Hardware and Software Verification Research Topics Ideas

Research Topics Ideas on Hardware and Software Verification

1. Fuzzing Hardware Like Software
2. Integration verification across software and hardware for a simple embedded system
3. Software/Hardware Co-Verification for Custom Instruction Set Processors
4. Attitude determination and control system testbed for hardware and software testing and verification for HYPSO small satellites
5. Hardware-software contracts for secure speculation
6. Automated Hardware-in-the-Loop Testing Using a Cloud-Based Architecture
7. Coco: Co-design and co-verification of masked software implementations on CPUs
8. Software verification: 10th comparative evaluation (SV-COMP 2021)
9. Formal verification of high-level synthesis
10. Solver-Aided Constant-Time Hardware Verification
11. D2Gen: A decentralized device genome based integrity verification mechanism for collaborative intrusion detection systems
12. The verified software initiative: A manifesto
13. 2L-3W: 2-Level 3-Way Hardware–Software Co-verification for the Mapping of Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) onto FPGA Boards
14. Orthogonal Defect Classification-based Ontology Construction and Application of Software-hardware Integrated Error Pattern of Software-intensive Systems
15. Modeling and Verification of Launch Vehicle Onboard Software Using SPIN Model Checker
16. Formal Verification of Quantum Programs: Theory, Tools and Challenges
17. Interpolation and SAT-Based Model Checking Revisited: Adoption to Software Verification
18. Lean automated hardware/software integration test strategy for embedded systems
19. Hardware Information Flow Tracking
20. Developing Trustworthy Hardware with Security-Driven Design and Verification
21. A Model-Driven Approach for Early Verification and Validation of Embedded Systems
22. Software and hardware co-simulation verification platform for navigation SoC
23. rtlv: push-button verification of software on hardware
24. Knowledge-Based Verification of Concatenative Programming Patterns Inspired by Natural Language for Resource-Constrained Embedded Devices
25. Leveraging Processor Modeling and Verification for General Hardware Modules
26. Pre-Silicon Verification Using Multi-FPGA Platforms: A Review
27. ARINC653 Channel Robustness Verification Using LeonViP-MC, a LEON4 Multicore Virtual Platform
28. Enabling Parallelized-QEMU for Hardware/Software Co-Simulation Virtual Platforms
29. Universal Verification Platform and Star Simulator for Fast Star Tracker Design
30. FlexOS: making OS isolation flexible
31. Solver-Aided Constant-Time Circuit Verification
32. Hardware acceleration for deep learning of image classification
33. Review and Redaction-Tolerant Image Verification Using Cryptographic Methods
34. Quantitative System-Level Security Verification of the IoV Infrastructure
35. Privacy Preserving Verification Scheme for Cloud Platform Using DML
36. Intelligent Physical Access Control System Through Three-Stage Verification Using IoT
37. Towards a Verification-Driven Iterative Development of Software for Safety-Critical Cyber-Physical Systems
38. Timing Attacks in Single-Chip Microcomputer through Workflow Verification
39. Online Document Verification System
40. A Low-Cost Bug Hunting Verification Methodology for RISC-V-based Processors
41. ARGOS: calibrated facility for Image based Relative Navigation technologies on ground verification and testing
42. Onboard software
43. Model Checking Techniques for Design and Analysis of Future Hardware and Software Systems
44. A Parallel Verification Approach for New Technology Application in Complex Radar System
45. An Airborne Requirements Verification Method based on Requirement Elements using CRF
46. Nanoscale wedge resistive-switching synaptic device and experimental verification of vector-matrix multiplication for hardware neuromorphic application
47. On Determinism of Game Engines used for Simulation-based Autonomous Vehicle Verification
48. An application specific dynamic behaviour model using function-call sequence and memory access-graph for execution integrity verification
49. Millimeter-wave Channel-Sounder Performance Verification using Vector Network Analyzer in a Controlled RF Channel
50. Enhancing Analysis of Hardware Design Verification Metrics Using Machine Learning & Data Visualization
51. Post Verification of Integrity of Remote Queries in Opaque
52. Deployment and verification of machine learning tool-chain based on kubernetes distributed clusters
53. An overview and review of testing methods for the verification and validation of ADAS, active safety systems, and autonomous driving
54. Operator action log based monitoring and control and its verification of nuclear power plants
55. A hardware-oriented algorithm of GMM-MRCoHOG for high-performance human detection by an FPGA
56. Formal Methods of FPGA Project Verification Flow
57. Smart Markers in Smart Contracts: Enabling Multiway Branching and Merging in Blockchain for Decentralized Runtime Verification
58. Introduction to the special issue of the 19th International Conference on Runtime Verification
59. Syntax-Guided Synthesis for Lemma Generation in Hardware Model Checking
60. Verification of an Evaluator for a New-Radio Channel Estimator
61. Implementation and Verification of 5G Network Slicing for Smart Grids
62. Open-Source Verification with Chisel and Scala
63. … verification of individual motor control technology to improve the driving performance of independently rotating wheel type railway vehicle using hardware-in-the-loop …
64. Development of smart english classroom system based on FPGA software and hardware co-simulation test
65. A Hybrid Test Environment for Verification of Drilling Automation Systems
66. A Software/Hardware Co-Design of Crystals-Dilithium Signature Scheme
67. Verification of Numerically Controlled Manufacturing Processes, Toward Identifying Cyber-Physical Threats
68. C2AADL_Reverse: A model-driven reverse engineering approach for development and verification of safety-critical software
69. Hardware: A Double-Edged Sword for Security
70. Multi-company Consumer Product Software Test Architecture Industry Experience Report
71. Research on high precision ADC test based on modular hardware
72. Design and Verification of PID Controller for Unstable System with Hardware-in-Loop Simulation
73. Pre-silicon FEC decoding verification on SoC FPGAs
74. Experimental verification of self-adapting data-driven controllers in active distribution grids
75. Developing Digital Instrumentation and Control System for Experimental Power Reactor by Following IEEE Std 1012− 2004 to be Verified and Validated
76. Constrained Random Verification for RISC-V: Overview, Evaluation and Discussion
78. Hybrid verification technique for decision-making of self-driving vehicles
79. Accelerating hardware security verification and vulnerability detection through state space reduction
80. ICARUS-Incremental Design and Verification of Software Updates in Safety-Critical Product Lines
81. Advanced Safety Analysis and Modeling of Control Software in Implantable Medical Devices
82. Implementation of image copyright protection tool using hardware-software co-simulation
83. Model-Based Hardware-Software Codesign of ECT Digital Processing Unit
84. Verification of the Channel Estimator Evaluator
85. License Verification System With Face Recognition Using IOT
86. Model-driven system-level validation and verification on the space software domain
87. Enhanced Secure ATM authentication using NFC Technology and Iris Verification
88. Biometric based Fingerprint Verification System for ATM machines
89. Adding a Verification View for an Autonomous Real-Time System Architecture
90. Design of verification and verification system for electric metering pipeline meters based on big data analysis
91. Development of Hardware-In-The-Loop Test Bench for Automation of After-Treatment Control Systems Tests
92. FACE™ Software Developers
93. Computer Life-Cycle Management System for Avionics Software as a Tool for Supporting the Sustainable Development of Air Transport. Sustainability 2021, 13, 1547
94. 24.1. 3.1-Verification of Spent Fuel Inside Dry Storage Casks by Fast/Epi-thermal Neutron Mapping
95. Efficient FPGA implementation and verification of difference expansion based reversible watermarking with improved time and resource utilization
96. S-CNN-ESystem: An end-to-end embedded CNN inference system with low hardware cost and hardware-software time-balancing
97. A Systematic Design Methodology of Formally-Proven Side-Channel-Resistant Cryptographic Hardware
98. The Verification Method for Missing Software Standardization in Weapon System-Focused on Firmware
99. An I/O Separation Model for Formal Verification of Kernel Implementations
100. Requirement Specification, Analysis and Verification for Autonomous Systems
101. A Survey on Recent Detection Methods of the Hardware Trojans
102. Progressive Automated Formal Verification of Memory Consistency in Parallel Processors
103. Pono: A Flexible and Extensible SMT-Based Model Checker
104. SIGLOG monthly 209
105. Student Paper: Formal Verification of a Cognitive Agent Using Theorem Proving
106. The second international verification of neural networks competition (vnn-comp 2021): Summary and results
107. Data-Driven Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) Testing Prioritization
108. Design and Verification of a Modular Reconfigurable Test Platform for Electric Tractors
109. Aerospace engineering experience and on-board software projects of satellite navigation systems
110. Reductions and abstractions for formal verification of distributed round-based algorithms
111. Trusted Verification of Over-the-Air (OTA) Secure Software Updates on COTS Embedded Systems
112. An Automated Continuous Integration Multitest Platform for Automotive Systems
113. Emerging Topics in Hardware Security
114. Comparative Analysis between Verilog and Chisel in RISC-V Core Design and Verification
115. The Concept of an Autonomic Avionics Platform and the Resulting Software Engineering Challenges
116. Towards model-based intent-driven adaptive software
117. Embedded Devices Overview: Does Security Match The Evolution Of Technology
118. Cybersecurity Verification and Validation Testing in Automotive
119. Towards Test-Driven Development for FPGA-Based Modules Across Abstraction Levels
120. Identification and verification of the key methodology elements of measuring digital competences of ICT companies’ customers
121. Asymmetric hardware and software integration design based on multi-core processor
122. Incrementally Predictive Runtime Verification
123. Nuclear engineering software quality assurance
124. Leveraging ML to handle the increasing complexity of the cloud
125. A model-based approach for formal verification and performance analysis of dynamic load-balancing protocols in cloud environment
126. Implementation of ISO Check For Early Failure Detection in Vehicle Design Using FPGA
127. An Overview of Verification and Validation Challenges for Inspection Robots
128. Appendix G: Additional visualizations and analyses
129. EntrapNet: a Blockchain-Based Verification Protocol for Trustless Computing
130. Cross-level Co-simulation and Verification of an Automatic Transmission Control on Embedded Processor
131. Uncertainty-aware specification and analysis for hardware-in-the-loop testing of cyber-physical systems
132. Towards a Statistical Model Checking Method for Safety-Critical Cyber-Physical System Verification
133. SoK: Practical Foundations for Spectre Defenses
134. Test case quality improvement via continuous review in software development life cycle
135. Independent Verification and Validation of Security-Aware EDA Tools and IP
136. An energyaware virtual machines consolidation method for cloud computing: Simulation and verification
137. Autopilot Mode Transitions and Voter Logic Validation Using Model Checking: A Design Study of Formal Methods
138. SafeCap: from formal verification of railway interlocking to its certification
139. Mathematical Modeling and Experimental Verification of a New Wave Energy Converter
140. SAIF: Automated Asset Identification for Security Verification at the Register Transfer Level
141. A Holistic View of Software and Hardware Reuse
142. Model checking reveals design issues leading to spurious actuation of nuclear instrumentation and control systems
143. Survey on Machine Learning Algorithms Enhancing the Functional Verification Process
144. Application of barcode recognition technology in baggage verification at airports
145. Unified Approach to Static and Runtime Verification
146. … eines Magnetfeldteststandes zur Verifikation von CubeSat Lagekontrollsystemen Construction of a Magnetic Field Cage for the Verification of CubeSat Attitude …
147. A non-intrusive tool chain to optimize MPSoC end-to-end systems
148. Advanced virtual prototyping for cyber-physical systems using RISC-V: implementation, verification and challenges
149. Development and verification of integrated photoelectric system for noncontact detection of pavement ponding and freezing
150. Single-Source Hardware-Software Codesign
151. Integrating Hardware and Software Filtering in Embedded System Audio Data Processing: An Embedded Systems Course Project
152. Recursive Multi-Tensor Contraction for XEB Verification of Quantum Circuits
153. Security modelling and formal verification of survivability properties: Application to cyber–physical systems
154. Summary of software reliability Research
155. Efficient pipelined execution of CNNs based on in-memory computing and graph homomorphism verification
156. Reliability-driven Automotive Software Deployment based on a Parametrizable Probabilistic Model Checking
157. Hardware-based solutions for trusted cloud computing
158. Wheel flat analogue fault detector verification study under dynamic testing conditions using a scaled bogie test rig
159. Remote embedded devices test framework on the cloud
160. SoWaF: Shuffling of Weights and Feature Maps: A Novel Hardware Intrinsic Attack (HIA) on Convolutional Neural Network (CNN)
161. Demystifying Attestation in Intel Trust Domain Extensions via Formal Verification
162. Model-checking I&C logics—insights from over a decade of projects in Finland
163. A Review of Formal Methods applied to Machine Learning
164. Network-on-Chip Security and Trust Verification
165. Efficient Memory Arbitration in High-Level Synthesis from Multi-threaded Code
166. Digitalization in software engineering and IT business
167. RFlySim: Automatic test platform for UAV autopilot systems with FPGA-based hardware-in-the-loop simulations
168. A Novel Architecture Prototyping Framework With Generic Properties Verification for Sub-architectures.
169. A Python based Design Verification Methodology
170. Research on Security Verification Mechanism of Perception Layer Terminal of Power Internet of Things Based on Device Operation Fingerprint
171. Verification of the Legacy Compatibility of the MIPI I3C Master
172. Experimental verification of thermal properties of the aerogel blanket
173. Modelling and verification of parameterized architectures: A functional approach
174. Analysis and verification of a pyroshock test system
175. A taxonomy for classifying runtime verification tools
176. Effective Pre-Silicon Verification of Processor Cores by Breaking the Bounds of Symbolic Quick Error Detection
177. Qualification Considerations for Simulations in Avionics Software Engineering
178. Design and Implementation of the Universal Servo Control Algorithm Verification System Based on High-Speed Communication Fieldbus
179. Design, implementation, and verification of a lowcost terminal guidance system for small fixedwing UAVs
180. Hardware Verification: Theory and Practice
182. Alternative computational methods for electromagnetic circuits of disk-type induction motors—comparison and verification
183. State-of-the-Art Software-Based Remote Attestation: Opportunities and Open Issues for Internet of Things
184. AI-Blueprint for Deep Neural Networks.
185. A chiplet prototype system for deep learning inference: technical perspective
186. Confluence of AI/ML with EDA and Software Engineering
187. Extending critical infrastructure element longevity using constellation-based ID verification
188. Methodology for Specification and Verification of High-Level Requirements with MetAcsl
189. Online Student Authentication and Proctoring System Based on Multimodal Biometrics Technology
190. Memory Layout Extraction and Verification Method for Reliable Physical Memory Acquisition
191. Verification and Calibration of the ICEBEAR Radar through GPU Acceleration, Noise Characterization and Calculation, and Radio Galaxy Phase Calibration
192. Study of fine-grained nested parallelism in CDCL SAT solvers
193. Using Behavioral Profiling through Keystrokes Dynamics and Location Verification authentication as a Method of Securing Mobile Banking Transactions
194. An efficient hardware-oriented dropout algorithm
195. Advanced High-performance Bus (AHB) architecture verification
196. diff-SAT–A Software for Sampling and Probabilistic Reasoning for SAT and Answer Set Programming
197. HorizonUAM: Safety and Security Considerations for Urban Air Mobility
198. Integrating pattern matching and abstract interpretation for verifying cautions of microcontrollers
199. SEDAT: Security Enhanced Device Attestation with TPM2. 0
200. Watermarking Techniques for Royalty Accounts in Content Management Websites for IoT Image Association
201. Proving Correctness of Reconfigurable Systems
202. Fuzzing High-Level Synthesis Tools
203. A look at the full stack
204. Understanding and Fixing Complex Faults in Embedded Cyberphysical Systems PREPRINT
205. Multi-matching nested relations
206. Scheme Design and Experiment Verification for Multiple Quadrotors with the Monocular Camera to Track Ground Moving Targets
207. Development of a Software Suite for Environmental Synthesis and Simulation for Short-Range ADAS Radar
208. Synergy Analysis and verification of connected Cyber Physical Systems using virtual commissioning
209. System Verification and Analysis of ALU for RISC Processor
210. Automatic offloading method of loop statements of software to FPGA
211. In-flight verification of the engineering design data for the Energetic Particle Detector on board the ESA/NASA Solar Orbiter
212. EPEX: Processor Verification by Equivalent Program Execution
213. Isla: Integrating full-scale ISA semantics and axiomatic concurrency models
214. Development and application of an internet of things door lock Network Bridge for classroom access control management
215. The cyber security body of knowledge
216. Case Study of Model-Based Validation & Verification of an Agricultural Crop Engaging Control System
217. Integrating hardware security into a blockchain-based transactive energy platform
218. A Performance Study of Crypto-Hardware in the Low-end IoT.
219. Verification and refutation of C programs based on k-induction and invariant inference
220. Efficient Verification of Optimized Code: Correct High-speed X25519
221. A Model-Based Approach to Document Software Toolchains for Supporting a Safety Analysis
222. Reusability, Dependability, and Software
223. A Case Study in Formal Specification and Runtime Verification of a CubeSat Communications System
224. Simulation for robotics test automation: Developer perspectives
225. Integrating runtime verification into an automated UAS traffic management system
226. A formal approach to rigorous development of critical systems
227. SDLV: verification of steering angle safety for self-driving cars
228. Effective Verification of Low-Level So ware with Nested Interrupts
229. The architecture of computer hardware, systems software, and networking: An information technology approach
230. Public integrity verification for data sharing in cloud with asynchronous revocation
231. A New Paradigm of Threats in Robotics Behaviors
232. Carnac: Algorithm Variability for Fast Swarm Verification on FPGA
233. Reduction of System Development Time with Early Sensor Prototyping and Measurement-Based Simulations
234. Edmund M. Clarke (1945—2020)
235. Quantum computing: A taxonomy, systematic review and future directions
236. Application Analysis of Artificial Intelligence Technology in Computer Information Security
237. Enhanced Virtual Prototyping: Featuring RISC-V Case Studies
238. Proficient Technique for Satellite Image Enhancement Using Hybrid Transformation with FPGA
239. Interface Compliance of Inline Assembly: Automatically Check, Patch and Refine
240. Towards a Robust Computational Solution for the Verification and Validation of Complex Systems in MBSE using Wymore’s Tricotyledon Theory of System Design


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