Structural Design Analysis Research Topics Ideas

Research Topics Ideas for Structural Design Analysis  for MS PhD Thesis

  1. Metaheuristics for Structural Design and Analysis
  2. A review of offshore wind monopiles structural design achievements and challenges
  3. Machine learning applications for building structural design and performance assessment: state-of-the-art review
  4. The impact of mesh structural design on nonlinear numerical simulation of geo‐structure: A seismic analysis
  5. Conceptual Thermal-Structural Design: Overview, Design Tool and Demonstration
  6. Structural design of heavy-lift unmanned cargo drones in low altitudes
  7. Study on structural design and analysis of 18 ft CFRP leisure boat
  8. Structural design, digital fabrication and construction of the cable-net and knitted formwork of the KnitCandela concrete shell
  9. A study on main architectural and structural design considerations of contemporary supertall buildings
  10. Structural Design and Thermodynamic Analysis of a Missile Borne RF Module
  11. Structural analysis of neutralizing epitopes of the SARS-CoV-2 spike to guide therapy and vaccine design strategies
  12. Structural Improvement of Vehicle Component Based on the Load Path and Load Distribution Analysis
  13. Interlinking geometric and semantic information for an automated structural analysis of buildings using semantic web
  14. Stabil: An educational Matlab toolbox for static and dynamic structural analysis
  15. Structural lifetime assessment for the DEMO divertor targets: Design-by-analysis approach and outstanding issues
  16. Development of a simple equivalent tornado wind profile for structural design and evaluation
  17. Structural design and thermal performance analysis of hybrid electric vehicle battery pack cooling system
  18. Structural design of reinforced concrete buildings based on deep neural networks
  19. Conceptual Structural Design and Comparative Power System Analysis of Ozone Dynamics Investigation Nano-satellite (ODIN)
  20. Structural Analysis of Nanoscale Network Materials Using Graph Theory
  21. The structural design of the decay volume for the Search for Hidden Particles (SHIP) project
  22. Undergraduate Structural Design and Analysis of a LEED-Certified Residential Building
  23. Structural Design and Analysis of Plastic Component Reactors for Solar Hydrogen Production
  24. Multi-objective constrained Bayesian optimization for structural design
  25. Structural design of metal catalysts based on ZIFs: From nanoscale to atomic level
  26. Constitutive models for the structural analysis of composite materials for the finite element analysis: A review of recent practices
  27. Structural calculation analysis and design of a Towering concrete building
  28. Human joint-inspired structural design for a bendable/foldable/stretchable/twistable battery: achieving multiple deformabilities
  29. Lightweight Engineering Design of Nonlinear Dynamic Systems with Gradient-Based Structural Design Optimization
  30. Structural and Aeroelastic Design, Analysis, and Experiments of Inflatable Airborne Wings
  31. Advanced Structural Analysis of Innovative Steel–Glass Structures with Respect to the Architectural Design
  32. PepTherDia: database and structural composition analysis of approved peptide therapeutics and diagnostics
  33. Optimum structural design of seat frames for commercial vehicles
  34. Modal and structural analysis on a main feed water regulating valve under different loading conditions
  35. Research on Structural Design of an Isolated High-Rise Building with Enlarged Base and Multiple Tower Layer in High-Intensity Area
  36. Optimum Structural Design of Fuel Cell Stacks for Improving the Resistance to Mechanical Shock
  37. Design and structural analysis of inbuilt car jack system
  38. Structural design for modular integrated construction with parameterized level set-based topology optimization method
  39. Rate sensitivity analysis of structural behaviors of recycled aggregate concrete frame
  40. Structural analysis of silica aerogels for the interlayer dielectric in semiconductor devices
  41. Design, Synthesis, and Structural Analysis of Cladosporin-Based Inhibitors of Malaria Parasites
  42. Deep learning-based procedure for structural design of cold-formed steel channel sections with edge-stiffened and un-stiffened holes under axial compression
  43. In-Place Analysis for Structural Integrity Assessment of Fixed Steel Offshore Platform
  44. Preconditioning wind speeds for standardised structural design
  45. Wind load and structural analysis for standalone solar parabolic trough collector
  46. Structural Analysis on the Separated and Integrated Differential Gear Case for the Weight Reduction
  47. Comparison between Probabilistic and Possibilistic Approaches for Structural Uncertainty Analysis
  48. Estimation of coefficient of variation for structural analysis: The correlation interval approach
  49. Aluminium alloys as structural material: A review of research
  50. Integrity of Revit with structural analysis softwares
  51. Influence of the rubber end plate on the hysteretic performance of SC-BRBs and structural seismic design
  52. High‐Performance Cathode Materials for Potassium‐Ion Batteries: Structural Design and Electrochemical Properties
  53. Structural Analysis of Laterally Aerated Moving Bed (LAMB) Dryer by using Robot Structural Analysis (RSA) Profes…
  54. … Optimization to Reduce Electromagnetic Force Induced Vibration for the Specific Frequency of PMSM Motor Using Electromagnetic-Structural Coupled Analysis
  55. Using a hybrid system dynamics and interpretive structural modeling for risk analysis of design phase of the construction projects
  56. Review of current practice in probabilistic structural fire engineering: permanent and live load modelling
  57. Multilayered structural design of flexible films for smart thermal management
  58. Engineering Criticality Assessments of Floating Offshore Platforms Based on Time Domain Structural Response Analysis
  59. The association between vertebral endplate structural defects and back pain: a systematic review and meta-analysis
  60. Engine Roll and Its Impact on Powertrain Battery Cable Structural Design
  61. Partial Least Squares Structural Squation Modeling (PLS-SEM) Analysis for Social and Management Research: A Literature Review
  62. Embodied energy and embodied carbon of structural building materials: Worldwide progress and barriers through literature map analysis
  63. Design and structural analyses of a reciprocating S1223 high-lift wing for an RA-driven VTOL UAV
  64. Single-atom alloy catalysts: structural analysis, electronic properties and catalytic activities
  65. Hybrid energy harvesting technology: From materials, structural design, system integration to applications
  66. Structural design of carbon dots/porous materials composites and their applications
  67. Structural analysis and optimization design of mechanical pendulum of differential capacitance seismometer
  68. Key technology and application analysis of zeolite adsorption for energy storage and heat-mass transfer process: A review
  69. Extraction of ultra-low gossypol protein from cottonseed: Characterization based on antioxidant activity, structural morphology and functional group analysis
  70. Structural design of high-performance Ni-rich LiNi0. 83Co0. 11Mn0. 06O2 cathode materials enhanced by Mg2+ doping and Li3PO4 coating for lithium ion battery
  71. Addressing the complexity of sustainability-driven structural design: Computational design, optimization, and decision making
  72. A Modular Structural Design for Payload Replaceable CubeSat
  73. Structural design of flame‐retardant phosphatized unsaturated polyester resin
  74. Topology optimization for crashworthiness and structural design of a battery electric vehicle
  75. State-of-the-art review and investigation of structural stability in multi-story modular buildings
  76. Design and structural of Sm-doped SbFeO3 nanopowders and immobilized on poly (ethylene oxide) for efficient photocatalysis and hydrogen generation under visible …
  77. Experimental and numerical analysis of CFRP-SPCC hybrid laminates for automotive and structural applications with cost analysis assessment
  78. Towards structural design and thermal management of advanced 2D CMCs
  79. Structural Design of Low Toxicity Metal–Organic Frameworks for Multifunction Detection of Organic and Inorganic Contaminants from Water
  80. Performance-based wind-induced structural and envelope damage assessment of engineered buildings through nonlinear dynamic analysi
  81. Neural network ensemble-based sensitivity analysis in structural engineering: Comparison of selected methods and the influence of statistical correlation
  82. Valorization of lignite wastes into humic acids: Process optimization, energy efficiency and structural features analysis
  83. Pharmaceutical Salts of Fenbendazole with Organic Counterions: Structural Analysis and Solubility Performance
  84. Structural testing of a shear web attachment point on a composite lattice cylinder for aerospace applications
  85. Numerical investigation on vibration characteristics and structural behaviour of different go-kart chassis configuration
  86. Structural Analysis of A Two-Wheeler Disc Brake
  87. A simple model for nonlinear analysis of steel plate shear wall structural systems
  88. Valve Plate Structural Optimal Design and Flow Field Analysis for the Aviation Bidirectional Three-Port Piston Pump
  89. Population-based optimization in structural engineering: a review
  90. Design and Analysis of Thermal and Structural Systems Through Implementation of Open-Source Finite Element Software
  91. Design and Static Structural Analysis of Brake Caliper for ATV
  92. An active-learning method based on multi-fidelity Kriging model for structural reliability analysis
  93. Structural design process and subsequent flight mechanical evaluation in preliminary aircraft design: demonstrated on passenger ride comfort assessment
  94. 2D fracture mechanics analysis of HFMI treatment effects on the fatigue behaviour of structural steel welds
  95. Analysis of mental health symptoms and insomnia levels of intensive care nurses during the COVID‐19 pandemic with a structural equation model
  96. A new Hybrid Taguchi-salp swarm optimization algorithm for the robust design of real-world engineering problems
  97. Unraveling the limitations of solid oxide electrolytes for all-solid-state electrodes through 3D digital twin structural analysis
  98. Strength and Reliability of Structural Steel Roofs Subjected to Ponding Loads
  99. Optimization, Design and Analysis of a MEMS Microphone with PVDF as a Structural Layer for Cochlear Implant Applications
  • Stability Margin and Structural Coupling Analysis of a Hybrid INDI Control for the Fighter Aircraft
  • On structural and practical identifiability
  • Structural Analysis and Optimization of Aircraft Wings Through Dimensional Reduction
  • Structural Design Optimization of Steel Beams and Frames with Web-Tapered Members Using the PSO-FEM Algorithm
  • Structural assessment of eccentrically loaded GFRP reinforced circular concrete columns: Experiments and finite element analysis
  • Comparison of fly ash, PVA fiber, MgO and shrinkage-reducing admixture on the frost resistance of face slab concrete via pore structural and fractal analysis
  • Exploring the causes of design changes in building construction projects: An interpretive structural modeling approach
  • Lessons from structural analysis of a Great Gothic Cathedral: Canterbury Cathedral as a case study
  • Structural analysis of composite propeller of ship using FEM
  • Numerical approach for structural analysis of Metro tunnel station
  • Design and topology optimization of a rack and pinion steering system using structural and vibrational analysis
  • Structural Analysis of Concrete-Filled Double Steel Tubes
  • Structural reuse of high end composite products: A design case study on wind turbine blades
  • A potential type-II L-asparaginase from marine isolate Bacillus australimaris NJB19: statistical optimization, in silico analysis and structural modeling
  • Structural analysis of mini drone developed using 3D printing technique
  • Structural propagation of pandemic shocks: an input–output analysis of the economic costs of COVID-19
  • Analysis of enablers for the digitalization of supply chain using an interpretive structural modelling approach
  • Structural components and functions of projecting activity of future high school teachers
  • Design and Validation of a Scalable, Reconfigurable and Low-Cost Structural Health Monitoring System
  • Building-integrated agriculture: Are we shifting environmental impacts? An environmental assessment and structural improvement of urban greenhouses
  • Structural optimization of ultra-thin leaf spring for weakening elastic hysteresis effect and enhancing fatigue life
  • Advanced structural models for high-fidelity aeroelastic simulations
  • Structural analysis of human femur bone to select an alternative composite material
  • Bottom-up de novo design of functional proteins with complex structural features
  • A novel structural configuration of modular floating wind farms with self-adaptive property
  • Structural Design and Property Evaluations of Foam-based Composite Materials: Effect of Perforation Depth and Foam Density on the Mechanical, Sound Absorption …
  • Structural Strength and Reliability Analysis of Important Parts of Marine Diesel Engine Turbocharger
  • Choroidal structural analysis in Alzheimer disease, mild cognitive impairment, and cognitively healthy controls
  • A preliminary analysis and discussion of the condominium building collapse in surfside, Florida, US, June 24, 2021
  • Probabilistic-based structural assessment of a historic stone arch bridge
  • A Comparison of Reliability Estimation Based on Confirmatory Factor Analysis and Exploratory Structural Equation Models
  • A review of geometric and structural design for reliable flexible electronics
  • Features of Structural Analysis of the System “Wheel Pair-Top of the Railtrack Structure”
  • Integrated design optimization of structural topology and heat source layout
  • Structural Analysis of Large Span Spatial Steel Network
  • Material testing and evaluation of crankshafts for structural analysis
  • Morphological and structural analysis of treated sisal fibers and their impact on mechanical properties in cementitious composites
  • Life-cycle management cost analysis of transportation bridges equipped with seismic structural health monitoring systems
  • Applying the social cognitive model of well-being in the nursing clinical practicum: A structural equation modeling analysis with a Spanish student’s sample
  • Structural design of triterpenic acid 1, 2, 4-triazole linked gold nanoparticle bioconjugates, as potential treatment for malignant melanoma.

Structural Design Analysis [Topics of Presentation]


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