
  75. Kinetic and hydrodynamic regimes in multi-particle-collision dynamics of a one-dimensional fluid with thermal walls
  76. Thermal conductivity of Al2O3 and CeO2 nanoparticles and their hybrid based water nanofluids: An experimental study
  77. Thermodynamical analysis of heat transfer of gravity-driven fluid flow via fractional treatment: an analytical study.
  78. Experimental investigation of nanofluid based photovoltaic thermal (PV/T) system for superior electrical efficiency and hydrogen production
  79. Heat transfer and fluid flow characteristics of solar air heater duct with non-uniform ribs
  80. Selecting the best nanofluid type for A photovoltaic thermal (PV/T) system based on reliability, efficiency, energy, economic, and environmental criteria
  81. Real time experimental performance investigation of a NePCM based photovoltaic thermal system: An energetic and exergetic approach
  82. Thermodynamic potential of a high-concentration hybrid photovoltaic/thermal plant for co-production of steam and electricity
  83. Recent advances on nanofluids for low to medium temperature solar collectors: energy, exergy, economic analysis and environmental impact
  84. Irreversibility investigation of Casson fluid flow in an inclined channel subject to a Darcy-Forchheimer porous medium: a numerical study
  85. Analysis of second law on Eyring‐Powell nanoliquid flow in a vertical microchannel considering magnetic field and convective boundary
  86. Recent advances in using nanofluids in renewable energy systems and the environmental implications of their uptake
  87. Magnetized bioconvection flow of Sutterby fluid characterized by the suspension of nanoparticles across a wedge with activation energy
  88. Solution of Unsteady Fluid Dynamic and Energy Equations for High-Speed Oscillating Compressible Flows and Blast Wave Propagations
  89. Computational and numerical analysis of radiator with different tube structures and nano fluid as coolant
  90. The role of air conditioning in the diffusion of Sars-CoV-2 in indoor environments: A first computational fluid dynamic model, based on investigations performed at the …
  91. Investigation on the impact of thermal performance of fluid due to hybrid nano-structures
  92. Review of solar-biomass pyrolysis systems: Focus on the configuration of thermal-solar systems and reactor orientation
  93. Topology design of two-fluid heat exchange
  94. Technological Advancement of Solar Thermal System Desalination Process–A Review
  95. 2D-WS2 nanofluids as heat transfer fluid in concentrated solar power systems
  96. Bi-fluid cooling effect on electrical characteristics of flexible photovoltaic panel
  97. Futuristic Approaches of Low-Grade Industrial Waste Heat Recovery
  98. Refrigerating fluid with a low global warming potential for automotive air conditioning systems in summer
  99. Electromagnetic flow of SWCNT/MWCNT suspensions with optimized entropy generation and cubic auto catalysis chemical reaction
  100. Thermo-fluid Characteristics of Microchannel Heat Sink with Multi-configuration NACA 2412 Hydrofoil Ribs
  101. Influence of recent volcanism of the geochemical behaviour of trace elements and gases in deep granitic hydrothermal systems, southwest Bulgaria
  102. Optimization of a novel photovoltaic thermal module in series with a solar collector using Taguchi based grey relational analysis
  103. Charging process of thermal energy storage system under varying incident heat flux: interaction the fluid neighbour nodes and particles in order to heat transfer
  104. Heat transfer effects on electro-magnetohydrodynamic Carreau fluid flow between two micro-parallel plates with Darcy–Brinkman–Forchheimer medium
  105. Distilled Water-Based AlN+ ZnO Binary Hybrid Nanofluid Utilization in a Heat Pipe and Investigation of Its Effects on Performance
  106. Analyzing entropy and thermal behavior of nanomaterial through solar collector involving new tapes
  107. Numerical Development of a Coupled One-Dimensional/Three-Dimensional Computational Fluid Dynamics Method for Thermal Analysis With Flow Maldistribution
  108. Multi-objective optimization of heat transfer in microchannel for non-Newtonian fluid
  109. Fluid Behavior in Stochastic Porous Structures
  110. Thermal/frictional performance of spiral pipe with ring-shape depression used as in-pond heat exchanger
  111. Single and hybrid nanofluids to enhance performance of flat plate solar collectors: application and obstacles
  112. Non-Fourier thermal and mass transport in hybridnano-Williamson fluid under chemical reaction in Forchheimer porous medium
  113. Experimental and numerical investigations of latent thermal energy storage using combined flat micro-heat pipe array–metal foam configuration: Simultaneous …
  114. The fault plane as the main fluid pathway: Geothermal field development options under subsurface and operational uncertainty
  115. Experimental study on thermophysical properties of water-based nanoemulsion of n-eicosane PCM
  116. Thermal Behaviour of Nanocomposite Phase Change Material for Solar Thermal Applications
  117. A new concept of active hydrodynamic bearing for application in rotating systems
  118. Simulation of thermal radiation in a micropolar fluid flow through a porous medium between channel walls
  119. Computational fluid dynamics assessment for the thermal performance of double-skin façades in office buildings under hot climatic condition
  120. Thermal analysis of heat pump systems using photovoltaic-thermal collectors: a review
  121. Numerical Investigations of Nano-fluid Flow in Square Porous Cavity: Buongiorno’s Mathematical Model
  122. Numerical study on combined thermal radiation and magnetic field effects on entropy generation in unsteady fluid flow past an inclined cylinder
  123. New global thermal numerical model of vertical U-tube ground heat exchanger
  124. Facile preparation of core-shell Ag@ SiO2 nanoparticles and their application in spectrally splitting PV/T systems
  125. Numerical study on the thermal performance of photovoltaic thermal (PV/T) collector with different parallel cooling channels
  126. Machine Learning techniques for fluid flows at the nanoscale
  127. Review on solar collector systems integrated with phase‐change material thermal storage technology and their residential applications
  128. A technical, financial and CO2 emission analysis of the implementation of metal foam in a thermal battery for cold chain transport
  129. Developing a mobile application‐based particle image velocimetry tool for enhanced teaching and learning in fluid mechanics: A design‐based research approach
  130. Enhancing the photovoltaic system efficiency using porous metallic media integrated with phase change material
  131. Transformation heat transfer and thermo-hydrodynamic cloaks for creeping flows: Manipulating heat fluxes and fluid flows simultaneously
  132. Theoretical investigation of a single vapor bubble during Al2O3/H2O nanofluids in power-law fluid affected by a variable surface tension
  133. A Multifidelity Aero-Thermal Design Approach for Secondary Air Systems
  134. Two-Fluid Modeling of Dense Particulate Suspensions for Electronics Cooling
  135. Scalable Corrosion-Resistant Coatings for Thermal Applications
  136. Nuclear systems volume I: Thermal hydraulic fundamentals
  137. Progress in heat transfer research for high-temperature solar thermal applications
  138. Constructal design of different ribs for thermo-fluid performance enhancement of a solar air heater (SAH)
  139. Exergo-environmental assessment and multi-objective optimization of waste heat recovery systems based on Organic Rankine cycle configurations
  140. Numerical Investigations of Nano-fluid Flow in Square Porous Cavity: Buongiorno’s Mathematical Model
  141. Renewable hybrid energy systems using geothermal energy: hybrid solar thermal–geothermal power plant
  142. Nonhyperbolicity of Conservation Equations of RELAP5 Two-Fluid Model in Nuclear Reactor Safety Results (Investigation and Eigenvalue Analysis)
  143. Comparative Evaluation of Circular Truncated-Cone and Paraboloid Shapes for Thermal Energy Storage Tank based on Thermal Stratification Performance
  144. Numerical study on combined thermal radiation and magnetic field effects on entropy generation in unsteady fluid flow past an inclined cylinder
  145. Thermal analysis of heat pump systems using photovoltaic-thermal collectors: a review
  146. Assessing the thermal efficiency of energy tunnels using numerical methods and Taguchi statistical approach
  147. New global thermal numerical model of vertical U-tube ground heat exchanger
  148. Numerical study on the thermal performance of photovoltaic thermal (PV/T) collector with different parallel cooling channels
  149. Machine Learning techniques for fluid flows at the nanoscale
  150. Spiral Flow Heat Exchanger Effect on Photovoltaic/Thermal System Performance
  151. Simulation of magnetic dipole on gyrotactic ferromagnetic fluid flow with nonlinear thermal radiation
  152. Facile preparation of core-shell Ag@ SiO2 nanoparticles and their application in spectrally splitting PV/T systems
  153. Stability and thermophysical properties test of carbide-derived carbon thermal fluid; a comparison between functionalized and emulsified suspensions
  154. A technical, financial and CO2 emission analysis of the implementation of metal foam in a thermal battery for cold chain transport
  155. Developing a mobile application‐based particle image velocimetry tool for enhanced teaching and learning in fluid mechanics: A design‐based research approach
  156. Minimising exposure to droplet and aerosolised pathogens: a computational fluid dynamics study
  157. Review on solar collector systems integrated with phase‐change material thermal storage technology and their residential applications
  158. Long-term thermal imbalance in large borehole heat exchangers array–A numerical study based on the Leicester project
  159. Optimizing the energy recovery section in thermal desalination systems for improved thermodynamic, economic, and environmental performance
  160. Improvement of energy efficiency in ethanol production supported with solar thermal energy–a case study
  161. A new correlation for heat transfer in particle-fluid beds
  162. Computational fluid dynamic study on adsorption-based desalination and cooling systems with stepwise porosity distribution
  163. Intensification of heat exchanger performance utilizing nanofluids
  164. A compact and optimized liquid-cooled thermal management system for high power lithium-ion capacitors
  165. A unique thermal conductivity model (ANN) for nanofluid based on experimental study
  166. Advancement of Non-Newtonian Fluid with Hybrid Nanoparticles in a Convective Channel and Prabhakar’s Fractional Derivative—Analytical Solution
  167. Investigations on thermal properties of CeO2/water nanofluids for heat transfer applications
  168. Experiments on aerothermal supersonic fluid-structure interaction
  169. Computational fluid dynamics and experimental analysis of a corrugated plate duct
  170. An open source fast fluid dynamics model for data center thermal management
  171. Fundamental and subphenomena of boiling heat transfer
  172. Experimental investigation on the performance of heat pump operating with copper and alumina nanofluids
  173. Thermal prediction of turbulent forced convection of nanofluid using computational fluid dynamics coupled genetic algorithm with fuzzy interface system
  174. Numerical Investigation of Fluid-Structure Thermal Coupling under the Transient Flow Effect
  175. Experimental study on cooling performance of nanofluid flow in a horizontal circular tube
  176. Numerical study of shell and tube heat exchanger performance enhancement using nanofluids and baffling technique
  177. Prediction of Vehicle Cabin Occupant Thermal Comfort Using Deep Learning and Computational Fluid Dynamics
  178. Selected water thermal properties from molecular dynamics for engineering purposes
  179. Feasibility and Thermal/Electrical performance study of two smart hybrid systems combining parabolic trough collector with tubular thermoelectric generator
  180. Design improvement of thermal management for Li-ion battery energy storage systems
  181. Thermal conductivity, rheology and stability analysis of 2D tungsten disulphide‐doped polyaniline‐based nanofluids: An experimental investigation
  182. Thermal-hydraulic efficiency of a modular reactor power plant by using the second law of thermodynamic
  183. A review on recent progress, challenges and perspective of battery thermal management system
  184. Turbulent flow and heat transfer in a partially filled ventilated cavity using the local thermal non-equilibrium method
  185. SPECFEM2D-DG, an open-source software modelling mechanical waves in coupled solid–fluid systems: the linearized Navier–Stokes approach
  186. Influence of non-uniform asymmetric heating on conjugate heat transfer in a rectangular minichannel using nanofluid by two-phase Eulerian-Lagrangian method
  187. Experimental investigation on single-medium stratified thermal energy storage system
  188. Numerical investigation of a nanofluidic heat exchanger by employing computational fluid dynamic
  189. Thermo-hydrodynamic modeling of flow boiling through the horizontal tube using Eulerian two-fluid modeling approach
  190. Thermal management of modern electric vehicle battery systems (MEVBS)
  191. Magnetohydrodynamic flow of Williamson fluid in a microchannel for both horizontal and inclined loci with wall shear properties
  192. ofvHigh-fidelity modelling of selective laser melting copper alloy: laser reflection behavior and thermal-fluid dynamics
  193. Effect of exhaust parameters on performance of intermediate fluid thermoelectric generator
  194. A systematic review on graphene-based nanofluids application in renewable energy systems: Preparation, characterization, and thermophysical properties
  195. Silver nanoparticles for enhanced thermal energy storage of phase change materials
  196. A novel hybrid geo-solar thermal design for power generation in Australia
  197. Experimental study on viscosity of water based Fe–Si hybrid nanofluids
  198. Analysis of entropy generation and thermal–hydraulic of various plate-pin fin-splitter heat recovery systems using Al 2 O 3/H 2 O nanofluid
  199. Performance prediction and optimization of a photovoltaic thermal system integrated with phase change material using response surface method
  200. Numerical evaluation of turbulence heat transfer and fluid flow of hybrid nanofluids in a pipe with innovative vortex generator
  201. Improving the thermal conductivity of ethylene glycol by addition of hybrid nano-materials containing multi-walled carbon nanotubes and titanium dioxide: applicable …
  202. Phase change material-integrated latent heat storage systems for sustainable energy solutions
  203. Comparative performance analysis of flat plate solar collectors with and without aluminium oxide-based nano-fluid
  204. Generation of zonal flows in convective systems by travelling thermal waves
  205. Optimum concentration of carbon black aqueous nanofluid as coolant of photovoltaic modules: A case study
  206. Sustainable enhancement of district heating and cooling configurations by combining thermal energy storage and life cycle assessment
  207. A numerical study on the effects of nanoparticles and stair fins on performance improvement of phase change thermal energy storages
  208. Heat resistant fluid insulating coat
  209. Behavior of nanofluid with variable brownian and thermal diffusion coefficients adjacent to a moving vertical plate
  210. Dynamic Analysis of Direct Steam Generating Parabolic Trough Collector System
  211. A second law analysis for turbulent convective flow through panel type radiator equipped with vortex generators
  212. Environmental impacts of nanofluids: a review
  213. Relativistic fluid modelling of gamma-ray binaries-I. The model
  214. Effect of Personalized Problems in Undergraduate Thermal Fluid Transport Courses
  215. Enhanced Mixed Convection in a Vertical Channel by Addition of Staggered Inclined Baffles
  216. Dynamic characteristics of solid packed-bed thermocline tank using molten-salt as a heat transfer fluid
  217. Thermal characteristics and thermal stress analysis of a superheated water/steam solar cavity receiver under non-uniform concentrated solar irradiation
  218. Thermal dispersed homogeneous‐heterogeneous reaction within MHD flow of a Jeffrey fluid in the presence of Newtonian cooling and nonlinear thermal radiation
  219. A review on solar photovoltaic thermal integrated desalination technologies
  220. Influence of Thermophysical Features on MHD Squeezed Flow of‎ Dissipative Casson Fluid with Chemical and Radiative Effects
  221. Numerical Simulation of Thermal Transportation with Viscous Dissipation for a Peristaltic Mechanism of Micropolar-Casson Fluid
  222. The effects of oil/MWCNT nanofluids and geometries on the solid oxide fuel cell cooling systems: a CFD study.
  223. Long-term thermal performance analysis of deep coaxial borehole heat exchanger based on field test
  224. Thermal performance of aluminum vapor chamber for EV battery thermal management
  225. Heat pipes: progress in thermal performance enhancement for microelectronics
  226. Laser fabrication of Cu nanoparticles based nanofluid with enhanced thermal conductivity: Experimental and molecular dynamics studies
  227. Deep learning the sound of boiling for advance prediction of boiling crisis
  228. Experimental and numerical investigation on the thermal performance of triple tube heat exchanger equipped with different inserts with WO3/water nanofluid under …
  229. Machine learning based approach for the prediction of flow boiling/condensation heat transfer performance in mini channels with serrated fins
  230. Second law analysis of recharging microchannel using entropy generation minimization method


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