Research Topics of Micro fabrication and packaging


Research Area/ Research Interest: Micro fabrication and packaging

Research Paper Topics for: Masters and PhD Thesis and publication

  1. Robust direct-write dispensing tool and solutions for micro/meso-scale manufacturing and packaging
  2. Applications of electrochemical microfabrication: An introduction
  3. Photopatternable conductive PDMS materials for microfabrication
  4. A CMUT probe for medical ultrasonography: From microfabrication to system integration
  5. Reliability in MEMS packaging
  6. Microfabrication of a high pressure bipropellant rocket engine
  7. Microfabrication of 3D neural probes with combined electrical and chemical interfaces
  8. Facile, Packaging Substrate-Agnostic, Microfabrication and Assembly of Scalable 3D Metal Microelectrode Arrays for in Vitro Organ-on-a-Chip and Cellular Disease …
  9. Microfabrication techniques for integrated sensors and microsystems
  10. Microfabrication, assembly, and hermetic packaging of mm-sized free-floating neural probes
  11. Microfabrication, Coil Characterization, and Hermetic Packaging of Millimeter-Sized Free-Floating Neural Probes
  12. Fundamentals of microfabrication: the science of miniaturization
  13. Advanced MEMS packaging
  14. Full fabrication and packaging of an implantable multi-panel device for monitoring of metabolites in small animals
  15. Microfabrication techniques for chemical/biosensors
  16. Microsensor packaging and system partitioning
  17. MEMS packaging and microassembly challenges
  18. Micro-fabrication technologies on recent packaging
  19. Microelectronic packaging for retinal prostheses
  20. Microfabrication technologies for a coupled three-dimensional microelectrode, microfluidic array
  21. Microfabrication and packaging of deformable mirror devices
  22. Design, fabrication, and packaging of an integrated, wirelessly-powered optrode array for optogenetics application
  23. Design, fabrication, and packaging of a practical multianalyte-capable optical biosensor
  24. Micromachining of packaging materials for MEMS using lasers
  25. Introduction to microfabrication
  26. A multiscale assembly and packaging system for manufacturing of complex micro-nano devices
  27. Microfabrication and characterization of spray-coated single-wall carbon nanotube film strain gauges
  28. Flexible, penetrating brain probes enabled by advances in polymer microfabrication
  29. Manufacturing costs for microsystems/MEMS using high aspect ratio microfabrication techniques
  30. Status and Development of Materials for Metal Packaging
  31. Microfabrication and packaging process for a single-chip position, navigation, and timing system
  32. Manufacturing techniques for microfabrication and nanotechnology
  33. Fundamental aspects and applications of electrochemical microfabrication
  34. Microfabrication and packaging of a rubidium vapor cell as a plasma light source for MEMS atomic clocks
  35. Design and fabrication of a silicon interposer with TSVs in cavities for three-dimensional IC packaging
  36. Frozen water for MEMS fabrication and packaging applications
  37. Fabrication and packaging of a fully implantable biosensor array
  38. Cost-effective precision 3d glass microfabrication for advanced packaging applications
  39. A microfabrication-based dynamic array cytometer
  40. Fabrication and packaging of inertia micro-switch using low-temperature photo-resist molded metal-electroplating technology
  41. A micro-direct methanol fuel cell stack with optimized design and microfabrication
  42. Cost effective 3D Glass Microfabrication for Advanced Packaging Applications
  43. Microfabrication and characterization of a silicon-based millimeter scale, PEM fuel cell operating with hydrogen, methanol, or formic acid
  44. Self-assembly for microscale and nanoscale packaging: Steps toward self-packaging
  45. Fabrication and packaging of a dual sensing electrochemical biotransducer for glucose and lactate useful in intramuscular physiologic status monitoring
  46. Application of micro/nano technology for thermal management of high power LED packaging–A review
  47. Packaging design of microsystems and meso-scale devices
  48. A packaging solution utilizing adhesive-filled TSVs and flip–chip methods
  49. MEMSlab: A practical MEMS course for the fabrication, packaging, and testing of a single-axis accelerometer
  50. Packaging of implantable microsystems
  51. Selection of materials for reduced stress packaging of a microsystem
  52. MEMS Switch Fabrication and Packaging
  53. Post-packaging frequency tuning of microresonators by pulsed laser deposition
  54. Microfabrication of human organs-on-chips
  55. Re-configurable fluid circuits by PDMS elastomer micromachining
  56. Two-photon polymerization initiators for three-dimensional optical data storage and microfabrication
  57. Packaging commercial CMOS chips for lab on a chip integration
  58. Challenges in interconnection and packaging of microelectromechanical systems (MEMS)
  59. Microfabrication of 3D hollow structures embedded in glass by femtosecond laser for Lab-on-a-chip applications
  60. Printing systems for MEMS packaging
  61. Capillary-driven automatic packaging
  62. Photodefinable PDMS thin films for microfabrication applications
  63. Micromachined piezoelectric spirals and ultra-compliant packaging for blood pressure energy harvesters powering medical implants
  64. Vacuum wafer-level packaging for MEMS applications
  65. Evaluation of packaging effect on MEMS performance: Simulation and experimental study
  66. Polymer dispensing and embossing technology for the lens type LED packaging
  67. SU-8 nanocomposite photoresist with low stress properties for microfabrication applications
  68. A novel wafer-level hermetic packaging for MEMS devices
  69. Design and packaging of microreactors for high pressure and high temperature applications
  70. Low temperature metal-based micro fabrication and packaging technology
  71. 4
  72. Liquid crystal polymer (LCP) for MEMS: processes and applications
  73. Introduction to microsystem packaging technology
  74. A silicon-based micro direct methanol fuel cell stack with compact structure and PDMS packaging
  75. MEMS packaging
  77. Three-dimensional microfabrication of copper column by localized electrochemical deposition
  78. Gold etching for microfabrication
  79. Processing of graphite-based sacrificial layer for microfabrication of low temperature co-fired ceramics (LTCC)
  80. Surface micromachine microfluidics: design, fabrication, packaging, and characterization
  81. Integration and packaging of embedded radial micro-channels for 3D chip cooling
  82. Scalable high lead-count parylene package for retinal prostheses
  83. A batch wafer scale LIGA assembly and packaging technique via diffusion bonding
  84. Review on Analytical Design, Simulation, Fabrication, Characterization, and Packaging Aspects of Micro Electro Mechanical Switches for Radio Frequency …
  85. Microfabrication by electrochemical metal removal
  86. Microfabrication of high-temperature silicon devices using wafer bonding and deep reactive ion etching
  87. Micropackaging technologies for integrated microsystems: Applications to MEMS and MOEMS
  88. 3D microfabrication by combining microstereolithography and thick resist UV lithography
  89. MEMS post-packaging by localized heating and bonding
  90. Polymer-based packaging platform for hybrid microfluidic systems
  91. Packaging for microelectromechanical and nanoelectromechanical systems
  93. Micromachined packaging for terahertz systems
  94. Fabrication and packaging of flexible polymeric microantennae for in vivo magnetic resonance imaging
  95. Non‐hermetic packaging of biomedical microsystems from a materials perspective: A review
  96. Polymer microfabrication technologies for microfluidic systems
  97. Cost effective Precision 3D Glass Microfabrication for Electronic Packaging
  98. TGV Microfabrication Technology for 3D Packaging
  99. MEMS Packaging Technology
  100. High performance microsystem packaging: A perspective
  101. Ultra-Compact Four-Channel 5–18 GHz Switched Filter Bank Utilizing PolyStrata® Microfabrication and 3D Packaging
  102. Microfabrication and packaging of a rubidium vapor cell as a plasma light source for MEMS atomic clocks
  103. Molecular Electronic Transducer Based Seismic Motion Sensors Micro-Fabrication, Packaging and Validation
  104. Performances and procedures modules in micro electro mechanical system packaging technologies
  105. Fundamentals of microsystems packaging
  106. MOEMS: Micro-opto-electro-mechanical Systems
  107. Packaging of the MIT Microengine
  108. Polycrystalline silicon germanium for fabrication, release, and packaging of microelectromechanical systems
  109. Fabrication of SiCN ceramic MEMS using injectable polymer-precursor technique
  110. Microfabrication of cesium vapor cells with buffer gas for MEMS atomic clocks
  111. Packaging of bio-MEMS: strategies, technologies, and applications
  112. Electronic components, packaging and production
  113. Fabrication Process for On-Board Geometries Using a Polymer Composite-Based Selective Metallization for Next-Generation Electronics Packaging
  114. Mechanical characterizations of laser microwelds for MEMS packaging
  115. Overview and development trends in the field of MEMS packaging
  116. Manufacturing processes for fabrication of flip-chip micro-bumps used in microelectronic packaging: An overview
  117. From structures, packaging to application: a system-level review for micro direct methanol fuel cell
  118. Fabrication and packaging of microfluidic devices with SU-8 epoxy
  119. Integrated RF circuits design and packaging in high contrast ceramic-polymer composites
  120. Applications of LIGA technology to precision manufacturing of high-aspect-ratio micro-components and-systems: a review
  121. Laser patterning and packaging of CCD-CE-Chips made of PMMA
  122. The use of silicon microfabrication technology in painless blood glucose monitoring
  123. Microfabrication and Packaging Issues in the Development of a Planar Silicon Loop Heat Pipe, Using Si02 Fiber Wicks
  124. Micro direct methanol fuel cell: functional components, supplies management, packaging technology and application
  125. Micropatterned dry electrodes for brain–computer interface
  126. Microfabrication and nanotechnology in manufacturing system–An overview
  127. Novel integration and packaging concepts of highly miniaturized inductively powered neural implants
  128. A tri-axial touch sensor with direct silicon to PC-board packaging
  129. Projection microfabrication of three-dimensional scaffolds for tissue engineering
  130. Fabrication, packaging, and testing of a wafer-bonded microvalve
  131. Rapid, low cost microfabrication technologies toward realization of devices for dielectrophoretic manipulation of particles and nanowires
  132. Designing a web-based VR machine for learning of packaging and testing skills
  133. The influence of lithographic patterning on current distribution: A model for microfabrication by electrodeposition
  134. Direct-write UV-laser microfabrication of 3D structures in lithium-aluminosilicate glass
  135. Fabrication and packaging of CMUT using low temperature co-fired ceramic
  136. Packaging of optical fibers using microfabricated nickel clamps
  137. Deep proton writing: a rapid prototyping polymer micro-fabrication tool for micro-optical modules
  138. MEMS packaging and reliability: An undividable couple
  139. MEMS packaging technologies & applications
  140. Thermal actuated solid tunable lens
  141. Special issue on design, test, integration and packaging of MEMS and MOEMS (DTIP 2015), held in Montpellier, France, April 27–30, 2015
  142. Selective induction heating for MEMS packaging and fabrication
  143. Low-cost microfabrication for MEMS switches and varactors
  144. Fabrication of silicon carriers with TSV electrical interconnections and embedded thermal solutions for high power 3-D packages
  145. Planar packaging of free-space optical interconnections
  146. CMOS amperometric instrumentation and packaging for biosensor array applications
  147. Design, Test, Integration and Packaging of MEMS/MOEMS (DTIP 2009)
  148. Mixed system and component level T-CAD for micro fabrication
  149. Optical fiber packaging for MEMS interfacing
  150. Flexible fabrication, packaging, and detection approach for microscale chromatography systems
  151. Process simulation of DRIE and its application in tapered TSV fabrication
  152. Thin‐film microfabrication of electrochemical transducers
  153. Ceramic packaging in neural implants
  154. Microfabrication of microlens array by focused ion beam technology
  155. Sodium Metasilicate-Based Inorganic Composite for Heterogeneous Integration of Microsystems
  156. Design of double-slot antennas for terahertz array detectors in flip chip packaging
  157. Three-dimensional microfabrication using synchrotron radiation
  158. Microfluidics on compliant substrates: recent developments in foldable and bendable devices and system packaging
  159. Fabrication and characterization of polyimide-based ‘smooth’titanium nitride microelectrode arrays for neural stimulation and recording
  160. Fundamental principles of optical lithography: the science of microfabrication
  161. Fabrication and packaging of inertia micro-switch using metal-electroplating technology
  162. Micro/Nano Fabrication and Packaging Technologies for Bio Systems
  163. A novel approach to photonic packaging leveraging existing high-throughput microelectronic facilities
  164. Design, test, integration and packaging of MEMS/MOEMS, 2005
  165. Wafer-level packaging for micro-electro-mechanical systems using surface activated bonding
  166. Micromachined electrodes for biopotential measurements
  167. Combining microstereolithography and thick resist UV lithography for 3D microfabrication
  168. Materials and fabrication issues of micro V-groove for optoelectronics packaging
  169. Power enhancement of micro thermoelectric generators by microfluidic heat transfer packaging
  170. MEMS capacitive pressure sensors: a review on recent development and prospective
  171. Poly (dimethylsiloxane)-based packaging technique for microchip fluorescence detection system applications
  172. Device level vacuum packaging technologies of MEMS gyroscopes
  173. Conductive SU8 photoresist for microfabrication
  174. Development of a diamond microfluidics-based intra-chip cooling technology for GaN
  175. Microfabrication: LIGA-X and applications
  176. Formation of silicon-gold eutectic bond using localized heating method
  177. Stereolithography on silicon for microfluidics and microsensor packaging
  178. Low-temperature vacuum hermetic wafer-level package for uncooled microbolometer FPAs
  179. Mechanical and electrical characterization of piezoelectric artificial cochlear device and biocompatible packaging
  180. A novel silicon-based LED packaging module with an integrated temperature sensor
  181. Void Formation in Low-Temperature Electroplated Cu-Sn Stack for Hermetic Packaging
  182. Fabrication and packaging of MEMS based platform for hydrogen sensor using ZnO–SnO 2 composites
  183. Comparison between microfabrication technologies for metal tooling
  184. Micro-cross-sectional lithography (μCSL™): Protoyping and packaging for MEMS
  185. Design, development, fabrication, packaging, and testing of MEMS pressure sensors for aerospace applications
  186. Printed transistors on paper: Towards smart consumer product packaging
  187. Multifunctional diffractive optics for optoelectronic system packaging
  188. Microfabrication of PDMS microchannels using SU-8/PMMA moldings and their sealing to polystyrene substrates
  189. Polymer-Based Biocompatible Packaging for Implantable Devices: Packaging Method, Materials, and Reliability Simulation
  190. Micro concentrator with opto-sense micro reactor for biochemical IC chip family. 3D composite structure and experimental verification
  191. Process optimization in high-average-power ultrashort pulse laser microfabrication: how laser process parameters influence efficiency, throughput and quality
  192. Solder-based chip-to-tube and chip-to-chip packaging for microfluidic devices
  193. Nanosatellites and MEMS fabrication by laser microprocessing
  194. Packaging technique for a tunable miniature liquid iris operated by electrowetting actuation
  195. Packaging for biomedical analysis systems
  196. Hybrid multisite silicon neural probe with integrated flexible connector for interchangeable packaging
  197. Microelectromechanical systems and packaging
  198. The effect of diaphragm on performance of MEMS pressure sensor packaging
  199. Design and packaging of a highly integrated microreactor system for high-temperature on-board hydrogen production
  200. A highly compact packaging concept for ultrasound transducer arrays embedded in neurosurgical needles
  201. Post-CMOS parylene packaging for on-chip biosensor arrays
  202. Injection molded & micro fabrication electronic packaging
  203. Micro-Fabrication Technologies Supporting Advanced Packages
  204. Packaging of a MEMS based safety and arming device
  205. Advances in the microfabrication of electrochemical sensors and systems
  206. Special section on Design, Test, Integration and Packaging of MEMS/MOEMS, 2013
  207. Low cost anodic bonding for MEMS packaging applications
  208. Microsystem technologies: foreword to special issue on design, test, integration and packaging of MEMS/MOEMS, 2009
  209. Microfabricated cross-flow chemical reactor for catalyst testing
  210. Silicon-based LED packaging module with photosensor
  211. Microfabrication for microfluidics
  212. Microsensor packaging and system partitioning
  213. Assembly and packaging of micro systems by using reactive bonding processes
  214. Microfluidic Packaging Integration with Electronic-Photonic Biosensors Using 3D Printed Transfer Molding
  215. Global collaborative electronic packaging education
  216. Device packaging techniques for implementing a novel thermal flux method for fluid degassing and charging of a planar microscale loop heat pipe
  217. Packaging of surface micromachined thin film thermocouples (TFT): comparison of the resistance arc microwelding technique with wire bonding
  218. Packaging of microsystems
  219. Materials, structures and packaging
  220. Micro-optics packaging and integration for structured laser beam shaping
  221. Micromachining for advanced terahertz: Interconnects and packaging techniques at terahertz frequencies
  222. Laser welding: providing alignment precision and accuracy to substrate-level packaging
  223. Fabrication and packaging of microbump interconnections for 3D TSV
  224. Solid-state microscale lithium batteries prepared with microfabrication processes
  225. Miniaturized imaging systems
  226. Micromachined integrated optics for free-space interconnections
  227. The Simple Fabrication and Packaging of Micro DMFC by MEMS Technology
  228. Quantitative study of the’MEMSNAS’process for 3D microfabrication using binary lithography
  229. Packaging of MEMS devices
  230. SOI for MEMS and advanced packaging
  231. Microfabrication and application of reservoir pins for liquid transfer in biotechnology
  232. Design of a micro-Wankel rotary engine for MEMS fabrication
  233. Design and fabrication of a hybrid silicon three-axial force sensor for biomechanical applications
  234. Design, Test, Integration and Packaging of MEMS/MOEMS, 2004
  235. Flexible packaging and interconnect scheme for microfluidic systems
  236. Novel silicon-based LED packaging module with an integrated photosensing element
  237. A flexible polymer tube lab-chip integrated with microsensors for smart microcatheter
  238. The fabrication of all-diamond packaging panels with built-in interconnects for wireless integrated microsystems
  239. Fabrication of Optimally Micro-Textured Copper Substrates by Plasma Printing for Plastic Mold Packaging
  240. Localized silicon fusion and eutectic bonding for MEMS fabrication and packaging
  241. Mechanical fastening to enable room temperature packaging for LOCs based on biocompatible hydrogel thin film
  242. Packaging of microfluidic chips via interstitial bonding technique
  243. Development of modules for micro-optical integration and MOEMS packaging
  244. Investigation of MEMS vacuum packaging based on fusion welding
  245. Laser-Induced Forward Transfer (LIFT) technique as an alternative for assembly and packaging of electronic components
  246. 3D packaging technology to realize miniaturization/high-density and high-performance servers
  247. Hybrid rigid-flexible magnetoresistive device based on a wafer level packaging technology for micrometric proximity measurements
  248. Influence Factors Research and Design Factors Analysis on Anode linkage Technology in MEMS Packaging
  249. Test structures for developing packaging for implantable sensors
  250. MEMS packaging process by film transfer using an anti-adhesive layer
  251. Selective bonding and encapsulation for wafer-level vacuum packaging of MEMS and related micro systems
  252. Post-packaging tuning of microresonators by pulsed laser deposition
  253. ppb level detection of NO 2 using a WO 3 thin film-based sensor: material optimization, device fabrication and packaging
  254. Packaging Technology for MEMS
  255. Investigation of micromachined LTCC functional modules for high-density 3D SIP based on LTCC packaging platform
  256. Wafer-level vacuum packaging technology based on selective electroplating
  257. Micro-optics packaging and integration for high-power diode laser beam combining
  258. Bottom-up filling of through silicon via (TSV) with Parylene as sidewall protection layer
  259. Symposium on Design, Test, Integration and Packaging of MEMS/MOEMS (DTIP 2000), Paris, France, 9-11 May 2000: Special Issue, Analog Integrated Circuits and …
  260. Fabrication and packaging of a microfluidic optical switch using direct-write laser micromachining
  261. Design, fabrication and packaging of micro-optical components and systems
  262. Microfabrication using synchrotron radiation
  263. Packaging and characteristics of a microfluorescence spectroscopy analyzer
  264. Symposium on Design, Test, Integration and Packaging of MEMS/MOEMS (DTIP 2003), 5-7 May 2003-Mandelieu-La Napoule,” Côte d’Azur”, France: Special issue …
  265. Symposium on Design, Test, Integration and Packaging of MEMS/MOEMS (DTIP 2004), 12-14 May 2004, Montreux, Switzerland: Special Issue, Analog Integrated …
  266. A micro-solid oxide fuel cell system as battery replacement
  267. Symposium on Design, Test, Integration and Packaging of MEMS/MOEMS (DTIP 2001), 25-27 April 2001-Cannes-Mandelieu,” Côte d’Azur”, France: Special Issue …
  268. MEMS packaging and reliability
  269. Design, test, integration and packaging of MEMS/MOEMS, 2006
  270. Smart packaging of electronics and integrated MEMS devices using LTCC
  271. Heterogeneous Integration/Advanced Packaging.
  272. Design and fabrication of piezoelectric micro power generators for autonomous microsystems
  273. Compatibility Analysis of Liquid Gallium and Common Packaging Metals for Application in Electronic Component Thermal Management
  274. Nanomanufacturing of Smart and Connected Bioelectronics Through Nanomaterial Printing, Hybrid Material Integration, and Soft Packaging
  275. Microelectronic packaging
  276. New polymer packaging for planar patch-clamp
  277. Environmentally isolating packaging for MEMS sensors
  278. Microfabrication and characterization of liquid core waveguide glass channels coated with Teflon AF
  279. Zinc bonding for MEMS packaging at the wafer-level
  280. Mold design and fabrication for production of thermoformed paper-based packaging products
  281. PECVD Silicon Carbide as a Chemically-Resistant Thin Film Packaging Technology for Microfabricated Antennas
  282. Advanced packaging and integration technologies for microsensors, phase 1(Final Report, Feb.- Jul. 1994)
  283. Introduction to MEMS packaging
  284. Design, Test, Integration and Packaging of MEMS/MOEMS (DTIP 2007)
  285. Special issue on design, test, integration and packaging of MEMS/MOEMS, 2012
  286. Wafer level packaging for RF MEMS devices using void free copper filled through glass via
  287. From functional structure to packaging: Full-printing fabrication of a microfluidic chip
  288. Special issue on design, test, integration and packaging of MEMS/MOEMS, 2011
  289. Design and fabrication of high performance wafer-level vacuum packaging based on glass–silicon–glass bonding techniques
  290. A precise spacing-control method in MEMS packaging for capacitive accelerometer applications.


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