Research Topics of Space plasma physics

Research area interest and ideas: Space plasma physics for MS PhD Thesis


  1. From Charged Particles to Plasma Physics
  2. Evidence of a free-space ion acceleration layer in the plume of a quad confinement plasma source
  3. Sarkas: A fast pure-python molecular dynamics suite for plasma physics
  4. Plasma parameters measured inside and outside a microwave-discharge-based plasma cathode using laser-induced fluorescence spectroscopy
  5. On the Feasibility of Using the Interplanetary Solar Plasma Flow to Generate Electricity for Spacecraft
  6. Plasma sheath models for electron transpiration cooling in hypersonic vehicles
  7. Charged Particles in Near-Earth Space
  8. Numerical Soliton Solutions of Fractional Modified (2+ 1)-Dimensional Konopelchenko–Dubrovsky Equations in Plasma Physics
  9. Spontaneous Magnetic Fluctuations and Collisionless Regulation of Turbulence in the Earth’s Magnetotail
  10. Advanced wave plasma thruster with multiple thrust vectoring capability


  1. Time-Resolved Imaging of Femtosecond Laser-Induced Plasma Expansion in a Nitrogen Microjet
  2. Mode conversion and laser energy absorption by plasma under an inhomogeneous external magnetic field
  3. Heat flux effect in -mode driven solitary and shock waves in electron-positron-ion plasma: Heat flux effect in Ion Temperature Gradient Mode
  4. Two surface multipactor discharge with two-frequency rf fields and space-charge effects
  5. Dust ion acoustic solitons and double layers in a dusty plasma with adiabatic positive dust, adiabatic positive ion species, and Cairns-distributed electrons
  6. Innovative analytical method for X-ray imaging and space-resolved spectroscopy of ECR plasmas
  7. Transverse Instability of Dust Acoustic Solitary Waves in Magnetized Dusty Plasma composed of Vortex-like Distribution Ions
  8. Sea‐ice detection from near‐nadir Ku‐band echoes from CFOSAT/SWIM scatterometer
  9. Response of Moist Convection to the Spectral Feature of the Surface Flux Field at Model Resolution across the Gray Zone
  10. Self-generated plasma rotation in a Z-pinch implosion with preembedded axial magnetic field


  1. Effect of Space Fractional Parameter on Nonlinear Ion Acoustic Shock Wave Excitation in an Unmagnetized Relativistic Plasma
  2. Sea‐ice detection from near‐nadir Ku‐band echoes from CFOSAT/SWIM scatterometer
  3. Study on interaction between plasma and electromagnetic field in ion source of 10cm ECR ion thruster
  4. Characteristics of a nanosecond pulsed dielectric barrier plasma actuator with a surface water film
  5. Response of Moist Convection to the Spectral Feature of the Surface Flux Field at Model Resolution across the Gray Zone
  6. Kinetic simulations of strongly magnetized parallel shocks: deviations from MHD jump conditions
  7. Simulation of plasma emission in magnetized plasmas
  8. Large-time behavior of solutions to bipolar Euler-Poisson equations with time-dependent damping in the half space
  9. Improving a high-power laser based relativistic electron source: the role of laser pulse contrast and gas jet density profile
  10. Experimental observations of detached bow shock formation in the interaction of a laser-produced plasma with a magnetized obstacle


  1. Plasma Emission Induced By Electron Beam in Weakly Magnetized Plasmas
  2. Laser-Driven, Ion-Scale Magnetospheres in Laboratory Plasmas. II. Particle-in-cell Simulations
  3. Dust-Acoustic Nonlinear Waves in a Nanoparticle Fraction of Ultracold (2K) Multicomponent Dusty Plasma
  4. Circular cosine-hyperbolic-Gaussian beam and its paraxial propagation properties in free space
  5. High-frequency Magnetic Fluctuations in Space Plasmas and the Role of Electron Landau Damping
  6. Scissor-cross ionization injection in laser wakefield accelerators
  7. The Einstein-Klein-Gordon Coupled System: Global Stability of the Minkowski Solution:(AMS-213)
  8. ASTI: Data Assimilation System for Particle and Heat Transport in Toroidal Plasmas
  9. A finite element method to a periodic steady-state problem for an electromagnetic field system using the space-time finite element exterior calculus
  10. Laser-driven, ion-scale magnetospheres in laboratory plasmas. i. experimental platform and first results
  11. Review of Long-Term Trends in the Equatorial Ionosphere Due the Geomagnetic Field Secular Variations and Its Relevance to Space Weather
  12. Simulation of plasma emission in magnetized plasmas
  13. Modelling of sawtooth-induced fast ion transport in positive and negative triangularity in TCV
  14. The methods of thermal field theory for degenerate quantum plasmas in astrophysical compact objects
  15. A Cartesian-diffusion Langevin method for hybrid kinetic-fluid Coulomb scattering in particle-in-cell plasma simulations
  16. Experimental observations of detached bow shock formation in the interaction of a laser-produced plasma with a magnetized obstacle
  17. Multi-dimensional electrostatic plasma simulations using the particle-in-cell method for the low-temperature plasmas for materials processing
  18. Overview of JET results for optimising ITER operation
  19. Establishing an Equivalent Circuit of a Quasihomogeneous Discharge Atmospheric-Pressure Plasma Jet with a Breakdown-Voltage-Controlled Breaker and Power …
  20. Analysis of plasma sheath propagation attenuation based on ray tracing


  1. Cross-Beam energy transfer saturation: Ion heating and pump depletion
  2. Physical design of a new set of high poloidal mode number coils in the EAST tokamak
  3. A Pinch of Fusion: Zap Energy’s new Z-pinch reactor will demonstrate a simpler approach to an elusive goal
  4. On the association of the summertime shortwave cloud radiative effect in northern Russia with atmospheric circulation and climate over East Asia
  5. A Multi-Physics Modeling Framework for Inductively Coupled Plasma Wind Tunnels
  6. Dynamic synoptic eddy feedbacks contributing to maintenance and propagation of intraseasonal NAO
  7. Ionized Molecular Hydrogen Build-Up and Confinement Inside the Space Charge of a Continually Resupplied Electron Cloud
  8. Chilling accumulation is not an effective predictor of vegetation green‐up date in Inner Mongolian grasslands
  9. … , Darboux transformation, breathers and rogue waves of an $$\pmb {N} $$ N-coupled nonautonomous nonlinear Schrödinger system for an optical fiber or a plasma
  10. Characterization of thermal transport and evolution of Au plasma in ICF experiments by Thomson scattering


  1. Complexiton and resonant multi-solitons of a (4+ 1)-dimensional Boiti–Leon–Manna–Pempinelli equation
  2. Ion Current Screening Modeling of the Ion–Weibel Instability
  3. Supernova rates and burial of organic matter
  4. Ion Thruster Discharge Modeling with Adjustment of Coefficient of Anomalous Electron Conductivity
  5. On Preconditioning for the Two-Field Neutral Model
  6. Effect of Plasma Sheaths on Earth Re-entry MHD Processes
  7. Self-consistent magneto-hydrodynamic modeling of ICP discharges
  8. Non-linear interaction of laser light with vacuum: contributions to the energy density and pressure in presence of an intense magnetic field
  9. Coalescence and counterflow of droplets on needle electrode with negative corona discharge
  10. Hybrid particle-in-cell simulations of electromagnetic coupling and waves from streaming burst debris


  1. Analytical Solving a Nonlinear Model of the Glow Discharge
  2. Symplectic integration of learned Hamiltonian systems
  3. Multi-scale observations of the magnetopause Kelvin–Helmholtz waves during southward IMF
  4. Effect of Xe plasma processing on characteristics of carbon nanotube-based field emission cathodes
  5. Direct numerical simulations show deficiencies in barriers against airborne viral spread
  6. Stochastic Electron Acceleration by Temperature Anisotropy Instabilities under Solar Flare Plasma Conditions
  7. Formation of rolling‐pin distribution of suprathermal electrons behind dipolarization fronts
  8. Experimental Simulation of Gas Giant Entry in the PWK1 Arcjet Facility including CH4
  9. Global Distribution of Concurrent EMIC Waves and Magnetosonic Waves: A Survey of Van Allen Probes Observations
  10. Abundant optical solitons for Lakshmanan–Porsezian–Daniel model by the modified auxiliary equation method


  1. On locating the zeros and poles of a meromorphic function
  2. Collisionless relaxation of a Lynden-Bell plasma
  3. The Big Misconception About Electricity (or how do circuits transport energy?)
  4. Multi-scale evolution of Kelvin–Helmholtz waves at the Earth’s magnetopause during southward IMF periods
  5. Design and construction of magnetic diagnostics on NanChang spherical tokamak
  6. The effect of axisymmetric and spatially varying equilibria and flow on MHD wave modes: cylindrical geometry
  7. A strong maximum principle for the fractional (p, q)-Laplacian operator
  8. Geometrical study and solutions for family of burgers-like equation with fractional order space time
  9. Enhanced dissipation, hypoellipticity for passive scalar equations with fractional dissipation
  10. Radiation Belts and Their Environment



    1. The electromagnetic anomalies recorded by CSES during Yangbi and Madoi earthquakes occurred in late May 2021 in west China
    2. Paving the way for mechanical fabrication of graphether nanoribbons
    3. A Study of Magnetic Reconnection
    4. Suppression of ionospheric irregularity due to auroral particle impact
    5. Analytical Estimation of the Efficiency of Surface-Wave-Excited Plasma Monopole Antennas
    6. Memory-Dependent-Derivatives (MDD) for magneto-thermal-plasma semiconductor medium induced by laser pulses with hyperbolic two temperature theory
    7. Femtosecond Filament Coupled with Structured Light for Free Space Optical Communication
    8. Active species evolution in the presence of different targets impacted by a helium plasma jet at atmospheric pressure
    9. Electron-Beam Synthesis of Dielectric Coatings Using Forevacuum Plasma Electron Sources
    10. Simulation on formation process of field-reversed configuration
    1. Evidence for Plasma Heating at Thin Current Sheets in the Solar Wind
    2. Experiment and modeling of the pulsed lasing in a diode-pumped argon metastable laser
    3. Technology and measurements of three-layer NiFeCuMo/Ti/NiFeCuMo structures exhibiting the giant magnetoresistance phenomenon
    4. Comparison of single and concentric split-ring resonator generated microplasmas
    5. Soliton solutions and periodic solutions for two models arises in mathematical physics
    6. Abundant exact soliton solutions to the Fokas system
    7. Geometrical aspects of hypermagnetic field interactions
    8. Optical antiferromagnetic electric Sα-flux with electroosmotic velocity in Heisenberg SH2
    9. The 1, 3Po states of exponential cosine-screened heliumlike atoms
    10. Certain electromagnetic waves in a ferromagnetic film


      • Glow Discharge with an Extended Hollow Cathode
      • News from ICTP
      • Numerical simulation of breakdown properties and streamer development processes in SF6/CO2 mixed gas
      • Meteorite Ablation and High-Speed Emission Spectra in Plasma Wind Tunnel
      • One-point calibration laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy for the quantitative analysis of EAST-like plasma-facing materials
      • Localization of anisotropic exciton polariton condensates in perovskite microcavities
      • Level Structure and Properties of Open f-Shell Elements
      • Damping of dark envelope soliton in a viscous bounded dusty plasma
      • An adaptive scalable fully implicit algorithm based on stabilized finite element for reduced visco-resistive MHD
      • Requirements and design envelope for a volumetric neutron source (VNS) fusion facility for fusion nuclear technology development


      • Recent progress in matter in extreme states created by laser
      • Modelling the Varying Location of Field Line Resonances During Geomagnetic Storms
      • Three-dimensional distribution of ions and electrons in the lunar ionosphere originated from the photochemical reactions
      • A new technique for tokamak edge density measurement based on microwave interferometer
      • Relativistic massive particle with spin-1/2: A vector bundle point of view
      • Ground-based all-sky imaging techniques for auroral observations and space weather research
      • Constraining merging galaxy clusters with X-ray and lensing simulations and observations: the case of Abell 2146
      • Comparison of AlF3 thin films grown by thermal and plasma enhanced atomic layer deposition
      • On the uniqueness and monotonicity of solutions of free boundary problems
      • Modulational instability of the coupled waves between magnetosonic wave and ion acoustic wave


      • Sputter hot filament hollow cathode ion source and its application to ultra-low energy ion implantation in 2D materials
      • Kinetic Particle Simulations of Plasma Charging and Dust Transport near Uneven Lunar Surface Terrain
      • Comparative case study of two methods to assess the eruptive potential of selected active regions
      • SpecSolve: Spectral methods for spectral measures
      • Extensions of a classical mechanics “piston-model” for understanding the impact of asymmetry on ICF implosions: The cases of mode 2, mode 2/1 coupling, time …
      • Generation of E× B flow shear by finite orbit width effects from heat sources in tokamaks
      • Plasma dynamics, instabilities and OH generation in a pulsed atmospheric pressure plasma with liquid cathode: a diagnostic study
      • Simulation prediction of micro-instability transition and associated particle transport in tokamak plasmas
      • A fully decoupled linearized finite element method with second-order temporal accuracy and unconditional energy stability for incompressible MHD equations
      • Soliton solutions to the Fokas system arising in monomode optical fibers


      • Gigantic Coaxial Line for Experimental Studies of the Interaction of Nanosecond Electromagnetic Pulses with an Ionized Gas Medium
      • Proton cyclotron and mirror instabilities in marginally stable solar wind plasma
      • Vacuum System Optimization for EAST Neutral Beam Injector
      • Possible Structure of a Local Space-Time of Charged Fermions
      • Designing a Plasma Flux Compression Generator for Pulsed Nuclear Propulsion
      • Status and progress of pulsed laser ablation propulsion technology in the field of aerospace
      • A portable X-pinch design for x-ray diagnostics of warm dense matter
      • Particle Source and Loss Processes
      • Optical characteristics of LaNiO3 thin films in the terahertz–infrared frequency range


      • Femtosecond Laser-Matter Interactions: Solid-Plasma-Solid Transformations at the Extreme Energy Density
      • Calculation of ionization rates of Beryllium ions (Be2+) using the superstatistics distributions
      • Toward solving fractional differential equations via solving ordinary differential equations
      • Stationary soap films with vertical potentials
      • Iterative numerical method for fractional order two-point boundary value problems
      • Observing secondary-electron yield and charging in an insulating material by ultralow-voltage scanning electron microscope
      • Reducing turbulent convective heat transfer with streamwise plasma vortex generators
      • Stabilization of layered perovskite structures via strontium substitution in Ca3Ti2O7 revealed via elemental mapping
      • Design guidelines for laser powder bed fusion in Inconel 718
      • Functionalized carbon nanotubes for thermionic emission and cooling applications


      • Compact, tunable polarization transforming reflector for quasi-optical devices used in terahertz science
      • MaxwellNet: Physics-driven deep neural network training based on Maxwell’s equations
      • Accurate numerical, integral methods for computing drift-kinetic Trubnikov-Rosenbluth potentials
      • Localized modes in time-fractional modified coupled Korteweg-de Vries equation with singular and non-singular kernels
      • Suppression of toroidal Alfvén eigenmodes by the electron cyclotron current drive in KSTAR plasmas
      • Parametric decay of Alfvénic wave packets in nonperiodic low-beta plasmas
      • Preferential energization of lower‐charge‐state heavier ions in the near‐Earth magnetotail
      • A symmetry-orientated divide-and-conquer method for crystal structure prediction
      • UV Dissociation and Calculation for O3 Gas Generated from Non-Thermal Atmospheric-Pressure Biocompatible Plasma Sterilizer
      • Vacuum laser acceleration of super-ponderomotive electrons using relativistic transparency injection


      • High-Voltage and Pulsed Power Technologies
      • Synchronization of Small-scale Magnetic Features, Blinkers, and Coronal Bright Points
      • Dispersion chain of Vlasov equations
      • A perturbation method for evaluating the magnetic field induced from an arbitrary, asymmetric ocean world analytically
      • Laser Driven Nuclear physics at ELINP
      • Monitoring tautomerization of single hypericin molecules in a tunable optical λ/2 microcavity
      • Ion energy distribution and non-linear ion dynamics in BP-HiPIMS and ACBP-HiPIMS discharge
      • Gravitational decoherence: A thematic overview
      • A critical discussion of different methods and models in Casimir effect
      • Numerical solution of Drinfel’d–Sokolov system with the Haar wavelets method


      • The Appearance of a “Fresh” Surface on 596 Scheila as a Consequence of the 2010 Impact Event
      • Phonon spectra of a two-dimensional solid dusty plasma modified by two-dimensional periodic substrates
      • Linear and nonlinear exotic light wave packets, physics and applications
      • Touchless potential sensing of complex differentially-charged shapes using secondary electrons
      • Engineering Knowledge
      • Insights into the Mechanism for Vertical Graphene Growth by Plasma-Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition
      • Plasma Modification on Polyolefin: Necessity and Significance
      • On the two and one-half dimensional Vlasov–Poisson system with an external magnetic field: Global well-posedness and stability of confined steady states
      • Data-driven vector soliton solutions of coupled nonlinear Schrödinger equation using a deep learning algorithm
      • Effects of Gas Composition in Producing Carbon Nanomaterials by Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition


      • Demonstration of device-quality 60% relaxed In0.2Ga0.8N on porous GaN pseudo-substrates grown by PAMBE
      • A semi-implicit electromagnetic FEM-PIC scheme with exact energy and charge conservation
      • Reformulation of elliptic equations for heat transfer and diffusion in solids with space-time algebra
      • Nonreciprocal and non-Hermitian material response inspired by semiconductor transistors
      • Quantum effects in rotating reference frames
      • Giant tunneling magnetoresistance in atomically thin VSi2N4/MoSi2N4/VSi2N4 magnetic tunnel junction
      • Band-engineered Zn2TiO4 nanowires for hydrogen generation from water using visible light: A first-principles study
      • Study on Date–Jimbo–Kashiwara–Miwa Equation with Conformable Derivative Dependent on Time Parameter to Find the Exact Dynamic Wave Solutions
      • Mechanical unfeelability concentrator through topology optimization
      • Simulations of liquid metal flows over plasma-facing component edges and application to beryllium melt events in JET


      • Terahertz annular antenna driven with a short intense laser pulse
      • Physics of radio emission in the long-period pulsars
      • A weak Galerkin least squares finite element method of Cauchy problem for Poisson equation
      • Inhibition of current-spike formation based on longitudinal phase space manipulation for high-repetition-rate X-ray FEL
      • Intermingled attractors in an asymmetrically driven modified Chua oscillator
      • Existence and stability of standing waves for the inhomogeneous Gross-Pitaevskii equation with a partial confinement
      • Experimental investigation on effects of injection distribution on combustion instability in a model rocket combustor
      • Plasma Processing of Carbon Dioxide
      • Exponentially fitted difference scheme for singularly perturbed mixed integro-differential equations
      • The Cardiovascular System in Space: Focus on In Vivo and In Vitro Studies


      • Facility Effects for Electrospray Thrusters
      • Magnetic turnstiles in nonresonant stellarator divertor
      • Bifurcation features, chaos, and coherent structures for one-dimensional nonlinear electrical transmission line
      • Modulational stability brought by cubic–quartic interactions of the nearest-neighbor in FK model subjected in a parametrized on-site potential
      • Simulating stochastic adsorption of diluted solute molecules at interfaces
      • Unusual high frequency EMIC waves: Detailed analysis of EMIC wave excitation and energy coupling between EMIC and magnetosonic waves
      • Global Regularity Results for Non-homogeneous Growth Fractional Problems
      • Matching-based two-color x-ray free-electron laser generation utilizing laser-plasma accelerated electron beam
      • Recent advances of cold plasma technology for water and soil remediation: A critical review
      • Uniform attractors for reaction–diffusion equations with a larger class of external forces


      • Limitation in velocity of converging shock wave
      • Fundamental Electromagnetic Emissions by a Weak Electron Beam in Solar Wind Plasmas with Density Fluctuations
      • Enceladus and Her Many Mysteries Revealed by the Cassini Space Probe
      • Analysis and Research of the High-Cycle Fatigue Fracture Mode Based on Stress Ratio and Residual Stress of Ti-6Al-4V
      • Electronic and magnetic properties of quasi-one-dimensional osmium halide OsCl4
      • Betavoltaic cell based on Ni/β-Ga2O3 and 63Ni source
      • Regimes of cosmic-ray diffusion in Galactic turbulence
      • Micrometer-sized droplets from liquid helium jets at low stagnation pressures
      • Swirl Characterization of a Cyclotronic Arc Plasma Actuated Axial Air Jet
      • Different Techniques Used for Plasma Modification of Polyolefin Surfaces


    • Co-sintered ceramic converter for transmissive laser-activated remote phosphor conversion
    • Radio-frequency imaging techniques for ionospheric, magnetospheric, and planetary studies
    • A variant of Clark’s theorem and its applications for nonsmooth functionals without the global symmetric condition
    • The physics of non-ideal general relativistic magnetohydrodynamics
    • Gravitational waves from cosmic strings after a first-order phase transition
    • Numerical model of restrikes in DC gliding arc discharges
    • A tale of two vectors: A Lanczos algorithm for calculating RPA mean excitation energies
    • Digging into Axion Physics with (Baby) IAXO
    • Uncertainty in solar wind forcing explains polar cap potential saturation
    • Dynamics of exact solitary wave solutions to the conformable time-space fractional model with reliable analytical approaches
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