What is exploratory research? research methodology

What is exploratory research?

Small amount of information is available about the topic but want to explore it in details for better understanding of the problem and its solution.

What are examples of exploratory research?

A mobile network company explore the mobile user data for better understanding of the results of the different call packages that which call package is most successful among all packages.

What is the purpose of exploratory research?

  • To refine and understand the problem
  • To know the basic facts
  • To generate the new idea
  • To develop the theories

How the researcher can get information for better exploratory research?

Researcher can use the difference information resources for better exploratory research. Some of these are;

  • Case studies
  • Pilot studies
  • Surveys
  • Secondary data analysis
  • Reviews
  • Focus Groups

What are the methods of exploratory research?

  • Primary research: To get initial data from group of peoples
  • Secondary research: To synthesize and refine the primary research data
  • Combination of primary and secondary research.