Research Topics High Performance Power Electronics in Electrical Engineering

Research Area/ Research Interest: High Performance Power Electronics  in Electrical Engineering

Research Paper Topics for: Masters and PhD Thesis and publication

  1. Compositionally graded III-nitride alloys: building blocks for efficient ultraviolet optoelectronics and power electronics
  2. MEMS inductor fabrication and emerging applications in power electronics and neurotechnologies
  3. Role of wide bandgap materials in power electronics for smart grids applications
  4. Noncured Graphene Thermal Interface Materials for High-Power Electronics: Minimizing the Thermal Contact Resistance
  5. A switch-source cell-based cascaded multilevel inverter topology with minimum number of power electronics components
  6. Thermal interface material with graphene enhanced sintered copper for high temperature power electronics
  7. Power system stability issues, classifications and research prospects in the context of high-penetration of renewables and power electronics
  8. Opportunities in Single Event Effects in Radiation-Exposed SiC and GaN Power Electronics
  9. ORTiS solver codegen: C++ code generation tools for high performance, FPGA-based, real-time simulation of power electronic systems
  10. Advanced Pulse-Width-Modulation: With Freedom to Optimize Power Electronics Converters
  11. Jet Impingement Cooling in Power Electronics for Electrified Automotive Transportation: Current Status and Future Trends
  12. Experimental Characterization of Two-Phase Cooling of Power Electronics in Thermosiphon and Forced Convection Modes
  13. Multiphysics Optimization of Thermal-Management Designs for Power Electronics Employing Impingement Cooling and Stereolithographic Printing
  14. Design of a calorimeter for modern power electronics and electrical machines
  15. Multivariable Deadbeat Control of Power Electronics Converters with Fast Dynamic Response and Fixed Switching Frequency
  16. Transformative Role of Silicon Carbide Power Electronics in Providing Low-cost Extremely Fast Charging of Electric Vehicles
  17. Proton Exchange Membrane Electrolyzer Emulator for Power Electronics Testing Applications
  18. Power Electronics and Drives: Simulation to Implementation in Minutes: A Novel Implementation Tool for Power Engineers
  19. Piezoelectric Nanogenerator Based on Lead-Free Flexible PVDF-Barium Titanate Composite Films for Driving Low Power Electronics
  20. Role of strain and composition on the piezoelectric and dielectric response of AlxGa1−xN: Implications for power electronics device reliability
  21. A comprehensive comparison between finite control set model predictive control and classical proportional-integral control for grid-tied power electronics …
  22. Insulation materials and systems for power electronics modules: A review identifying challenges and future research needs
  23. Exploiting dynamic modeling, parameter identification, and power electronics to implement a non-dissipative Li-ion battery hardware emulator
  24. High-temperature nanoindentation characterization of sintered nano-copper particles used in high power electronics packaging
  25. High Performance Control of AC Drives with Matlab/Simulink
  26. Predicting Power Electronics Device Reliability under Extreme Conditions with Machine Learning Algorithms
  27. High-performance triboelectric nanogenerator based on MXene functionalized polyvinylidene fluoride composite nanofibers
  28. Implementation of ultra-low-power electronics for biomedical applications
  29. Effect of Liquid Coolant Channel Configuration on Cooling Performance of High Power Electronics
  30. Towards Intelligent Power Electronics-Dominated Grid via Machine Learning Techniques
  31. A Survey of Modeling and Reduction Techniques of Radiated EMI in Power Electronics
  32. A Multiport Power Electronics Converter for Hybrid Traction Applications
  33. Silicon carbide planar junctionless transistor for low-medium voltage power electronics
  34. Machine learning for protection of distribution networks and power electronics-interfaced systems
  35. Numerical junction temperature calculation method for reliability evaluation of power semiconductors in power electronics converters
  36. Preparation and sintering properties of Cu10Sn3 IMCs nanopaste as die attach material for high temperature power electronics
  37. Influence of Aircraft Power Electronics Processing on Backup VHF Radio Systems
  38. High performance power supplies for plasma materials processing
  39. Modelling and optimisation of metal foam integrated heat exchangers for power electronics cooling
  40. Cyberattack resilient control for power electronics dominated grid with minimal communication
  41. Role of Power Electronics and Optimization Techniques in Renewable Energy Systems
  42. Radio frequency energy harvesting circuits design for the applications of low power electronics
  43. Advances in VLSI, Signal Processing, Power Electronics, IoT, Communication and Embedded Systems: Select Proceedings of VSPICE 2020
  44. Fabrications of High‐Performance Planar Zinc‐Ion Microbatteries by Engraved Soft Templates
  45. On the Way to understand the Warpage in 8” Taiko Semiconductor Wafers for Power Electronics Applications (Si and SiC)
  46. High-Performance 3-Phase 5-Level E-Type Multilevel–Multicell Converters for Microgrids
  47. Understanding the role of VSC control strategies in the limits of power electronics integration in AC grids using modal analysis
  48. Flexible and tailorable quasi‐solid‐state rechargeable Ag/Zn microbatteries with high performance
  49. A novel online 4-point rainflow counting algorithm for power electronics
  50. SiC Research Beyond Power MOSFET: What’s Next?
  51. Discrete‐time sliding mode control based on disturbance observer applied to current control of permanent magnet synchronous motor
  52. A 3-leg Inverter-based High-frequency Welding Power Supply capable of AC 220 and 440-V Operation
  53. Modelling and Optimisation of Power Electronics using Fast Switching Devices and Compact Passive Filters
  54. Matrix ZVS Resonant Inverter for Domestic Induction Heating Applications Featuring a Front-End PFC Stage
  55. A High Power Density Multi-level Bipolar Active Single-phase Buffer with Full Capacitor Energy Utilization and Controlled Power Harmonics
  56. High performance printed AgO-Zn rechargeable battery for flexible electronics
  57. A new Domestic Induction Heating Resonant Converter with High Power Conversion Efficiency
  58. Temperature Measurement of RF Power Amplifier
  59. Transferring Online Reinforcement Learning for Electric Motor Control From Simulation to Real-World Experiments
  60. High Performance Biomass-Based Polyimides for Flexible Electronic Applications
  61. Design of a two-stage converter with 380 V DC intermediate bus for high bay applications with high power factor
  62. A Two-Channel High-Performance DC-DC Converter for Mobile AMOLED Display Based on the PWM–SPWM Dual-Mode Switching Method
  63. Lifetime Estimation of Grid-Connected Battery Storage and Power Electronics Inverter Providing Primary Frequency Regulation
  64. High-frequency MnZn soft magnetic ferrite by engineering grain boundaries with multiple-ion doping
  65. Soft-Switching High Static Gain Modified SEPIC Converter
  66. Application Specific Electronics Package–Electronics Manufacturing Technology of the Future
  67. Overview of typical application energy efficiency optimization in high-performance data centers
  68. A federated learning framework for detecting false data injection attacks in solar farms
  69. Research on noise impact of building environment based on FPGA high-performance algorithm
  70. The Evolutions of Multilevel Converter Topology: A Roadma p of Topological Invention
  71. PowerSynth Design Automation Flow for Hierarchical and Heterogeneous 2.5-D Multichip Power Modules
  72. 2-kV Vertical GaN Fin-JFETs: High-Temperature Characteristics and Avalanche Capability
  73. Latest advances of model predictive control in electrical drives. part ii: Applications and benchmarking with classical control methods
  74. An enhanced feedforward flux weakening control for high‐speed permanent magnet machine drive applications
  75. Study and Implementation of 1-Phase DVR for Power Quality Enhancement
  76. Fundamental Properties and Power Electronic Device Progress of Gallium Oxide
  77. A review of current research trends in power-electronic innovations in cyber-physical systems
  78. High-Order-Network-Based General Modeling Method for Improved Transfer Performance of the WPT system
  79. High Power Density DC-DC Converters Using Highly Integrated Half-Bridge GaN ICs
  80. Review on soft magnetic metal and inorganic oxide nanocomposites for power applications
  81. Transient analysis and verification of a magnetic gear integrated permanent magnet brushless machine with Halbach arrays
  82. A High Step-Up Z-Source DC-DC Converter for Integration of Photovoltaic Panels into DC Microgrid
  83. Soft Ferroelectrics Enabling High‐Performance Intelligent Photo Electronics
  84. Low power, high-performance reversible logic enabled CNTFET SRAM cell with improved stability
  85. Advances in Modeling and Reduction of Conducted and Radiated EMI in Non-isolated Power Converters
  86. Overcoming the limitations of gallium oxide through heterogeneous integration
  87. Soft-switched high step-up DC/DC boost converter for distributed generation
  88. Augmented robust TS fuzzy control based PMSG wind turbine improved with H∞ performance
  89. 95-kV Beveled-Mesa NiO/β-Ga2O3 Heterojunction Diode With 98.5% Conversion Efficiency and Over Million-Times Overvoltage Ruggedness
  90. Applications and impacts of nanoscale thermal transport in electronics packaging
  91. Closed Loop Control Analysis of Cascaded Three Phase Grid Tied Inverter using Fuzzy Logic Controller
  92. III-V-on-Si transistor technologies: Performance boosters and integration
  93. Challenges and New Trends in Power Electronic Devices Reliability
  94. A Simple Online Flux Estimation for Dual Three-Phase SPMSM Drives Using Position-Offset Injection
  95. Self-tuning MPPT Scheme based on Reinforcement Learning and Beta Parameter in Photovoltaic power Systems
  96. Enabling Data-Driven Condition Monitoring of Power Electronic Systems With Artificial Intelligence: Concepts, Tools, and Developments
  97. Guest Editorial Special Issue on Topology, Modeling, Control, and Reliability of Bidirectional DC/DC Converters in DC Microgrids
  98. A High-Efficiency High-Power-Density On-Board Low-Voltage DC-DC Converter for Electric Vehicles (EVs) Application
  99. A Non-isolated High Step-Up DC-DC Converter Recommended for Photovoltaic Systems
  100. A more accurate power MOSFET current mirror sensing scheme in synchronous buck converters
  101. A bio-inspired, low pressure drop liquid cooling system for high-power IGBT modules for EV/HEV applications
  102. High performance floating self-excited sliding triboelectric nanogenerator for micro mechanical energy harvesting
  103. Free‐Fixed Rotational Triboelectric Nanogenerator for Self‐Powered Real‐Time Wheel Monitoring
  104. Space‐vector current control of cascaded half‐bridge three‐phase three‐wire voltage source inverter
  105. A thin, deformable, high-performance supercapacitor implant that can be biodegraded and bioabsorbed within an animal body
  106. SiC and GaN Devices With Cryogenic Cooling
  107. High-performance vector control without AC phase current sensors for induction motor drives: Simulation and real-time implementation
  108. 4-kV AlGaN/GaN Schottky Barrier Diode on Silicon Substrate With Engineered Anode Structure
  109. Harmonic Reduction by Voltage Reinjection Strategy in 12-Pulse VSI for High Power Applications
  110. High Efficiency Three Phase Interleaved Buck Converter for Fast Charging of EV
  111. A Customized Integrated Circuit for Active EMI Filter with High Reliability and Scalability
  112. Dc-dc converter implementations based on piezoelectric transformers
  113. High Power Density 1 MHz 3 kW 400 V-48 V LLC Converter for Datacenters with Improved Core Loss and Termination Loss
  114. Single‐active switch high‐voltage gain DC–DC converter using a non‐coupled inductor
  115. Improved Auxiliary Triggering Topology for High Power Nanosecond Pulse Generators Based on Avalanche Transistors
  116. Vacuum processed large area doped thin-film crystals: A new approach for high-performance organic electronics
  117. Performance Comparison of Common-Mode Voltage Reduction PWM Methods in Terms of Modulation Index
  118. A novel filtering algorithm for the resolver position signal based on recursive least squares and phase‐locked loop
  119. Advances in Nanostructures for High‐Performance Triboelectric Nanogenerators
  120. Recent advances in thermal metamaterials and their future applications for electronics packaging
  121. Review and analysis of coaxial magnetic gear pole pair count selection effects
  122. Latest advances of model predictive control in electrical drives. Part I: basic concepts and advanced strategies
  123. Deep learning-based series AC arc detection algorithms
  124. Improved and accurate low‐frequency average modelling and control of a conventional power factor correction boost converter in continuous conduction mode
  125. An improved permanent‐magnet synchronous machine sensorless drive based on the fuzzy‐PI phase‐locked loop and the adjustable boundary‐layer FOSMO
  126. Control of power converter used for electric vehicle DC charging station with the capability of balancing distribution currents and reactive power compensation
  127. Origin of the electrocatalytic oxygen evolution activity of nickel phosphides: in-situ electrochemical oxidation and Cr doping to achieve high performance
  128. Model predictive torque control for multilevel inverter fed induction machines using sorting networks
  129. High-performance wearable thermoelectric generator with self-healing, recycling, and Lego-like reconfiguring capabilities
  130. Load Current and State of Charge Co-Estimation for Current Sensor-Free Lithium-ion Battery
  131. A Single-Phase Wireless Power Transfer System with a High-Frequency AC Link Converter in the Secondary for Three-Phase Applications
  132. Datasheet-driven Compact Model of Silicon Carbide Power MOSFET Including Third Quadrant Behavior
  133. A state‐of‐the‐art review on topologies and control techniques of solid‐state transformers for electric vehicle extreme fast charging
  134. Exo-shoe triboelectric nanogenerator: Toward high-performance wearable biomechanical energy harvester
  135. Experimental Study on Static and Dynamic Characteristics of Ga2O3 Schottky Barrier Diodes with Compound Termination
  136. Low-complexity multi-vector-based model predictive torque control for PMSM with voltage pre-selection
  137. Dual-vector Predictive Current Control of Open-end Winding PMSM with Zero-sequence Current Hysteresis Control
  138. An Adaptive Method for DC Current Reduction in Totem Pole Power Factor Correction Converters
  139. A Single Switch High Voltage Gain DC-DC Converter Based on Coupled Inductor and Switched-Capacitor for Renewable Energy Systems
  141. A DCM high frequency high step up SEPIC-based converter with extended ZVS range
  142. A new enhanced-boost switched-capacitor quasi Z-source network
  143. Performance Analyses of a Three-Port Converter for Post-Fault Conditions in Aerospace Applications
  144. Evaluation of low-pressure-sintered multi-layer substrates for medium-voltage sic power modules
  145. Advancing Power Electronics Reliability
  146. A Novel Full Soft-Switching High Gain DC/DC Converter Based on Three-Winding Coupled-Inductor
  147. Fast Fault-Tolerant Control for Improved Dynamic Performance of Hall-Sensor-Controlled Brushless DC Motor Drives
  148. Small-signal-based study of a two stage AC/DC and DC/DC battery charger using battery one time constant model
  149. Robust Sensorless Model-Predictive Torque Flux Control for High-Performance Induction Motor Drives
  150. An interleaved ZVS ultra‐large gain converter for sustainable energy systems applications
  151. The Decoupled Active/Reactive Power Predictive Control of Quasi-Z-source Inverter for Distributed Generations
  152. Virtual Resistor Active Damping with Selective Harmonics Control of LCL-Filtered VSCs
  153. High performance of multi-layered triboelectric nanogenerators for mechanical energy harvesting
  154. Provisional energy transaction management amongst neighbouring microgrids through a DC power exchange link
  155. Maximum Power Per Current Control for Dynamic WPT Systems
  156. Study of Voltage Balancing Techniques for Series Connected Insulated-Gate Power Devices
  157. Series DC Arc Fault Detection Method for PV Systems Employing Differential Power Processing Structure
  158. A dual‐input DC‐DC structure with high voltage gain suggested for hybrid energy systems
  159. Virtual SVPWM Based Flexible Power Control for Dual-DC-Port DC-AC Converters in PV-Battery Hybrid Systems
  160. Design Principles and Optimization Considerations of a High Frequency Transformer in GaN Based 1 MHz 2.8 kW LLC Resonant Converter with over 99% Efficiency
  161. Power quality improvement with D-STATCOM using combined PR and Comb filter-Controller
  162. Current sensor fault diagnosis and fault-tolerant control for single-phase PWM rectifier based on a hybrid model-based and data-driven method
  163. Performance Improvement of Model Predictive Control for Modular Multilevel Converters by Auto-regulating the Weighting Factor Value
  164. Input/Output EMI filter design for three-phase ultra-high speed motor drive GaN inverter stage
  165. Optimization of electric-field grading plates in a pcb-integrated bus bar for a high-density 10 kv sic mosfet power module
  166. A Single-Stage Capacitor-Bridge Boost Converter Topology for PV-Battery Series Integration in Regulated DC Microgrids
  167. Power losses comparison between Silicon Carbide and Silicon devices for an isolated DC-DC converter
  168. A review: Energy storage system and balancing circuits for electric vehicle application
  169. Flexible direct formate paper fuel cells with high performance and great durability
  170. Optimal electromagnetic-thermal design of a seven-phase induction motor for high-power variable-speed applications
  171. Comprehensive review on solar, wind and hybrid wind-PV water pumping systems-an electrical engineering perspective
  172. Parallel inverters using a DC common mode PWM filter with an AC differential mode PWM filter
  173. GaN FinFETs and trigate devices for power and RF applications: review and perspective
  174. Grid Integration of Single Phase Reduced Switch Multilevel Inverter Topology
  175. Single‐phase AC‐AC Z‐source converter based on asymmetrical gamma structure with continuous input current and safe commutation strategy
  176. Safety-Related High-Performance Motion Control based on a Quad-Core SoC
  177. Generalized Predictive DC-Link Voltage Control for Grid-Connected Converter
  178. Predictive Torque Control Strategy for Speed Adaptive Flux Observer Based Sensorless Induction Motor Drive in Flux-weakening Region
  179. Flexible thermal interface based on self-assembled boron arsenide for high-performance thermal management
  180. Analysis and Control of Critical Conduction Mode High-Frequency Single-Phase Transformerless PV Inverte
  181. Active Damping in Series Connected Power Converters with Continuous Output Voltage
  182. Design of a Wide-Input-Voltage PCB-Embedded Transformer Based Active-Clamp Flyback Converter Considering Permeability Degradation
  183. A single‐stage step‐up inverter with reduced devices count
  184. High-frequency power loss mechanisms in ultra-thin amorphous ribbons
  185. A high‐performance, tailorable, wearable, and foldable solid‐state supercapacitor enabled by arranging pseudocapacitive groups and MXene flakes on textile …
  186. Multi-Objective-Layered Optimization of a Magnetic Planetary Gear for Hybrid Powertrain
  187. Impedance Analysis and Design of IPT System to Improve System Efficiency and Reduce Output Voltage or Current Fluctuations
  188. Design Methodology of Free-Positioning Non-overlapping Wireless Charging for Consumer Electronics Based on Antiparallel Windings
  189. Duty VV-MPTC for Post-fault Eight Switch Three-phase Inverter fed Induction Motor Drives with Reduced Neutral Point Voltage Fluctuation
  190. A new dual‐input high step‐up DC–DC converter with reduced switches stress and low input current ripple
  191. Equivalent Two-Coil Model for a Four-Coil Wireless Power Transfer System
  192. Comparative Case Study on Oscillatory Behavior in Power Systems of Marine Vessels With High Power Converters
  193. H2SO4-assisted tandem carbonization synthesis of PANI@ carbon@ textile flexible electrode for high-performance wearable energy storage
  194. High-performance triboelectric nanogenerator based on electrospun PVDF-graphene nanosheet composite nanofibers for energy harvesting
  195. Grid Synchronization of Bidirectional Electric Vehicle Chargers Using Second Order Generalized Integrator based Phase Lock Loop
  196. A high-performance triboelectric-electromagnetic hybrid wind energy harvester based on rotational tapered rollers aiming at outdoor IoT applications
  197. Performance improvement of single-phase PLLs under adverse grid conditions: An FIR filtering-based approach
  198. Design and implementation of two hybrid High frequency DPWMs using delay blocks on FPGAs
  199. Multicomponent architectured battery-type flexible yarns for high-performance wearable supercapatteries
  200. Advancements in energy efficient GaN power devices and power modules for electric vehicle applications: a review
  201. Ultra-Wide Voltage Gain Range Microconverter for Integration of Silicon and Thin-Film Photovoltaic Modules in DC Microgrids
  202. Improving reliability in electric drive systems during IGBT short‐circuit fault
  203. Robustness evaluation for harmonic suppression of LCL-type converter based on converter-side current feedback strategy under weak and distorted grid
  204. Regulating Dendrite‐Free Zinc Deposition by 3D Zincopilic Nitrogen‐Doped Vertical Graphene for High‐Performance Flexible Zn‐Ion Batteries
  205. Design and Validation of an Unconventional 39-Slot PM Synchronous Motor with Asymmetric and Unbalanced AC Windings
  206. An A TT Array Configuration for Performance Enhancement of PV system Under PSC
  207. Slotless-pm machine design for an integrated generator-rectifier architecture for off-shore wind turbines
  208. A Hybrid Modular Multilevel Converter Family With Higher Power Density and Efficiency
  209. New PWM predictive control suitable for low carrier ratio of permanent magnet synchronous motor drive systems
  210. Solution-Processed High-Performance of p-Channel Copper-Tin-Sulphur Thin-Film Transistor
  211. Reduction of power quality issues in micro-grid using GA tuned PI controller based DVR
  212. Prediction model with harmonic load current components for fcs-mpc of an uninterruptible power supply
  213. Research on Active Thermal Control: Actual Status and Future Trends Special Issue Commemorating 40 years of WEMPEC, 2021
  214. Energy Diverting Converter Topology Using Unidirectional Current H-Bridge Submodules for VSC-HVDC Transmission System
  215. Improving neural network using a sine tree-seed algorithm for tuning motor DC
  216. Navigation, Estimation, and Sensing Testbed (NEST) for Laboratory Validation of Algorithms
  217. High-Performance CVD Bilayer MoS2 Radio Frequency Transistors and Gigahertz Mixers for Flexible Nanoelectronics
  218. Simulation model of single phase PWM inverter by using MATLAB/Simulink
  219. Single-stage EV on-board charger with single-and three-phase grid compatibility
  220. Enhancement of DC‐bus voltage regulation in cascaded converter system by a new sensorless load current feedforward control scheme
  221. CLL Resonant Converter with Secondary Side Resonant Inductor and Integrated Magnetics
  222. Dramatic Improvement in the Rectifying Properties of Pd Schottky Contacts on β-Ga₂O₃ During Their High-Temperature Operation
  223. A fluorinated polymer sponge with superhydrophobicity for high-performance biomechanical energy harvesting
  224. Dual-loop Control Method for CPT System under Coupling Misalignments and Load Variations
  225. A review of cyber-physical security for photovoltaic systems
  226. A Current-Sharing Method for Interleaved High-Frequency LLC Converter With Partial Energy Phase Shift Regulation
  227. A New Multilevel Inverter: An Attempt to Reduce Power Components
  228. Reduction of total harmonic distortion of three-phase inverter using alternate switching strategy
  229. A Quadratic High Step-up DC-DC Boost Converter Based on Coupled inductor with Single Switch and Continuous Input Current
  231. A Thirteen-Level Flying Capacitor based Single-Phase Inverter with Self-Balancing Capability
  232. Packaged Ga2O3 Schottky Rectifiers With Over 60-A Surge Current Capability
  233. Revolution of Electric Vehicle Charging Technologies Accelerated by Wide Bandgap Devices
  234. Enhanced Gate Driver Design for SiC-Based Generator Rectifier Unit for Airborne Applications
  235. Systematic Design and Optimization of Large DC Distribution Architectures Using Simulated Annealing
  236. Word length selection method for HIL power converter models
  237. A Novel Three-Pulse Equivalent Power Loss Profile for Simplified Thermal Estimation
  238. A Non-isolated High Step-up Soft Switching DC to DC Converter with Continues input Current and Low Switch Voltage Stress
  239. Frequency and Parameter Combined Tuning Method of LCC-LCC Compensated Resonant Converter with Wide Coupling Variation for EV Wireless Charger
  240. Design of new fractional order PI–fractional order PD cascade controller through dragonfly search algorithm for advanced load frequency control of power systems
  241. Modular Multilevel Converter-based Arbitrary Wave shape Generator used for High Voltage Testing
  242. IEEE IAS/IES/PELS Kerala Joint Chapter Hosts Design Contest
  243. Practical considerations of nonlinear control techniques applied to static power converters: A survey and comparative study
  244. A universal method towards conductive textile for flexible batteries with superior softness
  245. Soft switching circuit of high-frequency active neutral point clamped inverter based on SiC/Si hybrid device
  246. Electric and Hybrid Vehicles
  247. Stability Analysis and Performance Evaluation of a Multifunction Converter
  248. Comparison of the Power Cycling Performance of Silicon and Silicon Carbide Power Devices in a Baseplate Less Module Package at Different Temperature Swings
  249. Analysis of a High-efficient Step-Up Converter With ZVS Operation
  250. Analytical pfc boost inductor power loss calculation method in ccm
  251. Transient and steady‐state study of a speed sensorless IPMSM drive with an advanced integrator‐based stator flux estimator
  252. Efficiency Improved Multi-Source Inverter for Hybrid Energy Storage Systems in Electric Vehicle Application
  253. Solar-blind imaging based on 2-inch polycrystalline diamond photodetector linear array
  254. A Hybrid SMC Strategy for Sequential Switching Shunt Regulator
  255. Electric Drive Technology Trends, Challenges, and Opportunities for Future Electric Vehicles
  256. EMI filter performance for photovoltaic applications considering termination impedances
  257. Ultralow Voltage High‐Performance Bioartificial Muscles Based on Ionically Crosslinked Polypyrrole‐Coated Functional Carboxylated Bacterial Cellulose for Soft …
  258. High frequency pulse injected double stage filtering method for linear permanent magnet motor position error compensation considering parameter asymmetry
  259. A Modular Multilevel Converter Capacitance Optimization Scheme Based on High Frequency Link Interconnection of Submodules
  260. An arbitrary waveform generator based on an eight-level flying-capacitor multilevel converter
  261. A general analytical model and optimization for leakage inductances of medium-frequency transformers
  262. A 13-level Switched-Capacitor Multilevel Inverter with single DC source
  263. A 380-12 V, 1-kW, 1-MHz Converter Using a Miniaturized Split-Phase, Fractional-Turn Planar Transformer
  264. Application of online empirical mode decomposition and continuous wavelet transform for Power Smoothing in Low-voltage Microgrid with Battery Energy Storage …
  265. Increasing bioelectricity generation in microbial fuel cells by a high-performance cellulose-based membrane electrode assembly
  266. A Multilevel Boost Converter-Fed High-Frequency Resonant Inverter for Induction Heating by Using ADC Control
  267. Medium Voltage Converter Inductor Insulation Design Considering Grid Insulation Requirements
  268. Review on Driving Circuits for Wide-Bandgap Semiconductor Switching Devices for Mid-to High-Power Applications
  269. Gate‐Tunable Polar Optical Phonon to Piezoelectric Scattering in Few‐Layer Bi2O2Se for High‐Performance Thermoelectrics
  270. Simple and Fast Dynamic Photovoltaic Emulator based on a Physical Equivalent PV‐cell Model
  271. DC Component Self-Balancing Analysis of Neutral-Point in Neutral-Point-Clamped Three-Level Converters
  272. Power Electronics Design Laboratory Exercise for Final-Year M. Sc. Students
  273. Cell voltage static-dynamic modeling of a PEM electrolyzer based on adaptive parameters: Development and experimental validation
  274. Wearable technologies enable high-performance textile supercapacitors with flexible, breathable and wearable characteristics for future energy storage
  275. Mechanical DC Breakers and Hybrid MMC Based Coordinated Strategy for MMC-HVDC DC Fault Riding Through
  276. A Bridgeless Soft Switching PFC AC/DC Converter With Active Clamping Auxiliary Circuit
  277. One-pot Synthesis of 2D SnS2 Nanorods with High Energy Density and Long Term Stability for High-Performance Hybrid Supercapacitor
  278. A Pathway to Thin GaAs Virtual Substrate on On‐Axis Si (001) with Ultralow Threading Dislocation Density
  279. Reduction of Parasitic Inductance and Thermal Management in a Multichip SiC Half-Bridge Module
  280. A Dual-Switch Coupled Inductor-Based High Step-Up DC-DC Converter for Photovoltaic-Based Renewable Energy Applications
  281. Iterative Gradient Descent Based Finite Control Set Predictive Current Control with Least Squares Optimized Duty Cycles
  282. Industrialized flux-oriented start-up algorithm for soft starter driven induction motors
  283. Layout Based Ultra-Fast Short-Circuit Protection Technique for Parallel Connected GaN HEMTs
  284. Capacitive Power Transfer System with Double T-type Resonant Network for Mobile Devices Charging/Supply
  285. Switching cell structured direct AC–AC converter-based three-phase DVR system using interphase voltage
  286. Designing a Dual Active Transformer DC-DC Forward Converter for DC Micro-Grid Applications Using LTSPICE
  287. Robust Speed Control for Induction Motor Drives Using STSM Control
  288. Single phase transformerless photovoltaic inverter for grid connected systems-an overview
  289. High-Misalignment Tolerant IPT Systems with Solenoid and Double D pads
  290. A Resonant-Linear Hybrid Structure for Power Amplifier at Radio Frequency Band
  291. High-Voltage Insulation Design of Coreless, Planar PCB Transformers for Multi-MHz Power Supplies
  292. Robust voltage model flux estimator design with parallel vector compensator for sensorless drive of induction motors
  293. Application of SVC and STATCOM for wind integrated power system
  294. Arctangent Function Based Normalized Least Mean Squares Algorithm for a Battery Supported Wind Energy Conversion System
  295. Robust Back-stepping Based Higher Order Sliding Mode Control of Non-Inverted Buck-Boost Converter for a Photovoltaic System
  296. An Improved Adaptive Selected Harmonic Elimination Algorithm for Current Measurement Error Correction of PMSMs
  297. Nearly ideal quasi-vertical GaN Schottky barrier diode with 1010 high on/off ratio and ultralow turn on voltage via post anode annealing
  298. Topological materials and topologically engineered materials: properties, synthesis, and applications for energy conversion and storage
  299. UPFC and SMES based Coordinated Control Strategy for Simultaneous Frequency and Voltage Stability of an Interconnected Power System
  300. Feedback–feedforward control technique with a comprehensive mathematical analysis for single-input dual-output three-level dc–dc converter

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