Research Topics of Structural Design Analysis

Research area interest: Structural Design Analysis  for MS PhD Thesis

Computational Mechanics and Aeroelastic Tailoring

1. Advanced structural models for high-fidelity aeroelastic simulations
2. Computational Study of Aeroelastic Response due to Freeplay and Flight Loads
3. Towards Passive Aeroelastic Tailoring of Large Wind Turbines Using High-Fidelity Multidisciplinary Design Optimization
4. Massively Parallelizable Structural Design Optimization Using the Uncoupled Static Aeroelastic Analysis Method
5. A framework for aeroelastic analysis employing higher-order structural and aerodynamic theories
6. Multi-Scale Aeroelastic Analysis of Wings with Lattice-Based Mechanical Metamaterials
7. Simultaneous Optimisation of Composite Wing Structures and Control Systems for Active and Passive Load Alleviation
9. Aeroelastic wind tunnel model for tail buffeting analysis using rapid prototyping technologies
10. Dynamic aeroelastic optimization of composite wings including fatigue considerations

11. Sloshing reduced-order models for aeroelastic analyses of innovative aircraft configurations
12. On the application of Artificial Neural Network for the development of a nonlinear aeroelastic model
13. Multi-Fidelity Optimization of a Composite Airliner Wing Subject to Structural and Aeroelastic Constraints
14. Multi-disciplinary design optimization of composite structures: A review
15. Aeroelastic Simulation of High-Aspect Ratio Wings with Intermittent Leading-Edge Separation
16. Integral Design and Optimisation Process for a Highly Flexible Generic Long Range Jet Transport with Flight Mechanic Derivative Constraints
17. Prediction of the non-linear aeroelastic behavior of a cantilever flat plate and equivalent 2D model
18. Lamination Parameter-Based Two-Dimension Sampling Optimization Method for Stacking Sequence Design of Composite Laminates
19. Geometrically nonlinear aeroelastic characteristics of highly flexible wing fabricated by additive manufacturing
20. Incorporating High-Fidelity Aerostructural Analyses in Wind Turbine Rotor Optimization

21. Fuel efficiency optimization of high-aspect-ratio aircraft via variable camber technology considering aeroelasticity
22. Optimization Driven Stiffness Scaling and Experimental Validation of Printed Polymeric Aeroelastic Models
23. Flow and Mechanical Characteristics of a Modified Naca Wing Geometry
24. Flutter analysis of rotary laminated composite structures using higher-order kinematics
25. 11 Airload–Structure Interactions and Aero-Elastic Effects
26. Model Reduction Framework with a New Take on Active Subspaces for Optimization Problems with Linearized Fluid‐Structure Interaction Constraints
27. Characterization of typical aeroelastic sections under combined structural concentrated nonlinearities
28. Passive load alleviation by nonlinear mounting of airfoils in 2-DOF models
29. Linear aeroelastic analysis of cantilever hybrid composite laminated plates with curvilinear fibres and carbon nanotubes
30. Aeroelastic Optimization of High Aspect Ratio Wings for Environmentally Friendly Aircraft

31. Recent developments in the aeroelasticity of morphing aircraft
32. A Post-Flutter Response Constraint for Gradient-Based Aircraft Design Optimization
33. The consequences of cubic stiffening in transonic aeroelastic systems
34. Concurrent stringer topology and skin steered fiber pattern optimization for grid stiffened composite shell structures
35. Revisit of the variable stiffness method for aeroelastic computations with/without thermal effects based on computational fluid dynamics
36. Hybridised differential evolution and equilibrium optimiser with learning parameters for mechanical and aircraft wing design
37. Gust Loads Alleviation Using Sloshing Fuel
38. Nonlinear Aeroelastic Analysis of High-Aspect-Ratio Wings with a Low-Order Propeller Model
39. Structural Properties Identification of an Adaptive Wing with Distributed Bleed Flow Control
40. Nonlinear Flutter Analysis of a Bend-Twist coupled Composite Wind Turbine Blade in Time Domain

41. Aeroelastic and local buckling optimisation of a variable-angle-tow composite wing-box structure
42. Passive Load Alleviation by Nonlinear Stiffness of Airfoil Structures
43. Effects of Unbalanced Lamination Parameters on the Static Aeroelasticity of a High Aspect Ratio Wing
44. A Large-Scale Aero-Structural Optimization Framework for Electric Aircraft Design
45. Review of Flow‐Control Devices for Wind‐Turbine Performance Enhancement
46. Analysis of damping from vertical sloshing in a SDOF system
47. Stability of Real-Time Hybrid Aeroelastic Simulations with Actuation and Sensor Measurement Delays
48. Aeroelastic Analysis Using Deforming Cartesian Grids
49. Numerical study on the trajectory of a long-range flexible rocket with large slenderness ratio
50. Tailoring the panel inertial and elastic forces for the flutter and stability characteristics enhancement using copper patches

51. Structure-Actuator Integrated Design of Piezo-Actuated Composite Plate Wing for Active Shape Control
52. Command Shaping with Feedback Loop for Morphing Wings Control
53. The effect of static deformation on the lift loss phenomenon of an ABS downforce producing wing in ground effect
54. Aerodynamically-Adaptive Aero-Structures Part 2: Aerodynamic-Structural Analysis
55. Design and testing of aeroelastically tailored composite wing under fatigue and gust loading including effect of fatigue on aeroelastic performance
56. Event-triggered intelligent critic control with input constraints applied to a nonlinear aeroelastic system
57. A review of Russian computer modeling and validation in aerospace applications
58. Structural concepts for passive load alleviation
59. Flutter characteristics and free vibrations of rectangular functionally graded porous plates
60. Structural and Aeroelastic Design, Analysis, and Experiments of Inflatable Airborne Wings

61. Aeroelastic Wing Demonstrator with a Distributed and Decentralized Control Architecture
62. Shape, sizing, and topology design of a wingbox under aeroelastic constraints
63. Nonlinear aeroelasticity of high-aspect-ratio wings with laminated composite spar
64. Effects of Wing Elasticity and Basic Load Alleviation on Conceptual Aircraft Designs
65. Aeroacoustic simulation of flexible structures in low Mach number turbulent flows
66. Geometrically Nonlinear High-fidelity Aerostructural Optimization for Highly Flexible Wings
67. A semi-analytical approach for flutter analysis of a high-aspect-ratio wing
68. Dataset of numerical simulations for aeroelastic control of an aero engine compressor cascade using plasma actuators
69. Flutter stability analysis of stochastic aeroelastic systems via the generalized eigenvalue-based probability density evolution method
70. Fluid–structure interaction of symmetrical and cambered spring-mounted wings using various spring preloads and pivot point locations

71. Loads analysis and structural optimization of a high aspect ratio, composite wing aircraft
72. Performance investigation and energy production of a novel horizontal axis wind turbine with winglet
73. An extension of pseudo-3D vortex particle methods for aeroelastic interactions of thin-walled structures
74. Aeroelasticity in turbomachines
75. Flutter of variable stiffness composite laminates in supersonic flow with temperature effects
76. Improved Delayed Detached Eddy Simulation of AGARD Wing Flutter with Fully Coupled Fluid-Structure Interaction
77. Dissecting the Flow Physics of Aeroelastic Oscillations and Vortex-Dominated Flows: Computational and Data-Driven Methods
78. Vehicle Technologies towards Sustainable and Energy Efficient Aviation
79. Aeroservoelastic wing sizing using integrated structural and control (co-design) optimization
80. Reliability-based design optimization of tow-steered composite plates employing high-order CUF-based finite elements

81. Unsteady aero-elastic analysis of a composite wing containing an edge crack
82. Fabric steering technology for variable stiffness panels: Manufacture and mechanical testing
83. Deep Neural Network Surrogates for Optimal Design of Helicopter Rotor
84. Quantifying the Impact of High-lift Actuator Mass on Dynamic Aeroelasticity for the NASA Common Research Model
85. Aeroelastic analysis and flutter control of wings and panels: A review
86. Structural Dynamics in Biology: A Bridge Given by Implicit Vibratory Crossed Models
87. Computational synthesis of large-scale three-dimensional heterogeneous lattice structures
88. Modularization of High-Fidelity Static Aeroelastic MDO Enabling a Framework-based Optimization Approach for HPC
89. Wing Stiffness and Hinge Release Threshold Effects on Folding Wingtip Gust Load Alleviation
90. Absolute Nodal Coordinate Formulation With Vector-Strain Transformation for High Aspect Ratio Wings
91. Effect of low oxidation graphene oxide on physical, dynamic and mechanical properties of MCC type refractory castable
92. Three-Dimensional Aeroelastic Model for Successive Analyses of High-Aspect-Ratio Wings
93. Global Aerostructural Design Optimization of More Flexible Wings for Commercial Aircraft
94. Developing a Multi-objective Multi-Disciplinary Robust Design Optimization Framework
95. Robust passive control methodology and aeroelastic behavior of composite panels with multimodal shunted piezoceramics in parallel
96. Development of a quasi-linear parameter varying model for a tiltrotor aircraft
97. A Parametric Study on the Aeroelasticity of Flared Hinge Folding Wingtips
98. A review of membrane-wing aeroelasticity
99. Simulation of flow in deformable fractures using a quasi-Newton based partitioned coupling approach
100. Manufacturable insight into modelling and design considerations in fibre-steered composite laminates: State of the art and perspective

101. The impact and sensitivity analysis of beam and stringer for stiffness center of composite wing structure
102. Time-Parallel Scalable Solution of Periodic Rotor Dynamics for Large-Scale 3D Structures
103. Adding Control in Multidisciplinary Design Optimization of a Wing for Active Flutter Suppression
104. A repair algorithm for composite laminates to satisfy lay-up design guidelines
105. A non-intrusive geometrically nonlinear augmentation to generic linear aeroelastic models
106. Conventional and Unconventional Control Effectors for Load Alleviation in High-Aspect-Ratio-Wing Aircraft
107. Reduced order modeling for plasma aeroelastic control of airfoils in cascade: dynamic mode decomposition
108. Stability and bifurcations in oscillations of composite laminates with curvilinear fibres under a supersonic airflow
109. Hydro-elastic response of composite hydrofoil with FSI
110. Data-driven unsteady aeroelastic modeling for control

111. On the homogenization of a laminate beam under transverse loading: extension of Pagano’s theory
112. Investigating amplitude death in a coupled nonlinear aeroelastic system
113. Nonlinear dynamic responses of beamlike truss based on the equivalent nonlinear beam model
114. Review of control surface freeplay
115. A linearized reduced-order model approach for sloshing to be used for aerospace design
116. Direct numerical simulation of interaction between transient flow and blade structure in a modern low-pressure turbine
117. Dynamic Aeroelastic Performance Optimization of Adaptive Aerospace Structures Employing Structural Geometric Nonlinearities
119. Aeroelastic Analysis of Spanwise Morphing Wing with Multistable Honeycomb
120. Reliable Mode Tracking in Gradient-Based Optimization Frameworks with Flutter Constraints

121. A Review of Computational Methods and Reduced Order Models for Flutter Prediction in Turbomachinery
122. Identification and assessment of a nonlinear dynamic actuator model for gust load alleviation in a wind tunnel experiment
123. Quasi-Steady Aeroelastic Analysis of the Semi-Aeroelastic Hinge Including Geometric Nonlinearities
124. Investigating the aeroelasticity effects on aeroacoustics and aerodynamics of a MW-class HAWT
125. A Scalable Time-Parallel Solution of Periodic Rotor Dynamics in X3D
126. Developing the Model Reduction Framework in High Frame Rate Visual Tracking Environment
127. Nonlinear Buckling Analysis of Tow-Steered Composite Cylinders with Cutouts
128. Flight Dynamics of Transport Aircraft Equipped with Flared-Hinge Folding Wingtips
129. Structural damping models for passive aeroelastic control
130. A Combined Computational and Experimental Study of Active Flow Control for Vibration Reduction on Helicopter Rotors

131. Design of compressed variable stiffness panels with steering-thickness coupling
132. Status and Challenges on Design and Implementation of Camber Morphing Mechanisms
133. Multifidelity Parametric Aeroelastic Stability Analyses of Goland’s Wing
134. Development of a fully-coupled harmonic balance method and a refined energy method for the computation of flutter-induced Limit Cycle Oscillations of bladed disks …
136. A methodology for evaluating the performance of tow-steered composite technology over a range of planform configurations
137. Characterization of Steered Fiber Laminates: Perspectives and a Survey of the State of the Art on Principal Considerations
138. Skin Panel Optimization of the Common Research Model Wing Using Sandwich Composites
139. Flutter instability and active aeroelastic control with time delay for a two-dimensional airfoil
140. Evaluation of reduced-order aeroelastic simulations for shock-dominated flows

141. 21.1 Defects and features in laminated composites
142. Design of Shape-Adaptive Deployable Slat-Cove Filler for Airframe Noise Reduction
143. Comparison of neural network types and architectures for generating a surrogate aerodynamic wind turbine blade model
144. Identification and assessment of a nonlinear dynamic actuator model for controlling an experimental flexible wing
146. Low-order Aeroelastic Modelling of a High Aspect Ratio Wing Aircraft Under Constrained Motion
147. Accurate Stress Analysis of Variable Angle Tow Shells by High-Order Equivalent-Single-Layer and Layer-Wise Finite Element Models
148. Improvement of structural characteristics of composite thin-walled beams using variable stiffness concept via curvilinear fiber placement
149. Buckling optimization of non-uniform curved grid-stiffened composite structures (NCGCs) with a cutout using conservativeness-relaxed globally convergent method of …
150. High fidelity fluid-structure interaction by radial basis functions mesh adaption of moving walls: a workflow applied to an aortic valve

151. Applications of multifidelity reduced order modeling to single and multiphysics nonlinear structural problems
152. Recent advances and technology trends of wind turbines
153. A transonic, viscous nonlinear frequency domain Vortex Lattice Method for aeroelastic analyses
154. Experimental Aeroelastic Investigation using Piezoelectric Transducers in Wind Tunnel Testing
155. Influence of circumferential grooves on the aerodynamic and aeroelastic stabilities of a transonic fan
156. Multiscale modelling of laminated composite structures with defects and features
157. Flutter analysis of blisks with friction ring dampers
158. The effect of folding wingtips on the worst-case gust loads of a simplified aircraft model
159. An MDO-based methodology for static aeroelastic scaling of wings under non-similar flow
160. A computational fluid dynamic acoustic investigation of a tiltwing eVTOL concept aircraft

161. Data-driven active flutter control of airfoil with input constraints based on adaptive dynamic programming method
162. Non-intrusive surrogate modeling for parametrized time-dependent partial differential equations using convolutional autoencoders
163. A Review of Current Research in Subscale Flight Testing and Analysis of Its Main Practical Challenges
164. Recent advances in hard-magnetic soft composites: synthesis, characterisation, computational modelling, and applications
165. Background/Resonant decomposition of the stochastic torsional flutter response of an aeroelastic oscillator under buffeting loads
166. Implementation of finite element model in compound propeller blades for using in aircraft
167. Use of MDO Techniques for the Design of Morphing Aircraft
168. Layered Stochastic Approximation Monte-Carlo method for tall building and tower fragility in mixed wind load climates
169. Pressure-induced instability and its coupled aeroelasticity of inflated pillow
170. Automatic shape optimisation of structural parts driven by BGM and RBF mesh morphing

171. Flutter control and mitigation of limit cycle oscillations in aircraft wings using distributed vibration absorbers
172. Analysis of nonlinear aeroelastic response of curved panels under shock impingements
173. Aeroelastic performance analysis of horizontal axis wind turbine (HAWT) swept blades
174. Subcritical and supercritical nonlinear aeroelastic behavior of a morphing wing with bilinear hinge stiffness
175. Parametric study of a composite skin for a twist-morphing wing
176. Aerodynamic Performance Enhancement of Wing Body Micro UAV Employing Blended Winglet Configuration
177. Experimental observations of nonlinear vibration localization in a cyclic chain of weakly coupled nonlinear oscillators
178. Computational aeroelasticity for next–generation aircraft
179. A partitioned solver for compressible/incompressible fluid flow and light structure
180. A note on the state space representation of aeroelastic systems for time domain analysis

181. Bioinspired origami tymbals—sound production through elastic instabilities
182. Uncoupled method for static aeroelastic analysis
183. Effect of Shock-Wave Boundary Layer Interaction on Vibratory Response of Compliant Panel
184. Measurement of unsteady aerodynamic force on a galloping prism in a turbulent flow: A hybrid aeroelastic-pressure balance
185. Aeroelastic prediction and analysis for a transonic fan rotor with the “hot” blade shape
186. Large-Eddy Simulation of Supersonic Retropropulsion Test at NASA Langley Unitary Plan Wind Tunnel
188. A Review of Current Research in Subscale Flight Testing and Analysis of Its Main Practical Challenges. Aerospace 2021, 8, 74
189. A combined experimental-numerical analysis of a novel deformable sandwich structure for morphing wing applications
190. Aeroelastic Optimization of Aircraft Wings Using a Coupled Three-Dimensional Panel-Beam Model

191. Multidisciplinary design optimisation of a fully electric regional aircraft wing with active flow control technology
192. The stochastic aeroelastic response analysis of helicopter rotors using deep and shallow machine learning
193. Aeroelastic model and analysis of an active camber morphing wing
194. A computationally tractable framework for nonlinear dynamic multiscale modeling of membrane woven fabrics
195. Study on integrated control for supersonic inlet and turbofan engine model
196. Dynamic Mode Decomposition in Adaptive Mesh Refinement and Coarsening Simulations
197. Accurate Stress Analysis of Variable Angle Tow Shells by High-Order Equivalent-Single-Layer and Layer-Wise Finite Element Models
198. Stability analysis of whirl flutter in rotor-nacelle systems with freeplay nonlinearity
199. On the Benefits of Engaging Coupled-Adjoint to Perform High-Fidelity Multipoint Aircraft Shape Optimization
200. Numerical Investigation on the Damage of Whirling Engine Blades Subjected to Bird Strike Impact

201. Generic stacks and application of composite rules for the detailed sizing of laminated structures
202. Reduction of Aircraft Drag, Loads and Mass for Energy Transition in Aeronautics
203. Hydro-elastic response of composite hydrofoil with FSI
204. Aero-viscoelastic deformation responses to chaotic rolling forces by wings possessing random generalized temperature dependent linear or nonlinear constitutive …
205. Aeroelastic instability of composite panels in supersonic regime/Instabilità aeroelastica di pannelli compositi in regime supersonico
206. Receptance-Based Control and Uncertainty Quantification of Aeroservoelastic Systems
207. A Review of Physics-based Machine Learning in Civil Engineering
208. Influence of blade vibrations on aerodynamic performance of axial compressor in gas turbine: Direct numerical simulation
209. Relationship between the contact force strength and numerical inaccuracies in piecewise-smooth systems
210. A reduced order model for coupled mode cascade flutter analysis

211. A review on the topology optimization of the fiber-reinforced composite structures
212. Transient Dynamic System Behavior of Pressure Actuated Cellular Structures in a Morphing Wing
213. A spatial–temporal analysis approach for flutter predictions using decoupled and fully-coupled methods
214. Panel flutter analysis of perforated plate repaired by VSCL bonded patch using the multi-patch IGA approach
215. Advances in stability, bifurcations and nonlinear vibrations in mechanical systems
216. Aircraft feedback gust load control design and experimental wing bench validation
217. On critical aeroelastic modes of a tri-rotor wind turbine
218. One-way fluid-material interaction study on a plunging UAV wing
219. RI-IGABEM in inhomogeneous heat conduction problems
220. Reduced order model for unsteady aerodynamic performance of compressor cascade based on recursive RBF

221. SPH Simulation for Short Fibre Recycling Using Water Jet Alignment
222. Uncertainty quantification for industrial design using dictionaries of reduced order models
223. Aeroelastic Damping Estimation for a Flexible High-Aspect-Ratio Wing
224. Wind Turbine Blade Aerodynamic Efficiency Enhancement Efforts-A Compiled Review
225. Time-domain nonlinear aeroelastic analysis and wind tunnel test of a flexible wing using strain-based beam formulation
226. Estimating model inadequacy in ordinary differential equations with physics-informed neural networks
227. Aeroelastic response of rotorcraft
228. Transient Growth and Decay of Aeroelastic Stall Flutter
229. State consistence of data-driven reduced order models for parametric aeroelastic analysis
230. A compute-bound formulation of Galerkin model reduction for linear time-invariant dynamical systems

Topics of Presentation:Computational Mechanics and Aeroelastic Tailoring


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