Research Topics of Mechanical Design and Analysis

Research area interest and ideas for masters and PhD Thesis and Research Paper Publications: Mechanical Design and Analysis

  1. A study on the mechanisms of change propagation in mechanical design
  2. Mechanical design and finite element analysis of live working robot for 10kV distribution power systems
  3. Magneto-mechanical Design and Development of a Coaxial Magnetic Coupling with Optimization of Torque to Mass Ratio
  4. Mechanical design and fabrication of a kinetic sculpture with application to bioinspired drone design
  5. Design and Analysis of a Multi-Legged Robot with Pitch Adjustive Units
  6. Advanced metaheuristic techniques for mechanical design problems
  7. Analysis of mechanical properties of lattice structures with stochastic geometric defects in additive manufacturing
  8. Origami-based cellular mechanical metamaterials with tunable Poisson’s ratio: Construction and analysis
  9. Mechanical analysis of flexible integrated energy storage devices under bending by the finite element method
  10. Mechanical Vibration Analysis of a Gantry 3D Printer
  11. Development of mono leaf spring with composite material and investigating its mechanical properties
  12. Artificial intelligence-enabled smart mechanical metamaterials: advent and future trends
  13. Thermal and mechanical design of tangential hybrid microchannel and high-conductivity inserts for cooling of disk-shaped electronic components
  14. Thermal and mechanical analyses of compliant thermoelectric coils for flexible and Bio-Integrated devices
  15. Mechanical characterisation for numerical simulation of extrusion-based 3D concrete printing
  16. Molecular dynamics simulation and thermo-mechanical characterization for optimization of three-phase epoxy/TiO2/SiO2 nano-composites
  17. Dual-Gap Dual-Pole Composite Machine for Mechanical Rotor Position Estimation
  18. Investigating the Mechanical Behavior of Clot Analogues Through Experimental and Computational Analysis
  19. Efficiency analysis of mechanical reducer equipment of material handling industry using Sunflower Optimization Algorithm and Material Generation Algorithm
  20. Effect of surface on nano-beam mechanical behaviors: a parametric analysis
  21. Considerations from the Benchmark Comparison of OXBOW against IWGFR Mechanical Analysis Codes
  22. Artificial intelligence: prospect in mechanical engineering field—a review
  23. Analysis of mechanical property of electrically assisted friction stir welding to enhance the efficiency of joints
  24. Multiscale analysis and mechanical characterization of open-cell foams by simplified FE modeling
  25. Ensuring the collection of mechanical engineering products, taking into account the tolerances for computer-aided design in “GePARD. 3D”
  26. Mechanical Strength Design Analysis of Molecular Sieve Vessel of Helium Purification Systems in RDE
  27. Effectiveness of treatments for acute and subacute mechanical non-specific low back pain: a systematic review with network meta-analysis
  28. A Novel Mechanical Flux Weakening Method for Flux Switching Permanent Magnet Machine
  29. Electro–Thermal–Mechanical Coupled Analysis on Two High-Current Composite Umbilical Cable Cross Sections
  30. Design and analysis of a broadband three-beam impact piezoelectric energy harvester for low-frequency rotational motion
  31. Interval dynamic reliability analysis of mechanical components under multistage load based on strength degradation
  32. Fracture Mechanical Analysis of Thin-Walled Cylindrical Shells with Cracks
  33. Mechanical thrombectomy versus intravenous thrombolysis for distal large-vessel occlusion: a systematic review and meta-analysis of observational studies
  34. Mechanical Ventilation and Coronavirus Disease 2019: A Case-Control Analysis of Clinical Characteristics, Lung Mechanics, and Mortality
  35. Mechanical properties of foam-filled hexagonal and re-entrant honeycombs under uniaxial compression
  36. Design and Analysis of Permanent Magnetic Gears
  37. Long-term mechanical properties of in situ semi-rigid base materials
  38. … : A systematic review and meta-analysis of trueness of fit, biocompatibility, mechanical properties, surface characteristics, color stability, time-cost analysis …
  39. Numerical Analysis of Mechanical Characteristics of Joint Structure of Steel Pipe Sheet Pile Foundation
  40. Inter-hospital transfer for mechanical thrombectomy within the supraregional stroke network NEVAS
  41. Finite element analysis of porosity effects on mechanical properties for tissue engineering scaffold
  42. Smart Ball Joint: from mechanical design to semi-active suspension control
  43. Long term mechanical performance of nano-engineered high volume fly ash concrete
  44. High-Dimensional Reliability Method Accounting for Important and Unimportant Input Variables
  45. Survey of Mechanical Properties of Geopolymer Concrete: A Comprehensive Review and Data Analysis
  46. Analysis of Vibration Characteristics of Centrifugal Pump Mechanical Seal under Wear and Damage Degree
  47. Mechanical properties of GGBFS-based geopolymer concrete incorporating natural zeolite and silica fume with an optimum design using response surface method
  48. Thermo-mechanical response of the twisted and coiled polymer actuator (TCPA): a finite element analysis (FEA)
  49. A review on RF micro-electro-mechanical-systems (MEMS) switch for radio frequency applications
  50. Design and performance analysis of a thermoelectric air-conditioning system driven by solar photovoltaic panels
  51. Advanced arithmetic optimization algorithm for solving mechanical engineering design problems
  52. In-hospital outcomes of mechanical complications in acute myocardial infarction: Analysis from a nationwide Spanish database
  53. Design and analysis of 5 MW horizontal axis wind turbine
  54. Mechanical Design Progress of the In Situ Nanoprobe Instrument for APS-U
  55. Investigation of mechanical and physical properties of big sheep horn as an alternative biomaterial for structural applications
  56. The roles of noninvasive mechanical ventilation with helmet in patients with acute respiratory failure: A systematic review and meta-analysis
  57. Comparison Method of Biomechanical Analysis of Trans-Tibial Amputee Gait with a Mechanical Test Machine Simulation
  58. A single-loop reliability-based MDSDO formulation for combined design and control optimization of stochastic dynamic systems
  59. Design and analysis of long-stepped horn for ultrasonic-assisted sintering
  60. Association of weaning failure from mechanical ventilation with transthoracic echocardiography parameters: a systematic review and meta-analysis
  61. Effect of natural additives on concrete mechanical properties
  62. … for ARDS: Its effect on mortality depends on achieved recruitment (PaO2/FiO2) and mechanical power. Systematic review and meta-analysis with meta-regression
  63. 3D printed hollow off-axis profiles based on carbon fiber-reinforced polymers: Mechanical testing and finite element method analysis
  64. Teaching Discussion Based on Mechanical Dynamics Simulation Teaching Case
  65. A novel mechanical-thermal-electrical thermal protection system concept and its multi-scale performance evaluation for hypersonic launch vehicles
  66. Transient analysis for two-dimensional chemo-mechanical coupled problem
  67. A shell superelement for mechanical analysis of cylindrical structures
  68. Efficacy and safety of mechanical thrombectomy for M2 segment of middle cerebral artery: a systematic review and meta-analysis
  69. Prediction model for the mechanical properties of compacted poplar powder generated via hot-pressing
  70. Protocol: Effects of mechanical interventions in the management of knee osteoarthritis: protocol for an OA Trial Bank systematic review and individual …
  71. The mechanical testing and performance analysis of polymer-fibre composites prepared through the additive manufacturing
  72. The Mechanical Analysis of Cement Concrete Surface Layer With Load-transfer Bar for Joints Based on Computer
  73. Obesity, Ethnicity, and Risk of Critical Care, Mechanical Ventilation, and Mortality in Patients Admitted to Hospital with COVID-19: Analysis of the ISARIC CCP-UK …
  74. A novel nonlocal higher-order strain gradient shell theory for static analysis of CNTRC doubly-curved nanoshells subjected to thermo-mechanical loading
  75. A universal mechanical framework for noncovalent interface in laminated nanocomposites
  76. Analysis of the Mechanical Characteristics of Different Track Bed Types in Heavy-Haul Railway Tunnels
  77. Parametric Study on the Effect of Aspect Ratio of Selected Cooling Hole Geometries on the Mechanical Response of an Automobile Aluminium Alloy Wheel
  78. … administration of rtPA influence acute ischemic stroke clot composition? Findings from the analysis of clots retrieved with mechanical thrombectomy from the …
  79. Experimental, Computational, and Dimensional Analysis of the Mechanical Performance of Fused Filament Fabrication Parts
  80. … mechanical properties of Ti-25Nb BCC porous cell structure and their association with structure porosity: A combined finite element analysis and analytical approach …
  81. Research and Analysis on the Relationship between Geometric Parameters and Cutting Force of Mechanical Milling Tool
  82. Assembly variation analysis of incompletely positioned macpherson suspension systems considering vehicle load change
  83. Morphological, mechanical, and thermal characterization of electrospun three‐dimensional graphite nanoplatelets/polystyrene ultra‐fine fibril composite fabrics
  84. Pore structural and fractal analysis of the influence of fly ash and silica fume on the mechanical property and abrasion resistance of concrete
  85. … mechanical behaviors of interbedded marble subjected to multi-level uniaxial compressive cyclic loading conditions: an insight into fracture evolution analysis
  86. Development of a Cell‐Loading Microrobot with Simultaneously Improved Degradability and Mechanical Strength for Performing In Vivo Delivery Tasks
  87. Research on mechanical properties of cable-strengthened scissor-Hinge mechanism
  88. Thermo-mechanical modeling and experimental validation for multilayered metallic microstructures
  89. A Meta-analysis of Mortality, Need for ICU admission, Use of Mechanical Ventilation and Adverse Effects with Ivermectin Use in COVID-19 Patients
  90. Parametric Optimization of Mechanical Properties via FSW on AA5052 Using Taguchi Based Grey Relational Analysis
  91. Particle swarm optimization-based metaheuristic design generation of non-trivial flat-foldable origami tessellations with degree-4 vertices
  92. Biochar admixtured lightweight, porous and tougher cement mortars: Mechanical, durability and micro computed tomography analysis
  93. Artificial intelligence for mechanical ventilation: systematic review of design, reporting standards, and bias
  94. Mechanical performances of hip implant design and fabrication with PEEK composite
  95. Mechanical and optical design of the HIRAX radio telescope
  96. Finite element analysis of moisture induced thermo-mechanical delamination of semiconductor packages considering in-situ moisture desorption during reflow …
  97. An optimal architectural design for unconventional modular reconfigurable manipulation system
  98. Mechanical and structural assessment of hot mix bituminous mixtures containing waste foundry sand
  99. Dynamic analysis of thick beams with functionally graded porous layers and viscoelastic support
  100. Markov and monte carlo simulation of waste-to-energy power plants considering variable fuel analysis and failure rates
  101. Multi-Fidelity Surrogate Model Based on Canonical Correlation Analysis and Least Squares
  102. Analysis on the removal mechanism of disc grinding based on dynamic thermal–mechanical coupling
  103. A Modified Bi-Quad Filter Tuning Strategy for Mechanical Resonance Suppression in Industrial Servo Drive Systems
  104. Dynamics of soft mechanical systems actuated by dielectric elastomers
  105. Computational Analysis of Curved Beams-In and Out-of-Plane Vibrations
  106. Under the Processing of Network Data Images, the Position Recognition Technology of Mechanical Parts Based on” Mathematical Modeling” is Studied
  107. Influence of mechanical properties on modal analysis of natural fiber reinforced laminated composite trapezoidal plates
  108. Artificial intelligence and machine learning in design of mechanical materials
  109. Analysis of Mechanical Characteristics of Walls of Masonry Structure House under Dynamic Load
  110. A new Hybrid Taguchi-salp swarm optimization algorithm for the robust design of real-world engineering problems
  111. Mechanical design and modelling of lightweight additively manufactured lattice structures evolved from regular three-dimensional tessellations
  112. Effects of Mechanical Insufflation-Exsufflation on Sputum Volume in Mechanically Ventilated Critically Ill Subjects
  113. … “Stress and Acceleration Analysis for Damage Half-skull as A Consequence of Concrete Impact on a Protective Helmet”(Mechanical and Computer Engineering)
  114. A coupled optical-thermal-fluid-mechanical analysis of parabolic trough solar receivers using supercritical CO2 as heat transfer fluid
  115. Design and error evaluation of planar 2DOF remote center of motion mechanisms with cable transmissions
  116. Dimensional stability and deformation analysis under mechanical loading of recycled PET-wood laminated composites with digital image correlation
  117. Improving the Fatigue of Newly Designed Mechanical System Subjected to Repeated Impact Loading. Metals 2021, 11, 139
  118. Are you feeling me? An exploration of empathy development in engineering design education
  119. Design and Fabrication of the LA-8 Distributed Electric Propulsion VTOL Testbed
  120. Thermal-mechanical analysis of AISI 316L pipeline repair welding residual stress for ECA
  121. Mechanical systems virtual sensing by proportional observer and multi-resolution analysis
  122. Experimental and numerical analysis on coupled hygro-thermo-chemo-mechanical effect in early-age concrete
  123. Mechanical Design and Testing of a 2.5 MW sCO2 Compressor Loop
  124. Mechanical performance and optimization of high-volume fly ash concrete containing plastic wastes and graphene nanoplatelets using response surface methodology
  125. Design and Analysis of Axial Flux Permanent Magnet Motor with Variable Windings
  126. Implementation of periodic boundary conditions for loading of mechanical metamaterials and other complex geometric microstructures using finite element analysis
  127. Mechanical Properties of Aramid Composite as an Alternative in Use of Steel on the Manufacture of CN-235 Aircraft Wings
  128. Mechanical Performance‐Based Optimum Design of High Carbon Pearlitic Steel by Particle Swarm Optimization
  129. Sodium hydroxide effect on the mechanical properties of flyash‐slag based geopolymer concrete
  130. Functional data analysis for assessing the fatigue life of construction equipment attachments
  131. Correlation Analysis of Mechanical Vibrations Produced by Electrical Equipment and Presence of Discomfort and Pain of Workers of Electronics Industry of …
  132. Practical Design of Flow Meter for Mechanical Ventilation Equipment
  133. Analysis of graphene nanoplatelet reinforced cylindrical shell subjected to thermo-mechanical loads
  134. Mechanical Property and Prediction Model for FDM-3D Printed Polylactic Acid (PLA)
  135. Numerical study of mechanical behaviour of tubular structures under dynamic compression
  136. Study of Energy Saving Analysis for Different Industries
  137. Design of condensation heat transfer experiment to evaluate scaling distortion in small modular reactor safety analysis
  138. Equivalent circuit method based on complete magneto-mechanical coupling magnetostriction parameters for fixed magnetoelectric composites.
  139. Image-based numerical characterization and experimental validation of tensile behavior of octet-truss lattice structures
  140. Analysis on Dielectric, Thermal, and Mechanical Characteristics of Nickel Boro Phthalate NLO Crystal for Optoelectronic Applications
  141. Geometry design and analysis of the double-enveloping cycloid drive
  142. Casting of AA 7075 Aluminium Alloy into Gravity Die and Effect of the Die Preheating Temperature on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties
  143. Investigation of mechanical and wear behaviour of Al7075/SiC composites using response surface methodology
  144. Nonlinear finite element analysis of temperature-dependent functionally graded porous micro-plates under thermal and mechanical loads
  145. Mechanical reliability analysis of nanoencapsulated phase change materials combining Monte Carlo technique and the finite element method
  146. Performance margin-based reliability analysis for aircraft lock mechanism considering multi-source uncertainties and wear
  147. Numerical analysis of the mechanical behaviors of girders in jointless bridge considering the grade flat approach slab
  148. Effect of laser scanning angle and atmospheric oxygen on mechanical properties and microstructural morphology of selective laser-sintered aluminum-filled …
  149. A Novel Ortho-Triplex Tensegrity Derived by the Linkage-Truss Transformation With Prestress-Stability Analysis Using Screw Theory
  150. Design and analysis of metal hydride reactor embedded with internal copper fins and external water cooling
  151. The influence of technological methods on the mechanical properties of welded joints obtained by friction stir welding
  152. Computational design of innovative mechanical metafilters via adaptive surrogate-based optimization
  153. Neutronic Analysis of the European Sodium Fast Reactor: Part II—Burnup Results
  154. Idea Generation Mechanisms: Comparing the influence of classification, combination, building on others, and stimulation mechanisms on ideation effectiveness.
  155. Analysis of the Mechanical Behavior and Effect of Cyclic Fatigue on the Implant-Abutment Interface
  156. Development and Modeling of a Soft Finger in Robotics Based on Force Distribution
  157. Analysis of designer emotions in collaborative and traditional computer-aided design
  158. Brain atrophy predicts mortality after mechanical thrombectomy of proximal anterior circulation occlusion
  159. How Uncertain Is Too Uncertain? Validity Tests for Early Resilient and Risk-Based Design Processes
  160. Effect of infill parameters on material sustainability and mechanical properties in fused deposition modelling process: a case study
  161. Comparison of Kinematic Analysis of Robot Made of Conventional Theo Jansen Mechanism, Modified Theo Jansen Mechanism of PLA and Modified Theo Jansen …
  162. Micro-mechanical analysis of soil–structure interface behavior under constant normal stiffness condition with DEM
  163. Forced vibration analysis of non-local strain gradient rod subjected to harmonic excitations
  164. In Situ SEM Study of the Micro-Mechanical Behaviour of 3D-Printed Aluminium Alloy. Technologies 2021, 9, 21
  165. Mechanical Design and Control of Low-Cost Robotic Manipulator
  166. Transient Thermal and Mechanical Stress Analysis of 2D-Functionally Graded Finite Cylinder: A Truly Meshless Formulation
  167. Opto-mechanical design and calibration of a hyperspectral irradiance monitor
  168. Application of finite element modelling to the thermo-mechanical
  169. Formulation, mechanical properties and phase analysis of fly ash geopolymer with ladle furnace slag replacement
  170. Effectiveness of therapeutic heparin versus prophylactic heparin on death, mechanical ventilation, or intensive care unit admission in moderately ill patients …
  171. Reduced-order model of the environmental variation error of a precision five-axis machine tool
  172. A Stair‐Building Strategy for Tailoring Mechanical Behavior of Re‐Customizable Metamaterials
  173. Destructive tests for determining mechanical integrity of spent nuclear fuel rods
  174. Fatigue life extension of existing welded structures via high frequency mechanical impact (HFMI) treatment
  175. … of Al6063 alloy, silicon carbide and boron glass powder metal matrix composites in stir casting process and analysis the impact of process variables on mechanical …
  176. aDepartment of Mechanical Engineering, ITM Vocational University, Vadodara, Gujarat, India bDepartment of Mechanical Engineering, ITM Vocational …
  177. Measurement of multiple mechanical properties for polymer composites using digital image correlation at elevated temperatures
  178. Mechanical characterisation of the human dura mater, falx cerebri and superior sagittal sinus
  179. Thermal mapping of a high-speed electric motor used for traction applications and analysis of various cooling methods—A Review
  180. Design and thermoeconomic analysis of a solar parabolic trough–ORC–Biomass cooling plant for a commercial center
  181. Modeling and analysis of a bicycle equipped with in-wheel suspensions
  182. Rational design of bioceramic scaffolds with tuning pore geometry by stereolithography: Microstructure evaluation and mechanical evolution
  183. Micro-mechanical analysis of caisson foundation in sand using DEM: Particle shape effect
  184. Laser Scanning and Point Cloud Segmentation for Contactless Geo-Mechanical Surveying: Conservative Restoration in Hypogeum Environment
  185. Safety and efficacy of mechanical circulatory support with Impella or intra‐aortic balloon pump for high‐risk percutaneous coronary intervention and/or cardiogenic …
  186. Chemical and mechanical reprocessed resins and bio-composites based on five epoxidized vegetable oils thermosets reinforced with flax fibers or PLA woven
  187. Development and statistical database analysis of hardened concrete properties made with recycled concrete aggregates
  188. Coupled thermal electrical and mechanical lightning damage predictions to carbon/epoxy composites during arc channel shape expansion
  189. Experimental Investigation and Optimization of FDM Process Parameters for Build Cost and Mechanical Properties Using I-Optimal Design
  190. Scalable set-based design optimization and remanufacturing for meeting changing requirements
  191. The Influence of the Implant Macrogeometry on Insertion Torque, Removal Torque, and Periotest Implant Primary Stability: A Mechanical Simulation on High-Density …
  192. Analysis on Structural Characteristics of Grout and Rock Distribution in Complex Geological Mixtures after Grouting Reinforcement and Its Mechanical Strength
  193. The role of CT texture analysis in predicting the clinical outcomes of acute ischemic stroke patients undergoing mechanical thrombectomy
  194. Nonlinear modal analysis of frictional ring damper for compressor blisk
  195. Dynamic Analysis of Rectangular Aluminum Plate Under Transverse Loading Using Finite Difference Algorithm
  196. Modeling and Development of Passively Adaptive Assistive Tools for the Assembly of Press-Fit Components
  197. Data-Driven Topology Optimization With Multiclass Microstructures Using Latent Variable Gaussian Process
  198. Mechanical strength of adhesively bonded joints using polymeric additive manufacturing
  199. Comparison of poincare normal forms and floquet theory for analysis of linear time periodic systems
  200. Energy Efficiency Analysis of the Refining Unit in Thermo-Mechanical Pulp Mill. Energies 2021, 14, 1664
  201. First performance test of the iron-based superconducting racetrack coils at 10 T
  202. Generative design: an explorative study
  203. Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Polyacrylonitrile Precursor Fiber with Dry and Wet Drawing Process
  204. Investigation on Wear Properties of Nickel-Coated Al2O3P-Reinforced AA-7075 Metal Matrix Composites Using Grey Relational Analysis
  205. Dynamic mechanical performance of natural fiber reinforced composites: A brief review
  206. Effect of mechanical thrombectomy without vs with intravenous thrombolysis on functional outcome among patients with acute ischemic stroke: the SKIP randomized …
  207. Mechanical rotational thrombectomy in long femoropopliteal artery and stent occlusion in COVID-19 patient: Case report
  208. MechElastic: A Python Library for Analysis of Mechanical and Elastic Properties of Bulk and 2D Materials
  209. A review and sequel experimental analysis on physical and mechanical properties of permeable concrete for pavement construction
  210. A Survey of Modeling and Optimization Methods for Multi-Scale Heterogeneous Lattice Structures
  211. A Bayesian optimized discriminant analysis model for condition monitoring of face milling cutter using vibration datasets
  212. Systematic review and meta-analysis comparing Adjustable Transobturator Male System (ATOMS) and male Readjustment Mechanical External (REMEEX) system for …
  213. Experimental investigations on microstructure, mechanical behavior and tribological analysis of AA5154/SiC composites by stir casting
  214. Dynamic mechanical analysis of dwimatrix biopolymer from waste oil blended with thermoplastic; LDPE/HDPE
  215. Quantitative diagnosis of mechanical faults based on generalized fractal dimensions
  216. Forced convection computational fluid dynamics analysis of architected and three-dimensional printable heat sinks based on triply periodic minimal surfaces
  217. Studies on Mechanical and Physical Characteristics of Cardanol in a High-Friction Composite Material
  218. Parameter optimization via the Taguchi method to improve the mechanical properties of bamboo particle reinforced polylactic acid composites
  219. Adaptive loading ball traction drive reducer: modeling and efficiency performance
  220. Structural Analysis of Sol-Gel Derived TiO2 Nanoparticles: A Critical Impact of TiO2 Nanoparticles on Thermo-Mechanical Mechanism of Glass Fiber Polymer …
  221. Effect of locking mode on mechanical properties and failure behavior of CFRP/Al electromagnetic riveted joint
  222. Mechanical Behavior and Fracture Loads of Screw‐Retained and Cement‐Retained Lithium Disilicate Implant‐Supported Crowns
  223. Cyclic thermo-mechanical performance of granular beds: Effect of elastoplasticity
  224. Bioinspired interface design of multifunctional soy protein-based biomaterials with excellent mechanical strength and UV-blocking performance
  225. The association between mechanical ventilator availability and mortality risk in intensive care patients with COVID-19: A national retrospective cohort study
  226. Design of the Lower Control Arm of an Electric SUV Front Suspension Based on Multi-Disciplinary Optimization Technology.
  227. Patient characteristics and admitting vital signs associated with coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19)–related mortality among patients admitted with noncritical …
  228. Using mechanical experiments to study ground stone tool use: Exploring the formation of percussive and grinding wear traces on limestone tools
  229. Technological aspects in blanket design: Effects of micro-alloying and thermo-mechanical treatments of EUROFER97 type steels after neutron irradiation
  230. Effect of canakinumab vs placebo on survival without invasive mechanical ventilation in patients hospitalized with severe COVID-19: a randomized clinical trial
  231. Corticosteroids for patients with coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) with different disease severity: a meta-analysis of randomized clinical trials
  232. Is titanium–zirconium alloy a better alternative to pure titanium for oral implant? Composition, mechanical properties, and microstructure analysis
  233. Modeling and analysis of an electro-pneumatic braided muscle actuator
  234. Morphological and mechanical characterization of 3D printed PLA scaffolds with controlled porosity for trabecular bone tissue replacement
  235. Mechanical Thrombectomy in Acute Ischemic Stroke Using a Manually Expandable Stent Retriever (Tigertriever)
  236. Improved uncertain method for safety analysis of aircraft landing gear
  237. Verification and Validation of High-Fidelity Open-Source Simulation Tools for Supersonic Aircraft Aerodynamic Analysis
  238. Design and analysis of a hybrid concentrated photovoltaic thermal system integrated with an organic Rankine cycle for hydrogen production
  239. Characteristics and Outcomes of Mechanically Ventilated COVID-19 Patients—An Observational Cohort Study
  240. Analysis of layered rectangular plates under thermo-mechanical loads considering temperature-dependent material properties
  241. Analysis of ESFR decay heat removal systems in Protected Station Blackout
  242. Mechanical energy storage
  243. Design and analysis of novel dual stator hybrid operational six-phase permanent magnet synchronous machine for wind power application
  244. Adaptive fuzzy control for a class of MIMO underactuated systems with plant uncertainties and actuator deadzones: Design and experiments
  245. Design and Random Vibrational Analysis of Horizontal Impact Hammer Crusher
  246. Automated Geometric Correction System for Additive Manufacturing Considering Build Orientation
  247. … of leukoaraiosis severity on the association of outcomes of mechanical thrombectomy for acute ischemic stroke: A systematic review and a meta-analysis
  248. Influences of porosity distributions and boundary conditions on mechanical bending response of functionally graded plates resting on Pasternak foundation
  249. Evaluation of the effect of core lattice topology on the properties of sandwich panels produced by additive manufacturing
  250. Shell Buckling With Polymorphic Uncertain Surface Imperfections and Sensitivity Analysis
  251. Lung-protective ventilation and associated outcomes and costs among patients receiving invasive mechanical ventilation in the ED
  252. Mechanical analysis of aligned carbon nanotube bundles under electric field
  253. Skin‐Interfaced Microfluidic Systems that Combine Hard and Soft Materials for Demanding Applications in Sweat Capture and Analysis
  254. Finite Element Analysis of Bearing Performance of Concrete-filled Steel Tube Composite Frame under Thermal and Mechanical Coupling
  255. Nonhyperbolicity of Conservation Equations of RELAP5 Two-Fluid Model in Nuclear Reactor Safety Results (Investigation and Eigenvalue Analysis)
  256. An experimental study on the mechanical behaviour of bonded and hybrid bonded-bolted composite joints using digital image correlation (DIC) technique
  257. Investigation of mechanical properties on non-ferrous alloys of copper and brass joints made by friction stir welding
  258. Discriminant accuracy of the SOFA score for determining the probable mortality of patients with COVID-19 pneumonia requiring mechanical ventilation
  259. Analysis and Modeling of Liquid Holdup in Low Liquid Loading Two-Phase Flow Using Computational Fluid Dynamics and Experimental Data
  260. … of Microstructure, Microtexture, and Mechanical Response in UNS N08825 Superalloy/AISI 316L Stainless Steel Welds by Electron Backscatter Diffraction Analysis
  261. Prediction of mechanical properties of structural bamboo and its relationship with growth parameters
  262. Mathematical methods for optimal synthesis of physical and mechanical structure of composites with required set of properties at extreme conditions
  263. Performance of molecular crystals in conversion of light to mechanical work
  264. Phenomenological Analysis of the Cured Kinetics in the Order n of the Reaction as a Function of the Temperature of an EPDM Polymer
  265. Exploring the Mechanical Properties of Human Cupula by Numerical Analysis of Temperature Experiments
  266. Experimental analysis of salt hydrate latent heat thermal energy storage system with porous aluminum fabric and salt hydrate as phase change material with …
  267. On the size-dependent nonlinear thermo-electro-mechanical free vibration analysis of functionally graded flexoelectric nano-plate
  268. Effect of FDM process parameters on mechanical properties of 3D-printed carbon fibre–PLA composite
  269. Nondestructive acquisition of the micro-mechanical properties of high-speed-dry milled micro-thin walled structures based on surface traits
  270. A framework for the design and analysis of integrated multi-product biorefineries from agricultural and forestry wastes
  271. Padgan: Learning to generate high-quality novel designs
  272. Techniques for Modelling and Optimizing the Mechanical Properties of Natural Fiber Composites: A Review
  273. The impact of exceptional points on the reliability of thermoacoustic stability analysis
  274. Association between cardiometabolic disease and severe COVID-19: a nationwide case–control study of patients requiring invasive mechanical ventilation
  275. Design of Sandwich Panel Using Taguchi Analysis
  276. Low-Dose Interleukin-2 and Regulatory T Cell Treatments Attenuate Punctate and Dynamic Mechanical Allodynia in a Mouse Model of Sciatic Nerve Injury
  277. Positioning accuracy reliability of industrial robots through probability and evidence theories
  278. Theoretical modelling and analysis of a four-wheeler crank shaft by different aluminum alloys
  279. A wavelet‐based approach for describing the mechanical behaviour of cellular beams
  280. Deposition pattern analysis on a fouled multistage test compressor
  281. Experimental and theoretical investigation on the thermo-mechanical properties of recycled aggregate concrete containing recycled rubber
  282. Design and Thermal Performance Analysis on Solar Still
  283. 3-Bit digital-to-analog converter with mechanical amplifier for binary encoded large displacements
  284. Vulnerability and Reliability Analysis of Existing Reinforced Concrete Buildings: Case Study
  285. Mechanical properties of sustainable concrete modified by adding marble slurry as cement substitution
  286. Experimental and computational analysis of a pharmaceutical-grade shape memory polymer applied to the development of gastroretentive drug delivery systems
  287. Design and fabrication of acousto-optic devices
  288. Finite Element Analysis of the Magneto-Mechanical Coupling Due to Punching Process in Electrical Steel Sheet
  289. Recent Advances in Medical Plastics Analysis
  290. Study of Aerodynamic Performance and Power Output for Residential-Scale Wind Turbines
  291. Analysis of safety cost structure for mechanical work in rental apartements projects in special capital district of Jakarta based on Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
  292. An Efficient Batch K-Fold Cross-Validation Voronoi Adaptive Sampling Technique for Global Surrogate Modeling
  293. A digital twin-driven method for product performance evaluation based on intelligent psycho-physiological analysis
  294. Dexmedetomidine for facilitating mechanical ventilation extubation in difficult-to-wean ICU patients: systematic review and meta-analysis of clinical trials
  295. Fuel-adaptability analysis of intermediate-temperature-SOFC/Gas turbine hybrid system with biomass gas
  296. BIM-based approach to conduct Life Cycle Cost Analysis of resilient buildings at the conceptual stage
  297. Numerical Analysis of Heat Transfer on the Shell Side of a Helically Coiled Tube Heat Exchanger for Helium Applications
  298. Continuum modeling and vibration analysis of cable-harnessed plate structures of periodic patterns
  299. Hydro-mechanical simulation and analysis of induced seismicity for a hydraulic stimulation test at the Reykjanes geothermal field, Iceland
  300. Design and testing of a mechanical power take-off system for rolling-type wave energy converter


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