Research Topics Control of electrical Machines

Research Topics Control of electrical Machines

Research Area/ Research Interest: Control of electrical Machines in Electrical Engineering

Research Paper Topics for: Masters and PhD Thesis and publication

  1. Cooling by Peltier Effect and Active Control Systems to Thermally Manage Operating Temperatures of Electrical Machines (Motors and Generators)
  2. Nonlinear Control of Electrical Machines Using Nonlinear Feedback
  3. Direct Torque Control Strategies of Electrical Machines
  4. Formula In Cylinder Dalam Electrical Machines: Inovasi Formula Matematik
  5. IoT Based Tools for Data Acquisition in Electrical Machines and Robotics
  6. Trends and Challenges in Intelligent Condition Monitoring of Electrical Machines Using Machine Learning
  7. Partial Discharges in Electrical Machines for the More Electric Aircraft—Part I: A Comprehensive Modeling Tool for the Characterization of Electric Drives Based on …
  8. Electrical Machines and Systems
  9. Methods of Condition Monitoring and Fault Detection for Electrical Machines
  10. Analysis of the Accuracy of the Standard Elements Method when Modeling the Magnetic Field in Parts of Electrical Machines with Narrow Elements, Angular Zones …
  11. A Review on Additive Manufacturing Possibilities for Electrical Machines
  12. Airgap and stray magnetic flux monitoring techniques for fault diagnosis of electrical machines: An overview
  13. Advanced non-permanent-magnet reluctance machines for traction applications: A review
  14. Methods of Condition Monitoring and Fault Detection for Electrical Machines. Energies 2021, 14, 7459
  15. About the Modelling of Effects caused by Fast Switching Semiconductors operating Low Voltage Electrical Machines
  16. Application of Identification Reference Nets for the Preliminary Modeling on the Example of Electrical Machines
  17. Compensation Technique for Delay Times of Various Feedback Filters in a Three-Phase Control System for Synchronous Machines
  18. Fuzy logic techniques applied to the control of a three-phase induction motor
  19. In-process monitoring in electrical machine manufacturing: A review of state of the art and future directions
  20. IoT based Predictive Maintenance of Electrical Machines in Aircraft
  21. Case-study for HW Accelerated FEA Model for Electrical Machine Control Prototyping
  22. Mitigating Unbalanced Magnetic Pull in Induction Machines using Active Control Method
  23. Study of bifurcation and chaos in scalar drive systems of permanent magnet synchronous machines
  24. Decoupled Vector Control Scheme for Dual-Armature Flux-Switching Permanent Magnet Machines
  25. Optimization of Single Pulse Control based on Design of Experiments for Switched Reluctance Machines
  26. A Novel MTPA Control Strategy for Multiple Torque Component Single Air Gap Magnetless Machines
  27. Hall-Effect Sensors as Multipurpose Devices to Control, Monitor and Diagnose AC Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines
  28. Robust cascade control of electrical drives using discrete-time chattering-free sliding mode controllers with output saturation
  29. Controlling airgap magnetic flux density harmonics in synchronous machines using field current injection
  30. Improved sliding mode control method based on repetitive control
  31. Hybrid Sensorless Motor Control in aerospace applications, a survey in sensorless control, optimizing for availability and acoustic noise
  32. AC Magnetic Loss Reduction of SLM Processed Fe-Si for Additive Manufacturing of Electrical Machines
  33. Modulation behaviours and interchangeability of modulators for electrical machines
  34. Direct Acceleration Harmonic Control with Current Harmonics Injection Method to Reduce Acoustic Noise and Vibration in Switched Reluctance Machines
  35. New device for the quality control of the high-voltage electrical insulator
  36. Rapid control prototyping for PMSM drives using DSPs and PLECS
  37. Comprehensive Modelling of Renewable Energy Based Microgrid for System Level Control Studies
  38. Performance analysis and comparison of two fault-tolerant model predictive control methods for five-phase PMSM drives
  39. Additive Manufacturing of Prototype Axial Flux Switched Reluctance Electrical Machine
  40. Simulation of DC Machines Transient Behaviors: Teaching and Research
  41. Review of Advanced Cooling Systems of Modern Electric Machines for EMobility Application
  42. A Novel High Performance Discrete Flux Integrator for Control Algorithms of Fast Rotating AC Machines
  43. A Study on Sensorless Regenerative Control of Air Compressor for Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle
  44. Induction Brazing Process Control
  45. Integrated Position and Speed Control of Rail Transit Door Based on Speed-Current Loop Structure
  46. A method to estimate parameters of five-phase induction machines including the third-harmonic airgap field
  47. Field-oriented control strategy for double-stator single-rotor and double-rotor single-stator permanent magnet machine: Design and operation
  48. Robust Current Control of SRM for Automotive Applications
  49. Modeling and Fuzzy Control of a PWM Converter Feeding DC Machine
  50. Fluid-like Soft Machines with Liquid Metal
  51. Latency Compensation of SD-ADC for High Performance Motor Control and Diagnosis
  52. Voltage Transients in the Field Winding of Salient Pole Wound Synchronous Machines: Implications from fast switching power electronics
  53. Model assessment for sensorless control of permanent magnet synchronous machines in automotive applications
  54. Anti-disturbance Rejection Approach for PMSM Speed Control With Uncertainty and Disturbance Estimator
  55. Materials for Electric Machines Suited for High-Temperature Applications: a Survey
  56. High-Efficiency Drive for IPMSM Based on Model Predictive Control
  57. Research on current loop decoupling control of Brushless doubly-fed machine
  58. Alternating current loss of superconductors applied to superconducting electrical machines
  59. Optimal Parameters Model Predictive Control for Single Area Load Frequency Control
  60. Improved Model Predictive Control for Three-level Inverter Rectifier Based on Satisfaction Optimization
  61. … Modelling, Flatness-Based Current Control, and Torque Ripple Compensation for Interior Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines. Energies 2021, 14, 1590
  62. Terminal Voltage Oriented Control of Excitation Winding for New AC-Excited Hybrid Excitation Generator
  63. Decoupling Current Sharing Control for Paralleled DC-DC Converter in Aerospace Application
  64. Torque Ripple Suppression for IPMSM using FEA-based Model Predictive Direct Torque Control
  65. Improved Position Control Method of Indoor Surveillance Vehicle using Dual BLACM
  66. A Comparison of Drain-Source Voltage Characteristics for Active and Conventional Gate Control Circuits
  67. Multiphysic Design and Modeling of Rotating Electrical Machines
  68. Active Q Flux Concept for Sensorless Control of Synchronous Reluctance Machines
  69. syreDrive: Automated Sensorless Control Code Generation for Synchronous Reluctance Motor Drives
  70. Induction Motor Bearing Currents-Causes and Damages
  71. Assessment of Master-Slave and Droop Control Strategies in Multi-Three-Phase Drives
  72. Electrical Characteristics of the EHA in Four Quadrant Operation
  73. A Novel Thrust Control Based on Total Resistance Force Observation for Long Primary Linear Induction Motor
  74. Acceptance Testing of the Six-Phase Asynchronous Machines
  75. Post-Fault Demagnetization of a PMSG Under Field Oriented Control Operation
  76. An Autonomous Electrical Signature Analysis-Based Method for Faults Monitoring in Industrial Motors
  77. Design and comparative analysis of three phase, four phase and six phase switched reluctance motor topologies for electrical vehicle propulsion
  78. Research of Virtual Inertial Control in AC Driver System of Tandem Cold Mill
  79. Permanent Magnet Reduction by Current Harmonics Injection for Surface Permanent Magnet Machines
  80. Sensorless Sensing and Control Techniques of the Piston Stroke of Linear Compressor
  81. Schmitt trigger-based control strategy for the discharge phase of an ultra-high-voltage bidirectional flyback
  82. Hierarchical Structure-based Ramp rate Control of Renewable Energy Sources for Hub-Station
  83. A Sensorless Predictive Torque Control for Induction Motor Using Ultra-local Model
  84. Mechanisms of a 3-axis CNC machine design and experiment
  85. V/f with stabilizing loops fast response control of Induction Motor (IM) drives
  86. The Field-Orientated-Control Algorithm for Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor in 60° Coordinate System
  87. UltraZohm—An Open-Source Rapid Control Prototyping Platform for Power Electronic Systems
  88. CES Transactions on Electrical Machines and Systems
  89. Experimental Investigation on the Self-Sensing Capability of Synchronous Machines for Signal Injection Sensorless Drives
  90. A Robust Predictive Current Control Based on Incremental Model and Adaline N eural Network for PMSM Drives
  91. A Novel Complex Vector Decoupling Control Method of IPMSM with Fuzzy Strategy
  92. Emerging Electric Machines: Advances, Perspectives and Applications
  93. Improved Voltage Boundary with Model-Based Control Algorithm for Increased Torque in the Field Weakening Region of Induction Machines
  94. The modeling and investigation of slot skews and supply imbalance on the development of principal slotting harmonics in squirrel cage induction machines
  95. A Position Error Correction Method for Sensorless Control of Dual Three-Phase Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines
  96. Cooling Analysis of High-Speed Stator-Permanent Magnet Flux-Switching Machines for Fuel-cell Electric Vehicle Compressor
  97. Electrical Drives Teaching Using ePEDlab Platform-Power Quality Aspects
  98. Model Predictive Torque Control for PMSM Drives Based on Weighting Factor Elimination and Enhancement of Inductance Parameter Robustness
  99. Effect of Using Different Types of Magnet Wires on the AC Losses of Electrical Machine Windings
  100. Four-leg active power filter control with SUI-PI controller.
  101. Adjustable Speed Control and Damping Analysis of Torsional Vibrations in VSD Compressor Systems
  102. A Fast Calculation Algorithm of Efficiency Map of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines Using Finite-element Method
  103. Physical and electronic model of studying infrared radiator for drying wending insulation
  104. Determination of Eddy-Current and Hysteresis Losses in the Magnetic Circuits of Electrical Machines
  105. Fault-Tolerant Control Strategy Based on Speed Ripple Compensator for Five-Phase PMSM Under Coil Inter-Turn Short Circuit Fault Condition
  106. Design and Implementation of Hybrid Self-Control Scheme for PM Synchronous Motor Drive
  107. Improved Thermal Modelling and Experimental Validation of Oil-Flooded High Performance Machines with Slot-Channel Cooling
  108. Study on noise and disturbance issues of generalized predictive speed control for permanent magnet synchronous machines
  109. Simulation Modeling of First Rise Section of Water Supply System with Installed Complex of Automatic Pump Performance Control. Machines 2021, 9, 63
  110. Variable reluctance synchronous machines in saturated mode
  111. Dynamical Model of Residual Magnetism for Synchronous Reluctance Machine Control
  112. Qualitative and quantitative analysis of different inductance measurement techniques for IPM Synchronous Machines
  113. Refurbishing three-phase synchronous reluctance machines to multiphase machines
  114. High-Frequency Resonance Analysis Between DFIG Based Wind Farm with Direct Power Control and VSC-HVDC
  115. Off-Line Rotor Faults Diagnosis in Induction Machines by Parameter Estimation
  116. Faculty of Engineering and Technology Department of Electrical Engineering
  117. Bearing Fault Analysis of BLDC Motor Intended for Electric Scooter Application
  118. Comparative analysis of control methods with model reference adaptive system estimators of a seven-phase induction motor with encoder failure
  119. Conceptual Model of a Remote Laboratory for Investigation of DC Motors
  120. Analysis of Multi-Phase qZ-Source Inverter with Maximum Constant Boost Control Technique
  121. A Review on Variable Flux Machine Technology: Topologies, Control Strategies and Magnetic Materials
  122. Flux Linkage-Based Direct Model Predictive Current Control for Synchronous Machines
  123. A Novel Implementation of SVM-DTC: Integrated Control of IPM Motor and Hybrid Energy Storage System for Electric Vehicle Application
  124. Extracting spatially global and local attentive features for rolling bearing fault diagnosis in electrical machines using attention stream networks
  125. Design of asymmetry converter to control SRM machine speed and torque ripple for electric vehicle applications
  126. The Influence of Magnetic Hysteresis in Magnetic Circuit Sheets on Transient Processes in Electrical Machines
  127. A Feasibility Study of Non-Homogeneous Soft Magnetic Core for Electrical Machines-an Application of Additive Manufacturing
  128. Enhanced Active Disturbance Rejection Current Controller for Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines Operated at Low Sampling Time Ratio
  129. Modeling and Semi-Analytic Stability Analysis for Dynamics of AC Machines
  130. Flux Angle Control to Improve the Efficiency of Induction Motors
  131. A composite sliding mode control for SPMSM drives based on a new hybrid reaching law with disturbance compensation
  132. Modeling and Analysis of Multiple Open-Switch Faults in Converters Supplying Permanent-Magnet Synchronous Machines
  133. Research on the Impact of Regulator Functions of Power Transformers on Power Losses in Electrical Supply Systems
  134. 4MW Class High Power Density Generator for Future Hybrid-Electric Aircraft
  135. Study on excitation control of Switched Reluctance Generator for wind energy conversion
  136. Bidirectional harmonic current control of brushless doubly fed motor drive system based on a fractional unidirectional converter under a weak grid
  137. On Torque Improvement by Current Harmonic Injection in Isotropic and Anisotropic Multi-Phase Machines
  138. Investigate, Analyze, and Design of Real-Time Problems in the Domain of Power Electronics and Energy Using MATLAB: Review and Application
  139. Emerging Power Converters for Renewable Energy and Electric Vehicles: Modeling, Design, and Control
  140. Analysis of Actuators Prognostic Health Monitoring in Spacecraft Attitude Control Systems
  141. Modern methods of migration of electrical apparatus, automation and control system in industrial machines
  142. Implementation of Digital Twins for electrical energy conversion systems in selected case studies
  143. Effects of innovative pedagogy integration in electrical installation and maintenance works in Enugu and Lagos states technical colleges
  144. Synchronous Frame Filter Based Harmonic Current Compensation Caused by Dead Time in PMSM Vector Control System
  145. Maintenance and digital health control in smart manufacturing based on condition monitoring
  146. Induction Motors Prediction Maintenance and Lifetime Estimation
  147. Continuous control set nonlinear model predictive control of reluctance synchronous machines
  148. Optimised Design of Permanent Magnet Assisted Synchronous Reluctance Machines for Household Appliances
  149. Overview Of Control Methods For Inverter Powered Induction Machines
  150. Algorithm for Designing a Second-order Multiband Crossover Filter in Control Systems of Frequency Converters
  151. Analysis of the Impact of Stator Inter-Turn Short Circuits on PMSM Drive with Scalar and Vector Control
  152. VHDL design and FPGA implementation of direct torque control for induction machines
  153. Method of Limiting Shaft Voltages in AC Electric Machines
  154. Estimation of Position and Shorted Turns Percentage of an Inter-turn Short Circuit in Interior Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines Based on a Current Observer
  155. Sliding Mode Direct Torque Control of SPMSMs Based on a Hybrid Wolf Optimization Algorithm
  156. Accelerated Destructive Experiment Design of Motor Stator Winding Insulation Systems
  157. Design of an asymmetric rotor pole for wound field synchronous machines
  158. Conceptualization and Efficiency Review of Integrated Chargers Using Six-Phase Machines
  159. Pre-optimization of hybridization ratio in hybrid excitation synchronous machines using electrical circuits modelling
  160. About diagnostics of technical condition of metal-cutting machines
  161. Analysis of Open-Circuit Performances in Flux-Reversal Permanent Magnet Machines by Superposition Methods
  162. Comparative Analysis of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines Used in Automotive Compressors
  163. Fibre optic sensors for the monitoring of rotating electric machines: a review
  164. Speed-sensorless predictive torque controlled induction motor drive with feed-forward control of load torque for electric vehicle applications
  165. Asynchronous Generator with a Switchable Stator Winding for Powering the Electrical Equipment of Sprinkling Machines: Research Results
  166. Design, Control and Implementation of Interleaved Buck-Boost Converter for Electric Vehicle with Fuel Cell System
  167. Algorithm for Implementation of Optimal Vector Combinations in Model Predictive Current Control of Six-Phase Induction Machines
  168. Introduction to mesh based generated lumped parameter models for electromagnetic problems
  169. Active disturbance rejection control for bearingless permanent-magnet slice motor based on nonlinear phase-locked loop observer
  170. Flux-Modulated Permanent Magnet Machines: Challenges and Opportunities
  171. Speed Sensorless Control based on Adaptive Luenberger Observer for IPMSM Drive
  172. Multiple iterations search sensorless control for linear motor in vehicle regenerative suspension
  173. Model Predictive Control of a BCDFIG With Active and Reactive Power Control Capability for Grid-Connected Applications
  174. Determination of the Characteristic Points of Approximation for Traction Electric Machines of Electric Rolling Stock
  175. High frequency injection-based sensorless position estimation in permanent magnet synchronous machines
  176. A study on sensorless control of low-speed range for induction motors
  177. Extending Pump Unit Service Life Using Combined Pump Control
  178. Dq0-modelling and parametrization approaches for small delta connected permanent magnet synchronous machines
  179. Analysis of Maximum Power Point Mechanism of Small Wind Power Generation System Using SRG
  180. Design of Wireless Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Drive Based on Magnetic Resonant Coupling
  181. Eddy current influence on the control behavior of bearingless PM synchronous machines
  182. Four Machines Out of Control: Artificial Intelligence and Androids
  183. An improved deadbeat predictive stator flux control with reduced-order disturbance observer for in-wheel PMSMs
  184. Microgrid Energy Management System based ANN of the Two-Step Structure
  185. Fault diagnosis modeling of induction machine
  186. Fault-Tolerant Control Strategy with Asymmetric Phase Currents for Single to Four-Phase Open-Circuit Faults of Six-Phase PMSM
  187. An Energy-Optimal Reference Trajectory with Iterative Learning-Based Control
  188. Design, Control, and Operation of Microgrids in Smart Grids
  189. Characterization of High-Temperature Superconductor Bulks for Electrical Machine Application
  190. Temperature detection and control in multiple DC motors
  191. Investigation of thermoelectric cooler system effect on induction motor performance
  192. Comparative Study of Motor Topologies for Electric Power Steering System
  193. High performance sensor-less V/f control of surface PMSM in voltage vector plane with ZVV injection and SMO-based position estimation method
  194. Multidimensional Amplitude Demodulation Techniques for Diagnosis Broken Rotor Bars fault in an Induction Machine Operating at Low Load Condition
  195. Predictive Direct Torque Control of SynRM in Field Weakening Region
  196. A combined short time fourier transform and image classification transformer model for rolling element bearings fault diagnosis in electric motors
  197. Performance Improvement of a Grid-connected Voltage Source Converter Controlled by Parabolic PWM Current Control Scheme
  198. Electromechanical Actuators for Aircraft Aerodynamic Surfaces Control
  199. Operator-Based Nonlinear Control of Calorimetric System Actuated by Peltier Device
  200. Comparative evaluation for an improved direct instantaneous torque control strategy of switched reluctance motor drives for electric vehicles
  201. Improved Primary/Secondary Pole Number Combinations for Dual-Armature Linear Switched Flux Permanent Magnet Machines
  202. High Performance Control of AC Drives with Matlab/Simulink
  203. Robust Speed Controller Design of PMSM Drives by a Proportional Resonant-Based ADRC
  204. High speed synchronous reluctance machines: Materials selection and performance boundaries
  205. 3D Lumped Parameter Thermal Network for Wound-Field Synchronous Generators
  206. The dq-theta Flux Map Model of Synchronous Machines
  207. An energy-efficient service-oriented energy supplying system and control for multi-machine in the production line
  208. Sliding Manifold Design for Higher-order Sliding Mode Control of Linear Systems
  209. Consideration of Distinguishing Design Features of Gas-Turbine and Gas-Reciprocating Units in Design of Emergency Control Systems
  210. A Local Battery Pack for a Low Speed Electric Vehicle
  211. Investigation on PMSM for electric vehicle applications using co-simulation of MATLAB and magnet software
  213. Modeling of Alternating Current Motor Performance for Increased Production Using Fuzzy Logic Controller
  214. Application of Ultrasonic Atomization in a Combined Circulation System of Spray Evaporative Cooling and Air Cooling for Electric Machines
  215. Eccentricity fault detection in brushless doubly fed induction machines
  216. Thirteenth Annual ECCE Delivers the Latest Innovations in Energy Conversion, Electric Machines and Drives: In a virtual format
  217. Design of PV Network Integrated to Traction Supply System of Single-Phase AC Railway System for improved harmonic mitigation
  218. Genetic Algorithm Optimized Direct Torque Control of Mathematically Modeled Induction Motor Drive Using PI and Sliding Mode Controller
  219. Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEV): classification, configuration, and vehicle control
  220. Design and control contributions to high efficiency Ferrite-PMSM drives for small compressors
  221. Stator Flux-Regulatory Excitation Control in Converter-Fed Synchronous Machines for Pumped-Storage Variable-Speed Hydropower
  222. Comparison of Losses in Small Star-and Delta-Connected Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines
  223. Modelling and Simulation of Power Electronic Converter Dominated Power Systems in PowerFactory
  224. A Novel Sensor-less PMSM Drive Employing Chaos-based High-Frequency Square-Wave Voltage Injection Scheme
  225. Overview of Permanent Magnet Vernier Machines: Topologies, Key Problems and Applications
  226. Topology and control algorithms for a permanent magnet synchronous motor as a part of a vehicle with in-wheel motors
  227. Design of a High-Speed Wound-Field Synchronous Generator for the More Electric Aircraft
  228. A PMSM with Enhanced Anisotropic Rotor Configuration for Sensorless Operations
  229. Control strategy to smooth wind power output using battery energy storage system: A review
  230. Review of the Application of Intelligent Optimization Algorithm for Design of Novel Electric Machines
  231. General Analysis of Combinations of High Frequency Injected Auxiliary Coils in Displacement Sensorless Control
  232. Interleaved DC-DC boost converter in DC distribution fault detection method using Artificial Neural Networks
  233. Experimental facility for reduced scale model testing of hydraulic machines hybridized with a battery energy storage system
  234. Event Calendar
  235. Influence of Process Parameters on Grain Size and Texture Evolution of Fe-3.2 wt.-% Si Non-Oriented Electrical Steels
  236. Application of an accurate calculation method for dual three-phase PMSM
  237. Speed control of an SPMSM using a tracking differentiator-PID controller scheme with a genetic algorithm
  238. Electric Drives for Hybrid Electric Agricultural Tractors
  239. Multiple-Vector Model Predictive Control with Fuzzy Logic for PMSM Electric Drive Systems
  241. Optimal lqi and pid synthesis for speed control of switched reluctance motor using metaheuristic techniques
  242. Magnetic Flux Analysis for the Condition Monitoring of Electric Machines: A Review
  243. Computer simulation model of single stage direct control of DC machines fed AC voltage source using single-phase matrix converter (SPMC)
  244. Design of Aero Generator Voltage Controller Based on Super Twisting Algorithm
  245. Fast and Comprehensive Online Parameter Identification of Switched Reluctance Machines
  246. Fast excitation control strategy for typical magnetically controllable reactor for reactive power compensation
  247. A Novel Flux State-based Control Method for Improved Dynamic Performance of Induction Motor
  248. A New BEMF Technique for the Sensorless Control of PMBLDC Motor Drive
  249. The new approach to optimization of synchronous superconducting electric machines with outer inductor
  250. Measuring of electrical currents, voltage and resistance of an axial bearing
  251. An Efficient Direct Torque Control Strategy for a Doubly Fed Induction Generator (DFIG) in Wind Energy Conversation Systems
  252. Comparative Evaluation for an Improved Direct Instantaneous Torque Control Strategy of Switched Reluctance Motor Drives for Electric Vehicles. Mathematics …
  253. Sensorless Control of Z Source Inverter fed BLDC Motor Drive by FOC-DTC Hybrid Control Strategy Using Fuzzy Logic Controller
  254. New Adaptive Control Strategy for a Wind Turbine Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator (PMSG)
  255. Adaptive PLL for High-Frequency Signal Injection Based Sensorless PMSM Drives
  256. Liquid metal sliding contacts for electric machines
  257. Internal Model Loss Minimization Control of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine
  258. Artificial Ant Colony Optimized Direct Torque Control of Mathematically Modeled Induction Motor Drive Using PI and Sliding Mode Controller
  259. Design and optimization of a mechanical variable-leakage-flux interior permanent magnet machine with auxiliary rotatable magnetic poles
  260. Microgrids: Advances in Operation, Control, and Protection
  261. Sliding Mode and Terminal Sliding Mode Control of Cascaded Doubly Fed Induction Generator
  262. Digital Sliding-Mode Based Model-Free PWM Current Control of Switched Reluctance Machines
  263. Multi-objective optimization and online control of switched reluctance generator for wind power application
  264. Matrix-Based Linear Analysis of Switched Reluctance Generator with Optimum Pole Angles Determination
  265. Optimization of Stator Core Shape to Minimize Harmonic Current in Surface Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Using Topology Optimization Algorithm
  266. Toward more electric powertrains in aircraft: Technical challenges and advancements
  267. Analytical-numerical analysis of closed-form dynamic model of Sayano-Shushenskaya hydropower plant: stability, oscillations, and accident
  268. Sensorless Saliency Extraction using Quadratic-Regression-based Current Derivative Estimation
  269. A Novel Model Predictive Voltage Control of Brushless Cascade Doubly-Fed Induction Generator in Stand-Alone Power Generation System
  270. New Fuzzy Direct Torque Control optimization for In-Wheel Motors used in Electric Vehicle Applications
  271. Advanced control method of 5-phase dual concentrated winding pmsm for inverter integrated in-wheel motor
  272. Automatic Tolerance Analysis of Permanent Magnet Machines with Encapsuled FEM Models Using Digital-Twin-Distiller
  273. Mathematical Modelling, Analysis and Control of a Three to Five-Phase Matrix Converter for Minimal Switching Losses
  274. Performance Entitlement by Using Novel High Strength Electrical Steels and Copper Alloys for High-Speed Laminated Rotor Induction Machines
  275. Load Unbalanced Compensation Method with Artificial Neural Network for Grid-Connected Four-Leg Inverter
  276. Simultaneous Control of Velocity and Field Flux of DC Nonlinear Motors
  277. A Comparison between Hybrid Excitation and Interior Permanent Magnet Motors
  278. Finite Element Procedure to Analyze Hybrid Excitation Synchronus Motors
  279. … control strategy of dual star permanent magnet synchronous generator based tidal turbine system using sensorless field oriented control and direct power control …
  280. Analysis and design of four-plate capacitive wireless power transfer system for undersea applications
  281. A novel design and control strategy of DVR for fault current mitigation
  282. Adaptive super-twisting control of doubly salient permanent magnet generator for tidal stream turbine
  283. Robust Design Optimization of Switched Reluctance Motor Drive Systems Based on System-Level Sequential Taguchi Method
  284. Electric/Hybrid-Electric Aircraft Propulsion Systems
  285. Finite Element Analysis of the Tolerance of the Multi-Phase Induction Motors regarding Stator Winding Failures
  286. Analytical Modelling of Harmonics in an Exciterless Synchronous Generator
  287. Design and control of micro-grid fed by renewable energy generating sources
  288. Electromagnetic Moment Increasing of Superminiature Electric Motor with Excitation by Rare Earth Permanent Magnets
  289. Torque Ripple Eliminations for Multiphase Nonsinusoidal Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines
  290. State-Burst Feedback Control for Fault Recovery of Input/State Asynchronous Sequential Machines
  291. Optimization Analysis of Axial Shell of Energy Water-cooled Motor
  292. Robust adaptive observer-based finite control set model predictive current control for sensorless speed control of surface permanent magnet synchronous motor
  293. Detection and Localization of Incipient High Resistance Connection for Asymmetrical Twelve–Phase Induction Motor Drives
  294. Optimization of Powertrain in EV
  295. Super Core Magnetic Material based Switched Reluctance Motor for Electric Vehicle Applications
  296. Online Monitoring of Inter-turn Short Circuit Fault of Field Winding in Large Turbo-generator
  297. Semi-Analytical Magnetic Field Calculation for Dual-Rotor Permanent-Magnet Synchronous Machines by using Hybrid Model
  298. Influence of Dimensional Parameters on Three-Phase Short Circuit and Demagnetization in Surface-Mounted PM Machines
  299. PSO based controlled six-phase grid connected induction generator for wind energy generation
  300. A hybrid sensorless control of PMSG wind-power generator with frequency signal injection method and extended Kalman filter


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