Research Topics Non linear vibration dynamics and machine design

Research Area/ Research Interest: Non linear vibration dynamics and machine design

Research Paper Topics for: Masters and PhD Thesis and publication

1. Nonlinear Vibration of Manipulator Induced by Coupling Time Delay and Control Strategy
2. Geometrically nonlinear vibration analysis of eccentrically stiffened porous functionally graded annular spherical shell segments
3. Nonlinear Vibration Analysis of Rotor considering Cogging and Harmonic Effects
4. Analytical solution approach for nonlinear vibration of shear deformable imperfect FG-GPLR porous nanocomposite cylindrical shells
5. A device capable of customizing nonlinear forces for vibration energy harvesting, vibration isolation, and nonlinear energy sink
6. Nonlinear Vibration of Bladed Discs
7. Nonlinear Vibration Analysis of a Flexible Rotor Supported by a Flexure Pivot Tilting Pad Journal Bearing in Comparison to a Fixed Profile Journal Bearing With …
8. Nonlinear Vibration of Bladed Discs
9. Position deviation control of drilling machine using a nonlinear adaptive backstepping controller based on a disturbance observer
10. The vibration analysis of the CNC vertical milling machine spindle system considering nonlinear and nonsmooth bearing restoring force
11. Nonlinear vibration localisation in a symmetric system of two coupled beams
12. Mathematical modeling and nonlinear vibration analysis of a coupled hydro-generator shaft-foundation system
13. Improvements to Linear and Nonlinear Models of Machine Key Components
14. Nonlinear dynamic responses of beamlike truss based on the equivalent nonlinear beam model
15. Nonlinear dynamic simulation and parametric analysis of a rotor-AMB-TDB system experiencing strong base shock excitations
16. Equation discovery for nonlinear dynamical systems: A Bayesian viewpoint
17. Dynamic characteristics of two degree-of-freedom quasi-zero stiffness vibration isolation system with nonlinear springs
18. Nonlinear geometry effects investigation on free vibrations of beams using shear deformation theory
19. Wind tunnel demonstration of galloping mitigation with a purely nonlinear energy sink
20. Experimental observations of nonlinear vibration localization in a cyclic chain of weakly coupled nonlinear oscillators
21. Piezoelectric energy harvesting from nonlinear dynamics of functionally graded plate under multi-moving loads and masses
22. Vibration analysis and cutting simulation of structural nonlinearity for machine tool
23. Vibrational and stochastic resonances in driven nonlinear systems: part 2
24. Vibration suppression of a rotor system with a nonlinear MR damper
25. Vibration suppression of a dual-rotor-bearing coupled system by using a nonlinear energy sink
26. Robust design optimization for SMA based nonlinear energy sink with negative stiffness and friction
27. Vibration transmission and energy flow of impact oscillators with nonlinear motion constraints created by diamond-shaped linkage mechanism
28. Single Degree-of-Freedom Modeling of the Nonlinear Vibration Response of a Machining Robot
29. Nonlinear vibration characteristics of fibre reinforced composite cylindrical shells in thermal environment
30. Nonlinear normal modes and optimization of a square root nonlinear energy sink
31. Investigation on nonlinear dynamics and active control of boring bar chatter
32. Equivalent linear pseudostatic and dynamic modelling of vertically vibrating monopile
33. Equivalent oscillator model for the nonlinear vibration of a porter governor
34. Nonlinear vibration of conical shell with a piezoelectric sensor patch and a piezoelectric actuator patch
35. A Comprehensive Nonlinear Dynamic Model for Ball Screw Feed System With Rolling Joint Characteristics
36. Nonlinear energy sink with limited vibration amplitude
37. Applications of Jacobi’s Elliptic Functions in Forced Vibration in Nonlinear Rotor Dynamics
38. Nonlinear rotordynamics of a MDOF rotor–stator contact system subjected to frictional and gravitational effects
39. Nonlinear modeling, design and parametric study of an effective harvester in large amplitude vibration using magnetoelectric transducer
40. Influence of vehicle-road coupled vibration on tire adhesion based on nonlinear foundation
41. A Tutorial Review on Time-Frequency Analysis of Non-Stationary Vibration Signals with Nonlinear Dynamics Applications
42. Two-dimensional nonlinear energy sink for effective passive seismic mitigation
43. Nonlinear dynamics of a jaw crusher taking into account the interaction with the rock
44. Effect of Hydrostatic Pressure on Nonlinear Vibrating of Annular Circular Plate Coupled with Bounded Fluid
45. Analytical solution for nonlinear forced vibrations of functionally graded micro resonators
46. Nonlinear tribo-dynamic model and experimental verification of a spur gear drive under loss-of-lubrication condition
47. Modeling and analysis of vibratory feeder system based on robust stick–slip motion
48. Design analysis of torsichrone centrifugal pendulum vibration absorbers
49. A linear hybrid model for enhanced servo error pre-compensation of feed drives with unmodeled nonlinear dynamics
50. Nonlinear forced vibration analysis of angle-ply laminated composite shell
51. Dynamic response of the heterogeneous deep-sea sediment with nonlinear gradient modulus to mining machine loading
52. On the Optimization of a Multimodal Electromagnetic Vibration Energy Harvester Using Mode Localization and Nonlinear Dynamics
53. A review of the mechanical inerter: historical context, physical realisations and nonlinear applications
54. Dynamics of Cardiovascular Muscle Using a Non-Linear Symmetric Oscillator
55. Wind deflection analysis of railway catenary under crosswind based on nonlinear finite element model and wind tunnel test
56. Torsional Vibrations Control of Double‐Ended Driving and Dual‐Excited Turbo‐Generator Shafts Based on Multi‐Index Nonlinear Control
57. To Predict a Shock Pulse using Non Linear Dynamic Model of Rubber Waveform Generator
58. An optimal model identification algorithm of nonlinear dynamical systems with the algebraic method
59. Gas turbine monitoring using neural network dynamic nonlinear autoregressive with external exogenous input modelling
60. Nonlinear Vibration Analysis of Beam Microgyroscopes using Nonlocal Strain Gradient Theory
61. Controlling self-excited vibration of a nonlinear beam by nonlinear resonant velocity feedback with time-delay
62. Control of a nonlinear flexure-jointed XY positioning stage using LTV-FIR command prefiltering for finite-time error cancellation
63. A nonlinear stiffness and nonlinear inertial vibration isolator
64. A novel modal vibration reduction of a disk-blades of a turbine using nonlinear energy sinks on the disk
65. Linear and nonlinear vibrations of variable cross‐section beams using shear deformation theory
66. Potential of a vibro-impact nonlinear energy sink for energy harvesting
67. Theoretical investigation of the improved nonlinear dynamic model for star gearing system in GTF gearbox based on dynamic meshing parameters
68. Nonlinear dynamic response and stability of a rod fastening rotor with internal damping effect
69. Anomalous nonlinear dynamics behavior of fractional viscoelastic beams
70. Sensitivity analysis and vibration control of asymmetric nonlinear rotating shaft system utilizing 4-pole AMBs as an actuator
71. Modeling and analyzing of nonlinear dynamics for spur gear pair with pitch deviation under multi-state meshing
72. A nonlinear dynamic vibration model of cylindrical roller bearing considering skidding
73. Nonlinear vibration of functionally graded porous variable thickness toroidal shell segments surrounded by elastic medium including the thermal effect
74. Nonlinear dynamic force transmissibility of a flywheel rotor supported by angular contact ball bearings
75. Nonlinear energy harvesting with dual resonant zones based on rotating system
76. Nonlinear vibration suppression of laminated composite conical shells on elastic foundations with magnetostrictive layers
77. Constraint optimization of nonlinear McPherson suspension system using genetic algorithm and ADAMS software
78. Random Response of Nonlinear System with Inerter-based Dynamic Vibration Absorber
79. DynNet: Physics-based neural architecture design for nonlinear structural response modeling and prediction
80. Nonlinear buckling analysis of stiffened FG-GRC laminated cylindrical shells subjected to axial compressive load in thermal environment
81. Simultaneous path-following and vibration control for uncertain nonlinear flexible mechanical systems without dependency on oscillatory mathematical model
82. The design and analysis of a novel passive quasi-zero stiffness vibration isolator
83. Modelling and vibration analysis for the multi-plate structure connected by nonlinear hinges
84. Modeling of a vibrating machine with spatial oscillations of the working body
85. Nonlinear lay-up optimization of variable stiffness composite skew and taper cylindrical panels in free vibration
86. Vibration protection system with nonlinear elastic and damping characteristics
87. Nonlinear random vibration of planetary gear trains with elastic ring gear
88. Research on dynamic behavior of torsional absorber in powertrain system considering nonlinear factors
89. Nonlinear resonance decomposition for weak signal detection
90. Theoretical and experimental study of an enhanced nonlinear energy sink
91. Dynamic instability responses of the substructure living biological cells in the cytoplasm environment using stress-strain size-dependent theory
92. Nonlinear Coupled Torsion/Lateral Vibration and Sommerfeld Behavior in a Double U-Joint Driveshaft
93. Active control synthesis of nonlinear pitch-roll motions for marine vessels
94. Nonlinear Dynamic Behavior of Hyperbolic Paraboloidal Shells‎ Reinforced by Carbon Nanotubes with Various Distributions
95. An arch-linear composed beam piezoelectric energy harvester with magnetic coupling: Design, modeling and dynamic analysis
96. Dynamics of Cardiovascular Muscle Using a Non-Linear SymmetricOscillator. Symmetry 2021, 13, 151
97. Nonlinear Dynamics Investigation of Variable Cross-Sectional Solar-Sail Masts
98. Nonlinear 3D finite element analysis of a shear-wave vibrator-ground interaction system
99. Propagation of friction parameter uncertainties in the nonlinear dynamic response of turbine blades with underplatform dampers
100. Nonlinear Dynamic Modeling and Vibration Analysis of Faulty Rolling Bearing Based on Collision Impact
101. Research on coupled vibrations of driveshaft–rear axle system based on nonlinear hybrid model
103. Experimental Investigation of the Change of Elastic Moduli of Clastic Rocks under Nonlinear Loading
104. Machinery dynamics
105. Nonlinear Dynamic Behaviors of the Arc Tooth Connected Rotor under Different Loads
106. Influence of the Nonlinear Stiffness Parameter of the Vibratory Stress Relief Device on Strong Nonlinear Superharmonic Resonance
107. A novel optimal control design for unknown nonlinear systems based on adaptive dynamic programming and nonlinear model predictive control
108. Kinematic accuracy and nonlinear dynamics of a flexible slider-crank mechanism with multiple clearance joints
109. Nonlinear phenomena of contact in multibody systems dynamics: a review
110. Periodic cutting motions in a vibration-assisted, regenerative, nonlinear Orthogonal turning system
111. Seismic codes based equivalent nonlinear and stochastic soil structure interaction analysis
112. Seismic resistance estimation of existing turbogenerator foundation structures under ductility level earthquake impact by nonlinear static method
113. Dynamic reliability analysis of mechanical system with wear and vibration failure modes
114. Nonlinear Frequency Response Analysis of Double-helical Gear Pair Based on the Incremental Harmonic Balance Method
115. An improved dynamic model of spur gear transmission considering coupling effect between gear neighboring teeth
116. Nonlinear analysis of functionally graded skewed and tapered wing-like plates including porosities: A bifurcation study
117. A Monte Carlo simulation approach in nonlinear structural dynamics using convolutional neural networks
118. Nonlinear forced vibration of in-plane bi-directional functionally graded materials rectangular plate with global and localized geometrical imperfections
119. Detection of cylinder misfire in an aircraft engine using linear and non-linear signal analysis
120. A semi-active suspension using a magnetorheological damper with nonlinear negative-stiffness component
121. An efficient technique for extraction of nonlinear dynamic features in a model-based feature extraction scheme for machine learning–based structural health …
122. Periodic response of a nonlinear axially moving beam with a nonlinear energy sink and piezoelectric attachment
123. Full-scale finite element modeling and nonlinear bending analysis of sandwich plates with functionally graded auxetic 3D lattice core
124. Nonlinear dynamic analysis of supercritical and subcritical Hopf bifurcations in gas foil bearing-rotor systems
125. Vibration Force Transmissibility of a Rotor-Stator System with Potential Rub-Impact
126. A bicoherence-based nonlinearity measurement method for identifying the location of breathing cracks in blades
127. Analysis of the rub-impact forces between a controlled nonlinear rotating shaft system and the electromagnet pole legs
128. Analysis of Pendulum-Based Nonlinear Energy Sink for Energy Harvesting
129. Nonlinear dynamic analysis of ball screw feed system considering assembly error under harmonic excitation
130. Accurate and fast estimation for field-dependent nonlinear damping force of meandering valve-based magnetorheological damper using extreme learning machine …
131. Bifurcations and instability mechanisms in rotor systems generated by non-linear bearings of complex design and elastic pedestals
132. A nonlinear control strategy for robust tracking under exogenous vibrations for in-line nano-metrology
133. Machine learning based digital twin for stochastic nonlinear multi-degree of freedom dynamical system
134. Seismic effectiveness and robustness of tuned mass dampers versus nonlinear energy sinks in a lifecycle cost perspective
135. The asymptotic analysis and stability of 3DOF non-linear damped rigid body pendulum near resonance
136. Stability Issues of Two-wheeled Trailers Caused by the Nonlinear Coupling between the Lateral and Vertical Motions
137. Time series data processing of liquid nonlinear flow
138. Coupled bending-torsional vibration analysis for rotor-bearing system with rub-impact of hydraulic generating set under both dynamic and static eccentric …
139. A Novel Test Rig for the Basic Nonlinear Characterization of Bolted Joints
140. Modeling of Robot’s Low-Speed Motion Nonlinear Dynamics Based on Phase Space Reconstruction Neural Network
141. Experimental characterization of nonlinear static and dynamic behaviors of circular capacitive microplates with initial deflection
142. Nonlinear dynamics of flexible slender structures moving in a limited space with application in nuclear reactors
143. Mechanical characteristics and nonlinear dynamic response analysis of rotor-bearing-coupling system
144. Bearing internal load analysis and fatigue life estimation based on nonlinear dynamic model of a gear system
145. Nonlinear Active Suspension System Control using Fuzzy Model Predictive Controller
146. Circuit simulation of two-degree-of-freedom unilateral impact dynamics system with gap
147. A Monte Carlo Simulation Approach in Non-linear Structural Dynamics Using Convolutional Neural Networks. Front
148. Tailoring composite materials for nonlinear viscoelastic properties using artificial neural networks
149. Vibrational and stochastic resonances in driven nonlinear systems
150. Dynamic Modelling and Nonlinear Characteristics of a Cracked Bolt-Disc Combined Rotor System
151. Nonlinear modeling and robust LMI fuzzy control of overhead crane systems
152. Nonlinear modeling of d33-mode piezoelectric actuators using experimental vibration analysis
153. Support vector machines for automated modelling of nonlinear structures using health monitoring results
154. Isogeometric analysis for size-dependent nonlinear free vibration of graphene platelet reinforced laminated annular sector microplates
155. Veering and merging analysis of nonlinear resonance frequencies of an assembly bladed disk system
156. Nonlinear dynamic behavior of rotating blade with breathing crack
157. Nonlinear modeling and performance testing of high-power electromagnetic energy harvesting system for self-powering transmission line vibration deicing robot
158. On the active damping of vibrations using electromagnetic spring
159. Design analysis of torsichrone centrifugal pendulum vibration
160. Nonlinear passive control of a pendulum submitted to base excitation
161. Robust Nonlinear Control of Mode-Coupling-Based Vibrations by Using High-Gain Observer and Sliding-Mode Controller
162. A power-form method for dynamic systems: investigating the steady-state response of strongly nonlinear oscillators by their equivalent Duffing-type equation
163. Design methodology for input shapers using genetic algorithms in flexible nonlinear systems
164. Nonlinear Modelling, Flatness-Based Current Control, and Torque Ripple Compensation for Interior Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines. Energies 2021 …
165. Optimal parametric control of nonlinear random vibrating systems
166. Influences of material gradient and nonlinearity on the forced vibration of orthotropic shell structures
167. Nonlinear feedback anti-control of limit cycle and chaos in a mechanical oscillator: theory and experiment
168. Characterization of the torsional vibration behavior of circular and rectangular cross-sectional arc springs: Theory and experiments
169. Controllable Crank Mechanism for Exciting Oscillations of Vibratory Equipment
170. Spatially localized vibrations in a rotor subjected to flutter
171. Dynamic seismic analysis of bridge using response spectrum and time history methods
172. Forced vibration of two-degrees-of-freedom machine tool feed system with clearance and friction
173. Test study and nonlinear dynamic analysis of planar multi-link mechanism with compound clearances
174. Energy flow characteristics of friction-induced nonlinear vibrations in a water-lubricated bearing-shaft coupled system
175. Nonlinear state feedback control of chaos system of brushless DC motor
176. Adaptive-critic design for decentralized event-triggered control of constrained nonlinear interconnected systems within an identifier-critic framework
177. Prediction of mechanical properties of rail pads under in-service conditions through machine learning algorithms
178. Dynamics of a hybrid cubic vibro-impact oscillator and nonlinear energy sink
179. Finite-Time Adaptive Higher-Order SMC for the Nonlinear Five DOF Active Magnetic Bearing System
180. Non-linear dynamic control for positive-real systems
181. Finite-Time Adaptive Higher-Order SMC for the Nonlinear Five DOF Active Magnetic Bearing System. Electronics 2021, 10, 1333
182. Energy and frequency ripple in devices with inertial excitation of oscillations
183. Bio-inspired vibration isolation: methodology and design
184. Improving the Tracking Performance under Nonlinear Time-Varying Constraints in Motion Control Applications: From Theoretical Servo Model to Experimental …
185. Dynamic behavior analysis of a mechanical system with two unstable modes coupled to a single nonlinear energy sink
186. Physical realisation of a nonlinear electromagnetic energy harvester for rotational applications
187. An Equivalent Identification Method for Dynamic Loads Acting on Nonlinear Structures
188. Applied flight dynamics modeling and stability analysis of a nonlinear time-periodic mono-wing aerial vehicle
189. State reconstruction in a nonlinear vehicle suspension system using deep neural networks
190. Active vibration control of slewing drives with gear backlash
191. Inherent characteristic analysis of a precast concrete vibrating table based on the Rayleigh-Ritz method
193. Nonlinear Sliding Mode Tracking Control of Underactuated Tower Cranes
194. Uncovering the Nonlinear Dynamics of Origami Folding
195. Hybrid Nonlinear State-Space Modeling Approach for a Dual Armature Generator
196. Nonlinear scale-dependent deformation behaviour of beam and plate structures
197. Design of model-free reinforcement learning control for tunable vibration absorber system based on magnetorheological elastomer
198. Influence of the bearing thermal deformation on nonlinear dynamic characteristics of an electric drive helical gear system
199. Comparative analysis of nonlinear dynamic response for offshore wind turbine structures under incoming wind speed
200. Integrated, multi-approach, adaptive control of two-mass drive with nonlinear damping and stiffness
201. Use of Bispectrum Analysis to Inspect the Non-Linear Dynamic Characteristics of Beam-Type Structures Containing a Breathing Crack
202. Effect of viscoelasticity on the nonlinear dynamic behavior of dielectric elastomer minimum energy structures
203. A general multibody approach for the linear and nonlinear stability analysis of bicycle systems. part i: Methods of constrained dynamics
204. Bio-Inspired Vibration Isolation: Methodology and Design
205. Vibration Engineering and Technology of Machinery: Proceedings of VETOMAC XV 2019
206. Modeling and harmonic analysis of energy extracting performance of a piezoelectric nonlinear energy sink system with AC and DC interface circuits
207. Theoretical and experimental investigation on the effect of supply pressure on the nonlinear behaviors of the aerostatic bearing-rotor system
208. Topological Optimization of Under-Platform Dampers With Moving Morphable Components and Global Optimization Algorithm for Nonlinear Frequency Response
209. A new pinched nonlinear hysteretic structural model for automated creation of digital clones in structural health monitoring
210. Machine-Learning Based Design of Near-Spherical Shells under External Pressure
211. Properties of Vibration Fields in a Two-Dimensional Lattice Structure Colliding with an Obstacle
212. Model Predictive Control of Nonlinear MIMO Systems Based on Adaptive Orthogonal Polynomial Networks
213. Vibration control of coupled Duffing oscillators in flexible single-link manipulators
214. Continuation analysis of a nonlinear rotor system
215. Modeling and dynamic analysis of artillery barrel-cradle structure with clearance
216. Analysis of the effect of tool posture on stability considering the nonlinear dynamic cutting force coefficient
217. Prediction and analysis of quasi-periodic solution for friction-induced vibration of an industrial brake system with the Generalized Modal Amplitude Stability Analysis
218. Research on bifurcation and control of electromechanical coupling torsional vibration for wheel-side direct-driven transmission system
219. Pseudospectral method-based optimal control for a nonlinear five degree of freedom active magnetic bearing system
220. Study on Multi-Degree of Freedom Dynamic Vibration Absorber of the Carbody of High-Speed Trains
221. A new magnetorheological elastomer torsional vibration absorber: structural design and performance test
222. Analysis of supercritical pitchfork bifurcation in active magnetic bearing-rotor system with current saturation
223. Nonlinear buckling and post-buckling of imperfect FG porous sandwich cylindrical panels subjected to axial loading under various boundary conditions
224. Oscillation based permutation entropy calculation as a dynamic nonlinear feature for health monitoring of rolling element bearing
225. Evaluation of Torsional Vibration with a Novel Clutch Damper for the Nonstationary Drive Condition
226. Nonlinear dynamic systems parameterization using interval-based global optimization: Computing lipschitz constants and beyond
227. Dynamic Properties of a Damper of Torsional Vibrations with Magnetic Impact Pairs
228. Dynamics of Coupled Nonlinear Oscillators with Mistuning
229. Dynamics characteristics of geometrically nonlinear isolation systems for seismic protection of equipment
230. Designing optimal models of nonlinear MIMO systems based on orthogonal polynomial neural networks
231. Practical finite time vibration suppression of mechatronic systems using proportional–integral–derivative variable structure controls with dead-band nonlinearity
232. Closed-form solutions for the symmetric nonlinear free oscillations of pyramidal trusses
233. A dynamic model of a Cardan joint to evaluate the effect of elasticity and manufacturing errors
234. Modal analysis strategy and nonlinear dynamic characteristics of complicated aero-engine dual-rotor system with rub-impact
235. Study on vibration characteristics of motorized spindle based on multi-physics fields
236. EchoVib: Exploring Voice Authentication via Unique Non-Linear Vibrations of Short Replayed Speech
237. Machine learning modeling and predictive control of nonlinear processes using noisy data
238. A Variable Parameter Ambient Vibration Control Method Based on Quasi-Zero Stiffness in Robotic Drilling Systems
239. Design and dynamic performance analysis of high-contact-ratio spiral bevel gear based on the higher-order tooth surface modification
240. Controller Design For Hybrid Systems With Nonlinear Sub-Systems Using Common Lyapunov Functions
241. A Multimode Approach to Geometrically Nonlinear Free and Forced Vibrations of Multistepped Beams
242. A Critical Overview of the “Filterbank-Feature-Decision” Methodology in Machine Condition Monitoring
243. Development of surrogate predictive models for the nonlinear elasto-plastic response of medium density fibreboard-based sandwich structures
244. Modeling and control design for flutter suppression using active dynamic vibration absorber
245. On self-synchronization of inertial vibration exciters in a vibroimpact three-mass system
246. Nonlinear oscillations of electrically driven aniso-visco-hyperelastic dielectric elastomer minimum energy structures
247. Parameter extraction with reservoir computing: Nonlinear time series analysis and application to industrial maintenance
248. A Review on Disturbance Analysis and Suppression for Permanent Magnet Linear Synchronous Motor
249. On the Nonlinear Vibrations and Stability Analysis of a Plate-Cavity System With a Nonlinear Restoring Force
250. Geared Designs from the Past for Today Inspiration
251. Two-scale command shaping for arresting motion in nonlinear systems
252. An electromagnetic/magnetoelectric transducer based on nonlinear RMSHI circuit for energy harvesting and sensing
253. Time series estimation based on deep Learning for structural dynamic nonlinear prediction
254. A higher-order parametric nonlinear reduced-order model for imperfect structures using Neumann expansion
255. A multi-scale attention neural network for sensor location selection and nonlinear structural seismic response prediction
256. Implications of nonlinear suspension behaviour for feedforward control of road noise in cars
257. Vibration Control of Piezoelectric Flexible Manipulator Based on Machine Vision and Improved PID
258. An improved quasi-zero stiffness isolator with two pairs of oblique springs to increase isolation frequency band
259. The problem of mathematical modeling of a vibration protected rod under kinematic exitations
260. Rattle dynamics of noncircular face gear under multifrequency parametric excitation
261. An enhanced parametric nonlinear reduced order model for imperfect structures using Neumann expansion
262. Nonlinear study on the structure-soil-structure interaction of seismic response among high-rise buildings
263. Study on the Vibration Mitigation Characteristic of Dual Clearance Squeeze Film Damper
264. Comparative Study of Response of Vibrations for Circular and Square Defects on Components of Cylindrical Roller Bearing Under Different Conditions
265. Advances in Mechanical Systems Dynamics 2020
266. Negotiating the separatrix with machine learning
267. Theoretical investigations on the linear and nonlinear damping force for an eddy current damper combining with rack and gear
268. Support Vector Machines Model of the Nonlinear Hydrodynamics of Fixed Cylinders
269. Identification of complex non-linear modes of mechanical systems using the Hilbert-Huang transform from free decay responses
270. Analysis of the gas-solid coupling horizontal vibration response and aerodynamic characteristics of a high-speed elevator
271. TMP origami jumping mechanism with nonlinear stiffness
272. Scaling law for the slow flow of an unstable mechanical system coupled to a nonlinear energy sink
273. High-order Differentiable Autoencoder for Nonlinear Model Reduction
274. Nonlinear extensional-flexural vibrations in variable cross section beams with eccentric intermediate mass
275. Nonlinear dynamic analysis of arresting gears using 2D non-material variable-domain corotational elements
277. Effect of Ligament Properties on Nonlinear Dynamics and Wear Prediction of Knee Prostheses
278. Nonlinear Control System Design of an Underactuated Robot Based on Operator Theory and Isomorphism Scheme
279. Heat diffusion-related damping process in a highly precise coarse-grained model for nonlinear motion of SWCNT
280. A recurrent neural network framework with an adaptive training strategy for long-time predictive modeling of nonlinear dynamical systems
281. Design and analysis method of nonlinear helical springs using a combining technique: Finite element analysis, constrained Latin hypercube sampling and genetic …
282. Trained Harmonic Balance Method for Parametrically Excited Jeffcott Rotor Analysis
283. Wave-GAN: A deep learning approach for the prediction of nonlinear regular wave loads and run-up on a fixed cylinder
284. Modelling of multi-bearing rotor systems for vibration analysis
285. Thermal Nonlinear Buckling of Shear Deformable Functionally Graded Cylindrical Shells with Porosities
286. Nonlinear disturbance observers for robotic continuum manipulators
287. Neural network predictive control of vibrations in tall structure: An experimental controlled vision
288. Temperature Effects on Dynamic Properties of Suspended Cables Subjected to Dual Harmonic Excitations
289. A Computationally Efficient Method for Optimum Tuning of Single-Sided Pounding Tuned Mass Dampers for Structural Vibration Control
290. A dynamic time-varying reliability model for linear guides considering wear degradation
291. Dynamics of a hybrid vibro-impact oscillator: canonical formalism
292. Physics-informed Spline Learning for Nonlinear Dynamics Discovery
293. Sparse identification of nonlinear dynamics with low-dimensionalized flow representations
294. Physical and mathematic N-option modeling and optimization of dynamically loaded nonlinear technical systems
295. Parametric continuation algorithm for time-delay systems and bifurcation caused by multiple characteristic roots
296. Adaptive fuzzy hierarchical sliding mode control of uncertain under-actuated switched nonlinear systems with actuator faults
297. An adaptive nonlinear filter for integrated navigation systems using deep neural networks
298. Nonlinear reduced-order model for vertical sloshing by employing neural networks
299. A survey on active noise control in the past decade–Part II: Nonlinear systems
300. Dynamic analysis and trajectory optimization for the nonlinear ski-skier system


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