What is research? research methodology

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What is research? 

Any kind of scientific investigation or scholarly investigation is called research. The basic purpose of research is to find the answers to unknown problems and questions.

A successful research always contribute in the existing literature.

What is the difference between discovery and invention?

What is discovery?

Discovery is a result of a research to find the existing things but you are the first one to discover those things.

What are examples of discovery?

Biologists discover any disease or treatment

Chemists discover the chemical reaction between water and salt

Psychologist discover the reasons about changing behaviour for adults.

What is invention?

Invention is a result of a research to find the new things that are not existing before but you are the first one to invent those things.

What are examples of invention?

Computer scientists invent some new algorithm.

Engineers invent Television

What is the purpose of research? 

  • Reviewing and synthesizing the  existing knowledge
  • Investigating some existing problem
  • Investigating some something new
  • Provide solutions to a problem
  • Exploring  and analyzing the general issues
  • Explaining a phenomenon
  • Denying a phenomenon
  • Constructing a new procedure
  • Constructing a new system
  • Enhancing the existing knowledge etc
  • All of these together or partially together or some other kind of purpose can be possible for research.
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