Research Topics Smart grid,power generation and transfer

Research Area/ Research Interest: Smart grid,power generation and transfer in Electrical Engineering

Research Paper Topics for: Masters and PhD Thesis and publication

  1. Techno-economic analysis of the impact of dynamic electricity prices on solar penetration in a smart grid environment with distributed energy storage
  2. Optimal energy management and operations planning in seaports with smart grid while harnessing renewable energy under uncertainty
  3. Progress on the demand side management in smart grid and optimization approaches
  4. Predictive data analysis approach for securing medical data in smart grid healthcare systems
  5. Improving the voltage quality and power transfer capability of transmission system using facts controller
  6. Resilient power network structure for stable operation of energy systems: A transfer learning approach
  7. Design and Implementation of a Zigbee, Bluetooth, and GSM-Based Smart Meter Smart Grid
  8. Total transfer capability assessment of HVDC tie‐lines in asynchronous grids
  9. Investigation of correlation of design parameters in wireless power transfer system
  • Transfer-learning-based Network Traffic Automatic Generation Framework
  • A Distributed Power Transfer Limit Calculation Method for Multi-Area Interconnection Power Networks
  • Cyber-Physical System for Smart Grid
  • An Intelligent Blockchain-Based Framework for Securing Smart Grid
  • Measurement of Static Frequency Characteristics of Home Appliances in Smart Grid Systems
  • Reactive Power Compensation Using Derated Power Generation Mode of Modified P&O Algorithm in Grid-Interfaced PV System
  • A Smart Bidirectional Power Interface Between Smart Grid and Electric Vehicle
  • Review of Control Technology on Smart Grid
  • A Review of Cyber Securities in Smart Grid Technology
  • Communication Technologies for Smart Grid: A Comprehensive Survey
  • Role of Smart Metering and Implementation Issues in Smart Grid
  • SG_BIoT: Integration of Blockchain in IoT Assisted Smart Grid for P2P Energy Trading
  • Peer-to-peer energy trading mechanism based on blockchain and machine learning for sustainable electrical power supply in smart grid
  • Controller design for DFIG‐based WT using gravitational search algorithm for wind power generation
  • Analysis and Enhancement of Active Power Transfer Capability for DFIG-Based WTs in Very Weak Grid
  • Internet of Things for smart grid applications
  • Intelligent Paradigms for Smart Grid and Renewable Energy Systems
  • Smart Grid Standards and Protocols
  • A New Approach to the Implementation of Multivariable Information Transfer Models of Smart Sensors for Ubiquitous Power Energy Internet of Things
  • Stochastic synergies of urban transportation system and smart grid in smart cities considering V2G and V2S concepts
  • An introduction to the smart grid-I
  • iGridEdgeDrone: Hybrid Mobility Aware Intelligent Load Forecasting by Edge Enabled Internet of Drone Things for Smart Grid Networks
  • Study of Energy Management System and IOT Integration in Smart Grid
  • Components of the smart-grid system
  • Industrial innovation characteristics and spatial differentiation of smart grid technology in China based on patent mining
  • A Smart Grid in Container Terminals: Cost Drivers for Using the Energy Storage of Electric Transport Vehicles for Grid Stability
  • Seamless Transfer Strategy of a Wind-Battery Microgrid Between Grid Connected and Islanded Mode of Operation
  • Edge computing for IoT-enabled smart grid
  • Spectral recovery‐guided hyperspectral super‐resolution using transfer learning: SRTL for HSISR
  • Present and Future Energy Scenario in India
  • Efficient Key Management And Authentication Using Enhanced Identity-Based Cryptography For Secure Smart Grid Communications
  • Smart grid encounters edge computing: Opportunities and applications
  • Privacy Protection of the Smart Grid System Based on Blockchain
  • Solar Energy Generation and Internet of Energy (IoE): Challenges and Purview
  • Emerging Challenges in Smart Grid Cybersecurity Enhancement: A Review
  • Expandable depth and width adaptive dynamic programming for economic smart generation control of smart grids
  • On Cloud-Based Systems and Distributed Platforms for Smart Grid Integration: Challenges and Prospects for Ghana’s Grid Network
  • Smart Grid in China, EU, and the US: State of Implementation
  • 8 IoE for Energy Efficient
  • Hybrid smart grid with sustainable energy efficient resources for smart cities
  • Development of smart grid technologies: organizational and communication aspects
  • Mitigation of power quality issues in smart grid using levy flight based moth flame optimization algorithm
  • Analysing smart power grid against different cyber attacks on SCADA system
  • Optimal Generation Scheduling with Demand Side Management for Microgrid Operation
  • Forecasting of renewable generation for applications in smart grid power systems
  • Overview of Electric Vehicle: Opportunities and Challenges with Smart Grid
  • Smart grid power system
  • Surrogate‐assisted optimal re‐dispatch control for risk‐aware regulation of dynamic total transfer capability
  • Development of an Assessment Tool to Review Communication Technologies for Smart Grid in India
  • Machine learning on sustainable energy: A review and outlook on renewable energy systems, catalysis, smart grid and energy storage
  • Cyber security considerations of 4G mobile networks as a commuication service in smart grid
  • Transfer learning‐based surrogate‐assisted design optimisation of a five‐phase magnet‐shaping PMSM
  • A lyapunov‐based adaptive voltage controller for a grid connected PV system
  • Time‐interleaving design of error‐feedback sigma‐delta modulators with infinite impulse response noise transfer function
  • A New Model of Demand Response in Smart Grid
  • Scope & Integration of Computational Intelligence in Traditional Power Sector
  • Integration parameters optimization of low‐voltage multi‐terminal DC system under access of electric vehicles
  • Comparative analysis of machine learning algorithms for prediction of smart grid stability†
  • A Machine Learning-Based Gradient Boosting Regression Approach for Wind Power Production Forecasting: A Step towards Smart Grid Environments
  • Wireless Networks for Voltage Stability Analysis and Anti-islanding Protection of Smart Grid System.
  • Bayesian Network and Semidefinite Programming Based Wireless Power Transfer Manufacturing System State Estimation and Regulation
  • An Optimization Based Power Usage Scheduling Strategy Using Photovoltaic-Battery System for Demand-Side Management in Smart Grid
  • Efficient, Load Independent and Self-Regulated Wireless Power Transfer with Multiple Loads for Long Distance IoT Applications
  • A simulation and experiment coassisted learning platform for understanding electromagnetic interaction in a smart grid
  • A polymorphic heterogeneous security architecture for edge-enabled smart grids
  • Deep Domain Adaptation for Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring Based on a Knowledge Transfer Learning Network
  • Review analysis on cloud computing based smart grid technology in the oil pipeline sensor network system
  • Local Autonomous Optimization based Virtual Power Plant Dispatch Strategy
  • Generalized Additive Modeling of Building Inertia Thermal Energy Storage for Integration Into Smart Grid Control
  • Smart grid cyber-physical attack and defense: a review
  • A novel demand response strategy for sizing of hybrid energy system with smart grid concepts
  • An Overview of Implementation Issues of Smart Grid
  • Artificial Intelligence Techniques in Smart Grid: A Survey
  • A cybersecurity user authentication approach for securing smart grid communications
  • Communications modelling for charge-discharge system between electric vehicles and smart grid
  • The Effectiveness of Smart Grids V2G and Integration of Renewable Energy Sources
  • Design of cloud computing-based control algorithm for hybrid power system in smart grid applications
  • A Technical Review on Self-Healing Control Strategy for Smart Grid Power Systems
  • Preserving Privacy of Smart Meter Data in a Smart Grid Environment
  • An Incentive Based Dynamic Pricing in Smart Grid: A Customer’s Perspective
  • Approaches to smart grid network communication and security
  • A Low-Cost IoT System for Real-Time Monitoring of Climatic Variables and Photovoltaic Generation for Smart Grid Application
  • Heat transfer and simulated coronary circulation system optimization algorithms for real power loss reduction
  • PMU-based FOPID Controller of Large-scale Wind-PV Farms for LFO Damping in Smart Grid
  • A frequency domain transfer function methodology for thermal characterization and design for energy flexibility of zones with radiant systems
  • Towards a Digital Twin model for Building Energy Management: Case of Morocco
  • EPPAS: Energy‐efficient privacy‐preserving and physically secure mutual authentication scheme for secure communication in smart grid systems
  • IoT based smart energy grid for sustainable cites
  1. Swift Automatic Transfer Switch based on Arduino Mega 2560, Triacs Bluetooth and GSM
  2. Intelligent Management of Resources in a Smart Grid‐Cloud for Better Energy Efficiency
  3. Improvement of Frequency Control of Multi-Microgrids in Distribution Networks
  5. Smart grid architecture model for control, optimization and data analytics of future power networks with more renewable energy
  6. Existing developments in adaptive smart grid protection: A review
  7. Small-Hydro Battery Energy Storage System With Mode Transfer Capabilities
  8. Design of ANFIS controller for intelligent energy management in smart grid applications
  9. Distributed Blockchain-Based Authentication and Authorization Protocol for Smart Grid
  10. Blockchain-based IoT device identification and management in 5G smart grid
  11. Photovoltaic System Power Reserve Determination Using Parabolic Approximation of Frequency Response
  12. A dynamic equivalent model for district heating networks: formulation, existence and application in distributed electricity-heat operation
  13. A Review Study on “5G NR Slicing Enhancing IoT & Smart Grid Communication”
  14. Synchronization for Smart Grid Infrastructure
  15. Dual‐mode magnetically integrated photovoltaic microconverter with adaptive mode change and global maximum power point tracking
  16. A Stacked GRU-RNN-based Approach for Predicting Renewable Energy and Electricity Load for Smart Grid Operation
  17. Intelligent optimization framework for efficient demand-side management in renewable energy integrated smart grid
  18. Reliability Analysis of Smart Grid Networks Iincorporating Hardware Failures and Packet Loss
  19. Cyber Kill Chain-Based Hybrid Intrusion Detection System for Smart Grid
  20. Smart Grid Using Internet of Things
  21. Industrial Internet of Things Collaborations: A Contingency Framework for Smart Grid Development in Renewable Energy
  22. Current sensor optimization based on simulated transfer function under partial discharge pulses
  23. Hardware assisted smart grid authentication
  24. Ambient self-powered cluster-based wireless sensor networks for industry 4.0 applications
  25. Optimal energy scheduling strategy for multi-energy generation grid using multi-agent systems
  26. Collaboration In A Working Smart Grid–A Case Study From Hungary
  27. Cyber-security of smart microgrids: A survey
  28. Internet of things and cloud computing‐based energy management system for demand side management in smart grid
  29. A novel regression method in forecasting short-term grid electricity load in buildings that were connected to the smart grid
  30. Observation and Control of Smart Grid Using IoT and Cloud Technology
  31. Energy limit of oil‐immersed transformers: A concept and its application in different climate conditions
  32. Integration of Renewable Energy Sources in a Power Grid: A Review
  33. Toward smart distributed renewable generation via multi-uncertainty featured non-intrusive interactive energy monitoring
  34. An efficient distributed approach for a self‐healing smart grid using minimal spanning tree
  35. Securing smart-grid infrastructure against emerging threats
  36. Smart‐grid and solar energy harvesting in the IoT era: an overview
  37. A bilevel programming approach for real‐time pricing strategy of smart grid considering multi‐microgrids connection
  38. Smart grid implementation in Morocco: Case study
  39. A Hybrid Model for Short-term Load Forecast Using Empirical Mode Decomposition and Transfer Learning.
  40. Intelligent data-analytics for condition monitoring: smart grid applications
  41. Secure and Energy-Efficient Remote Monitoring Technique (SERMT) for Smart Grid
  42. A Study of Smart Grid Systems
  43. Transmission of frequency balance instructions and secure data sharing based on chaos encryption in smart grid-based energy systems applications
  44. Enhancement on Charge Generation and Transfer Properties of Sb 2 S 3 Quantum-Dot-Sensitized Solar Cells by ZnO Nanorods Optimization
  45. An Optimal Power Usage Scheduling in Smart Grid integrated with Renewable Energy Sources for Energy Management
  46. Recent Challenges and Methodologies in Smart Grid Demand Side Management: State-of-the-Art Literature Review
  47. Multi-Commodity Optimisation of Peer-to-Peer Energy Trading Resources in Smart Grid
  48. Dynamic Modeling for the Wireless Power Transfer System in Domino Structure
  49. Interface connection modulation by CuxS buffer layer on charge transfer performance enhancement of CuInS2 quantum dot-sensitized solar cells
  50. Using the internet of things in smart energy systems and networks
  51. Power systems automation, communication, and information technologies for smart grid: A technical aspects review
  52. Machine Learning and Deep Learning in Smart Manufacturing: The Smart Grid Paradigm
  53. Gaussian Process Kernel Transfer Enabled Method for Electric Machines Intelligent Faults Detection with Limited Samples
  54. Frequency stabilization of solar thermal-photovoltaic hybrid renewable power generation using energy storage devices
  55. A Novel State Estimation Based Shield Mechanism Thwarting SIoT Attacks.
  56. AI-Based Smart Micro Grids
  57. Conventional Power Grid to Smart Grid
  58. Smart grid modernization using Internet of Things technology
  59. Integration of Renewable Energy Sources to Wireless Charger of Electrical Vehicle
  60. Towards a Secured Blockchain-based Smart Grid
  61. Unfulfilled promise: social acceptance of the smart grid
  62. Comprehensive practical evaluation of wired and wireless internet base smart grid communication
  63. Estimation of future power consumption level in smart grid: Application of fuzzy logic and genetic algorithm on big data platform
  64. Efficient data transfer in edge envisioned environment using artificial intelligence based edge node algorithm
  65. Vulnerability and Impact Analysis of the IEC 61850 GOOSE Protocol in the Smart Grid
  66. Spectrum requirements for smart grid applications: A Colombian Case Study
  67. Smart grid cyber-physical systems: communication technologies, standards and challenges
  68. An introduction to smart grid and demand-side management with its integration with renewable energy
  69. Optimum coordination of centralized and distributed renewable power generation incorporating battery storage system into the electric distribution network
  70. Optimizing Energy Costs for Offices Connected to the Smart Grid
  71. Blockchain-Based Peer-to-Peer Sustainable Energy Trading in Microgrid using Smart Contracts
  72. Promoting Energy Efficiency in the Palestinian Municipalities: A Case Study of Al-Dahriya Municipality
  73. Predicting Waste to Energy Potential and Estimating Number of Transfer Station Based on Indore Waste Management Model: A Case of Indian Smart Cities
  74. Microgrid Optimization and Integration of Renewable Energy Resources: Innovation, Challenges and Prospects
  75. Battery energy storage based balancing of a microgrid
  76. Channel Allocation with MIMO in Cognitive Radio Network
  77. Smart Grid Optimization by Implementing the Algorithm of Artificial Neural Network
  78. Appliance identification using a histogram post-processing of 2d local binary patterns for smart grid applications
  79. Multi energy systems of the future
  80. Transfer Learning by Similarity Centred Architecture Evolution for Multiple Residential Load Forecasting
  81. Efficient Group-Key Management for Low-bandwidth Smart Grid Networks
  82. Technical and Economic Efficiency Analysis of the Energy Storage Systems Use in Off-Grid Power Systems
  83. Antenna array design on flexible substrate for wireless power transfer
  84. Security Risk Modeling in Smart Grid Critical Infrastructures in the Era of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence
  85. Monitoring Cyber-Physical Layer of Smart Grid Using Graph Theory Approach
  87. Edge blockchain assisted lightweight privacy-preserving data Aggregation for Smart Grid
  88. Modeling and Analysis of Demand Response Strategies for Datacenters in Smart Grid Environment
  89. A Survey on Cyber Security Attacks and Countermeasures in Smart Grid Metering Network
  90. An aggregator‐based resource allocation in the smart grid using an artificial neural network and sliding time window optimization
  91. Smart grid energy system operation study
  92. A Data-Driven Approach for Blockchain-Based Smart Grid System
  93. A trustworthy and incentivized smart grid energy trading framework using distributed ledger and smart contracts
  94. IoE for Energy Efficient Buildings: Challenges and Solutions
  95. Learning to shift load under uncertain production in the smart grid
  96. Power grid surveillance and control based on wireless sensor network technologies: Review and future directions
  97. The impact of load transfer on transmission and distribution costs
  98. Design on Smart Grid and Irrigation Management: based on Information Sharing
  99. Data reduction algorithm for correlated data in the smart grid
  100. Review Study of Smart Grid Customers and its Self-Healing System
  101. Blockchain-based secure energy policy and management of renewable-based smart microgrids
  102. Hierarchical resource allocation strategy for RAN slices in smart grid
  103. Integration of solar thermal and photovoltaic, wind, and battery energy storage through AI in NEOM city
  104. EnsembleNTLDetect: An Intelligent Framework for Electricity Theft Detection in Smart Grid
  105. Solar power generation prediction based on deep Learning
  106. Wireless power transfer based on novel physical concepts
  107. A Privacy-Preserving Homomorphic Scheme with Multiple Dimensions and Fault Tolerance for Metering Data Aggregation in Smart Grid
  108. Autonomous Dual Active Power-Frequency Control in Power System with Small-Scale Photovoltaic Power Generation
  109. Research on load shedding control strategy in power grid emergency state based on deep reinforcement learning
  110. SPEAR SIEM: A Security Information and Event Management system for the Smart Grid
  111. A novel application architecture of digital twin in smart grid
  112. Smart Grid Anomaly Detection using a Deep Learning Digital Twin
  113. Mitigation Measures for Power Quality Issues in Renewable Energy Integration and Impact of IoT in Grid Control
  114. Seamless Transfer Control Strategy of Multi-Energy Complementary Microgrid
  115. Resiliency Impacts of Plug-in Electric Vehicles in a Smart Grid
  116. Wind turbine fault diagnosis based on transfer learning and convolutional autoencoder with small-scale data
  117. End-user privacy protection scheme from cyber intrusion in smart grid advanced metering infrastructure
  118. Energy management in microgrids including smart homes: A multi-objective approach
  119. The effect of smart meter penetration on dynamic electricity pricing: Evidence from the United States
  120. A Self Monitoring and Analyzing System for Solar Power Station using IoT and Data Mining Algorithms
  121. Emerging Power Converters for Renewable Energy and Electric Vehicles: Modeling, Design, and Control
  122. Incentive Design for Flexibility Provisions From Residential Energy Hubs in Smart Grid
  123. Trends in Energy Management System for Smart Microgrid—An Overview
  124. Data visualization in smart grid and low‐carbon energy systems: A review
  125. Highly efficient conversion of surplus electricity to hydrogen energy via polysulfides redox
  126. Privacy Preservation Protocol for Smart Grid Networks
  127. PFSS: a privacy-friendly and secure smart metering for time of use operational data collection in smart grid network
  128. Research on Uniform Magnetic Field Compensation Structure of Array Circular Coils for Wireless Power Transfer
  129. Grid Island Energy Transition Scenarios Assessment Through Network Reliability and Power Flow Analysis
  130. P4G2Go: A Privacy-Preserving Scheme for Roaming Energy Consumers of the Smart Grid-to-Go
  131. Operational planning steps in smart electric power delivery system
  132. Revenue optimization in energy networks involving self-scheduled demand and a smart grid
  133. A Lightweight Hardware-based Authentication for Secure Smart Grid Energy Storage Units
  134. Co-optimization of wastewater treatment plants interconnected with smart grids
  135. Energy-efficient density-based Fuzzy C-means clustering in WSN for smart grids
  136. Real Time Demand Response Modeling for Residential Consumers in Smart Grid Considering Renewable Energy With Deep Learning Approach
  137. Estimating Energy Forecasting Uncertainty for Reliable AI Autonomous Smart Grid Design
  138. Coupled electromagnetic-thermal analysis of roadway inductive power transfer pads within a model pavement
  139. Hybrid photovoltaic–thermal system for simultaneous generation of power and hot water utilising mobiltherm as heat transfer fluid
  140. Aggregated Impact of Smart Grid Technologies on the Quality of Power Supply
  141. Hardware-in-the-loop experimental validation for a lab-scale microgrid targeted by cyberattacks
  142. Smart Grid
  143. Management of DC Microgrid using Power Electronic Converters
  144. Analytic assessment of the power system frequency security
  145. Reinforcement Learning with Probabilistic Boolean Network Models of Smart Grid Devices
  146. Unsupervised Learning for Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring in Smart Grid Based on Spiking Deep Neural Network
  147. Smart cities: Fundamental concepts
  148. Applying overlay networks to the smart grid and energy collectives
  149. Assessment of energy storage systems as a reserve provider in stochastic network constrained unit commitment
  150. MQTT based Time-Series Anomaly Detection System for Smart Grid
  151. Peer-to-Peer Energy Trading Enabled Optimal Decentralized Operation of Smart Distribution Grids
  152. Grid Frequency and Amplitude Control Using DFIG Wind Turbines in a Smart Grid
  154. Optimization of Electric Vehicles Along with Power Generation Units to Improve Microgrid Reliability
  155. Enhance Power Quality of Grid Connected Wind and Solar Power System with ANFIS Control Scheme
  157. Energy demand side management in stand-alone power supply system with renewable energy sources
  158. Innovative multi-layered architecture for heterogeneous automation and monitoring systems: Application case of a photovoltaic smart microgrid
  159. Reliability evaluation of power distribution grids considering the dynamic charging mode of electric buses
  160. Smart city technologies in the USA: Smart grid and transportation initiatives in Columbus, Ohio
  161. Analysis of classical and machine learning based short-term and mid-term load forecasting for smart grid
  162. The importance of energy storage in solar and wind energy, hybrid renewable energy systems
  163. Power management and control of a grid-independent DC microgrid with hybrid energy storage system
  164. Demand Response Frameworks for Smart Residential Buildings
  165. Energy management for internet of things via distributed systems
  166. Hierarchical dispatch method for integrated heat and power systems considering the heat transfer process
  167. Deep reinforcement learning for energy management in a microgrid with flexible demand
  168. Security and Privacy Support for Smart Grid
  169. A Review on Communication Aspects of Demand Response Management for Future 5G IoT-Based Smart Grids
  170. A Comprehensive Survey on Cyber-Physical Smart Grid Testbed Architectures: Requirements and Challenges
  171. IoT-Enabled Smart Energy Grid: Applications and Challenges
  172. Load Frequency Control of Hybrid power System using Classical PID Controller
  173. Bayesian adversarial multi-node bandit for optimal smart grid protection against cyber attacks
  174. Smart grids and big data analytics for smart cities
  175. AC, DC, and hybrid control strategies for smart microgrid application: A review
  176. Communication Standards for Interconnections of Smart Grid Infrastructure and Intelligent Electric Transportation System
  177. Zero-Parameter-Information Data Integrity Attacks and Countermeasures in IoT-Based Smart Grid
  178. Multi-keyword Cipher-text Retrieval Method for Smart Grid Edge Computing
  179. Developing a Smart Grid for Virginia
  180. Dynamic economic dispatch incorporating commercial electric vehicles
  181. Hybrid analytical and data-driven modeling based instance-transfer method for power system online transient stability assessment


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