Research Topics Complex Variable and Transforms in Electrical Engineering

Research Area/ Research Interest: Complex Variable and Transforms in Electrical Engineering

Research Paper Topics for: Masters and PhD Thesis and publication


  1. Transforms for the early Kerr metric
  2. On Fourier–Bessel matrix transforms and applications
  3. Continuous-Time and Complex Growth Transforms for Analog Computing and Optimization
  4. Fourier, Laguerre, Laplace Transforms with Applications
  5. A Review on the Integral Transforms
  6. Sinc Based Inverse Laplace Transforms, Mittag-Leffler Functions and Their Approximation for Fractional Calculus
  7. A general solution of some linear partial differential equations via two integral transforms
  8. On Hankel transforms of generalized Bessel matrix polynomials
  9. Complex variable solutions for twin tunnelling at great depth in viscoelastic geomaterial considering the three-dimensional effects of tunnel faces
  10. Segal-Bargmann Transforms Associated to a Family of Coupled Supersymmetries
  11. A Student’s Guide to Laplace Transforms
  12. A generalized complex variable method for multiple tunnels at great depth considering the interaction between linings and surrounding rock
  13. Pricing equity-linked death benefits by complex Fourier series expansion in a regime-switching jump diffusion model
  14. Asymptotic expansions for the Laplace-Mellin and Riemann-Liouville transforms of Lerch zeta-functions
  15. Complex Burgers-type equations and functional equations for the Cauchy transforms, the -transforms, and the -transforms of log-gas measures
  16. Asymptotic Fourier and Laplace transforms for vector-valued hyperfunctions
  17. Intelligent fault diagnosis of planetary gearbox based on adaptive normalized CNN under complex variable working conditions and data imbalance
  18. Integral transforms and the regularisation method in the time-domain excitation of open PEC slotted cone scatterers
  19. Time-frequency transforms of white noises and Gaussian analytic functions
  20. Theory of Functions of a Complex Variable, Vol 1
  21. Tuning Co-and Contra-Variant Transforms: the Heisenberg Group Illustration
  22. On the Distribution of Cash Flows Using Esscher Transforms
  23. Linear and quadratic time frequency transforms on FPGA using folding technique
  24. Integral and discrete transforms with applications and error analysis
  25. Entropy polarization in butterfly transforms
  26. Discussion on the conformal mapping of a half-plane onto a unit disk in anisotropic elasticity and related applications
  27. An accurate numerical method for inversion of Laplace transforms with applications in process dynamics and control
  28. Uniform convergent expansions of integral transforms
  29. Nield-Kuznetsov functions and Laplace transforms of parabolic cylinder functions
  30. Laplace Transforms of Improper Random Variables
  31. Closed-form solutions for modified polarization saturated models in two unequal collinear cracked piezoelectric media considering coalesced interior zones
  32. Uniform convergent expansions of integral transforms
  33. A New Approach on Transforms: Formable Integral Transform and Its Applications
  34. Approximation by matrix transforms in generalized grand Lebesgue spaces with variable exponent
  35. Classification of Magnetohydrodynamic Simulations Using Wavelet Scattering Transforms
  36. Hausdorff‐Young inequalities and multiplier theorems for quaternionic operator‐valued Fourier transforms
  37. m‐Parameter Mittag–Leffler function, its various properties, and relation with fractional calculus operators
  39. RF and microwave photonic, fractional differentiation, integration, and Hilbert transforms based on Kerr micro-combs
  40. On some generalized integral transforms and Parseval-Goldstein type relations
  41. AI Transforms Genomic Data into Actionable Insights: Vast and potentially confusing collections of genomic data make sense to “thinking machines,” which now assist …
  42. Evaluating ability of three types of discrete wavelet transforms for improving performance of different ML models in estimation of daily-suspended sediment load
  43. Pricing longevity derivatives via Fourier transforms
  44. Shape-function-based non-uniform Fourier transforms for seismic modeling with irregular grids
  45. On the generators of Clifford semigroups: polynomial resolvents and their integral transforms
  46. Predicting the flow zone indicator of carbonate reservoirs using NMR echo transforms, and routine open-hole log measurements
  47. High bandwidth temporal RF photonic signal processing with Kerr micro-combs: integration, fractional differentiation and Hilbert transforms
  48. Non-conformable fractional Laplace transform
  49. Variable order fractional grey model and its application
  50. A novel ECG signal compression using wavelet and discrete anamorphic stretch transforms
  51. Uniform generalizations of Fueter’s theorem
  52. Temporal RF photonic signal processing with Kerr micro-combs: Hilbert transforms, integration and fractional differentiation
  53. Relationships between the *w-product and the generalized integral transforms
  54. Variable-order fractional calculus: A change of perspective
  55. On representing complex functions as vector functions
  56. Analytical stress solution and mechanical properties for rock mass containing a hole with complex shape
  57. Stability of discrete‐time fractional‐order time‐delayed neural networks in complex field
  58. Integral transforms related to Nevanlinna-Pick functions from an analytic, probabilistic and free-probability point of view
  59. Formal analysis of the continuous dynamics of cyber–physical systems using theorem proving
  60. Ambidextrous light transforms for celestial amplitudes
  61. Certain matrix Riemann–Liouville fractional integrals associated with functions involving generalized Bessel matrix polynomials
  62. Analytical prediction of time-dependent behavior for tunneling-induced ground movements and stresses subjected to surcharge loading based on rheological …
  63. Numerical evaluation and error analysis of many different oscillatory Bessel transforms via confluent hypergeometric function
  64. Connecting (anti) symmetric trigonometric transforms to dual-root lattice Fourier–Weyl transforms
  65. An identity for two integral transforms applied to the uniqueness of a distribution via its Laplace–Stieltjes transform
  66. Signal Orthogonal Transforms
  67. Transport analysis in deformable porous media through integral transforms
  68. Ultrasound evidence for a two-component superconducting order parameter in Sr2RuO4
  69. Stress intensity factor analysis of kinked and hole crack in an infinite plate using numerical conformal mapping
  70. Implementing programmatic assessment transforms supervisor attitudes: An explanatory sequential mixed methods study
  72. A Review in Wavelet Transforms Based Medical Image Fusion
  73. Fourier, Gabor, Morlet or Wigner: Comparison of Time-Frequency Transforms
  74. Inverse Scattering and Soliton Solutions of Nonlocal Complex Reverse-Spacetime Modified Korteweg-de Vries Hierarchies
  75. Inversion of α-sine and α-cosine transforms on
  76. Secure Information Migration Using Mignotte Sequence with Integral Transform
  77. Sadik Transform, The Generalization Of All The Transform Who’s Kernal Is Of Exponential Form With The Application In Differential Equation With Variable Coefficients
  78. Lie algebras of matrix difference differential operators and special matrix functions
  79. On Gevrey asymptotics for linear singularly perturbed equations with linear fractional transforms
  80. Reversible Color Image Watermarking Using Fractional-Order Polar Harmonic Transforms and a Chaotic Sine Map
  81. On the Quaternionic Short-Time Fourier and Segal–Bargmann Transforms
  82. A classification algorithm based on multi-dimensional fuzzy transforms
  83. Brain image classification by the combination of different wavelet transforms and support vector machine classification
  84. Attention via Scattering Transforms for Segmentation of Small Intravascular Ultrasound Data Sets
  85. Cost analysis of a repairable warm standby k-out-of-n: G and 2-out-of-4: G systems in series configuration under catastrophic failure using copula repair
  86. Dietary restriction transforms the mammalian protein persulfidome in a tissue-specific and cystathionine γ-lyase-dependent manner
  87. Implementation analysis of pixel‐level image processing based on multiscale transforms
  88. Macroscale transport in channel-matrix systems via integral transforms
  89. Analytical solution for the stress field of hierarchical defects: multiscale framework and applications
  90. Modelling Volatile Time Series with V-Transforms and Copulas. Risks 9: 14
  91. Triple Shehu transform and its properties with applications
  92. Riemann–Hilbert approach-based analytical solutions for strip saturated two unequal collinear cracks in piezoelectric media
  93. Helicity basis for three-dimensional conformal field theory
  94. IIR Digital Filters
  95. Small-signal stability assessment of power systems with multiple transport delays based on s-domain modelling
  96. Lapped Nonuniform Orthogonal Transforms with Compact Support
  97. Monte Carlo and Milne-like solutions for temporal correlation function in a wide temporal range
  98. Efficient and accurate EAP imaging from multi-shell dMRI with micro-structure adaptive convolution kernels and dual Fourier Integral Transforms (MiSFIT)
  99. Real-Time Adaptive Multiple Transforms for the Next Generation Software Video Decoders
  100. Inverse scattering transforms for the sixth-order nonlinear Schr\”{o} dinger equation with zero/nonzero boundary conditions: Bound-state soliton and rogue wave
  101. Identification and uncertainty analysis of high-risk areas of heavy metals in sediments of the Yangtze River estuary, China
  102. Short branch cut approximation in two-dimensional hydrodynamics with free surface
  103. Computing stable resultant-based minimal solvers by hiding a variable
  104. A new general integral transform for solving integral equations
  105. Temperature, thermal flux and thermal stress distribution around an elliptic cavity with temperature-dependent material properties
  106. Photonic RF and microwave fractional differentiation, integration, and Hilbert transforms with Kerr optical micro-combs
  107. Exploration of tradeoffs in the design of integer cosine transforms for image compression
  108. Complex Korteweg–de Vries equation: A deeper theory of shallow water waves
  109. The low-cost Shifter microscope stage transforms the speed and robustness of protein crystal harvesting
  110. Reliability analysis of a complex repairable system in series configuration with switch and catastrophic failure using copula repair
  111. Photonic RF and microwave fractional differentiation, integration, and Hilbert transforms with optical Kerr micro-combs
  112. Theoretical foundations of digital vector Fourier analysis of two-dimensional signals padded with zero samples
  113. Modelling volatile time series with v-transforms and copulas
  114. Inversion of -sine and -cosine transforms on
  115. Sub-leading structures in superconformal indices: subdominant saddles and logarithmic contributions
  116. On the approximate inverse Laplace transform of the transfer function with a single fractional order
  117. A Family of Bounded and Analytic Hyper-Operators
  118. Construction of some smooth Cauchy transforms
  119. Free fermions, KdV charges, generalised Gibbs ensembles and modular transforms
  120. On the nature of the intergranular accommodation in the modeling of elastoviscoplastic behavior of polycrystalline aggregates
  121. Implementation of Maxwell’s Equation Using Z Transforms Method to Analyze Soliton Waves on Tin Oxide
  122. Radon Transforms in Hyperbolic Spaces and Their Discrete Counterparts
  123. Bacterial predation transforms the landscape and community assembly of biofilms
  124. Laplace’s Integrals and Stability of the Open Flows of Inviscid Incompressible Fluid
  125. Implementing Wavelet Transforms in the Pooling Process of Convolutional Neural Networks for Image Denoising
  126. Early Detection of Alzheimer’s Disease Using Polar Harmonic Transforms and Optimized Wavelet Neural Network
  127. An analytical solution for the frost heaving force and displacement of a noncircular tunnel
  128. Inverse scattering transforms for non-local reverse-space matrix non-linear Schrödinger equations
  129. … the Three Wavelet Transform Versions the Continuous Wavelet Transform (CWT), The Discrete Wavelet Transform (DWT) and the Wavelet Packet Transforms …
  130. Training of a neural network with using deterministic transforms
  131. Virtual Reality Simulation Transforms Medical Education: Can It Advance Student’s Surgical Skills and Application?
  132. Some results of Watson, Plancherel type integral transforms related to the Hartley, Fourier convolutions and applications
  133. Trivariate Mittag-Leffler functions used to solve multi-order systems of fractional differential equations
  134. Attribute dependency data analysis for massive datasets by fuzzy transforms
  135. Multiplier theorems via martingale transforms
  136. Scattering Theory for the Hodge-Laplacian and Covariant Riesz Transforms
  137. Solution of the problems of quasi-statics for an elastic body with double porosity
  138. Recharge site assessment through the integration of surface geophysics and cone penetrometer testing
  139. Application of deep learning methods to estimate multiphase flow rate in producing wells using surface measurements
  140. Yeh–Fourier–Feynman transforms and convolutions associated with Gaussian processes
  141. Coupled-jumping timescale theory and applications to time-hybrid dynamic equations, convolution and Laplace transforms
  142. Fractional Fourier transforms, powers of harmonic oscillators and their propagators on Pilipovic and modulation spaces
  143. Performance evaluation of a hybrid series–parallel system with two human operators using Gumbel–Hougaard family copula
  144. Does the ratio of Laplace transforms of powers of a function identify the function?
  145. Pheromonal communication in urodelan amphibians
  146. OpenMP FORTRAN programs to solve coupled Gross-Pitaevskii equations for spin-orbit coupled spin-2 Bose-Einstein condensates
  147. Transient Aspects of MRP Theory-Abridged
  148. Solution of complex partial derivative equations with constant coeffients via Elzaki Transform method
  149. Transient Response in a Bi-material Cylinder of Soft Ferromagnetic Material Subjected to Magnetic Shock
  150. Trust, transforms, and control flow: A graph-theoretic method to verifying source and binary control flow equivalence
  151. Airy Functions Demystified—I
  152. Dynamics of optical solitons and nonautonomous complex wave solutions to the nonlinear Schrodinger equation with variable coefficients
  153. Inverse phaseless scattering on the line with partial information
  154. A general class of integral transforms and an expression for their convolution formulas
  155. Finite-part integration in the presence of competing singularities: Transformation equations for the hypergeometric functions arising from finite-part integration
  156. Parallel computation of power system EMTs through Polyphase-QMF filter banks
  157. Anti-plane problem of nanocrack with surface piezoelectricity—a finite-form solution
  158. Horn’s hypergeometric functions with three variables
  159. INTEGRAL TRANSFORMS SPEC. FUNCT., DOI: 10.1080/10652469.2020. 1867129
  160. Expansions in terms of Papkovich–Fadle eigenfunctions in the problem for a half‐strip with stiffeners
  161. A fault diagnosis method based on improved convolutional neural network for bearings under variable working conditions
  162. A generalized eigenvalue solution to the flutter stability problem with true damping: The pL method
  163. Computing tensor generalized inverses via specialization and rationalization
  165. An alternative transient solution for semi-Markov queuing systems
  166. Investigation of the k-analogue of Gauss hypergeometric functions constructed by the Hadamard product
  167. A Brief Account of Klein’s Icosahedral Extensions
  168. Evolution in fracture risk assessment: artificial versus augmented intelligence
  169. Mobility as a Generalized Susceptibility
  170. An update on the Upadhyaya transform.
  171. Multiplicative inversions involving real zero and neverending ascending infinity in the multispatial framework of paired dual reciprocal spaces
  172. A new chaotic complex map for robust video watermarking
  173. Partitioning signal classes using transport transforms for data analysis and machine learning
  174. Analytical Solution for Advection-Dispersion Equation of the Pollutant Concentration using Laplace Transformation
  175. Transformation Models for Flexible Posteriors in Variational Bayes
  176. Entanglement Classification via Roots of Polynomial Invariants
  177. Meromorphic precipitation of quantum matter with dimensionful action
  178. Isomorphisms of Schwartz type spaces and dual Laplace transforms in the Jacobi-Cherednik setting
  179. On Lommel matrix polynomials
  180. Complex Phase Behavior in Particle-Forming AB/AB′ Diblock Copolymer Blends with Variable Core Block Lengths
  181. Age of information without service preemption
  182. Sketching with Kerdock’s crayons: Fast sparsifying transforms for arbitrary linear maps
  183. A Class of Low-Complexity DCT-like Transforms for Image and Video Coding
  184. Lebedev–Skalskaya transforms on certain function spaces and associated pseudo-differential operators
  185. Equivariant Wavelets: Fast Rotation and Translation Invariant Wavelet Scattering Transforms
  186. Orthogonalization in Clifford Hilbert modules and applications
  187. Evaluation of integral transforms using special functions with applications to biological tissues
  188. Constructing chaotic repellors
  189. Semi-infinite crack between two dissimilar orthotropic strips
  190. Inverse scattering and soliton solutions of nonlocal reverse-spacetime nonlinear Schrödinger equations
  191. Application of discrete transforms with selective coefficients for blind image watermarking
  192. Feature Integration via Semi-Supervised Ordinally Multi-Modal Gaussian Process Latent Variable Model
  193. Free and forced wave propagation in beam lattice metamaterials with viscoelastic resonators
  194. Nonmonotonic confining potential and eigenvalue density transition for generalized random matrix model
  195. Domain wall evolution at nanowires in terms of 3D LLG equation initial-boundary problem
  196. Plannerflows: Learning motion samplers with normalising flows
  197. MA/M. Sc.(Mathematics)
  198. Random generators of Markovian evolution: A quantum-classical transition by superdecoherence
  199. Boundedness of differential transforms for heat semigroups generated by Schrödinger operators
  200. Channel-independent spatially regularized discriminative correlation filter for visual object tracking
  201. An Algebraic State Estimation Approach for DC Motors
  203. Deformation response of roof in solid backfilling coal mining based on viscoelastic properties of waste gangue
  204. Multi-source off-grid DOA estimation using iterative phase offset correction in coarray domain
  205. The convolution product is for exponential kernels transforms. Composition is suggested for other transforms
  206. Quaternion and fractional Fourier transform in higher dimension
  207. Frequency-responsive cooperativity of graphene oxide complexes under a low AC bulk electric field
  208. Short-term availability and performability analysis for a large-scale multi-state system based on robotic sensors
  209. Boundedness of partial difference transforms for heat semigroups generated by discrete Laplacian
  210. Poisson Transforms for Trees of Bounded Degree
  211. Phase space sampling and inference from weighted events with autoregressive flows
  212. Analytical Solution to Cylindrical Cavity Expansion in Mohr–Coulomb Soils Subject to Biaxial Stress Condition
  213. Crack tip asymptotic fields in anisotropic planes: Importance of higher order terms
  214. Studying on the Complex and Mixed Dark-Bright Travelling Wave Solutions of the Generalized KP-BBM Equation
  215. Sine and cosine types of generating functions
  216. Fermion masses and flavor mixing in modular symmetry
  217. Thermal convection effect for 3D crack extension: transversely isotropic thermoelastic solid
  218. Variable-order optimal implicit finite-difference schemes for explicit time-marching solutions to wave equations
  219. Applications of distributed-order fractional operators: A Review
  220. A Remote sensing image registration algorithm based on multiple constraints and a variational Bayesian framework
  221. Dirichlet–Neumann waveform relaxation methods for parabolic and hyperbolic problems in multiple subdomains
  222. PGZ: automatic zero-value code specialization
  223. Symmetric Multiqudit States: Stars, Entanglement, Rotosensors
  224. Assessment of variogram reproduction in the simulation of decorrelated factors
  225. Some Aspects of Numerical Analysis for a Model Nonlinear Fractional Variable Order Equation
  226. N-lump and interaction solutions of localized waves to the (2+ 1)-dimensional generalized KP equation
  227. Moment-sequence transforms
  228. A new approach for the statistical denoising of Planck interstellar dust polarization data
  229. A guide to special functions in fractional calculus
  230. Positive-definiteness and integral representations for special functions
  231. Subordination Properties of Meromorphic Kummer Function Correlated with Hurwitz–Lerch Zeta-Function
  232. Deep quaternion fourier transform for salient object detection
  233. Detection and quantification of bar breakage harmonics evolutions in inverter-fed motors through the dragon transform
  234. Theory of lattice-ordered groups
  235. Data Visualization
  236. Fractional Fourier transforms on Lp and applications
  237. Signal Processing Algorithm Based on Discrete Wavelet Transform
  238. Quantum field theory and the Bieberbach conjecture
  239. Shear waves in a nonlinear relaxing media: A three-dimensional perspective
  240. Cauchy-Weil formula, Schur-Agler type classes, new Hardy spaces of the polydisk and interpolation problems
  241. A robust approach to estimate Q from surface seismic data and inverse Q filtering for resolution enhancement
  242. Photo-voltaic power intra-day and daily statistical predictions using sum models composed from L-transformed PDE components in nodes of step by step developed …
  243. Reliability Prediction of Distributed System with Homogeneity in Software and Server using Joint Probability Distribution via Copula Approach
  244. Mathematical Vocoder Algorithm: Modified Spectral Inversion for Efficient Neural Speech Synthesis
  245. Deep transformation models: Tackling complex regression problems with neural network based transformation models
  246. Use of combined nanocarrier system based on chitosan nanoparticles and phospholipids complex for improved delivery of ferulic acid
  248. Series in Le Roy Type Functions: A Set of Results in the Complex Plane—A Survey
  249. Contraction operator transformation for the complex heterogeneous Helmholtz equation
  250. Performance Improvement of Vector-Radix Decimation-in-Frequency 3D-DCT/IDCT Using Variable Word Length
  251. The Gamma Function via Interpolation
  252. Disorder lines, modulation, and partition function zeros in free fermion models
  253. New formulation of the orthonormal Bernoulli polynomials for solving the variable-order time fractional coupled Boussinesq–Burger’s equations
  254. Stability of motion induced by a point vortex under arbitrary polynomial perturbations
  255. Ultra-High Bandwidth Radio Frequency and Microwave Photonic Signal Processing Based on Kerr Micro-Combs
  256. Conformal generation of an exotic rotationally invariant harmonic oscillator
  257. A Comparative Study of Thin-Bed Interpretation using Spectral and Cepstral Transform Techniques in Dense 3D Seismic Amplitude Data in Niger Delta
  258. Reliability-Based Design Optimization of Structures Using Complex-Step Approximation with Sensitivity Analysis
  259. Basic Theory and Applications Adaptive Systems and Neural Networks Time-Frequency Signal Analysis Sparse Signal Processing–Compressive Sensing
  260. Five loop renormalization of theory with applications to the Lee-Yang edge singularity and percolation theory
  261. Convolutional Normalizing Flows for Deep Gaussian Processes
  262. Real time video image processing with Kerr microcombs
  263. Variational Dialogue Generation with Normalizing Flows
  264. Subsystem analysis of continuous-variable resource states
  265. Graph Neural Networks Based Detection of Stealth False Data Injection Attacks in Smart Grids
  266. Generalized Variable Step-Size Diffusion Continuous Mixed p-Norm Algorithm
  268. Network Cost Minimization for Reconfigurable Intelligent Surface aided Edge Caching
  269. Control of key performance indicators of manufacturing production systems through pair-copula modeling and stochastic optimization
  270. The complex moment problem of Dirichlet type
  271. Analytical continuation of two-dimensional wave fields
  272. Chiral magnetism: a geometric perspective
  273. James Philip Elliott. 27 July 1929—21 October 2008
  274. Deep implicit templates for 3D shape representation
  275. Double cover of modular S4 for flavour model building
  276. Löwner evolution as Itô diffusion
  277. Heavy iron in large gem diamonds traces deep subduction of serpentinized ocean floor
  278. A Study of Photo-Thermoelastic Wave in Semiconductor Materials with Spherical Holes Using Analytical-Numerical Methods
  279. A Multiscale Statistical Evaluation of DRAM Variable Retention Time
  280. Influence of variable thermal conductivity on wave propagation for a ramp-type heating semiconductor magneto-rotator hydrostatic stresses medium during photo …
  281. Abhyankar, Shreeram, 160 absolutely convergent Fourier series, 192, 208, 209 Acta Eruditorum, 8 Adams, John Couch, 36
  282. Trend Modeling and Modeling with a Trend
  283. Methods of intersectional research
  284. Rainfall prediction using generative adversarial networks with convolution neural network
  285. Variation-Net: Interpretable Variation-Inspired Deep Network for Pansharpening
  286. Gelfand transforms and boundary representations of complete Nevanlinna–Pick quotients
  287. Self-Adaptive Image Encryption Algorithm Based on Quantum Logistic Map
  288. EEG microstate periodicity explained by rotating phase patterns of resting-state alpha oscillations
  289. Scale‐Dependent Flow Directions of Rivers and the Importance of Subplate Support


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