What is Longitudinal research? research methodology

What is Longitudinal research?

In longitudinal research, researchers examine the features of a unit at more than one time.

longitudinal research
Figure: Longitudinal research

What are examples of Longitudinal research?

Different computer parts are observed at a different time to measure the computer speed(as shown in figure 1).

What are the advantages of Longitudinal research?

More powerful as compared to cross-sectional research.

What are the advantages of Longitudinal research?

  • Much more ┬átime-consuming
  • Much more expensive than cross-sectional

What are the three types of Longitudinal research?

  • Cohort
  • Panel
  • Time Series

What is time series research?

It is longitudinal research. In time-series research the same type of data and information is gathered on a group of units or people across different and multiple time periods.

What is an example of time series research?

  • Teacher and course evaluation in a university. Evaluation is done for each subject and for each teacher at the end of each semester. one course is evaluated multiple times in different years.
  • A university result ration is measured each year

What is the panel study?

It is longitudinal research. In a panel study, researchers observe exactly the same unit, people or group across multiple and different time periods. It is difficult to carry out because some people leave or die. Exact same people are not always available for a researcher.

What is cohort analysis?

It is longitudinal research. Cohort analysis is similar to panel study but there is some difference that the exact same people or units having the same behavior or life experience are observed.

What is an example of cohort analysis?

  • All students got admission in the same year.
  • All employees hired in the same month.

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