Research Topics Probability & Random Processes

Research Area/ Research Interest: Probability & Random Processes in Electrical Engineering

Research Paper Topics for: Masters and PhD Thesis and publication


  1. Probability, Random Variables and Random Processes
  2. ECE 645 Background Material: LTI Systems, Probability, and Random Processes
  3. A generalized permutation entropy for noisy dynamics and random processes
  4. On a matrix method for calculating the probability of adjacent errors in a channel with Rayleigh fades
  5. Methods of Estimating the Form of the Probability Distribution Density in Tasks of Processing Measurement Results
  6. A Bayesian theory of change detection in statistically periodic random processes
  7. Time-variant seismic reliability analysis of slopes with combined uncertainties based on probability density evolution method
  8. Upper bounds for the probability of unusually small components in critical random graphs
  9. On the local time of a recurrent random walk on ℤ²
  10. Probability and Random Variables for Electrical Engineering: Probability: Measurement of Uncertainty
  11. Probability and statistical inference: from basic principles to advanced models
  12. Probability Model of Time to Collision Considering Sensor Accuracy
  13. Computation of time probability distributions for the occurrence of uncertain future events
  14. Stochastic dynamic response analysis and probability evaluation of subway station considering subjected to stochastic earthquake excitation
  15. Characterization of probability measures based on Q-independent generalized random fields
  16. Structured correlation detection with application to colocalization analysis in dual-channel fluorescence microscopic imaging
  17. Reflecting time-Space Gaussian random field on compact Riemannian manifold and excursion probability
  18. Developing the role of modelling in the teaching and learning of probability
  21. Probability Brackets Notation: Probability Spaces, Time evolution of Markov Processes and Transition Probabilities
  22. No-regret learning with high-probability in adversarial Markov decision processes
  23. Estimation of stationary probability of semi-Markov Chains
  24. Tail Measures and Regular Variation
  25. On Convergence and Compactness in Variation with a Shift of Discrete Probability Laws
  26. Application of Cognitive Modelling for Operation Improvement of Retail Chain Management System
  27. High Dimensional Probability (M16)
  28. The effect of high-frequency stochastic actions on the low-frequency behaviour of dynamic systems
  29. Beta Laguerre processes in a high temperature regime
  30. Slope system stability reliability analysis with multi-parameters using generalized probability density evolution method
  31. Continuous time random walks under Markovian resetting
  32. Distributed augmented Lagrangian method for link-based resource sharing problems of multi-agent systems
  33. Gap probability for products of random matrices in the critical regime
  34. Probability distribution of functional random variables
  35. Integral transforms related to Nevanlinna-Pick functions from an analytic, probabilistic and free-probability point of view
  36. Algebraization Levels in the Study of Probability
  37. The impact of probability density functions assessment on model performance for slope stability analysis
  38. Variable Length Memory Chains: characterization of stationary probability measures
  39. Confined random motion with Laplace and Linnik statistics
  40. Stochastic Modeling of an Infectious Disease Part II: Simulation Experiments and Verification of the Analysis
  41. Probability analysis of train-bridge coupled system considering track irregularities and parameter uncertainty
  42. Probabilistic analysis of random nonlinear oscillators subject to small perturbations via probability density functions: theory and computing
  43. Equilibrium and non-equilibrium statistical mechanics with generalized fractal derivatives: A review
  44. Fundamentals of Probability and Statistics
  45. The correction term in a small-ball probability factorization for random curves
  46. No-Regret Learning with High-Probability in Adversarial Markov Decision Processes (Supplementary Material/Full Version)
  47. Failure analysis of a transmission line considering the joint probability distribution of wind speed and rain intensity
  48. The probability of reaching a receding boundary by branching random walk with fading branching and heavy-tailed jump distribution
  49. Experimental elicitation of ambiguity attitude using the random incentive system
  50. An efficient importance sampling approach for reliability analysis of time-variant structures subject to time-dependent stochastic load
  51. Adaptive Hermite Distribution Model with Probability-Weighted Moments for Seismic Reliability Analysis of Nonlinear Structures
  52. Correction to: How linear reinforcement affects Donsker’s theorem for empirical processes
  53. An algorithm to simulate nonstationary and non-Gaussian stochastic processes
  54. Connecting Statistics, Probability, Algebra and Discrete Mathematics
  55. The probability of a scaffolding failure on a construction site
  56. On two new systems: Probability structures and applications
  57. Comment on “Analysis of Helicopter Handling Quality in Turbulence with Recursive von Kármán Mode”
  58. Typhoon hazard analysis based on the probability density evolution theory
  59. Spatial prediction and mapping of the COVID-19 hotspot in India using geostatistical technique
  60. A semantic software development based on random probability distribution model
  61. Long range dependence of heavy-tailed random functions
  62. Bit Error Probability of VLC Systems in Underground Mining Channels with Imperfect CSI
  63. … niche for a mixed local/nonlocal dispersal: An evolution equation and a new Neumann condition arising from the superposition of Brownian and Lévy processes
  64. The bootstrap for network dependent processes
  65. Degenerate zero-truncated Poisson random variables
  66. Recurrence of two-dimensional queueing processes, and random walk exit times from the quadrant
  67. Statistical Inference and Probability
  68. Road Surface Profile Synthesis: Assessment of Suitability for Simulation
  69. Data Rate and Bit Error Probability in Narrowband PLC Systems: OCDM versus HS-OFDM
  70. How to beat the 1/e-strategy of best choice (the random arrivals problem)
  71. Blockchain Technologies: Probability of Double-Spend Attack on a Proof-of-Stake Consensus
  72. Intrapersonal heterogeneity in car-sharing decision-making processes by activity-travel contexts: A context-dependent latent class random utility–random regret model
  73. Introduction to SPDEs from Probability and PDE
  74. Robust Spectrum Sensing via Probability Measure Transform
  75. Shannon entropy rate of hidden Markov processes
  76. Ultra-efficient reconstruction of 3D microstructure and distribution of properties of random heterogeneous materials containing multiple phases
  77. Distributed learning dynamics of multi-armed bandits for edge intelligence
  78. Estimating the probability that a vehicle reaches a near-term goal state using multiple lane changes
  79. Parametric recurrence quantification analysis of autoregressive processes for pattern recognition in multichannel electroencephalographic data
  80. Prediction or Causation? Towards a Redefinition of Task Controllability
  81. Introduction to stochastic processes
  82. Statistics and probability
  83. Transformation of matter in living organisms during growth and evolution
  84. Internet of Things (IoT) Framework Deployment Template for Cloud-Based Harbor Surveillance and Ferry Monitoring System
  85. Uniform lower bounds on the dimension of Bernoulli convolutions
  86. Empirical dependence of the probability of blocks rotations on the diffusion coefficient in a cellular automaton with a Margolus neighbourhood
  87. The Expectation of a Solution of a Linear System of Differential Equations with Random Coefficients
  88. Hypothetical control of postural sway
  89. Mixing time of the Chung–Diaconis–Graham random process
  91. Rates of multivariate normal approximation for statistics in geometric probability
  92. Exact simulation of two-parameter Poisson-Dirichlet random variables
  93. On Sets of Laws of Continuous Martingales
  94. Algorithmic Probability of Large Datasets and the Simplicity Bubble Problem in Machine Learning
  95. A Comparative Analysis on Probability of Volatility Clusters on Cryptocurrencies, and FOREX Currencies
  96. The Smallest Probability Interval a Sequence Is Random for: A Study for Six Types of Randomness
  97. Sequential Maximum Likelihood Estimation for the Squared Radial Ornstein-Uhlenbeck Process
  98. Anchored expansion of Delaunay complexes in real hyperbolic space and stationary point processes
  99. Random walks and community detection in hypergraphs
  100. Statistical sequential hypotheses testing on para meters of probability distributions of random binary data
  101. Bayesian Non-parametric Priors Based on Random Sets
  102. Discovery of effective infrequent sequences based on maximum probability path
  103. Prospective mathematics teachers understanding of classical and frequentist probability
  104. Sets, Venn Diagrams, Probability, and Bayes’ Rule
  105. Limits of random walks with distributionally robust transition probabilities
  106. Quantum Tensor Networks, Stochastic Processes, and Weighted Automata
  107. Reinsurance and solvency capital: Mitigating insurance companies’ ruin probability
  108. Posing probability problems related to continuous and discrete sample space
  110. A return to stochasticity and probability in spiking neural P systems
  111. Credit scoring using neural networks and SURE posterior probability calibration
  112. Calculation of Technological Dimensional Chains by Probability Method
  113. Multiplicative up-drift
  114. Removing leakage-induced correlated errors in superconducting quantum error correction
  115. Palm theory, random measures and Stein couplings
  116. Probability-related naïve ideas across physics topics
  117. A Ray–Knight representation of up-down Chinese restaurants
  118. A Bayesian machine learning approach to rapidly quantifying the fatigue probability of failure for steel catenary risers
  119. The Current State of Teaching Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics in Secondary Schools in Kazakhstan
  120. Probability theory and mathematical statistics: syllabus of the academic discipline for students specialty 051 «Economics» of the first (bachelor’s) level academic …
  121. Characterization of the probability and information entropy of a process with an increasing sample space by different functional forms of expansion, with an application …
  122. Development of an algorithm for estimating the probability of receiving and transmitting a signal without distortion using the Monte Carlo method
  123. Size Optimization of Distributed Generation Resources in Microgrids with Considering Uncertainty Units Based on Scenario Tree
  124. Quantum stochastic processes and quantum non-Markovian phenomena
  126. Barren plateaus preclude learning scramblers
  127. Shot noise processes with randomly delayed cluster arrivals and dependent noises in the large-intensity regime
  128. Stability of time-varying hybrid stochastic delayed systems with application to aperiodically intermittent stabilization
  129. On the dual nature of adoption processes in complex networks
  130. The security of medical data on Internet based on differential privacy technology
  131. Maximum Conditional Probability Stochastic Controller for Linear Systems with Additive Cauchy Noises
  132. Grad-tts: A diffusion probabilistic model for text-to-speech
  133. A novel notion of barycenter for probability distributions based on optimal weak mass transport
  134. Diffusion–Advection Equations on a Comb: Resetting and Random Search
  135. A monad for probabilistic point processes
  136. Rough invariance principle for delayed regenerative processes
  137. Zeros of smooth stationary Gaussian processes
  138. Quadratic-exponential functionals of Gaussian quantum processes
  139. Poisson-Kingman distribution generated by negative binomial processes
  140. Communication theory
  141. Outage Probability for Directional Beamforming in High Density Wireless Networks
  142. Arcsine laws for random walks generated from random permutations with applications to genomics
  143. Channel current fluctuations conclusively explain neuronal encoding of internal potential into spike trains
  144. Bayesian inference of the viscoelastic properties of a Jeffrey’s fluid using optical tweezers
  145. On collision of multiple eigenvalues for matrix-valued Gaussian processes
  146. A distributed density estimation algorithm and its application to naive Bayes classification
  147. Coherence resonance in neuronal populations: Mean-field versus network model
  148. On the Analysis of PM/FM Noise Radar Waveforms Considering Modulating Signals with Varied Stochastic Properties
  149. Freeness over the diagonal for large random matrices
  150. Scaling exponents of step-reinforced random walks
  151. On the principle of load combination of structures
  152. Outage probability analysis in multi-user FSO/RF and UAV-enabled MIMO communication networks
  153. Analytic and Monte Carlo random walk assessments of neutron fission chains and the probability of extinction
  154. Random autoregressive models: A structured overview
  155. Competing growth processes with random growth rates and random birth times
  156. Performance analysis of PoUW consensus mechanism: Fork probability and throughput
  157. Some asymptotic properties between smooth empirical and quantile processes for dependent random variables
  158. Inverse probability of censoring weighting for visual predictive checks of time‐to‐event models with time‐varying covariates
  159. Using data analytics results in practice: challenges and solution directions
  160. Flood probability zonation using a comparative study of two well-known random forest and support vector machine models in northern Iran
  161. Statistical Inference on the Hilbert Sphere with Application to Random Densities
  162. Coverage Probability and Energy Efficiency of Reconfigurable Intelligent Surface-Assisted mmWave Networks
  163. A molecular communication perspective on airborne pathogen transmission and reception via droplets generated by coughing and sneezing
  164. Tail-behavior roadmap for sharp restart
  165. Response and first passage probability of linear elastic SDOF systems subjected to nonstationary stochastic excitation modelled through S-transform
  166. Measure invariance of ergodic symbolic systems for low-delay detection of anomalous events
  167. Reliability analysis of structures with multimodal distributions based on direct probability integral method
  168. Weak Solution and Invariant Probability Measure for McKean-Vlasov SDEs with Integrable Drifts
  169. Balanced systems by considering multi-state competing risks under degradation processes
  170. Inferring power system frequency oscillations using Gaussian processes
  171. Using machine learning models, remote sensing, and GIS to investigate the effects of changing climates and land uses on flood probability
  172. Stochastic multiscale model for HfO2-based resistive random access memories with 1T1R configuration
  173. Spatial statistics
  174. Solid waste shape description and generation based on spherical harmonics and probability density function
  175. Quenched convergence rates for a supercritical branching process in a random environment
  176. Failure Mechanisms and Probability-The Myth of MTBF
  177. Qualitative generalization, not to the population but to the phenomenon: Reconceptualizing variation in qualitative research.
  178. Determinantal point processes in randomized numerical linear algebra
  179. Global analysis of stochastic bifurcation in shape memory alloy supporter with the extended composite cell coordinate system method
  180. Vibrational and stochastic resonances in driven nonlinear systems
  182. Least squares estimation for the linear self-repelling diffusion driven by α-stable motions
  183. A new measure between sets of probability distributions with applications to erratic financial behavior
  184. Analysis of stochastic process to model safety risk in construction industry
  185. Impact of Alternative Delivery on the Response Time of Requests for Information for Highway Projects
  186. Large Deviations Principles for Langevin Equations in Random Environment and Applications
  187. Large deviations for Markov processes with stochastic resetting: analysis via the empirical density and flows or via excursions between resets
  188. Imprecise random field analysis for non-linear concrete damage analysis
  189. Spatial distribution of the mean peak age of information in wireless networks
  190. A new multimode process monitoring method based on a hierarchical Dirichlet process—Hidden semi-Markov model with application to the hot steel strip mill process
  191. An optimized deep neural network based DoS attack detection in wireless video sensor network
  192. Why Call Prices Decrease as the Probability of Up‐Jumps Increases‐A Riddle from the World of Jump‐Diffusion Processes
  193. Single Photon Avalanche Diode with Monte Carlo Simulations: PDE, Jitter and Quench Probability
  194. Verification of FPA and PSO algorithms for rule curve extraction and optimization of single-and multi-reservoir systems’ operations considering their specific purposes
  195. Testing Equality of Distributions of Random Convex Compact Sets via Theory of -Distances
  196. One step at a time: The origins of sequential simulation and beyond
  197. Looking for a proxy of the ionospheric turbulence with Swarm data
  198. Convex algebras of probability distributions induced by finite associative rings
  199. Effectiveness of Concrete-Representational-Abstract sequence of instruction in probability on select-groups of eight graders
  200. Pricing of Commodity and Energy Derivatives for Polynomial Processes
  201. Exact first-passage time distributions for three random diffusivity models
  202. Fractal geometry of Airy processes coupled via the Airy sheet
  203. Approximation of Probability Density Functions for PDEs with Random Parameters Using Truncated Series Expansions
  204. Random Matrices and Non-Commutative Probability
  205. Spiking neural networks—Part II: Detecting spatio-temporal patterns
  206. Bayesian multiple changepoint detection for stochastic models in continuous time
  207. Is eliciting dependency worth the effort? A study for the multivariate Poisson-Gamma probability model
  208. Blocking Probability in Obstructed Tunnels with Reconfigurable Intelligent Surface
  209. Parameter estimation in branching processes with almost sure extinction
  210. Fractal analysis of market (in) efficiency during the COVID-19
  211. Monitoring of zero-inflated binomial processes with a DEWMA control chart
  212. Autonomous temporal probability concentration: Clockworks and the second law of thermodynamics
  213. The expected number of viable autocatalytic sets in chemical reaction systems
  214. Process stress, stability and resilience in wastewater treatment processes: A novel conceptual methodology
  215. Reliability estimation of reinforced slopes to prioritize maintenance actions
  216. 30 Years of space–time covariance functions
  217. Effects of population co-location reduction on cross-county transmission risk of COVID-19 in the United States
  218. From classical to quantum walks with stochastic resetting on networks
  219. Stochastic Processes Generated by Observables
  220. On protocols for increasing the uniformity of random bits generated with noisy quantum computers
  221. Dissecting localization phenomena of dynamical processes on networks
  222. A random graph of moderate density
  223. Stochastic version of Henry type Gronwall’s inequality
  224. Stochastic Pix2pix: a new machine learning method for geophysical and well conditioning of rule-based channel reservoir models
  225. A sample-based iterative scheme for simulating non-stationary non-Gaussian stochastic processes
  226. Multiscale feedback loops in SARS-CoV-2 viral evolution
  227. Brownian motion
  228. Confidence intervals of ruin probability under L\’evy surplus
  229. Nearly minimax optimal reinforcement learning for linear mixture markov decision processes
  230. Generalized cauchy process: difference iterative forecasting model
  231. Correlation analysis to investigate unconscious mental processes: A critical appraisal and mini-tutorial
  232. Stochastic seismic analysis of geosynthetic-reinforced soil slopes using the probability density evolution method
  233. Hierarchical multiscale quantification of material uncertainty
  234. Probabilistic zero forcing on random graphs
  235. The local principle of large deviations for compound Poisson process with catastrophes
  236. Directed Hybrid Random Networks Mixing Preferential Attachment with Uniform Attachment Mechanisms
  237. Nonstationary and Multirate Process Monitoring by Using Common Trends and Multiple Probability Principal Component Analysis
  238. A mutual security authentication method for RFID-PUF circuit based on deep learning
  239. On the Deterministic Estimaton of Multiscale Permutation Entropy of High-Order Autoregressive-Moving-Average Processes as a Function of ARMA Parameters
  240. Winning the Game: Probability and Value
  241. Repeatability of IVIM biomarkers from diffusion‐weighted MRI in head and neck: Bayesian probability versus neural network
  242. The semi-Markov beta-Stacy process: a Bayesian non-parametric prior for semi-Markov processes.
  243. Success probability for selectively neutral invading species in the line model with a random fitness landscape
  244. A Complete Bibliography of Publications in ESAIM: Probability and Statistics
  245. Regeneration-enriched Markov processes with application to Monte Carlo
  246. Engineering analysis with probability boxes: a review on computational methods
  247. Optimal covariance change point localization in high dimensions
  248. Quantum algorithms with local particle-number conservation: Noise effects and error correction
  249. … fractal modelling: a novel insight for correlation between variables in response to changes in the underlying controlling geological-geochemical processes
  250. Why Probability isn’t Magic
  251. The joint spectrum
  252. A sampling algorithm for diffusion networks
  253. On the Analytic Structure of Second-Order Non-Commutative Probability Spaces and Functions of Bounded Fr\’echet Variation
  254. The rate of complete consistency for recursive probability density estimator under strong mixing samples
  255. Strong couplings for static locally tree-like random graphs
  256. From Manual Operation to Collaborative Robot Assembly: An Integrated Model of Productivity and Ergonomic Performance
  257. Two-dimensional Random Walk: From Path Counting to Random Interlacements
  258. Modeling Joint Probability of Wind and Flood Hazards in Boston
  259. Uncertainty handling in structural damage detection via non-probabilistic meta-models and interval mathematics, a data-analytics approach
  260. Short-term flood probability density forecasting using a conceptual hydrological model with machine learning techniques
  261. The tail process and tail measure of continuous time regularly varying stochastic processes
  262. Quenched invariance principle for random walks on dynamically averaging random conductances
  263. Probability and topic‐based data transmission protocol
  264. After the splits: Information flow between Bitcoin and Bitcoin family
  265. Persistence of hubs in growing random networks
  266. Glivenko–Cantelli theorems for integrated functionals of stochastic processes
  267. A piecewise deterministic Monte Carlo method for diffusion bridges
  268. Bayesian optimization using deep Gaussian processes with applications to aerospace system design
  269. Probability and moment inequalities for additive functionals of geometrically ergodic Markov chains
  270. Artificial Neural Network (ANN)-Bayesian Probability Framework (BPF) based method of dynamic force reconstruction under multi-source uncertainties
  271. An improved inverse Gaussian process with random effects and measurement errors for RUL prediction of hydraulic piston pump
  272. Linear-Phase-Type probability modelling of functional PCA with applications to resistive memories
  273. How is sea level change encoded in carbonate stratigraphy?
  274. What Mathematical Knowledge Do Prospective Teachers Reveal When Creating and Solving a Probability Problem?
  275. The new trend of state estimation: from model-driven to hybrid-driven methods
  276. Is SGD a Bayesian sampler? Well, almost
  277. Probability On Groups: Random Walks and Limit Theorems
  279. Branching processes with interactions: subcritical cooperative regime
  280. Extremal statistics for stochastic resetting systems
  281. Agent-based automated dynamic SLA negotiation framework in the cloud using the stochastic optimization approach
  282. A Systematic Review of Hidden Markov Models and Their Applications.
  283. Reliability analysis of a system with two-stage degradation using Wiener processes with piecewise linear drift
  284. Neutrosophic Random Variables
  285. Moments for Hawkes processes with gamma decay kernel functions
  286. Predictive inference with Fleming–Viot-driven dependent Dirichlet processes
  287. Quantile-based individual risk measures for rockfall-prone areas
  288. Extreme avalanche cycles: Return levels and probability distributions depending on snow and meteorological conditions
  289. A Review on Data‐Driven Learning Approaches for Fault Detection and Diagnosis in Chemical Processes
  290. On the Discretization of Continuous Probability Distributions Using a Probabilistic Rounding Mechanism
  291. Analysis of English free association network reveals mechanisms of efficient solution of Remote Association Tests
  292. Structural System Reliability: Overview of Theories and Applications to Optimization
  293. A new quantile Regression for modeling bounded data under a unit Birnbaum–Saunders distribution with applications in medicine and politics
  294. Kumaraswamy generalized power lomax distributionand its applications
  295. Asymptotics for ultimate ruin probability in a by-claim risk model
  296. Forecasting COVID-19 cases based on a parameter-varying stochastic SIR model
  297. Analyzing the renewable energy and CO2 emission levels nexus at an EU level: a panel data regression approach


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