Classification of research in research methodology

Classification of research in research methodology

How we can classify the research?

We can classify the research according to;

  1. The Purpose of Research
  2. The Uses of Research
  3. The handling of time during the research
  4. The technique uses in research

Purpose of the research

We can classify the research into three basic categories according to the purpose of the research;

Exploratory research

In exploratory research, a small amount of information is available about the topic but if you want to explore it in detail for a better understanding of the problem and its solution. 

Descriptive research

Descriptive research presents a detailed picture of the problem or situation. Descriptive research is in more detail as compared to exploratory research.

Explanatory research

Explanatory research is an attempt to connect different ideas and to understand the different reasons, causes, and effects.

Use of the research?

We can classify the research into two basic categories according to the purpose of the research;

Basic research

Basic research is the research to find the basic knowledge or to refine the basic knowledge. Basic research is also called pure research and fundamental research.

For example, an airplane is already flying but now today we want to research how airplane can fly.

Basic research design examples

Applied research

Applied research is research that is useful for a human being. Applied research is conducted for solving practical life problems. 

For example, research conducted for the patients of Wuhan in China. The doctors are trying to prepare a vaccine for the benefit of human beings.

Explanatory research Depth Interviews

Time handling based classification

We can classify the research into two basic categories according to the time handling of the research;

Longitudinal research

In longitudinal research, researchers examine the features of a unit at more than one time.

For example,  we want to research what is the effect on sale when we introduce new hardware features in our laptops.

Longitudinal research designExamples- Classification of research

Cross-sectional research

In cross-sectional research, researchers observe a specific point at the same time.

For example, we want to know what are the factors that affect computer speed, and we are observing the RAM, CPU, and Cache at the same time.


Techniques Based Classification

We can classify the research into two basic categories according to the techniques of the research;

Qualitative research

Qualitative research does not handle the measurable variable. This research is mainly done to find relationships and to define things in a qualitative way.

Quantitative research

In quantitative research data is represented in the quantitative from in the form of numbers. Statistical analysis is conducted in quantitative research.

The features of a good Research design

The features of good research design are mostly grouped by objects like appropriate, flexible, efficient, and less expensive, etc.  All the question of good design is associated with the purpose or goals of the research problem and also understand the problem related to the study. A design would be very suitable in one case but maybe not suitable for the other research problem. One single design cannot satisfy or fulfill the goals of all types of research problems.
A research design suitable for a specific research problem usually includes the following factors:

  1. The objective of the problem to be studied;
  2. The nature of the problem to be studied
  3. The time and the money available for the research work.
  4. The method of collecting information;
  5. The availability of good and skilled researchers and his staff etc.

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