Research Topics Fracture Mechanics in Electrical Engineering

Research Area/ Research Interest: Fracture Mechanics

Research Paper Topics for: Masters and PhD Thesis and publication

  1. Fracture mechanics‐based criteria for fatigue fracture of rolling bearings under the influence of defects
  2. Microstructural fracture mechanics: stored energy density at fatigue cracks
  3. Fracture mechanics-based mooring system fatigue analysis for a spar-based floating offshore wind turbine
  4. 2D fracture mechanics analysis of HFMI treatment effects on the fatigue behaviour of structural steel welds
  5. The nature of specimen-size-effect on fatigue crack growth and net-section fracture mechanics approach to extract the size-independent behavior
  6. In-situ observation and finite element analysis of fretting fatigue crack propagation behavior in 1045 steel
  7. Comparative study between SN and fracture mechanics approach on reliability assessment of offshore wind turbine jacket foundations
  8. Mode I fatigue limit of notched structures: A deeper insight into Finite Fracture Mechanics
  9. Fatigue life prediction of rubber-sleeved stud shear connectors under shear load based on finite element simulation
  10. Numerical calibration and experimental validation of the direct current potential drop (DCPD) method for fracture mechanics fatigue testing of single-edge-crack round …
  11. Three-dimensional fatigue crack propagation simulation using extended finite element methods for steel grades S355 and S690 considering mean stress …
  12. Analysis of fracture mechanics and fatigue crack growth in moderately thick plates using an efficient meshfree approach
  13. Three-dimensional modeling of non-planar fatigue crack growth in spur gear tooth using tetrahedral finite elements
  14. Analysis of fatigue crack growth under mixed-mode loading conditions for a pearlitic Grade 900A steel used in railway applications
  15. Fatigue Crack Growth Analysis with Extended Finite Element for 3D Linear Elastic Material
  16. Three-dimensional finite element analysis of top-down crack propagation in asphalt pavements
  17. Development of Fatigue Life Equation for NBR Material and Estimating Fatigue Life Using Fea
  18. Fracture mechanics based fatigue life prediction for a weld toe crack under constant and variable amplitude random block loading—Modeling and uncertainty …
  19. Crack propagation in flexural fatigue of concrete using rheological-dynamical theory
  20. A time-domain stepwise fatigue assessment to bridge small-scale fracture mechanics with large-scale system dynamics for high-speed maglev lightweight …
  21. Fatigue life and reliability assessment of metal structures
  22. A fracture mechanics framework for optimising design and inspection of offshore wind turbine support structures against fatigue failure
  23. Finite Element Analysis Of Thermal Fatigue Loading Of Nano Materials Coated Turbine Blade For Critical Applications
  24. Fatigue reliability assessment of a pearlitic Grade 900A rail steel subjected to multiple cracks
  25. Finite Element Investigation of Moment Effect on Fretting Fatigue
  26. Finite element modeling and critical plane analysis of a cut-and-chip experiment for rubber
  27. Limitations of small-scale yielding for fatigue crack growth
  28. An investigation on fatigue behavior of AA2024 aluminum alloy sheets in fuselage lap joints
  29. Simulation of Quasi-Static Crack Propagation by Adaptive Finite Element Method
  30. Finite element analysis of the effects of load amplitude and phase on crack initiation location in fretting fatigue
  31. Fatigue Crack Growth Analysis with Extended Finite Element for 3D Linear Elastic Material. Metals 2021, 11, 397
  32. Research on stress intensity factor and fatigue crack propagation rate of the general-purpose gondola car body
  33. Crack Propagation in the Tibia Bone within Total Knee Replacement Using the eXtended Finite Element Method
  34. An XFEM-VCCT coupled approach for modeling mode I fatigue delamination in composite laminates under high cycle loading
  35. … fracture resistance of titanium and chairside CAD-CAM zirconia implant abutments supporting zirconia crowns: An in vitro comparative and finite element analysis …
  36. Mode I stress intensity factors for semi-elliptical fatigue cracks in curved round bars
  37. A proposal on ultra-low cycle fatigue damage evaluation of structural steels
  38. Fatigue life estimation of the weld joint in K-node of the offshore jacket structure using stochastic finite element analysis
  39. Improved Ultra-Low Cycle Fatigue Fracture Models for Structural Steels Considering the Dependence of Cyclic Damage Degradation Parameters on Stress Triaxiality
  40. Finite Element Analysis of Heavy Duty Riveted Steel Grating Bridge Deck
  41. Fatigue Validation of Iron Casting Components by Strain-Life Principle
  42. … of implant-abutment contact surfaces and prosthetic screw tightening on the stress concentration, fatigue life and microgap formation: A finite element analysis
  43. Fatigue performance prediction of Al-alloy 2024 plates in riveted joint structure
  44. Multiscale study for the temperature effect on the mechanical properties and fatigue crack growth rate of polyamide 66
  45. Finite element simulation technique for evaluation of opening stresses under high plasticity
  46. Finite element analysis of the three-dimensional crack and defects in piezoelectric materials under the electro-mechanical coupling field
  47. Optimization of a Crankshaft in Crank-pin Web Fillet Region for Improving Fatigue Life
  48. Correlation of load drop and crack initiation criteria in fatigue life experiments of metallic materials
  49. Low-cycle fatigue of MCrAlY-coated superalloys: a fracture mechanics-based analysis
  50. Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis of Fiber Reinforced Concrete Slabs
  51. Design Optimization of Frame Rail Under Fatigue Condition Through FEA for Electric Drive Dump Truck
  52. A cohesive XFEM model for simulating fatigue crack growth under various load conditions
  53. Stressed volume estimated by finite element analysis predicts the fatigue life of human cortical bone: The role of vascular canals as stress concentrators
  54. Thermo-mechanical finite element simulation and visco-plastic solder fatigue for low voltage discrete package
  55. Fatigue Loads-Its Impact on Optomechanical Systems Considering Thermo-Environmental Effects
  56. Computational Simulation of 3D Fatigue Crack Growth under Mixed-Mode Loading
  57. Extracting fracture mechanics parameters (higher-order coefficients of Williams series expansion) from FEM analysis and digital photoelasticity method
  58. Surface crack and fatigue analysis for cylindrical shaft
  59. A Strain-based continuum damage model for low cycle fatigue under different strain ratios
  60. Simulation of Quasi-Static Crack Propagation by Adaptive Finite Element Method. Metals 2021, 11, 98
  61. Fatigue life estimation of treated welded attachments via Hig h Frequency Mechanical Impact treatment (HFMI-treatment)
  62. Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Fracture, Fatigue and Wear: FFW 2020, August 26-27 2020
  63. A finite element post-processor for fatigue assessment of welded structures based on the Master SN curve method
  64. Fracture mechanics analysis of functionally graded materials using a mixed collocation element differential method
  65. Fatigue mechanism study for corroded cable wire based on numerical fracture mechanical simulation
  66. Linear-elastic stress field of notched concrete beam: An application of finite element in theory of critical distances
  67. A Fatigue Evaluation Method for Radial Tire Based on Strain Energy Density Gradient
  68. Automatic Fatigue Crack Propagation Using a Self-Adaptative Strategy
  69. Comparison of machine learning methods and finite element analysis on the fracture behavior of polymer composites
  70. Fatigue Life Evaluation of Socket Welded Pipe with Incomplete Penetration Defect: I-Test and FE Analysis
  71. Mechanisms of fatigue crack growth in Ti-6Al-4V alloy subjected to single overloads
  72. Remarks on dynamic cohesive fracture under static pre-stress—with a comparison to finite fracture mechanics
  73. Fatigue crack growth of butt welded joints subjected to mixed mode loading and overloading
  74. Tetrahedral meshing for a slanted semi-elliptical surface crack at a solid cylinder
  75. Characterization of Pretension High Strength Bolted Friction Grip Connections for CFRP-Steel Structure for Tensile Loading Using Finite Element Analysis
  76. Biaxial fatigue crack growth in proton exchange membrane of fuel cells based on cyclic cohesive finite element method
  77. Fracture and Fatigue Analyses of Cracked Structures Using the Iterative Method
  78. Fatigue crack growth arrester using gourd-shaped-insert-plate for steel bridge deck
  79. Reliability analysis of fatigue crack growth for rail steel under variable amplitude service loading conditions and wear
  80. Fatigue Crack Growth Analysis Using Surrogate Modelling Techniques for Structural Problems
  81. Fatigue crack propagation behavior of high-strength steel under variable amplitude loading
  82. Automatic Crack Tip Meshing Approach for Constraint-Based Fracture Mechanics Application
  83. A methodology for simulating plasticity induced crack closure and crack shape evolution based on elastic–plastic fracture parameters
  84. Fatigue strength of rebars embedded in concrete—A numerical approach
  85. Fatigue reliability analysis and optimization of vibrator baseplate based on fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method
  87. Evaluation of existing fatigue cracks on wind turbines subjected to earthquake and wind loads
  88. Derivation of a fatigue damage law for an adhesive from in-situ bending tests
  89. Numerical modeling of plasticity-induced fatigue crack growth retardation due to deflection in the near-tip area
  90. Data-driven fatigue life prediction in additive manufactured titanium alloy: A damage mechanics based machine learning framework
  91. Finite Element Analyses of Automobile Crankshaft Using ANSYS
  92. An energy-based peridynamic model for fatigue cracking
  93. Fatigue crack growth in a structure exposed to high temperature
  94. Finite element modeling of deformation and fracture of advanced high strength steels dissimilar spot welds
  95. Overview of three-dimensional linear-elastic fracture mechanics
  96. The framework of hot corrosion fatigue life estimation of a PM superalloy using notch fatigue methodology combined with pit evolution
  97. Crack growth modeling and simulation of a peridynamic fatigue model based on numerical and analytical solution approaches
  98. Effect of the Depth of Decarburized Layer in SKL15 Tension Clamp on Fatigue Strength
  99. Characterization of fatigue crack growth by cyclic material forces
  100. Extended finite element modeling of fatigue crack growth microstructural mechanisms in alloys with secondary/reinforcing phases: model development and validation
  101. Crack Propagation and Predication on 2024 Aluminum Alloy under Combination Action of Friction and Fatigue
  102. Finite element modeling of mode I fatigue delamination growth in composites under large-scale fiber bridging
  103. Biomechanical effects of dental implant diameter, connection type, and bone density on microgap formation and fatigue failure: A finite element analysis
  104. Numerical study of microstructural fatigue crack growth using damage mechanics
  105. Experimental and Numerical Prediction of Fatigue Behavior of Ring Type Specimen
  106. Multiscale fatigue damage evolution in orthotropic steel deck of cable-stayed bridges
  107. A Fracture Mechanics Approach to Estimate Fracture-Induced Unstable Failure in Steel Structures
  108. Virtual Crack Closure as a Method for Calculating Stress Intensity Factor of Cracks in Metallic Specimens
  109. Fatigue crack growth behavior of friction stir processed super duplex stainless steels (SAF-2507)
  110. Fatigue analysis of airfoil under different working conditions
  111. Numerical Analysis and Experimental Study for Fatigue Life Behavior of HSLA and UHSS Welded Joints
  112. Does the front of fatigue crack intersect free surface at critical angle?
  113. Crack growth models for multiaxial fatigue in a ship’s propeller shaft
  114. Study on Failure Analysis of Crankshaft Using Finite Element Analysis
  115. Fatigue failure analysis of fillet welded joints used in Offshore structures using numerical methods
  116. Effect of micro-defects on fatigue lifetime of additive manufactured 316L stainless steel under multiaxial loading
  117. Fatigue crack propagation in carbon steel using RVE based model
  118. A CA-XFEM for mixed-mode variable-amplitude fatigue crack growth
  119. Cell-based smoothed finite element method for modelling interfacial cracks with non-matching grids
  120. Fatigue fracture and fatigue life assessment of railway wheel using non‐linear model for fatigue crack growth
  121. Automatic detection of fatigue crack paths using digital image correlation and convolutional neural networks
  122. A fatigue life prediction method distinguishing fracture modes for Ni-based single crystal superalloys considering porosity defect
  123. Microstructure-sensitive estimation of fatigue life using cyclic thermodynamic entropy as an index for metals
  124. The Effect of Surface Pit Treatment on Fretting Fatigue Crack Initiation
  125. Constitutive models for the structural analysis of composite materials for the finite element analysis: A review of recent practices
  126. Experimental determination and finite element analysis of coefficients of the multi-parameter Williams series expansion in the vicinity of the crack tip in linear …
  127. Selected Aspects of Cohesive Zone Modeling in Fracture Mechanics
  128. A Model Based Study of Fatigue Life Prediction for Multifarious Loadings
  129. Fatigue analysis of riveted connections using the theory of critical distances
  130. A novel physical continuum damage model for the finite element simulation of crack growth mechanism in quasi-brittle geomaterials
  131. Risk of proximal femoral nail antirotation (PFNA) implant failure upon different lateral femoral wall thickness in intertrochanteric fracture: a finite element analysis
  132. The fracture load analysis of different material thickness in adhesively bonded joints subjected to fully reversed bending fatigue load
  133. Improving fatigue life of cold forging dies by finite element analysis: A case study
  134. Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Crack Propagation in Spherical Porous Cylindrical Specimen under Mixed Mode Loading
  135. Effect of support type on the fracture toughness and energy of asphalt concrete at different temperature conditions
  136. Repair of Fatigue Cracks in Steel Members Using Adhesively Bonded Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymers (CFRP)
  137. Study on Fatigue Crack Growth of Laser Melting Deposited 12CrNi2 Alloy Steel Based on XFEM
  138. Curved fatigue crack growth prediction under variable amplitude loading by artificial neural network
  139. Finite element analysis of fracture fixation
  140. Fatigue life and fatigue crack growth rate analysis of high strength low alloy steel (42CrMo4)
  141. In-situ Technique for Fatigue Life Prediction of Metals Based on Temperature Evolution
  142. Finite-Element Modeling in Failure Analysis
  143. Fatigue Life Prediction of Radial Tire Bead Using a Maximum Strain Energy Density Range Method
  144. Fatigue performance prediction of S235 base steel plates in the riveted connections
  145. On fatigue life prediction of Al-alloy 2024 plates in riveted joints
  146. Fatigue Analysis of Actuators with Teflon Impregnated Coating—Challenges in Numerical Simulation
  147. Fatigue life evaluation of an electrically driven shuttle frame using finite element analysis
  148. Fatigue property of U rib-crossbeam-deck connections in OBD under combined loading of bending and torsion
  149. Fatigue Crack Monitoring of T-Type Joints in Steel Offshore Oil and Gas Jacket Platform
  150. On the role of crack tip creep deformation in hot compressive dwell fatigue crack growth acceleration in aluminum and nickel engine alloys
  151. A phase-transformation based method coupled with entropy to predict fatigue crack initiation of metallic materials
  152. Improvement of the Inverse Finite Element Analysis Approach for Tensile and Toughness Predictions by Means of Small Punch Technique
  153. Numerical Analysis of Crack Propagation by Using the P-version Finite Element Method and Contour Integral Method
  154. Selected Aspects of Cohesive Zone Modeling in Fracture Mechanics. Metals 2021, 11, 302
  155. Finite element analysis of edge and cleavage cracks in U-bend specimen using contour integral approach
  156. Finite element simulation of crack growth path and stress intensity factors evaluation in linear elastic materials
  157. Evaluation of different drilling quality and fatigue life prediction of nickel-based superalloy using equivalent initial flaw size
  158. Fatigue life of the welding seam of a tracked vehicle body structure evaluated using the structural stress method
  159. Evaluation of Dynamic Stress Intensity Factor of Griffith Crack Using the Finite Element Method
  160. Theory and calculation of the mixed-mode fracture for coupled chemo-mechanical fracture mechanics
  161. Research on TBM Cutterhead Crack Damage and Fatigue Reliability
  162. Influence of stress ratio on residual stress evolution near cold-expanded hole due to low-cycle fatigue by crack compliance data
  163. A fracture-mechanics-based approach to fracture control in biomedical devices manufactured from superelastic Nit…
  164. Application of fracture mechanics parameters to residual life assessment of welded pipes exploitation under fatigue loading
  165. Finite element analysis of fused filament extrusion build part using different build orientation
  166. Welded joint geometry effect on fatigue crack growth resistance in different metallic materials
  167. Investigation of fatigue crack growth in engineering components containing different types of material irregularities by XFEM
  168. … of mode II fatigue crack growth rate on the fractographic features of CFRP composite laminates: An acoustic emission and scanning electron microscopy analysis
  169. Summary of fatigue durability analysis of whole vehicle
  170. Fatigue Prediction of Porous Magnesium Bone Scaffold Using Finite Element Method
  171. Experimental Investigation of Crack Generation in Rubber Compounds Used for Tire Applications
  172. Fracture analysis of plastically graded material with thermo-mechanical J-integral
  173. Crack Growth Rate Analysis of Stress Corrosion Cracking
  174. Phase field modelling of fracture and fatigue in Shape Memory Alloys
  175. Fatigue damage accumulation modelling of critical components subjected to moving crane loads in reinforced-concrete industrial buildings
  176. Prediction of high-cycle fatigue strength in a Ti-17 alloy blade after foreign object damage
  177. Measurement of fracture parameters based upon digital image correlation and virtual crack closure techniques
  178. Three-dimensional Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis for Load-Carrying Capacity Prediction of a Railway Arch Bridge
  179. Damage Tolerance Approach for Estimation of the Remaining Life of 60 MW Turbine-Generator Shafts of Hydropower Plant—A Case Study
  180. Fatigue analysis of cruciform welded joint with weld penetration defects
  181. Fatigue crack arrest in steel beams using FRP composites
  182. Fatigue Crack Growth in Austenitic and Martensitic NiTi: Modeling and Experiments
  183. An Abaqus plug-in to simulate fatigue crack growth
  184. PRISMS-Fatigue computational framework for fatigue analysis in polycrystalline metals and alloys
  185. New formulation for fracture toughness characterization using four-point bend specimens
  186. Fracture and failure behavior of additive manufactured Ti6Al4V lattice structures under compressive load
  187. Modelling of the fatigue strength degradation due to a semi-elliptical flaw
  188. Effect of Loading Angle on 3D Stress Intensity Factor and T-stress in a Compact Tension Shear (CTS) Fracture Specimen
  189. Machine learning approaches to rock fracture mechanics problems: Mode-I fracture toughness determination
  190. Influence of uniaxial and biaxial pre-straining on the high cycle fatigue performance of DP590 steel
  191. Finite Element Analysis of Solids and Structures
  192. Mechanical Evaluation for a Fatigue Fracture Surface generated in Steel T-shaped Tubular Joints with Different Weld Toe Radius
  193. A two-scale finite element model for the fatigue design of large welded structures
  194. Investigation of autofrettage process in Al 1050 specimens by finite element and experimental method
  195. Fatigue fracture assessment of 10CrNi3MoV welded load‐carrying cruciform joints considering mismatch effect
  196. Analysis of Corrosion-Fatigue Damage and Fracture Mechanism of In-Service Bridge Cables/Hangers
  197. Effect of Pitch Thread Combination of Dental Implant on Fatigue Safety and Life Performance
  198. Life Estimation of Circumferentially Notch Round Bars Using J Integral
  199. Fracture mechanics analysis of bimaterial interface cracks using the generalized finite difference method
  200. Hydrostatic Stress and Fatigue Crack Growth of Notched Ti6Al4V in Aggressive Media
  201. A comparative review of peridynamics and phase-field models for engineering fracture mechanics
  202. Suitability of fatigue crack growth thresholds at negative stress ratios for ferritic steels and aluminum alloys in flaw evaluation procedures
  203. Fatigue life extension of existing welded structures via high frequency mechanical impact (HFMI) treatment
  204. Fracture surface formation of notched 2017A-T4 aluminium alloy under bending fatigue
  205. Effect of local equivalent stress on fatigue life prediction of carburized Cr-Ni alloy steel based on evaluation of maximum crack sizes
  206. A simplified Navarro-Rios model to predict fatigue limits in notched components.
  207. Mechanical integrity of PEEK bone plate in internal fixation of femur: experimental and finite element analysis towards performance measurement
  208. 3D XFEM investigation of the plasticity effect on fatigue propagation under thermo-mechanical loading
  209. High-cycle and very-high-cycle fatigue lifetime prediction of additively manufactured AlSi10Mg via crystal plasticity finite element method
  210. Dirlik and tovo-benasciutti spectral methods in vibration fatigue: a review with a historical perspective
  211. Fatigue Cracking Analysis of Asphalt Concrete Based on Coupled XFEM-Continuum Damage Mechanics Method
  212. A Study on Small-Scale Creep near a Crack Tip at High Temperatures
  213. Thermo-Mechanical Fatigue and Press-Fit Loss Analysis Of Valve Seat Insert
  214. Fatigue analysis of rib-to-deck double-sided welded joints in steel bridges
  215. Endurance testing and finite element simulation of a modified hip stem for integration of an energy harvesting system
  216. Mixed-mode crack growth simulation in aviation engine compressor disk
  217. Recent Advances on Hydrogen Embrittlement Understanding and Future Research Framework, Editorial
  218. Critical crack lengths of concrete gravity dam by using fracture mechanics
  219. Deep learning-based planar crack damage evaluation using convolutional neural networks
  220. X-ray Computer Tomography (XCT) of Fatigue Damage in Laser-Machined versus Milled Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer Matrix Composites
  221. Correlation of the Master curve reference temperature T0 with unified constraint parameter
  222. Fatigue crack propagation within Al-Cu-Mg single crystals based on crystal plasticity and XFEM combined with cohesive zone model
  223. Fatigue simulation for progressive damage in CFRP laminates using intra-laminar and inter-laminar fatigue damage models
  224. A particle interaction-based crack model using an improved smoothed particle hydrodynamics for fatigue crack growth simulations
  225. Recent advances on size effect in metal fatigue under defects: A review
  226. Status of numerical simulation methods for delamination damage of composite laminates
  227. All-crack remanufacturability evaluation for blade with surface crack
  228. A novel model of Z-pin insertion in prepreg based on fracture mechanics
  229. … Models for Prediction of Mixed-Mode Failure Characteristics in Composite Adhesively Bonded Joint with Brittle/Quai-Brittle Adhesive Using Finite Element Analysis
  230. Knowledge extraction and transfer in data-driven fracture mechanics
  231. A Coupled Peridynamic and Finite Element Approach in ANSYS Framework for Fatigue Life Prediction Based on the Kinetic Theory of Fracture
  232. Current challenges in modelling vibrational fatigue and fracture of structures: A review
  233. Analytical J-integral model for mode-I cracks in ductile materials with three-dimensional constraints
  234. Fatigue failure analysis and finite element assessment of the twins torsion spring
  235. Experimental and analytical investigation for fatigue crack growth characteristics of an aero-engine fan disc
  236. XFEM with partial Heaviside function enrichment for fracture analysis
  237. Fatigue Crack Growth (FCG) Studies on Landing Gear (LG) Actuating Cylinder of Fighter Aircraft for Life Extension
  238. Fatigue Simulation of Railway Car Bogie Frame Based on Multi-body Dynamics and Finite Element Analysis
  239. Diverter damper force analysis and stress intensity factors for its double fillet welds by boundary element method
  240. Stress intensity factor for w-shape tension specimens
  241. Fatigue damage prognosis of adhesively bonded joints via a surrogate model
  242. Fatigue behaviour of load-carrying fillet-welded cruciform joints of austenitic stainless steel
  243. Investigation on low cycle fatigue crack propagation in steel under fully random variable amplitude loading
  244. Characterization of plastic and creep behavior in thick aluminum wire for power modules
  245. The aging analysis method of IGBT with composite failure mode based on Miner linear fatigue cumulative theory
  246. A systematic review of structural reliability methods for deformation and fatigue analysis of offshore jacket structures
  247. Phase field simulation of fatigue crack propagation under complex load situations
  248. Numerical simulation on cold reinforcement for distortion-induced fatigue at horizontal gusset plate web gaps in steel bridges
  249. Low cycle fatigue life prediction of an engine exhaust manifold
  250. RE-0756-01: Effectiveness of Mechanical Treatment of Crack-Arrest Holes Subject to Distortion-Induced Fatigue
  251. The investigation of artificial and natural defects on the fatigue strength of vacuum-assisted high pressure die cast AlSi9Cu3 (Fe) aluminum alloy
  252. Peridynamic analysis of fatigue crack growth in fillet welded joints
  253. Design Accomplishment for Unforeseen Discrepancies for Better Structural Strength and Fatigue Life of Helicopter Structures
  254. Fatigue properties of Ti-6Al-4V Gyroid graded lattice structures fabricated by laser powder bed fusion with lateral loading
  255. Assessment of Structural Integrity Using Machine Learning
  256. Understanding mixed mode ratio of adhesively bonded joints using genetic programming (GP)
  257. An assessment of phase field fracture: crack initiation and growth
  258. Mixed Finite Element Computation of Energy Release Rate in Anisotropic Materials Based on Virtual Crack Closure-Integral Method
  259. Analysis of stress intensity factors in railway wheel under the influence of stress field due to heat treatment and press-fitting process
  260. Crack tip asymptotic field coefficients analyses based on extended finite element method using over-deterministic displacement field fitting method
  261. A finite element study of fatigue load effects on total hip joint prosthesis
  262. Application of the Failure Assessment Diagram approach for contact fatigue damage evaluation in railway wheel steels
  263. A modified degradation technique for fatigue life assessment of adhesive materials subjected to cyclic shear loads
  264. Effects of Slab Thickness on the Fatigue Performance of RC Slabs: An Analytical Investigation
  265. Fatigue life prediction of centrifugal fan blades in the ventilation cooling system of the high-speed-train
  266. An extended finite element method (XFEM) study on the elastic T-stress evaluations for a notch in a pipe steel exposed to internal pressure
  267. An explicit crack-tip element for stationary dynamic cracks
  268. An investigation on static and fatigue life evaluation of grooved adhesively bonded T-joints
  269. Fatigue assessment of welded joints at sub-zero temperatures by means of stress averaging approach
  270. Fatigue Life Prediction of Front Axle of Truck at Different Crack Directions Using ANSYS
  271. Crack Propagation Modeling of Strengthening of RC Deep Beams With CFRP Plates
  272. A safe fracture fatigue life prediction based on equivalent initial flaw size
  273. A Review on Fracture Toughness Characterization of Aluminium Based Metal Matrix Composites
  274. Fracture failure analysis and finite element assessment of bridge detection vehicle
  275. The Analysis and Simulation with the Fatigue Life of Hemispherical Resonator Gyro
  276. Fatigue crack propagation analysis in 2024-T351 aluminium alloy using nonlinear parameters
  277. Numerical study on fatigue crack propagation behaviors in lubricated rolling contact
  278. Design and analysis of Cu circuit for stretchable electronic circuits using finite element analysis
  279. Estimation of Residual Life and Failure Mechanism of Cracked Aircraft Wing Skin
  280. A three-dimensional finite element analysis of concrete sleepers and fastening systems subjected to coupling vertical and lateral loads
  281. Combined peridynamics and kinetic theory of fracture for fatigue failure of composites under constant and variable amplitude loading
  282. Mixed mode I/II crack propagation in stainless steel 316L sheets by large plastic deformations: Prediction of critical load by combining LEFM with fictitious material …
  283. Analysis of the non-singular stress terms for the sharp notches under anti-plane loading
  284. Fatigue crack propagation at aeronautic engine vane guides using the extended finite element method (XFEM)
  285. Progressive failure mechanism of laminated composites under fatigue loading
  286. Fracture analysis of plates and shells using FEM and XFEM
  287. Experimental Study on Fatigue Performance of High Strength Bolts of Rail Vehicles Under Axial Alternating Load
  288. An innovative semi-analytical methodology for fracture mechanics assessment of complex geometrical singularities
  289. Defect-based fatigue life prediction of L-PBF additive manufactured metals
  290. Determination of the mixed mode Ⅰ/Ⅱ fracture characteristics of heat-treated granite specimens based on the extended finite element method


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