Research Topics of Sustainable Energy Engineering for MS PhD Thesis

Research Area/ Research Interest: Sustainable Energy Engineering

Research Paper Topics for: Masters and PhD Thesis and publication

  1. Corrosion Engineering on Iron Foam toward Efficiently Electrocatalytic Overall Water Splitting Powered by Sustainable Energy
  2. Renewable ammonia for sustainable energy and agriculture: vision and systems engineering opportunities
  3. Sustainable energy transition: Modeling and optimization
  4. Harmonic problems in renewable and sustainable energy systems: A comprehensive review
  5. A sustainable energy distribution configuration for microgrids integrated to the national grid using back-to-back converters in a renewable power system
  6. Decision making to support sustainable energy policies corresponding to agriculture sector: Case study in Iran’s Caspian Sea coastline
  7. Sustainable energy system modelling with a high renewable energy penetration rate for rich oil regions
  8. Machine learning on sustainable energy: A review and outlook on renewable energy systems, catalysis, smart grid and energy storage
  9. Noble-metal-free multicomponent nanointegration for sustainable energy conversion
  10. Advanced battery management strategies for a sustainable energy future: Multilayer design concepts and research trends
  11. Sustainable energy corps: Building a global collaboration to accelerate transition to a low carbon world
  12. A bibliometric review on the application of fuzzy optimization to sustainable energy technologies
  13. A brief review on renewable and sustainable energy resources in Bangladesh
  14. Sustainable energy-water-food nexus integration and optimisation in eco-industrial parks
  15. Towards sustainable energy efficiency with intelligent electricity theft detection in smart grids emphasising enhanced neural networks
  16. Sustainable Energy Systems: Innovative Perspectives: SES 2020
  17. A systemic perspective for the Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan (SECAP)
  18. Retrofit application of traditional petroleum chemical technologies to coal chemical industry for sustainable energy-efficiency production
  19. Supercapacitor for Sustainable Energy Storage
  20. Densification of agro-residues for sustainable energy generation: an overview
  21. Integrating Energy Modeling Software into Sustainable Energy Systems Curriculum
  22. Phase change material-integrated latent heat storage systems for sustainable energy solutions
  23. Carbon-based electrocatalysts for sustainable energy applications
  24. Analyzing the Sustainable Energy Efficiencies of European Countries
  25. Sustainable bioeconomy: pathways to sustainable development goals
  26. A review on the sustainable energy generation from the pyrolysis of coconut biomass
  27. A Proposed Method to Pre-qualify Sustainable Energy-Saving LED Luminaires for Outdoor Urban Lighting Applications
  28. Coupling biochar with anaerobic digestion in a circular economy perspective: A promising way to promote sustainable energy, environment and agriculture …
  29. Concentrated Solar Power and Photovoltaic Systems: A New Approach to Boost Sustainable Energy for All (Se4all) in Rwanda
  30. Recovery processes of sustainable energy using different biomass and wastes
  31. Comprehensive Modelling of Renewable Energy Based Microgrid for System Level Control Studies
  32. Sustainable Energy Investment: Technical, Market and Policy Innovations to Address Risk
  33. Potential use of biomass and coal-fine waste for making briquette for sustainable energy and environment
  34. Heteroatom-doped graphene-based materials for sustainable energy applications: A review
  35. Shale gas: a step toward sustainable energy future
  36. Renewable energy systems optimization by a new multi-objective optimization technique: A residential building
  37. A qualitative assessment of a full-service network airline sustainable energy management: The case of Finnair PLC
  38. Bolstering a transition for a more sustainable energy system: A transformative approach to evaluations of energy efficiency in buildings
  39. 3rd International Conference on the Sustainable Energy and Environmental Development (SEED2019)
  40. Sustainable Conversion of Renewable Energy Sources
  41. Low carbon transition at the township level: Feasibility study of environmental pollutants and sustainable energy planning
  42. Photovoltaics Enabling Sustainable Energy Communities: Technological Drivers and Emerging Markets
  43. A comprehensive analysis of weighting and multicriteria methods in the context of sustainable energy
  44. Genetic engineering strategies for performance enhancement of bioelectrochemical systems: A review
  45. … photocatalysts of stoichiometric and non-stoichiometric bismuth oxyhalides with graphitic carbon nitride for sustainable energy and environmental applications
  46. Models for predicting non-renewable energy competing with renewable source for sustainable energy development: case of Asia and Oceania region
  47. The use of Waste Duck Eggshells for Sustainable Energy Production
  48. Life cycle energy consumption by roads and associated interpretative analysis of sustainable policies
  49. A comprehensive overview of framework for developing sustainable energy internet: From things-based energy network to services-based management system
  50. Demonstration of the integrated rural energy planning framework for sustainable energy development in low-income countries: Case studies of rural communities in …
  51. Sustainable design, integration, and operation for energy high-performance process systems
  52. Evaluation of sustainable energy development progress in EU member states in the context of building renovation
  53. … of the rational economic and analytical basis for projects in different sectors for their integration into the targeted diversified program for sustainable energy …
  54. An integrated numerical visualization teaching approach for an undergraduate course, Flow in Porous Media: An attempt toward sustainable engineering education
  55. Artificial intelligence in sustainable energy industry: Status Quo, challenges and opportunities
  56. Biomass-derived biochar materials as sustainable energy sources for electrochemical energy storage devices
  57. Linking Circular Economy and Sustainable Energy Technology through Quintuple Helix Perspective
  58. Multi-criteria decision-making method for sustainable energy-saving retrofit façade solutions
  59. Biogas Production for Sustainable Energy Generation in Rural Himachal Pradesh Using One Stage Portable Digester
  60. Methods, characteristics, variance, and genetics of pine oleoresin components, and their potential for renewable and sustainable energy
  61. Implication of Renewable Energy in Sustainable Development in India: Future Strategy
  62. Optimization of Two-Stage IPD-(1+ I) Controllers for Frequency Regulation of Sustainable Energy Based Hybrid Microgrid Network
  63. Recent advances in polysaccharide-based carbon aerogels for environmental remediation and sustainable energy
  64. Sustainable Energy & Fuels
  65. Hybrid smart grid with sustainable energy efficient resources for smart cities
  66. Impact of natural and social environmental factors on building energy consumption: Based on bibliometrics
  67. Planning of multi-hub energy system by considering competition issue
  68. The Power of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering Research
  69. An Introduction to Emerging Research in Sustainable Energy and Buildings for a Low-Carbon Future
  70. Spinel nano-ferrites for aqueous supercapacitors; linking abundant resources and low-cost processes for sustainable energy storage
  71. Sustainable engineering of sewers and sewage treatment plants for scenarios with urine diversion
  72. Author Correction: From nanoscale interface characterization to sustainable energy storage using all-solid-state batteries
  73. ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering Virtual Special Issue on N-Doped Carbon Materials: Synthesis and Sustainable Applications
  74. Electro catalytic oxidation reactions for harvesting alternative energy over non noble metal oxides: Are we a step closer to sustainable energy solution?
  75. Sustainable Residential Micro-Cogeneration System Based on a Fuel Cell Using Dynamic Programming-Based Economic Day-Ahead Scheduling
  76. Assessment of renewable energy: status, challenges, COVID-19 impacts, opportunities, and sustainable energy solutions in Africa
  77. Engineering single-atomic ruthenium catalytic sites on defective nickel-iron layered double hydroxide for overall water splitting
  78. Sustainable industrial and operation engineering trends and challenges Toward Industry 4.0: A data driven analysis
  79. Thermal performance and kinetic analysis of vermicelli drying inside a greenhouse for sustainable development
  80. Organic Rankine cycle integrated with hydrate-based desalination for a sustainable energy–water nexus system
  81. Dissemination of Sustainable Cooking: A Detailed Review on Solar Cooking System
  82. Interface Engineering of Co‐LDH@ MOF Heterojunction in Highly Stable and Efficient Oxygen Evolution Reaction
  83. Multistage expansion planning of integrated biogas and electric power delivery system considering the regional availability of biomass
  84. Sustainable enhancement of district heating and cooling configurations by combining thermal energy storage and life cycle assessment
  85. Influence of artificial intelligence in Civil engineering toward sustainable development—a systematic literature review
  86. The formation of educational environment in foreign language training of energy engineering students by means of project technology
  87. Renewable energy for sustainable development
  88. Requirements and conditions for ensuring sustainable energy-saving economic development of enterprises
  89. The Potential for a Sustainable Biodiesel Production by Modified Biobased Catalyst–A review
  90. Asean-china Cooperation For Environmental Protection And Sustainable Energy Development
  91. Integration of solar dryer with a hybrid system of gasifier‐solid oxide fuel cell/micro gas turbine: Energy, economy, and environmental analysis
  92. Blockchain governance: innovating sustainable energy financing in Global South
  93. Smart Energy Systems: An Innovative Approach for Sustainable Energy Supply
  94. 4E analysis of a fuel cell and gas turbine hybrid energy system
  95. Energy characterization and energy-saving strategies in sustainable machining processes: A state-of-the-art review
  96. Extended water-energy nexus contribution to environmentally-related sustainable development goals
  97. A Sustainable model for the integration of solar and geothermal energy boosted with thermoelectric generators (TEGs) for electricity, cooling and desalination purpose
  98. The greenhouse technology in different climate conditions: A comprehensive energy-saving analysis
  99. Financing the future infrastructure of sustainable energy systems
  100. Transition Metal and Nitrogen Co‐Doped Carbon‐based Electrocatalysts for the Oxygen Reduction Reaction: From Active Site Insights to the Rational Design of …
  101. Renewable energy desalination; a sustainable approach for water scarcity in‎ arid lands
  102. Continuous cultivation of microalgae in photobioreactors as a source of renewable energy: Current status and future challenges
  103. Importance and Applications of GIS in Engineering
  104. A systematic literature review on waste-to-resource potential of palm oil clinker for sustainable engineering and environmental applications
  105. Sustainable developement in logistic–a strategy for management in terms of green transport
  107. TEMPO oxidized cellulose nanofibers-based heterogenous membrane employed for concentration-gradient-driven energy harvesting
  108. A state-of-the-art review of the vibration and noise of wind turbine drivetrains
  109. Targeted engineering of metal@ hollow carbon spheres as nanoreactors for biomass hydrodeoxygenation
  110. Demonstration of ultrahigh thermoelectric efficiency of∼ 7.3% in Mg3Sb2/MgAgSb module for low-temperature energy harvesting
  111. A Decentralized Market Framework for Procurement of Operating Reserves from District Energy Systems
  112. Implementing the dynamic simulation approach for the design and optimization of ships energy systems: Methodology and applicability to modern cruise ships
  113. CFD Simulation of Weather Condition Effect on The Performance of Dual Purpose Solar Collector
  114. A systematic literature review on the use of artificial intelligence in energy self-management in smart buildings
  115. Performance analysis of smart lighting control system for sustainable campus operation
  116. Is Coal Power Generation a Sustainable Solution for Energy Needs of Pakistan: A Delphi-SWOT Paradigm?
  117. Sustainable Energy and Future Electric Transportation, 21–23 Jan 2021
  118. Indoor Test Conditions of Thermal Collector Channel Using Water as a Working Fluid to Enhance the Electrical and Thermal Efficiency of the PV/T System
  119. Not all doom and gloom: how energy-intensive and temporally flexible data center applications may actually promote renewable energy sources
  120. Development of process performance simulator (PPS) and parametric optimization for sustainable machining considering carbon emission, cost and energy aspects
  121. Risk management of hydropower projects for sustainable development: a review
  122. Energy, environment and enviroeconomic analyses and assessments of the turbofan engine used in aviation industry
  123. Numerical Methods for Energy Applications
  124. Sustainable Fitness
  125. A wind power accommodation capability assessment method for multi-energy microgrids
  126. A fluorinated polymer sponge with superhydrophobicity for high-performance biomechanical energy harvesting
  127. Advanced data analytics for enhancing building performances: From data-driven to big data-driven approaches
  128. Determination of the most appropriate site selection of wind power plants based Geographic Information System and Multi-Criteria Decision-Making approach in …
  129. Biomass for a sustainable bioeconomy: An overview of world biomass production and utilization
  130. Current trends and prospects of tidal energy technology
  131. Harnessing solar energy using phototrophic microorganisms: A sustainable pathway to bioenergy, biomaterials, and environmental solutions
  132. Statistical estimation of hourly diffuse radiation intensity of Budapest City
  133. Tandem and hybrid processes for carbon dioxide utilization
  134. Energy Management Contribution for Green House Gas Mitigation
  135. Biofuel; A Sustainable Renewable Source Of Energy-A Review
  136. Novel technique for sustainable utilisation of water hyacinth using EGSB and MCSTR: Control overgrowth, energy recovery, and microbial metabolic mechanism
  137. Scenarios as a tool supporting decisions in urban energy policy: The analysis using fuzzy logic, multi-criteria analysis and GIS tools
  138. Physiological and behavioral reactions to renewable energy systems in various landscape types
  139. Green energy harvesting strategies on edge-based urban computing in sustainable internet of things
  140. Wave energy in the UK: Status review and future perspectives
  141. Sustainable civil engineering: Incorporating sustainable development goals in higher education curricula
  142. Hybrid energy harvesting technology: From materials, structural design, system integration to applications
  143. A blockchain-based evaluation approach for customer delivery satisfaction in sustainable urban logistics
  144. The mechanism and surface engineering of carbon encapsulate defects-rich molybdenum phosphide for the hydrogen evolution reaction in alkaline media
  145. The use of artificial neural networks to estimate optimum insulation thickness, energy savings, and carbon dioxide emissions
  146. The progress of fuel cell for malaysian residential consumption: Energy status and prospects to introduction as a renewable power generation system
  147. Engineering bandgap of CsPbI3 over 1.7 eV with enhanced stability and transport properties
  148. Multi-criteria decision analysis towards promoting waste-to-energy management strategies: a critical review
  149. Sustainable engineering of TiO2-based advanced oxidation technologies: From photocatalyst to application devices
  150. The energy-food-water nexus: Water footprint of Henan-Hubei-Hunan in China
  151. Effect of using a solar hot air collector installed on the inclined roof of a building for cooling and heating system in the presence of polymeric PCM
  152. Cascading of engineered bioenergy plants and fungi sustainable for low-cost bioethanol and high-value biomaterials under green-like biomass processing
  153. An integrated renewable energy based plant with energy storage for a sustainable community
  154. Identification and analysis of impact factors on the economic feasibility of wind energy investments
  155. Toward comprehensive zero energy building definitions: a literature review and recommendations
  156. Modeling and optimization of multi-energy systems in mixed-use districts: A review of existing methods and approaches
  157. Polymer photocatalysts for solar-to-chemical energy conversion
  158. Nanoscale engineering of catalytic materials for sustainable technologies
  159. Effect of recycled tyre polymer fibre on engineering properties of sustainable strain hardening geopolymer composites
  160. Energy efficiency of residential buildings in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia: review of status and future roadmap
  161. High‐Yield and Low‐Cost Solar Water Purification via Hydrogel‐Based Membrane Distillation
  162. Nanocellulose coupled 2D graphene nanostructures: Emerging paradigm for sustainable functional applications
  163. Optimal scheduling of isolated microgrids using automated reinforcement learning-based multi-period forecasting
  164. Socio-Economics of Sustainable Built Environment: A Conundrum and Paradox for Developing Countries
  165. Biofuel characteristics and combustion emissions of poultry litter and lignocellulosic biomass
  166. Covalent organic frameworks for energy conversions: current status, challenges, and perspectives
  167. Engineering MoSe2/WS2 Hybrids to Replace the Scarce Platinum Electrode for Hydrogen Evolution Reactions and Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells
  168. Optimizing Surface Chemistry of PbS Colloidal Quantum Dot for Highly Efficient and Stable Solar Cells via Chemical Binding
  169. A comprehensive review of energy management strategy in Vehicle-to-Grid technology integrated with renewable energy sources
  170. Molecular engineering of hydrogels for rapid water disinfection and sustainable solar vapor generation
  171. Biofuels and their connections with the sustainable development goals: a bibliometric and systematic review
  172. Preparation and thermophysical property analysis of nanocomposite phase change materials for energy storage
  173. Analysis of Energy Savings and CO2 Emission Reduction Contribution for Industrial Facilities in USA
  174. Coordinating Flexible Demand Response and Renewable Uncertainties for Scheduling of Community Integrated Energy Systems with an Electric Vehicle Charging …
  175. Resilience and sustainable supply chain network design by considering renewable energy
  176. A multiperiod approach for waste heat and renewable energy integration of industrial sites
  177. Estimation of CO 2 emission factor for the energy industry sector in libya: a case study
  178. State-of-the-art review of morphological advancements in graphitic carbon nitride (g-CN) for sustainable hydrogen production
  179. Pulsed electric field: A potential alternative towards a sustainable food processing
  180. Renewable energy system paradigm change from trending technology: a review
  181. All-fiber acousto-electric energy harvester from magnesium salt-modulated PVDF nanofiber
  182. Self-driving CO2-to-formate electro-conversion on Bi film electrode in novel microbial reverse-electrodialysis CO2 reduction cell
  183. Visualized literature review on sustainable building renovation
  184. Green BIM potential in assessing the sustainable design quality of low-income housing: A review
  185. A review of energy and exergy analyses of a roughened solar air heater
  186. Sustainability analysis for the design of distributed energy systems: A multi-objective optimization approach
  187. Biogas production from small-scale anaerobic digestion plants on European farms
  188. Energy system resilience–A review
  189. Membrane engineering for a sustainable production of ethylene
  190. Interface engineering of NiS@ MoS2 core-shell microspheres as an efficient catalyst for hydrogen evolution reaction in both acidic and alkaline medium
  191. Recent trends on nanofluid heat transfer machine learning research applied to renewable energy
  192. Incorporating nano-scale material in solar system to reduce domestic hot water energy demand
  193. Overview of Feedstocks for Sustainable Biodiesel Production and Implementation of the Biodiesel Program in Pakistan
  194. Renewable energy storage and sustainable design of hybrid energy powered ships: A case study
  195. … of user comfort and thermal performance of six types of vernacular dwellings as the first step towards climate resilient, sustainable and bioclimatic architecture …
  196. Cooking-energy transition in Nepal: trend review
  197. The Crossovers and Connectivity between Systems Engineering and the Sustainable Development Goals: A Scoping Study. Sustainability 2021, 13, 3176
  198. Toward sustainable, cell-free biomanufacturing
  199. A forefront framework for sustainable aquaponics modeling and design
  200. Heterogenization of Ionic liquid Boosting Electrochemical Oxygen Reduction Performance of Co3O4 Supported on Graphene Oxide
  201. Enzyme immobilization as a strategy towards efficient and sustainable lignocellulosic biomass conversion into chemicals and biofuels: current status and perspectives
  202. System dynamics model of sustainable water resources management using the Nexus Water-Food-Energy approach
  203. A Technical analysis investigating energy sustainability utilizing reliable renewable energy sources to reduce CO2 emissions in a high potential area
  204. Definition and Reference Framework for Life Cycle Technologies in Life Cycle Engineering-a Case Study on All Solid State Traction Batteries
  205. Valorisation and emerging perspective of biomass based waste-to-energy technologies and their socio-environmental impact: A review
  206. Recent progress of vacancy engineering for electrochemical energy conversion related applications
  207. Comparative assessment of renewable energy-based hydrogen production methods
  208. Improving present-day energy savings among green building sector in Malaysia using benefit transfer approach: Cooling and lighting loads
  209. Prediction of daily global solar radiation using different machine learning algorithms: Evaluation and comparison
  210. Do energy efficiency networks help reduce barriers to energy efficiency?-A case study of a regional Swedish policy program for industrial SMEs
  211. On the potential synergies and applications of wave energy converters: A review
  212. Design and financial parametric assessment and optimization of a novel solar-driven freshwater and hydrogen cogeneration system with thermal energy storage
  213. Assessment of integrating hybrid solar-combined cycle with thermal energy storage for shaving summer peak load and improving sustainability
  214. A synergistic photothermal and photocatalytic membrane for efficient solar-driven contaminated water treatment
  215. Application of the Internet of Things in 3E (efficiency, economy, and environment) factor-based energy management as smart and sustainable strategy
  216. Cell wall hemicellulose for sustainable industrial utilization
  217. Nano-enhanced biolubricant in sustainable manufacturing: from processability to mechanisms
  218. Integrating Solar Photovoltaics in Residential Buildings: Towards Zero Energy Buildings in Hail City, KSA
  219. A critical review of the integration of renewable energy sources with various technologies
  220. Interface Engineering of CoS/CoO@ N-Doped Graphene Nanocomposite for High-Performance Rechargeable Zn–Air Batteries
  221. Enzymatic engineering of nanometric cellulose for sustainable polypropylene nanocomposites
  222. Bridging to circular bioeconomy through a novel biorefinery platform on a wastewater treatment plant
  223. Standalone PV-Wind-DG-Battery Hybrid Energy System for Zero Energy Buildings in Smart City Coimbatore, India
  224. Advances in metal-organic frameworks and their derivatives for diverse electrocatalytic applications
  225. Attention Enabled Multi-agent DRL for Decentralized Volt-VAR Control of Active Distribution System Using PV Inverters and SVCs
  226. A critical review on the development and challenges of concentrated solar power technologies
  227. Dynamic analysis and sizing optimization of a pumped hydroelectric storage-integrated hybrid PV/Wind system: A case study
  228. SnNb 2 O 6 nanosheets for the electrocatalytic NRR: dual-active-center mechanism of Nb 3c and Sn 4c–Nb 5c dimer
  229. A Spontaneous Control for Grid Integrated Solar Photovoltaic Energy Conversion Systems with Voltage Profile Considerations
  230. Optimum sustainable utilisation of the whole fruit of Jatropha curcas: An energy, water and food nexus approach
  231. Transactive energy for flexible prosumers using algorithmic game theory
  232. Ferrocene-based porous organic polymer derived N-doped porous carbon/Fe 3 C nanocrystal hybrids towards high-efficiency ORR for Zn–air batteries
  233. A review of biohydrogen production technology for application towards hydrogen fuel cells
  234. Engineering biochar with multiwalled carbon nanotube for efficient phase change material encapsulation and thermal energy storage
  235. Early Introduction of STEM Through Sustainable Engineering
  236. An Anode Free Aqueous Dual-Ion Battery
  237. Model Predictive and Iterative Learning Control based Hybrid Control Method for Hybrid Energy Storage System
  238. From nuclear energy developmental state to energy transition in South Korea: The role of the political epistemic community
  239. Data-driven predictive control for unlocking building energy flexibility: A review
  240. Ocean renewable energy development in Southeast Asia: Opportunities, risks and unintended consequences
  241. Performance analysis of hybrid solar chimney–power plant for power production and seawater desalination: A sustainable approach
  242. Microbiome engineering: synthetic biology of plant-associated microbiomes in sustainable agriculture
  243. Assessing the influence of legal constraints on the integration of renewable energy technologies in polygeneration systems for buildings
  244. Global biorenewable development strategies for sustainable aviation fuel production
  245. Microalgae: Sustainable resource of carbohydrates in third-generation biofuel production
  246. Gas Turbine Dynamic Dynamometry: A New Energy Engineering Laboratory Module
  247. Thermal comfort analysis in the sustainable educational building
  248. Optimization of a solar water heating system for vapor absorption refrigeration system
  249. Privacy-preserving distributed learning for renewable energy forecasting
  250. Flexible solid-state self-charging supercapacitor based on symmetric electrodes and piezo-electrolyte
  251. A review on the factors influencing energy efficiency of mosque buildings
  252. Municipal solid waste-to-energy processing for a circular economy in New Zealand
  253. Ficus hispida leaf paste for goatskin preservation: Pollution reduction in tannery wastewater
  254. Adaptive Dynamic State Estimation of Distribution Network Based on Interacting Multiple Model
  255. Optimization of PV‐Wind Hybrid Renewable Energy System for Health Care Buildings in Smart City
  256. N-doped carbon nanotube arrays on reduced graphene oxide as multifunctional materials for energy devices and absorption of electromagnetic wave
  257. Progress in plant-based bioelectrochemical systems and their connection with sustainable development goals
  258. Alginate Based Sustainable Films and Composites for Packaging: A Review
  259. A hierarchical CoP@ NiCo-LDH nanoarray as an efficient and flexible catalyst electrode for the alkaline oxygen evolution reaction
  260. Chaotic Bacterial Foraging Optimization Algorithm with Multi-cross Learning Mechanism for Energy Management of a Standalone PV/Wind with Fuel Cell
  261. A synchronous placement and size-based multi-objective optimization method for heat dissipation design on antenna module of space solar power satellite
  262. Solar integrated hydrothermal processes: A review
  263. Multi-objective optimization modelling for analysing sustainable development goals of Nigeria: Agenda 2030
  264. Engineering Photosynthetic Bioprocesses for Sustainable Chemical Production: A Review
  265. ” Predictable Interfacial Mass Transfer Intensification of Sn-N Doped Multichannel Hollow Carbon Nanofibers for CO2 Electro-reduction Reaction
  266. A review on wind power smoothing using high-power energy storage systems
  267. Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technologies for Sustainable Stationary Applications
  268. Factors affecting the potential of Jatropha curcas for sustainable biodiesel production: A critical review
  269. Lightweight, strong, moldable wood via cell wall engineering as a sustainable structural material
  270. Installing PV: Barriers and enablers experienced by non-residential property owners
  271. Study of Energy Saving Analysis for Different Industries
  272. Towards data-driven process integration for renewable energy planning
  273. On the levelised cost of energy of solar photovoltaics
  274. A review on the development of compressed air energy storage in China: Technical and economic challenges to commercialization
  275. Influence of process conditions on hydrothermal liquefaction of eucalyptus biomass for biocrude production and investigation of the inorganics distribution
  276. Kinetics comparison and insight into structure-performance correlation for leached biochar gasification
  277. Residential energy consumption prediction using inter-household energy data and socioeconomic information
  278. Potentials of Hydrogen Technologies for Sustainable Factory Systems
  279. Data-Driven Approach for Evaluating the Energy Efficiency in Multifamily Residential Buildings
  280. Data-driven appraisal of renewable energy potentials for sustainable freshwater production in Africa
  281. Bread-inspired foaming strategy to fabricate a wine lees-based porous carbon framework for high specific energy supercapacitors
  282. Highly active and stable Ni/perovskite catalysts in steam methane reforming for hydrogen production
  283. Review of low-temperature plasma nitrogen fixation technology
  284. A systematic review of the smart energy conservation system: From smart homes to sustainable smart cities
  285. The impacts of occupant behavior on building energy consumption: A review
  286. Experimental Study on Three Phase Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator for Pico Hydro Isolated Systems
  287. An anomaly detection and dynamic energy performance evaluation method for HVAC systems based on data mining
  288. Thermophysical Properties Experimentally Tested for NaCl-KCl-MgCl2 Eutectic Molten Salt as a Next-Generation High-Temperature Heat Transfer Fluids in …
  289. Opportunities and challenges of utilizing energy crops in phytoremediation of environmental pollutants: A review
  290. Extraction of dynamic operation strategy for standalone solar-based multi-energy systems: A method based on decision tree algorithm
  291. Atom Doping Engineering of Metal/Carbon Catalysts for Biomass Hydrodeoxygenation
  292. Toward sustainable microgrids with blockchain technology-based peer-to-peer energy trading mechanism: A fuzzy meta-heuristic approach
  293. Achieving Sustainable Development Goals in rare earth magnets production: A review on state of the art and SWOT analysis
  294. Process Systems Engineering–The Generation Next?
  295. A desulfurization fuel cell with alkali and sulfuric acid byproducts: prototype and model
  296. The release of metal ions induced surface reconstruction of layered double hydroxide electrocatalysts
  297. Double skin façade: energy performance in the United Arab Emirates
  298. Integrated energy storage system based on triboelectric nanogenerator in electronic devices
  299. A life cycle engineering perspective on biocomposites as a solution for a sustainable recovery


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