Research Topics statistical signal processing

Research Area/ Research Interest: statistical signal processing in Electrical Engineering

Research Paper Topics for: Masters and PhD Thesis and publication

  1. Unsupervised detection of rotary machine imbalance based on statistical signal properties
  2. Signal recovery from a few linear measurements of its high-order spectra
  3. Interpretation of Lung Sounds Using Spectrogram-Based Statistical Features
  4. Statistical Treatment, Fourier and Modal Decomposition
  5. Statistical subspace-based damage detection with estimated reference
  6. Blade damage monitoring method base on frequency domain statistical index of shaft’s random vibration
  7. Maximum Likelihood estimation for non-minimum-phase noise transfer function with Gaussian mixture noise distribution
  8. Successive multivariate variational mode decomposition based on instantaneous linear mixing model
  9. Efficient Methods for Signal Processing Using Charlier Moments and Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm
  10. Railway Track Recognition Based on Radar Cross-Section Statistical Characterization Using mmWave Radar
  11. Power adaptation for vector parameter estimation according to Fisher information based optimality criteria
  12. Real-time filtering adaptive algorithms for non-stationary noise in electrocardiograms
  13. Ultrasonic guided wave imaging with deep learning: Applications in corrosion mapping
  14. Decision-making algorithms for learning and adaptation with application to COVID-19 data
  15. Structural anomaly detection based on probabilistic distance measures of transmissibility function and statistical threshold selection scheme
  16. Statistical Validation of Cardiovascular Digital Biomarkers Towards Monitoring the Cardiac Risk in COPD: A Lyfas Case Study
  17. A nonlinear signal processing framework for rapid identification and diagnosis of structural freeplay
  18. Statistical Analysis of Wavelet Coefficients of Sural Nerve Conduction Signal in Diabetic and Non-Diabetic Patients
  19. Practical framework of Gini index in the application of machinery fault feature extraction
  20. Statistical Learning of Passive Infrared (PIR) Sensor Data for Human Monitoring Applications
  21. Epileptic-seizure classification using phase-space representation of FBSE-EWT based EEG sub-band signals and ensemble learners
  22. Distributed Filtering for Sensor Networks with Fading Measurements and Compensations for Transmission Delays and Losses
  23. On the analysis of the tristable vibration isolation system with delayed feedback control under parametric excitation
  24. An incipient fault diagnosis methodology using local Mahalanobis distance: Detection process based on empirical probability density estimation
  25. Neuromuscular disorders detection through time-frequency analysis and classification of multi-muscular EMG signals using Hilbert-Huang transform
  26. A Gaussian mixture regression model based adaptive filter for non-Gaussian noise without a priori statistic
  28. Double Gaussian mixture model-based terahertz wave dispersion compensation method using convex optimization technique
  29. A generalized stochastic resonance based instantaneous frequency estimation method under low SNR
  30. Highly sensitive methane detection based on light-induced thermoelastic spectroscopy with a 2.33 µm diode laser and adaptive Savitzky-Golay filtering
  31. A fault information-guided variational mode decomposition (FIVMD) method for rolling element bearings diagnosis
  32. Impact of Statistical Intelligent Analysis on Corona Virus Disease
  33. Automated fatigue damage detection and classification technique for composite structures using Lamb waves and deep autoencoder
  34. Description of Movement Sensor Dataset for Dog Behavior Classification
  35. Detection of objects in the images: From likelihood relationships towards scalable and efficient neural networks
  36. Distributed machine learning for multiuser mobile edge computing systems
  37. Personalized fusion of ultrasound and electromyography-derived neuromuscular features increases prediction accuracy of ankle moment during plantarflexion
  38. A novel sleep staging network based on multi-scale dual attention
  39. An automatic tumour growth prediction based segmentation using full resolution convolutional network for brain tumour
  40. Fisher’s discriminant ratio based health indicator for locating informative frequency bands for machine performance degradation assessment
  41. Novel architecture with selected feature vector for effective classification of mitotic and non-mitotic cells in breast cancer histology images
  42. Statistical and Continuous Wavelet Transformation-Based Analysis of Combustion Instabilities in a Biodiesel-Fueled Compression Ignition Engine
  43. Detection of epileptic seizures on EEG signals using ANFIS classifier, autoencoders and fuzzy entropies
  44. EOG biofeedback protocol based on selecting distinctive features to treat or reduce ADHD symptoms
  45. Design and Development of High-Performance Imaging Lidars for Extreme Radiation Environments of Europa
  46. Cognitive assistant DeepNet model for detection of cardiac arrhythmia
  47. Multi-rate strong tracking square-root cubature Kalman filter for MEMS-INS/GPS/polarization compass integrated navigation system
  48. Time series based approach for detecting Passive Intermodulation occurrences in cellular network
  49. Overview of stochastic model updating in aerospace application under uncertainty treatment
  50. An efficient AR modelling-based electrocardiogram signal analysis for health informatics
  51. Endoscope image mosaic based on pyramid ORB
  52. Automated detection of COVID-19 cough
  53. Identification of breast abnormality from thermograms based on fractal geometry features
  54. Digital clone testing platform for the assessment of SHM systems under uncertainty
  55. Adaptive nonlinear ANC system based on time-domain signal reconstruction technology
  56. A novel load-dependent sensor placement method for model updating based on time-dependent reliability optimization considering multi-source uncertainties
  57. 2-level hierarchical depression recognition method based on task-stimulated and integrated speech features
  58. Identification of chicken egg fertility using SVM classifier based on first-order statistical feature extraction
  59. Project Achoo: a practical model and application for COVID-19 detection from recordings of breath, voice, and cough
  60. A hybrid deep transfer learning-based approach for Parkinson’s disease classification in surface electromyography signals
  61. Combustion phase identification for closed-loop combustion control by resonance excitation in marine diesel engines
  62. Machine vision based condition monitoring and fault diagnosis of machine tools using information from machined surface texture: A review
  63. PIANO: A fast parallel iterative algorithm for multinomial and sparse multinomial logistic regression
  64. PATRON: Exploring respiratory signal derived from non-contact face videos for face anti-spoofing
  65. Block-wise recursive apes aided with frequency-squeezing postprocessing and the application in online analysis of vibration monitoring signals
  66. A novel constrained dense convolutional autoencoder and DNN-based semi-supervised method for shield machine tunnel geological formation recognition
  67. An ensemble classifier for vibration-based quality monitoring
  68. Estimating brain periodic sources activities in steady-state visual evoked potential using local fourier independent component analysis
  69. Semi-automated and interactive segmentation of contrast-enhancing masses on breast DCE-MRI using spatial fuzzy clustering
  70. Attention Res-UNet with Guided Decoder for semantic segmentation of brain tumors
  71. Active acoustic leak detection and localization in a plastic pipe using time delay estimation
  72. Video coding optimization in AVS2
  73. Dynamic divergence of circular cylindrical shells conveying airflow
  74. Online condition monitoring of floating wind turbines drivetrain by means of digital twin
  75. Nonparametric Bayesian stochastic model updating with hybrid uncertainties
  76. Gloss: Tensor-based anomaly detection in spatiotemporal urban traffic data
  77. Modern privacy risks and protection strategies in data analytics
  78. A Wavelet-Based Segmentation Technique for Medical Images
  79. Recursive variational mode extraction and its application in rolling bearing fault diagnosis
  80. Contact acoustic nonlinearity effect on the vibro-acoustic modulation of delaminated composite structures
  81. Computer-aided detection of breast cancer on the Wisconsin dataset: An artificial neural networks approach
  82. Bearing fault diagnosis method based on adaptive maximum cyclostationarity blind deconvolution
  83. On a coupled impulsive fractional integrodifferential system with Hadamard derivatives
  84. Explainable 1-D convolutional neural network for damage detection using Lamb wave
  85. Tensor completion via nonconvex tensor ring rank minimization with guaranteed convergence
  86. A Scaled Spherical Simplex Filter (S3F) with a decreased n+ 2 sigma points set size and equivalent 2n+ 1 Unscented Kalman Filter (UKF) accuracy
  87. TTS-Portuguese Corpus: a corpus for speech synthesis in Brazilian Portuguese
  88. A deep learning based approach for automatic detection of COVID-19 cases using chest X-ray images
  89. A perspective survey on deep transfer learning for fault diagnosis in industrial scenarios: Theories, applications and challenges
  90. Real-time model calibration with deep reinforcement learning
  91. Development of crack induced impulse-based condition indicators for early tooth crack severity assessment
  92. An efficient and robust sampler for Bayesian inference: Transitional Ensemble Markov Chain Monte Carlo
  93. Planetary gearbox fault diagnosis using bidirectional-convolutional LSTM networks
  94. Simple statistical regularities presented during sleep are detected but not retained
  95. Measurement and identification of the nonlinear dynamics of a jointed structure using full-field data, Part I: Measurement of nonlinear dynamics
  96. Polyphase uncertainty analysis through virtual modelling technique
  97. An adaptive order-band energy ratio method for the fault diagnosis of planetary gearboxes
  98. Transfer-learning guided Bayesian model updating for damage identification considering modeling uncertainty
  99. Data-driven dynamic interpolation and approximation
  100. An overview on integrated localization and communication towards 6G
  101. Data-driven and active learning of variance-based sensitivity indices with Bayesian probabilistic integration
  102. Multi-condition identification in milling Ti-6Al-4V thin-walled parts based on sensor fusion
  103. Detection of accelerated tool wear in turning
  104. Identification and uncertainty quantification of structural flexibility for reliability analysis
  105. A statistical modeling and optimization for Cr (VI) adsorption from aqueous media via Teff straw-based activated carbon: isotherm, kinetics, and …
  106. Hairpin RNA genetic algorithm based ANFIS for modeling overhead cranes
  107. Removal of transfer function effects from transmission error measurements using cepstrum-based operational modal analysis
  108. Learning from revisions: an algorithm to detect errors in banks’ balance sheet statistical reporting
  109. Reliability evaluation method of anti-loosening performance of bolted joints
  110. A statistical method for flow pattern and efficiency prediction using pressure drop in a two-stage gas liquid cylindrical cyclone
  111. Generation mechanism of the 26 s and 28 s tremors in the Gulf of Guinea from statistical analysis of magnitudes and event intervals
  112. Discrimination of vascular aging using the arterial pulse spectrum and machine-learning analysis
  113. Investigation on multiple-frequency synchronization experiment of vibration system with dual-rotor actuation
  114. Deep learning based decoding for polar codes in Markov Gaussian memory impulse noise channels
  115. Increasing the efficiency of Sequential Monte Carlo samplers through the use of approximately optimal L-kernels
  116. Low-speed cameras system for 3D-DIC vibration measurements in the kHz range
  117. Multivariate Statistical Machine Learning Methods for Genomic Prediction
  118. Design of new resonant haloscopes in the search for the dark matter axion: A review of the first steps in the RADES collaboration
  119. Implementation of biohybrid olfactory bulb on a high-density CMOS-chip to reveal large-scale spatiotemporal circuit information
  120. An improved partial similitude method for dynamic characteristic of rotor systems based on Levenberg–Marquardt method
  121. Open community platform for hearing aid algorithm research: open Master Hearing Aid (openMHA)
  122. Histogram as features for fault detection of multi point cutting tool–A data driven approach
  123. Bayesian model updating and class selection of a wing-engine structure with nonlinear connections using nonlinear normal modes
  124. Data synthesis using deep feature enhanced generative adversarial networks for rolling bearing imbalanced fault diagnosis
  125. On the stochastic bit–rock interaction disturbances and its effects on the performance of two commercial control strategies used in drill strings
  126. Coherent false seizure prediction in epilepsy, coincidence or providence?
  127. A review of speaker diarization: Recent advances with deep learning
  128. VPNET: Variable Projection Networks
  129. Fast computation of inverse transient analysis for pipeline condition assessment via surrogate modeling with sparse sampling strategy
  130. Value of information from vibration-based structural health monitoring extracted via Bayesian model updating
  131. Principles of odor coding in vertebrates and artificial chemosensory systems
  132. A Bayesian methodology for localising acoustic emission sources in complex structures
  133. Evaluation of the characterization of acoustic emission of brittle rocks from the experiment to numerical simulation
  134. Estimation of small failure probability using generalized subset simulation
  135. Structural Damage Detection in Civil Engineering with Machine Learning: Current State of the Art
  136. New artificial neural network design for Chua chaotic system prediction using FPGA hardware co-simulation.
  137. A robust and efficient fingerprint minutiae extraction in post-processing algorithm
  138. PACDNN: A phase-aware composite deep neural network for speech enhancement
  139. Cascaded composite turbulence and misalignment: Statistical characterization and applications to reconfigurable intelligent surface-empowered wireless systems
  140. Identification and semi-active control of structures with abrupt stiffness degradations
  141. Bayesian inversion for imprecise probabilistic models using a novel entropy-based uncertainty quantification metric
  142. Surface acoustic wave attenuation in polycrystals: Numerical modeling using a statistical digital twin of an actual sample
  143. Face mask recognition from audio: The MASC database and an overview on the mask challenge
  144. From inference to design: A comprehensive framework for uncertainty quantification in engineering with limited information
  145. Monitoring Plant Diversity to Support Agri-Environmental Schemes: Evaluating Statistical Models Informed by Satellite and Local Factors in Southern European …
  146. A hybrid LSTM-KLD approach to condition monitoring of operational wind turbines
  147. Machine learning based liver disease diagnosis: A systematic review
  148. Numerical and experimental simulation of gas-liquid two-phase flow in 90-degree elbow
  149. Tacholess skidding evaluation and fault feature enhancement base on a two-step speed estimation method for rolling bearings
  150. Compartmentalized dynamics within a common multi-area mesoscale manifold represent a repertoire of human hand movements
  151. Cardinality-constrained portfolio selection based on collaborative neurodynamic optimization
  152. Non-stationary response power spectrum determination of linear/non-linear systems endowed with fractional derivative elements via harmonic wavelet
  153. Line spectrum representation for vector processes with application to frequency estimation
  154. Structural health monitoring using wireless smart sensor network–An overview
  155. Broad learning robust semi-active structural control: A nonparametric approach
  156. Uncertainty and multi-criteria global sensitivity analysis of structural systems using acceleration algorithm and sparse polynomial chaos expansion
  157. A novel interval model updating framework based on correlation propagation and matrix-similarity method
  158. Remote speech analysis in the evaluation of hospitalized patients with acute decompensated heart failure
  159. Modular Welch Bounds with Applications
  160. Hydrogen Intensity and Real-Time Analysis Experiment: 256-element array status and overview
  161. Earth’s accretion inferred from iron isotopic anomalies of supernova nuclear statistical equilibrium origin
  162. The National Microbiome Data Collaborative Data Portal: an integrated multi-omics microbiome data resource
  163. A stochastic analysis method of transient responses using harmonic wavelets, part 2: Time-dependent vehicle-bridge systems
  164. Farmers’ perceptions and spatial statistical modeling of most systematic LULC transitions: Drivers and livelihood implications in Awash Basin, Ethiopia
  165. Efficient reliability analysis based on deep learning-enhanced surrogate modelling and probability density evolution method
  166. Real-time steganalysis for streaming media based on multi-channel convolutional sliding windows
  167. Identification and parameter sensitivity analyses of time-delay with single-fractional-pole systems under actuator rate limit effect
  168. Impact force reconstruction and localization using nonconvex overlapping group sparsity
  169. Near-infrared methane sensor with neural network filtering
  170. Frequency response function estimation techniques and the corresponding coherence functions: A review and update
  171. Reward learning and statistical learning independently influence attentional priority of salient distractors in visual search
  172. A literature review of (sparse) exponential family PCA
  173. High-rate structural health monitoring and prognostics: an overview
  174. Transformer power differential protection using real-time HIL test-based implementation of second-order transient-extracting transform
  175. Dynamics analysis and wear prediction of rigid-flexible coupling deployable solar array system with clearance joints considering solid lubrication
  176. An explainable artificial intelligence approach for unsupervised fault detection and diagnosis in rotating machinery
  177. Full life-cycle monitoring and earlier warning for bolt joint loosening using modified vibro-acoustic modulation
  178. Anomaly detection in wind turbine SCADA data for power curve cleaning
  179. Structural synthesis considering mixed discrete–continuous design variables: A Bayesian framework
  180. Sub-sampled imaging for stem: Maximising image speed, resolution and precision through reconstruction parameter refinement
  181. GCG: Graph Convolutional network and gated recurrent unit method for high-speed train axle temperature forecasting
  182. QIRHSI: novel quantum image representation based on HSI color space model
  183. A Structured Approach to Machine Learning Condition Monitoring
  184. Novel dual-channel long short-term memory compressed capsule networks for emotion recognition
  185. A deep insight into measuring face image utility with general and face-specific image quality metrics
  186. Detection of alteration zones using the Dirichlet process stick breaking model-based clustering algorithm to Hyperion data: The case study of Kuh-Panj porphyry …
  187. Robust multi-feature collective non-negative matrix factorization for ECG biometrics
  188. Indexed bibliography of genetic algorithms in physical sciences
  189. Bayesian probabilistic assessment of occupant comfort of high-rise structures based on structural health monitoring data
  190. Big data analysis of the internet of things in the digital twins of smart city based on deep learning
  191. Predicting clinical scores for Alzheimer’s disease based on joint and deep learning
  192. Neutralization of temperature effects in damage diagnosis of MDOF systems by combinations of autoencoders and particle filters
  193. Non-Semantic Evaluation of Image Forensics Tools: Methodology and Database
  194. Electromechanical properties identification for groups of piezoelectric energy harvester based on Bayesian inference
  195. 1-Dimensional polynomial neural networks for audio signal related problems
  196. Bayesian HMM clustering of x-vector sequences (VBx) in speaker diarization: theory, implementation and analysis on standard tasks
  197. Design and characterization of a three-dimensional anisotropic additively manufactured pentamode material
  198. Neutrino interaction measurements with the MicroBooNE and ArgoNeuT liquid argon time projection chambers
  199. … effluents by sequential adsorption and reduction using a novel cysteine-doped PANi@ faujasite composite: Experimental study supported by advanced statistical …
  200. No-reference image quality assessment via transformers, relative ranking, and self-consistency
  201. Inferring dark matter substructure with astrometric lensing beyond the power spectrum
  202. Aging-related cerebral microvascular changes visualized using Ultrasound Localization Microscopy in the living mouse
  203. Deep learning based virtual point tracking for real-time target-less dynamic displacement measurement in railway applications
  204. A clock stabilization system for CHIME/FRB Outriggers
  205. Effect of Kinematics and Fluency in Adversarial Synthetic Data Generation for ASL Recognition with RF Sensors
  206. A new current sensor incipient fault diagnosis method for converters in wind energy conversion systems
  207. Harmonic-Balance-Based parameter estimation of nonlinear structures in the presence of Multi-Harmonic response and force
  208. Research on multiple-image encryption mechanism based on Radon transform and ghost imaging
  209. Experimental Design and Statistical Analysis for Toxicologic Pathologists
  210. Dynamic mode decomposition and its variants
  211. Graph signal denoising using t-shrinkage priors
  212. A mathematical theory of the computational resolution limit in one dimension
  213. Image restoration by deep projected GSURE
  214. An overview of deep learning methods used in vibration-based damage detection in civil engineering
  215. Hybrid diagnostics systems for power generators faults: systems design principle and shaft run-out sensors
  216. Wasserstein statistics in one-dimensional location scale models
  217. Triplet metric driven multi-head GNN augmented with decoupling adversarial learning for intelligent fault diagnosis of machines under varying working condition
  218. A review of fatigue damage detection and measurement techniques
  219. Direct photoacoustic measurement of silicon nanoparticle degradation promoted by a polymer coating
  220. Comparisons of Predicted and Measured Aerodynamic Characteristics of the DLR LK6E2 Missile Airframe (Scale Resolving)
  221. One-Dimensional Convolutional Neural Networks for Real-Time Damage Detection of Rotating Machinery
  222. Artificial bee colony-based combination approach to forecasting agricultural commodity prices
  223. Chemical profiling and quality evaluation of Pogostemon cablin Benth by liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry combined with multivariate statistical …
  224. Multi-step wind speed forecasting and Hurst analysis using novel hybrid secondary decomposition approach
  225. Short-term wind speed forecasting based on long short-term memory and improved BP neural network
  226. Multi-perspective social recommendation method with graph representation learning
  227. Mineral prospecting from biogeochemical and geological information using hyperspectral remote sensing-Feasibility and challenges
  228. Advances in Thermal Image Analysis for the Detection of Pregnancy in Horses Using Infrared Thermography
  229. Novelty: Searching for, seeing, and sustaining it
  230. Classifying students based on cognitive state in flipped learning pedagogy
  231. Gas discrimination based on enhanced gas-species related information obtained by a single gas sensor with novel temperature modulation
  232. Comparison of Statistical and Machine Learning Methods for Improving Demand Forecasting of Spare Parts in Simulators and Weapon Ranges
  233. Gas identification with drift counteraction for electronic noses using augmented convolutional neural network
  234. Towards sound based testing of COVID-19—Summary of the first Diagnostics of COVID-19 using Acoustics (DiCOVA) Challenge
  235. A novel probabilistic regression model for electrical peak demand estimate of commercial and manufacturing buildings
  236. Phase transition detection in liquid crystal analysis by mathematical morphology
  237. Pruning deep neural networks generates a sparse, bio-inspired nonlinear controller for insect flight
  238. Machine learning to empower electrohydrodynamic processing
  239. Metrics to relate COVID-19 wastewater data to clinical testing dynamics
  240. An automatic image processing algorithm based on crack pixel density for pavement crack detection and classification
  241. Design and synthesis of chromophores with enhanced electro-optic activities in both bulk and plasmonic–organic hybrid devices
  242. Sentiment Analysis of Amazon Product Reviews Using Hybrid Rule-based Approach
  243. Graph kernels based on linear patterns: Theoretical and experimental comparisons
  244. Mechanical behaviour optimization of saw dust ash and quarry dust concrete using adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system
  245. Building electro-optical systems: making it all work
  246. Mean estimation over numeric data with personalized local differential privacy
  247. Multivariate rescaled range analysis
  248. Spatiotemporal air quality inference of low-cost sensor data: Evidence from multiple sensor testbeds
  249. A modified exchange algorithm for distributional robust optimization and applications in risk management
  250. Genetic‐based multi‐objective optimization of alkylation process by a hybrid model of statistical and artificial intelligence approaches
  251. Mars Entry, Descent, and Landing Instrumentation 2 Trajectory, Aerodynamics, and Atmosphere Reconstruction
  252. Sparse regression for large data sets with outliers
  253. Uncertainty-based analysis of random load signal and fatigue life for mechanical structures
  254. Mini-batch optimization enables training of ODE models on large-scale datasets
  255. Towards a unified assessment framework of speech pseudonymisation
  256. A novel hybrid model based on nonlinear weighted combination for short-term wind power forecasting
  257. A particle-tracking image pyrometer for characterizing ignition of pulverized coal particles
  258. Non-parametric treatment time-lag effect estimation
  259. Chitin from seafood waste: particle swarm optimization and neural network study for the improved chitinase production
  260. Role of big data in Internet of Things networks
  261. Do cryptocurrency exchanges fake trading volumes? An empirical analysis of wash trading based on data mining
  262. An explanation of the commuting operator” miracle” in time and band limiting
  263. Auxiliary function-based algorithm for blind extraction of a moving speaker
  264. You can’t “count” how many items people remember in working memory: The importance of signal detection-based measures for understanding change detection …
  265. Neurophysiological Correlates of Post-Operative Cognitive Disorders
  266. A novel hybrid approach based on variational heteroscedastic Gaussian process regression for multi-step ahead wind speed forecasting
  267. Positioning precision analysis of passive phased array radar localization for construction safety monitoring in a non-line-of-sight environment via heatmap
  268. The strange role of brain lesion size in cognitive neuropsychology
  269. An introduction to deep learning in natural language processing: models, techniques, and tools
  270. A neural signature of regularity in sound is reduced in older adults
  271. Sentic computing for aspect-based opinion summarization using multi-head attention with feature pooled pointer generator network
  272. A generalized information criterion for high-dimensional PCA rank selection
  273. Critical behavior at the onset of synchronization in a neuronal model
  274. A novel event-related fMRI supervoxels-based representation and its application to schizophrenia diagnosis
  275. A novel loss function of deep learning in wind speed forecasting
  276. Adaptive iron-based magnetic nanomaterials of high performance for biomedical applications
  277. Big data oriented smart tool condition monitoring system
  278. Statistical Analysis of the Influence of Ballast Fouling on Penetrometer and Geoendoscope Data
  279. Trends and future perspective challenges in big data
  280. Multi-representation knowledge distillation for audio classification
  281. Spatial and temporal distribution characteristics of haze and pollution particles in China based on spatial statistics
  282. Data classification model for COVID-19 pandemic
  283. An efficient, font independent word and character segmentation algorithm for printed Arabic text
  284. Forecasting carbon price using a multi‐objective least squares support vector machine with mixture kernels
  285. Smart sheet metal forming: importance of data acquisition, preprocessing and transformation on the performance of a multiclass support vector machine for …
  286. Arabic speech recognition by end-to-end, modular systems and human
  287. Defocus blur detection using novel local directional mean patterns (LDMP) and segmentation via KNN matting
  288. Predictive modelling for contact angle of liquid metals and oxide ceramics by comparing Gaussian process regression with other machine learning methods
  289. An Algorithm to Calibrate and Correct the Response to Unpolarized Radiation of the X-Ray Polarimeter Onboard IXPE
  290. Review on deep learning applications in frequency analysis and control of modern power system
  291. Review on deep learning techniques for marine object recognition: Architectures and algorithms
  292. Metabolomics workflow for quality control of differently-processed pre-cooked chicken fillets
  293. A metabolomics approach based on 1H NMR fingerprinting and chemometrics for quality control and geographical discrimination of black pepper
  294. HUNTER: AI based holistic resource management for sustainable cloud computing
  295. Tabular data: Deep learning is not all you need
  296. Multimodal plant recognition through hybrid feature fusion technique using imaging and non-imaging hyper-spectral data
  297. SARS-Net: COVID-19 detection from chest x-rays by combining graph convolutional network and convolutional neural network
  298. Obfuscated Malware Detection Using Deep Generative Model based on Global/Local Features
  299. Convolutional neural network based on attention mechanism and Bi-LSTM for bearing remaining life prediction



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