Research Topics of Power Management Circuits

Research Area/ Research Interest: Power Management Circuits

Research Paper Topics for: Masters and PhD Thesis and publication

  1. State-of-the-art power management circuits for piezoelectric energy harvesters
  2. Thermal and power management of integrated circuits
  3. High energy storage efficiency triboelectric nanogenerators with unidirectional switches and passive power management circuits
  4. Comparison of DC-DC-converter architectures of power management circuits for thermoelectric generators
  5. Power management circuits for low-power RF energy harvesters
  6. Single-and multi-source battery-less power management circuits for piezoelectric energy harvesting systems
  7. Self-starting power management circuits for piezoelectric and electret-based electrostatic mechanical energy harvesters
  8. Power management of digital circuits in deep sub-micron CMOS technologies
  9. Super capacitors Improve the Performance of Linear Power-Management Circuits: Unique new design options when capacitance jump from micro-farads to farads with …
  10. Temperature-compensated CMOS ring oscillator for power-management circuits
  11. Switched-mode-control based hybrid LDO for fine-grain power management of digital load circuits
  12. Integrated capacitive power-management circuit for thermal harvesters with output power 10 to 1000µW
  13. Boosting voltage without electrochemical degradation using energy-harvesting circuits and power management system-coupled multiple microbial fuel cells
  14. Integrated power harvesting system including a MEMS generator and a power management circuit
  15. Wireless front-end with power management for an implantable cardiac microstimulator
  16. Dynamic power management: design techniques and CAD tools
  17. Power management circuits for self-powered systems based on micro-scale solar energy harvesting
  18. Prospects of tunnel FETs in the design of power management circuits for weak energy harvesting DC sources
  19. Power Management Integrated Circuits
  20. Power management through DVFS and dynamic body biasing in FD-SOI circuits
  21. … nodes with illustration in a miniaturized GNSS logger for position tracking: Part II—Data communication, energy harvesting, power management, and digital circuits
  22. Architectures and circuits for low-voltage energy conversion and applications in renewable energy and power management
  23. The global market for power supply and power management integrated circuits
  24. Power failure in management circuits
  25. Efficient power management circuit: From thermal energy harvesting to above-IC microbattery energy storage
  26. Capacitive Power Management Circuit for Micropower Thermoelectric Generators With a 1.4 A Controller
  27. Twin neurons for efficient real-world data distribution in networks of neural cliques: Applications in power management in electronic circuits
  28. Power Management Circuits for Miniature Sensor Systems.
  29. A 32 nm embedded, fully-digital, phase-locked low dropout regulator for fine grained power management in digital circuits
  30. Energy efficient control for power management circuits operating from nano-watts to watts
  31. A highly integrated power management IC for advanced mobile applications
  32. A 10 nW–1 µW power management IC with integrated battery management and self-startup for energy harvesting applications
  33. A micro inertial energy harvesting platform with self-supplied power management circuit for autonomous wireless sensor nodes
  34. Pre-energized auxiliary circuits for very fast transient loads: Coping with load-informed power management for computer loads
  35. Adaptive techniques for leakage power management in L2 cache peripheral circuits
  36. Energy-efficient start-up power management for batteryless biomedical implant devices
  37. Transient latch-up of switching arrays in power management circuits
  38. A wirelessly powered CMOS electrochemical sensing interface with power-aware RF-DC power management
  39. Power management circuits for a 15-μA, implantable pressure sensor
  40. Applications of mems-mosfet hybrid switches to power management circuits for energy harvesting systems
  41. A Multi(bio)sensor Acquisition System With Integrated Processor, Power Management, LED Drivers, and Simultaneously Synchronized ECG, BIO-Z, GSR, and …
  42. Guarded evaluation: Pushing power management to logic synthesis/design
  43. A power management scheme controlling 20 power domains for a single-chip mobile processor
  44. Dynamic power management using adaptive learning tree
  45. Power Management Circuits for Self-Powered Systems Based on Solar Energy Harvesting
  46. Low power VLSI circuits design strategies and methodologies: A literature review
  47. Multidimensional adaptive power management for low-power operation of wireless devices
  48. Power management analysis of inductively-powered implants with 1X/2X reconfigurable rectifier
  49. A fully integrated on-chip DC-DC conversion and power management system
  50. Bridging fault test method with adaptive power management awareness
  51. A 4.0 GHz 291Mb voltage-scalable SRAM design in 32nm high-κ metal-gate CMOS with integrated power management
  52. Power management with energy harvesting from a headphone jack
  53. Advanced power electronic conversion and control system for universal and flexible power management
  54. A self-supplied inertial piezoelectric energy harvester with power-management IC
  55. A 65-nm mobile multimedia applications processor with an adaptive power management scheme to compensate for variations
  56. A 1 V multi-threshold voltage CMOS DSP with an efficient power management technique for mobile phone application
  57. An autonomous energy harvesting power management unit with digital regulation for IoT applications
  58. 3 A 6.45 μW self-powered IoT SoC with integrated energy-harvesting power management and ULP asymmetric radios
  59. An energy-adaptive MPPT power management unit for micro-power vibration energy harvesting
  60. A power management unit with 40 dB switching-noise-suppression for a thermal harvesting array
  61. Power management integrated circuits design, functionality analysis and applications
  62. Integrated power management for battery-indifferent systems with ultra-wide adaptation down to nW
  63. Trigger circuits in battery-less multi-source power management electronics for piezoelectric energy harvesters
  64. Test Pattern Generation for Circuits Using Power Management Techniques
  65. Single-switch inductorless power management circuit for electrostatic vibration energy harvesters
  66. Comparing system level power management policies
  67. Heat and Power Management for High Performance Integrated Circuits
  68. Advanced NEMS-based power management for 3D stacked integrated circuits
  69. A survey of design techniques for system-level dynamic power management
  70. Future direction of power management in mobile devices
  71. Ultra-low voltage power management and computation methodology for energy harvesting applications
  72. A low quiescent current asynchronous digital-LDO with PLL-modulated fast-DVS power management in 40 nm SoC for MIPS performance improvement
  73. Low power design techniques and implementation strategies adopted in VLSI circuits
  74. A configurable enhanced TTRAM macro for system-level power management unified memory
  75. Energy processing circuits for low-power applications
  76. Power management in wireless power-sipping devices: A survey
  77. A DVS embedded power management for high efficiency integrated SoC in UWB system
  78. Dynamic voltage and frequency scaling (DVFS) scheme for multi-domains power management
  79. Dynamic power management with power network-on-chip
  80. Policy optimization for dynamic power management
  81. System power management support in the IBM POWER6 microprocessor
  82. Power optimization using dynamic power management
  83. Power Management for Energy Harvesting in IoT–A Brief Review of Requirements and Innovations
  84. An ultra-low-power power management IC for wireless sensor nodes
  85. A 71% efficient energy harvesting and power management unit for sub-μW power biomedical applications
  86. Power management system for online low power RF energy harvesting optimization
  87. Design of RF energy harvesting platforms for power management unit with start-up circuits
  88. The global market for power supply and power management integrated circuits
  89. Synthesis of Sequential Circuits with Dynamic Power management
  90. Power management
  91. Micropower energy harvesting
  92. Analog encoded neural network for power management in MPSoC
  93. A power management architecture for fast per-core DVFS in heterogeneous MPSoCs
  94. Power management unit for multi-source energy harvesting in wearable electronics
  95. Dynamic power management in wireless sensor networks
  96. System-level power management using online learning
  97. An all-digital power management unit with 90% power efficiency and ns-order voltage transition time for DVS operation in low power sensing SoC applications
  98. Electret-based aeroelastic harvester and its self-starting battery-free power management circuit
  99. 7 A power-management ASIC with Q-modulation capability for efficient inductive power transmission
  100. Learning-based power management for multicore processors via idle period manipulation
  101. Testability Analysis of Circuits using Data-Dependent Power Management
  102. An all-digital phase-locked loop for digital power management integrated chips
  103. Next-Generation ADCs, High-Performance Power Management, and Technology Considerations for Advanced Integrated Circuits: Advances in Analog Circuit …
  104. Design of a power management circuit for an opto-electro stimulator
  105. Nano-watt power management and vibration sensing on a dust-size batteryless sensor node for ambient intelligence applications
  106. Power management technique for 1-V LSIs using embedded processor
  107. A fully self-contained logarithmic closed-loop deep brain stimulation SoC with wireless telemetry and wireless power management
  108. Techniques for power management at the logic level
  109. A RISC-V processor SoC with integrated power management at submicrosecond timescales in 28 nm FD-SOI
  110. An efficient thermal energy harvesting and power management for μWatt wearable BioChips
  111. An 18 nA, 87% efficient solar, vibration and RF energy-harvesting power management system with a single shared inductor
  112. Telemetry for implantable medical devices: Part 2-power telemetry
  113. Comparing DC-DC converters for power management in hybrid electric vehicles
  114. The emergence & impact of DRAM-fab reuse in analog and power-management integrated circuits
  115. A sub-100nA power management system for wireless structure health monitoring applications
  116. Switched-capacitor power management integrated circuit for autonomous Internet of Things node
  117. Battery-aware power management based on Markovian decision processes
  118. Power Management in Circuits Design
  119. Low-power far-field wireless powering for wireless sensors
  120. Efficient solar power management system for self-powered IoT node
  121. A unified approach for fault tolerance and dynamic power management in fixed-priority real-time embedded systems
  122. A batteryless 19μW MICS/ISM-band energy harvesting body area sensor node SoC
  123. A 6.45 Self-Powered SoC With Integrated Energy-Harvesting Power Management and ULP Asymmetric Radios for Portable Biomedical Systems
  124. A power management strategy for minimization of energy storage reservoirs in wireless systems with energy harvesting
  125. A charge pump based power management unit with 66%-efficiency in 65 nm CMOS
  126. DC–DC converter-aware power management for low-power embedded systems
  127. Power management system for ultra-low power energy harvesting applications
  128. Dynamic power management of a system with a two-priority request queue using probabilistic-model checking
  129. When hardware is free, power is expensive! Is integrated power management the solution?
  130. Instruction-cycle-based dynamic voltage scaling power management for low-power digital signal processor with 53% power savings
  131. 5 A 60%-efficiency 20nW-500µW tri-output fully integrated power management unit with environmental adaptation and load-proportional biasing for IoT systems
  132. Simulation method for optimizing the performance of an integrated triboelectric nanogenerator energy harvesting system
  133. Infrastructure circuits for lifetime improvement of ultra-low power IoT devices
  134. A 4.0 GHz 291 Mb voltage-scalable SRAM design in a 32 nm high-k+ metal-gate CMOS technology with integrated power management
  135. An inductive voltage-/current-mode integrated power management with seamless mode transition and energy recycling
  136. A 1.2 µW SIMO energy harvesting and power management unit with constant peak inductor current control achieving 83–92% efficiency across wide input and output …
  137. Power processing circuits for piezoelectric vibration-based energy harvesters
  138. Circuit Implementation Using Emerging Technologies: Enabling energy-efficient electronics for biomedical and power management applications
  139. A power management for self-timed CMOS circuits (FLAGMAN) and investigations on the impact of technology scaling
  140. Dynamic power management for neuromorphic many-core systems
  141. Multimode digital SMPS controller IC for low-power management
  142. Power-management specification in SystemC
  143. Designing low-power circuits: practical recipes
  144. Register binding-based RTL power management for control-flow intensive designs
  145. … and GNSS All-In-One System-On-Chip Integrating RF Transceiver, 23-dBm CMOS Power Amplifier, Power Management Unit, and Clock Management System for Low …
  146. Energy harvesting from hybrid indoor ambient light and thermal energy sources for enhanced performance of wireless sensor nodes
  147. 3 Adaptive reconfigurable voltage/current-mode power management with self-regulation for extended-range inductive power transmission
  148. Power management and dynamic voltage scaling: Myths and facts
  149. ChipOS: open power-management platform to overcome the power crisis in future LSIs
  150. An integrated wireless power management and data telemetry IC for high-compliance-voltage electrical stimulation applications
  151. “EChO” Reconfigurable Power Management Unit for Energy Reduction in Sleep-Active Transitions
  152. Online strategies for dynamic power management in systems with multiple power-saving states
  153. Dynamic Power Management of Electronic Circuits and Systems
  154. Thermal modeling, analysis, and management in VLSI circuits: Principles and methods
  155. Evolution on SoC Integration: GSM Baseband-Radio in 0.13 CMOS Extended by Fully Integrated Power Management Unit
  156. A single-inductor dual-input dual-output (SIDIDO) power management with sequential pulse-skip modulation for battery/PV hybrid systems
  157. A family of 45nm IA processors
  158. Enabling the Internet of Things: From Integrated Circuits to Integrated Systems
  159. A 2.5-V, 160-μJ-output piezoelectric energy harvester and power management IC for Batteryless Wireless Switch (BWS) applications
  160. The impact of interface states on sub-threshold leakage and power management in CMOS devices and circuits
  161. 3 Fine-grained adaptive power management of the SPARC M7 processor
  162. Power management circuits for ultra-low power systems
  163. Runtime power management of 3-D multi-core architectures under peak power and temperature constraints
  164. High Temperature SOI CMOS Low Power circuits and micro systems for MEMS cointegrated interfaces, temperature sensing and power management …
  165. Event-driven power management
  166. … -IoT and GNSS all-in-One system-on-chip integrating RF transceiver, 23dBm CMOS power amplifier, power management unit and clock management system for low …
  167. Micropower energy scavenging
  168. Resonant switched-capacitor converters for sub-module distributed photovoltaic power management
  169. Dual-power-path RF-DC multi-output power management unit for RFID tags
  170. Design and analysis of energy-efficient single-pulse piezoelectric energy harvester and power management IC for battery-free wireless remote switch applications
  171. Energy harvesting system and circuits for ambient WiFi energy harvesting
  172. Efficient power management circuit for RF energy harvesting with 74.27% efficiency at 623nW available power
  173. A fully integrated power-management solution for a 65nm CMOS cellular handset chip
  174. Determination of single-event effect application requirements for enhancement mode gallium nitride HEMTs for use in power distribution circuits
  175. Self-regulated reconfigurable voltage/current-mode inductive power management
  176. Models and algorithms for bounds on leakage in CMOS circuits
  177. A 50nA quiescent current asynchronous digital-LDO with PLL-modulated fast-DVS power management in 40nm CMOS for 5.6 times MIPS performance
  178. A methodology for the behavioral-level event-driven power management of digital receivers
  179. Robustness and durability aspects in the design of power management circuits for IoT applications
  180. Energy harvesting system and circuits for ambient WiFi energy harvesting
  181. Efficient power management circuit for RF energy harvesting with 74.27% efficiency at 623nW available power
  182. A fully integrated power-management solution for a 65nm CMOS cellular handset chip
  183. Determination of single-event effect application requirements for enhancement mode gallium nitride HEMTs for use in power distribution circuits
  184. Self-regulated reconfigurable voltage/current-mode inductive power management
  185. Models and algorithms for bounds on leakage in CMOS circuits
  186. A 50nA quiescent current asynchronous digital-LDO with PLL-modulated fast-DVS power management in 40nm CMOS for 5.6 times MIPS performance
  187. A methodology for the behavioral-level event-driven power management of digital receivers
  188. Robustness and durability aspects in the design of power management circuits for IoT applications
  189. Thread motion: fine-grained power management for multi-core systems
  190. Optimal power management in fueled systems with finite storage capacity
  191. Scalable RF energy harvesting
  192. Power-aware testing and test strategies for low power devices
  193. Variation-aware application scheduling and power management for chip multiprocessors
  194. A low-voltage chopper-stabilized amplifier for fetal ECG monitoring with a 1.41 power efficiency factor
  195. Integrated power management circuit for piezoelectronic generator in wireless monitoring system of orthopaedic implants
  196. Event-driven data and power management in high-density neural recording microsystems
  197. Integration trends in monolithic power ICs: Application and technology challenges
  198. IoT and low-power wireless: circuits, architectures, and techniques
  199. Digital systems power management for high performance mixed signal platforms
  200. Q-learning-based adaptive power management for IoT system-on-chips with embedded power states
  201. A review on piezoelectric energy harvesting: materials, methods, and circuits
  202. Low-power digital VLSI design: circuits and systems
  203. A GSM Baseband Radio in 0.13 μm CMOS with Fully Integrated Power-Management
  204. Controller-based power management for control-flow intensive designs
  205. Adaptative techniques to reduce power in digital circuits
  206. Advanced circuits for emerging technologies
  207. Effective supervisors for predictive methods of dynamic power management
  208. Design and power management of energy harvesting embedded systems
  209. An efficient and stable power management circuit with high output energy for wireless powering capsule endoscopy
  210. Ultra-low-power analog and digital circuits and microsystems using disruptive ultra-low-leakage design techniques
  211. Shared Offset Cancellation and Chopping Techniques to Enhance the Voltage Accuracy of Multi-Amplifier Systems for Feedback Sensing in Power Management …
  212. An inductor-less micro solar power management system design for energy harvesting applications
  213. Solar and thermal energy harvesting with a wearable jacket
  214. An ultra-low quiescent current power management ASIC with MPPT for vibrational energy harvesting
  215. A feasibility study for power management in LAN switches
  216. Sub-microAmp Energy Harvesting and Power Management Units for Self-Powered IoT SoCs: Analog vs. Digital Implementations
  217. Silicon RFCMOS SOI technology with above-IC MEMS integration for front end wireless applications
  218. Power management for portable devices
  219. A closed-loop reconfigurable switched-capacitor DC-DC converter for sub-mW energy harvesting applications
  220. Supervised learning based power management for multicore processors
  221. A near-optimum dynamic voltage scaling (DVS) in 65-nm energy-efficient power management with frequency-based control (FBC) for SoC system
  222. A power sensor with 80ns response time for power management in microprocessors
  223. Smart IoT communication: Circuits and systems
  224. Test consideration for nanometer-scale CMOS circuits
  225. Neuromemristive circuits for edge computing: A review
  226. 2 Increasing the performance of a 28nm x86-64 microprocessor through system power management
  227. A nano quiescent current power management for autonomous wireless sensor network
  228. All-digital low-dropout regulator with adaptive control and reduced dynamic stability for digital load circuits
  229. Joint source coding and transmission power management for energy efficient wireless video communications
  230. Power management controller for automotive MCU applications in 90nm CMOS technology
  231. Realization of efficient RF energy harvesting circuits employing different matching technique
  232. A 130nm hybrid low dropout regulator based on switched mode control for digital load circuits
  233. An implantable 700μW 64-channel neuromodulation IC for simultaneous recording and stimulation with rapid artifact recovery
  234. Efficient Optimization Algorithm for Dwindling Payment and Power Management
  235. SiP integration of intelligent, adaptive, self-sustaining power management solutions for portable applications
  236. A 1024-channel simultaneous recording neural SoC with stimulation and real-time spike detection
  237. Power management of a stand-alone wind/photovoltaic/fuel cell energy system
  238. A 450-mV Single-Fuel-Cell Power Management Unit With Switch-Mode Quasi- Hysteretic Control and Automatic Startup on 0.35-m Standard CMOS Process
  239. A wireless power management and data telemetry circuit module for high compliance voltage electrical stimulation applications
  240. An analysis of efficient multi-core global power management policies: Maximizing performance for a given power budget
  241. Energy Harvesting and Power Management Integrated Circuits for Self-Sustaining Wearables
  242. Energy scavengers: Modeling and behavior with different load circuits
  243. A 450ps access-time SRAM macro in 45nm SOI featuring a two-stage sensing-scheme and dynamic power management
  244. Power management of online data-intensive services
  245. Design of highly integrated power management unit with dual DVS-enabled regulators
  246. Design and implementation of home energy and power management and control system
  247. Voltage-Stacked Power Delivery Systems: Reliability, Efficiency, and Power Management
  248. A resonant switched-capacitor IC and embedded system for sub-module photovoltaic power management
  249. Bootstrap circuit with high-voltage charge storing for area efficient gate drivers in power management systems
  250. A 65nm CMOS low-power small-size multistandard, multiband mobile broadcasting receiver SoC
  251. The next frontier for communications networks: power management
  252. Elastic-Vt CMOS circuits for multiple on-chip power control
  253. Low-power circuits and technology for wireless digital systems
  254. Dynamic power management in an AMBA-based battery-powered system
  255. An analysis of system level power management algorithms and their effects on latency
  256. Low power systems for wireless microsensors
  257. Power electronic components, circuits and systems for deep space missions
  258. DRPM: dynamic speed control for power management in server class disks
  259. A multi-channel neural stimulator with resonance compensated inductive receiver and closed-loop smart power management
  260. Power-management architecture of the intel microarchitecture code-named sandy bridge
  261. An 82μA/MHz microcontroller with embedded FeRAM for energy-harvesting applications
  262. Integrated power management and microcontroller for ultra-wide power adaptation down to nW
  263. Is the road towards “Zero-Energy” paved with NEMFET-based power management?
  264. 3 Thread-Level Power Management for a Current-and Temperature-Limiting System in a 7nm Hexagon™ Processor
  265. Extremely high thermal conductivity of graphene: Prospects for thermal management applications in nanoelectronic circuits
  266. Power management systems on silicon for portable equipment
  267. A power management system for microbial fuel cells with 53.02% peak end-to-end efficiency
  268. A power management unit with continuous co-locking of clock frequency and supply voltage for dynamic voltage and frequency scaling
  269. … -inductor boost-converter/current-mode inductive power management ASIC with 750% extended output-power range, adaptive switching control, and voltage-power …
  270. IBM z14: Processor characterization and power management for high-reliability mainframe systems
  271. High efficiency power management system for solar energy harvesting applications
  272. Power aware design methodologies
  273. A Batteryless 19 W MICS/ISM-Band Energy Harvesting Body Sensor Node SoC for ExG Applications
  274. An energy-aware multiple-input power supply with charge recovery for energy harvesting applications
  275. Sub-microsecond adaptive voltage scaling in a 28nm FD-SOI processor SoC
  276. A 0.9 V 0.35 μm adaptively biased CMOS LDO regulator with fast transient response
  277. SiP power management unit with embedded temperature sensor powered by piezoelectric vibration energy harvesting
  278. A battery-less power management circuit for RF energy harvesting with input voltage regulation and synchronous rectification
  279. Electronic components and circuits for extreme temperature environments
  280. Review and future prospects of low-voltage RAM circuits
  281. High Performance Power Management Integrated Circuits for Portable Devices
  282. A programmable voltage reference optimized for power management applications
  283. Contribution to automated generating of system power-management specification
  284. The case for power management in web servers
  285. Current-controlled policies for battery-driven dynamic power management
  286. A fully integrated 700mA event-driven digital low-dropout regulator with residue-tracking loop for fine-grained power management unit
  287. A circuit for reducing large transient current effects on processor power grids
  288. Wide-range dynamic power management in low-voltage low-power subthreshold SCL
  289. Extreme low-power mixed signal IC design: subthreshold source-coupled circuits
  290. A 20nm 112Mb SRAM in High-к metal-gate with assist circuitry for low-leakage and low-VMIN applications
  291. A power management system using reconfigurable storage scheme for batteryless wireless sensor nodes
  292. A WCDMA HBT power amplifier module with integrated Si DC power management IC for current reduction under backoff operation
  293. A 1-V high-speed MTCMOS circuit scheme for power-down application circuits
  294. A custom processor for node and power management of a battery-less body sensor node in 130nm CMOS
  295. 7 A 30.5mm3 fully packaged implantable device with duplex ultrasonic data and power links achieving 95kb/s with <10−4 BER at 8.5cm depth
  296. Integrated circuits and electrode interfaces for noninvasive physiological monitoring
  297. Peak Power Minimization through Power Management Scheduling
  298. Hardware-software co-design of an embedded power management module with adaptive on-chip power processing schemes
  299. Power management system for a 2.5 W remote sensor powered by a sediment microbial fuel cell
  300. Intelligent power management strategy of hybrid distributed generation system
  301. Algorithmic problems in power management
  302. Testability Analysis of Circuits using Data-Dependent Power Management
  303. Optimal Power Management for Residential PEV Chargers with Frequency Support Capability
  304. Adaptive power management for environmentally powered systems
  305. Galvanically Isolated, Power and Electromagnetic Side-Channel Attack Resilient Secure AES Core with Integrated Charge Pump based Power Management
  306. A low power maximum power point tracker and power management system in 0.5 µm CMOS
  307. A fully integrated successive-approximation switched-capacitor DC-DC converter with 31mV output voltage resolution
  308. Approaches to design of circuits for low-power computation
  309. 4H-SiC MESFET specially designed and fabricated for high temperature integrated circuits


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